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  1. D Bone

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Wait, wut?
  2. D Bone

    Trash fans

    ....... I guess he had it coming because everyone knows that you can throw something out of the stands if the other team shows you up when beating you..... stupid security guy.
  3. D Bone


    It simply wasn't the right game day strategy no matter what Freddie's thought process was.
  4. If I were coaching this team, Chubb would have a short career..... but it would be a freakin' spectacular one.
  5. D Bone


    Where's PoG when we need him........... He can make a homeowner think a coat of paint is all that's needed even when the ashes are still smoldering. Losers sit around and complain about the refs. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen 😏
  6. Not throwing in the towel, just disappointed in our 1st year HC who chose to call his own offense on top of being the HC..... Hopefully he's the next Genius, but right now he's having a hard time managing the game, and that will get good teams beat, much less a team that doesn't even know if they're good or bad yet.
  7. Not sure what game you're watching!
  8. While I'm just as upset as anyone regarding our win/loss record, I'm probably leading the group in my overall frustration and shear disappointment of Freddie's coaching - and moreover his play calling. Freddie looks overwhelmed on the sideline and his play calling reflects that....... He actually told the media dudes in the mandatory Saturday meeting that "the Browns are not a pass first team"? Well coach, I don't know what to tell you if you can't even recognize your own team. You wouldn't know what 3 straight run plays looked like even if Chubb kicked you in the nuts after an 11yd run. Right now, it's just more of the same...... Different coach. Different players. Same old record.
  9. I wonder if the team that Freddie swears is NOT a pass first team, I wonder if they will now run the damn ball with Baker hurting? I doubt it.
  10. Not arguing the bad call in any way, shape or form - it was a bad non call.........I'm just saying if I were coaching the Saints that day, it never would've happened.
  11. Go back and watch the series. The Rams had no TOs and the Aint's were 1st and 10 with the 2min warning already gone.... Run it 3 times and kick the short FG with 3 seconds on the clock and go play in the Super Bowl..... Watch the series again.
  12. It's the same reason that Sean Payton watched the SB from his couch last year instead of playing in it..... that "no call" never happens if Sean ran the ball like he should have. How these coaches have NFL jobs is beyond me.
  13. As a coach you either have the game flow feel or you don't........ Freddie doesn't.
  14. Sick and fucking tired of watching bad coaching decisions.... milk the clock all the way down and run it a second time. Our coaches are playing checkers when they should be playing chess....... awful.