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    Mandatory curfew in Ohio announced

    I haven't' been down here in the bowels for a while, but it's good to see Harris and her running mate bringing everyone together. So you're locked down in Ohio eh? As a SoCal LA County prisoner since March, I say "WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!"
  2. The sweaty 12th man doesn't look too tuff for Sunday, but he's always there none the less and gets more effective in the 4th qtr....
  3. D Bone

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    Nick Chubb for me.... not even close in my mind.
  4. D Bone


    At least it was a good way to go out with a good pick.... Hasta la vista, baby.
  5. D Bone

    AFC Playoff Picture

    Hell, we usually talk draft in October.
  6. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    I'll take good, good enough, almost good, kinda good and any other adjective that comes with our 7-3 record. 😉
  7. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Let's all pray the Browns pull their claim. They need a headcase on defense like a hole in the head.
  8. D Bone

    Ok new free game

  9. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Never a doubt from me! < Alright, so there's a little pink in that font, but I fully expected the next men up to do their jobs and they all did. The entire defense has been fun to watch lately that's for sure.
  10. The defense is gaining so much confidence over the last 8qtrs and is the reason they are 2-0.
  11. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Common Brushtail Possum
  12. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Losing Myles certainly doesn't help, but the defense can not use this an an excuse and the next man (probably men) up needs to do his/their job and help beat the Eagles, cause no one is feeling sorry for the Browns on that green team.
  13. Gary Barnidge is teamed up with his best friend DeAngelo Williams on CBS's Amazing Race and they are a riot. Super likeable dudes, both of them.
  14. D Bone

    This sounds like a fun Pro Bowl...

    Big Twitch fan myself. He got robbed in 2008 and should've won So You Think You Can Dance, but I bet his Ellen gigs help sooth that loss.
  15. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    Damn, I always forget about K...... probably because I was held back and had to do 11yrs of it before they released me for my senior year. I ruled nap and story time though.
  16. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    Not too bad for only 12yrs of free education!
  17. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    No, it's me, Soju
  18. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    Just to keep everyone grounded...... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/browns-6-3-happened-other-173046691.html
  19. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    Learning to win is most definitely a thing... Hell, as a fan I'm always waiting for them to screw it up and lose, and I'm sure the players have a bit of that themselves, though not as much because it's always easier to actually be the one playing than the one watching. The Browns have exceeded my pre-season expectations, and then some.
  20. When I was 11, I won a big 80cc mini expert motocross race against some very fast - and one very well known kids. It was the greatest day of my life up until that point. In motocross we race 2 motos on the same day, and the lowest combined score wins the overall for the day, with the tie breaker being who scored higher in moto 2...... Say 2 riders go 1-2 and 2-1, the rider that won the 2nd moto gets the overall victory because of the moto 2 win, even though they both have 3pts. I holeshoted both motos (1st rider to the 1st turn from a gated start). I ended up going 2-1 to the highly sponsored, paid and nationally known other kid's 1-2 and I got the overall win. I was back at our motorhome getting hugs and high 5s from my mom and dad, as well as complete strangers who kind of made a circle around me at our pit and congratulated me one-by-one. My helmet and goggles were still on and once the commotion cleared, I took off my helmet and goggles to reveal me crying like the 11 year old kid I was. I then sat on the 1st step of the door into the motorhome to get my thoughts about me and I saw the other rider and his dad walking towards our pit. I got up to greet them and the dad screamed at me, "Where is your dad?" My dad heard this and came hustling over to see what was going on. The dad accused us of having done illegal work to the engine of my bike to make it a 105cc motor. My dad was a 41yr old contractor who threw around concrete, conduit and copper wire all day in the SoCal high desert and had the attitude to match. We'll just say that the other dad didn't do a whole lot more talking, or probably eating - for about 6 weeks I'm guessing. After that commotion died down, the race officials came over to let us know that the other kid filed an official protest. My dad and the official talked for a few minutes about our options and then they both came over to me. My dad told me to "Grab my tools, and pull the head off of the bike" (I'm 11... what were you doing when you were 11?) anyway, I grabbed my bitchen toolbox and pulled off the head of the engine. The official grabbed his micrometer to measure the top of the piston, but the other dad mumbled that there was no way to know for sure unless the cylinder was off too so the piston could be measured as well and the official agreed...... My dad then looked at me and said, "You heard the man, pull the cylinder." I struggled to get it off by myself because the rings kept hanging up and I started to get embarrassed with everyone watching and started to cry. My dad came over and showed me what I was doing wrong, patted me on the head and told me to take a deep breath and to focus. I was then able to get it off easily. It took the official less than 10 seconds to declare my bike as 100% legal. He high 5'd me and said that he had never seen a kid my age do anything like that before. He told the 3 of us to go get anything we wanted at the snack stand, and those 2 cheeseburgers are still to this day the best I've ever had. After my mom, dad and I ate, my dad told me to "Go get cleaned up, I'd done enough for the day" and he said he would load everything himself. I said thanks, and went in to take off my riding gear and then I went and helped him load... because I knew that's what he really meant. What should have been the best day of my life, ended up being something else. It was still the best day of my life, but it was also a moment in time that shaped my life, and for the rest of my life. From that July day in 1979 until the day I take my last breath, when I win, I shake the hands of my opponent and tell them good game and let them know I appreciate them... When I lose I do the same exact thing, all with a giant smile on my face, but the millisecond after I turn around that smile fades as I walk away thinking how I am going to kick the shit out of them the next time we meet. ^ Story time is over and if you read the whole thing you either get where I stand on everything regarding the results - or you don't.
  21. Next week try Topstreams again. You can upload the link to https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ and see that 79 different AV/Malware/Phishing engines all say it's a safe site... That being said, I wouldn't share any personal info or anything! If you get that warning that the site is unsafe next week, look for a "proceed anyway" type of button once you land on the page.