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  1. D Bone

    Mandatory curfew in Ohio announced

    I haven't' been down here in the bowels for a while, but it's good to see Harris and her running mate bringing everyone together. So you're locked down in Ohio eh? As a SoCal LA County prisoner since March, I say "WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!"
  2. The sweaty 12th man doesn't look too tuff for Sunday, but he's always there none the less and gets more effective in the 4th qtr....
  3. D Bone

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    Nick Chubb for me.... not even close in my mind.
  4. D Bone


    At least it was a good way to go out with a good pick.... Hasta la vista, baby.
  5. D Bone

    AFC Playoff Picture

    Hell, we usually talk draft in October.
  6. D Bone

    Learning how to win

    I'll take good, good enough, almost good, kinda good and any other adjective that comes with our 7-3 record. 😉
  7. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Let's all pray the Browns pull their claim. They need a headcase on defense like a hole in the head.
  8. D Bone

    Ok new free game

  9. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Never a doubt from me! < Alright, so there's a little pink in that font, but I fully expected the next men up to do their jobs and they all did. The entire defense has been fun to watch lately that's for sure.
  10. The defense is gaining so much confidence over the last 8qtrs and is the reason they are 2-0.
  11. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Common Brushtail Possum
  12. D Bone

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Losing Myles certainly doesn't help, but the defense can not use this an an excuse and the next man (probably men) up needs to do his/their job and help beat the Eagles, cause no one is feeling sorry for the Browns on that green team.
  13. D Bone

    This sounds like a fun Pro Bowl...

    Big Twitch fan myself. He got robbed in 2008 and should've won So You Think You Can Dance, but I bet his Ellen gigs help sooth that loss.