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  1. stewartcj1

    Phil Taylor

    looking back at all the negativity, was that just ppl venting b/c they wanted julio? b/c i will gladly take greg little plus all those picks ahead of julio. i know he is very young in his nfl experience, but if he works out wont it be so nice to have a run-clogger fo the next 6 or 7 years? then u can go draft a guy you've heard of if u want
  2. stewartcj1

    8 Players Cut

    not in his 3rd year
  3. stewartcj1


    benson also plays RB, so i'll mark u as a nay...i am terribly sorry for poisoning your brain with my clearly faulty logic
  4. stewartcj1


    I say yay...established vet and newly humbled from prison. what sayeth you?
  5. stewartcj1

    Holmgren on Dan Patrick

    DP is really the only national sports guy i can tolerate. i dont want to type a write-up, b/c im lazy so here's the link...10 minuteish http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/danpatrick/interviews/
  6. stewartcj1

    WOOF WOOF: Week Two

    ohhh ok, the picture of miss klum is a tad small or else i would've recognized her. you may not be her, but i'm sure theres a resemblance...yes, i noticed u were my "commish" and u are doing a fantastic job so far
  7. stewartcj1

    WOOF WOOF: Week Two

    who is this heidi character? and yes, brandon jacobs and i are no longer speaking
  8. i don't trust anyone who has a ponytail
  9. stewartcj1

    AFC North predictions

    i think the whole division is overrated. there will be one team who will get to 11 wins and get a home wild-card game. i don't know which one of the 4 it will be...i hope its the browns, but who knows. all 4 four teams will have half of their games decided by less than 6, and it'll depend on which team gets those close ones
  10. stewartcj1

    Predict the final 53 man roster!

    qb 3: jake, seneca, colt rb 6: harrison, hardesty, davis, jennings, vickers, hillis wr 6: massaqoui, robiskie, cribbs, stuckey, mitchell, steptoe te 3: watson, moore, alex smith oline 7: thomas, steinbach, mack, laovao, pashos, st. clair, womack off 25 dline 6: rodgers, robaire, rubin, mosley, coleman, geathers lb 10: gocong, fujita, jackson, maiava, barton, costanzo, bowens, trusnik, benard, veikune cb 4: brown, wright, haden, bmac safety 5: elam, ward, asante, adams, coye or sorenson def 25 sp. 3: pontbriand, dawson, z
  11. stewartcj1

    Fantasy Football, Pro Pick'em, Survival

    survival is weird...i went 17-0 in 08, and got knocked out after week 1 in 09
  12. stewartcj1

    Fantasy Football, Pro Pick'em, Survival

    I just joined the board and league 3. Who's shooting for 2nd?