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  1. The funny thing about this is I literally - not figuratively, can not remember the last time I ate tofu! We like to make fun of certain parts of our country for their past reputations of partaking in the brotherly, sisterly, cousinly and even motherly love, and West Virginia is one of them. Now stop looking at your little brother's perfect body. 😂
  2. Dude, let me tell you about my avocado/tofu/soy toast.... breakfast of Champions. Shhhhhhhhhh.... What's said in The Tavern, stays in The Tavern. Strong to the finish baby!
  3. Well, thanks for planting that sweet mental image that will no doubt grow like a weed.
  4. Maybe. Dude has been in the news for most of his career for what I call me-me stuff and I'm simply not a fan.
  5. Man I hope this dude does not wear Brown and Orange. It will be almost impossible for me to cheer for both of his sacks.
  6. D Bone

    NFL moving to 17 game season

    I'm guessing he meant that since the 3rd game was always considered a "dress rehearsal" where the starters played the most, now that will change to the 2nd game since the coaches will want to rest the starters a full week before the opener, making the 3rd game the useless one... all to which I agree with him.
  7. D Bone

    NFL moving to 17 game season

    I don't disagree with any of that, and I know it's what has always been done. To reiterate, my original comment was "I will like a 17 game schedule if they cut out all pre-season games." Just because it's what has always been done before, doesn't mean it's not what needs to be done now or in the future, and to believe there is no way a team could possibly be built without pre-season games is just untrue..... I see you there 2020 NFL season and all NCAA seasons. Add the extra real game. Scrub all pre-season games. Increase the roster to 55, increase the practice squad by 3 and tweak some of the rules regarding the practice squad to help insure that if a team somehow does miss on a hidden gem of a player, he is still their property for the 1st 6 weeks of every season..... it's not really that hard. As for the owners losing revenue? Cry me a river. Maybe they will have to order water with dinner once - or God forbid even twice, instead of that bottle of Dom Perignon, but something tells me the billionaires club will be juuuuust fine.😏
  8. D Bone

    Hue Jackson At It Again

    Poor Huey
  9. D Bone

    NFL moving to 17 game season

    I would argue that far more players have made the team in practice. Sure a big play in a game wows the media, who then pumps it out to the fans, but any competent coaching staff has seen glimpses of that before in camp. While the games are lightly attended, they are still televised on local affiliates and the owners are still getting paid. The only positive I see regarding pre-season games is it does employ a lot of people that live pay check to pay check. (parking, security, vendors, etc..) Never have been and never will be a pre-season fan.
  10. D Bone

    NFL moving to 17 game season

    The money they lose from those meaningless games will be partially subsidized by the one extra real game..... and I don't think a single NFL owner is relying on a stimulus check to meet payroll. Any good coaching staff can get down to 53 without a single pre-season game, especially given the practice squad. The pre-season games are for the owners and not the players, while the 17th game is for the fans.
  11. D Bone

    NFL moving to 17 game season

    I will like a 17 game schedule if they cut out all pre-season games.
  12. D Bone

    For Woody

    As a Gen Xer I remember when being a gamer meant you actually went outside and rode something with 2 or 4 wheels, threw, caught or hit a ball and ran away from or chased someone until the sun went down.