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  1. Mohamed Massaquoi

    https://nypost.com/2018/02/12/ex-browns-wide-receiver-reveals-how-he-lost-his-left-hand/ Ex-Browns wide receiver reveals how he lost his left hand By Mark W. Sanchez February 12, 2018 | 10:56am The hands that made Mohamed Massaquoi millions and shaped who he was are no longer intact. The former Browns wide receiver revealed Monday that all that remains of his left hand is a thumb, as a palm that used to corral passes is now a prosthetic after an ATV accident. “Making a turn — I take the turn too sharply,” the 31-year-old said in a video for The Players’ Tribune. “And before I know it, my ATV loses control. The next thing I feel is something just feels like an explosion just went off in my hand. I’m in shock, so I don’t feel it. But I’m very aware of what’s going on, just because there’s blood everywhere. “What I’m seeing and what my friends are seeing are completely different — they’re seeing what actually happened, I’m seeing what I think happened. I’m thinking that I just broke my hand. My friend, on the other hand, thinks my hand just went through a meat grinder.” It is unclear when the accident and amputation happened. Massaquoi hasn’t played since 2013, when he was cut by the Jets and Jaguars in training camp. After the crash, Massaquoi was airlifted to a hospital, where doctors told him the hand was likely gone, but they would see how it healed. “Over those next days and weeks we’d see, ‘OK, this finger’s not going to make it, we have to take it off. This finger’s not going to make it, we have to take it off,'” said the North Carolina native, who starred at Georgia. “And then you’re left with what is now a thumb.” Massaquoi, who caught 118 passes and seven touchdowns from 2009 to 2012 with Cleveland after being a second-round pick, said it’s more than his hand that has been affected. “I went with denial, I went through fear of what was going to come,” Massaquoi said. “This just gives you a perspective of how precious life is, how fast things can change.”
  2. Glad we didn't draft Reuben Foster now

    The 9ers will look the other way with a hand slap and still play him..... he'll be productive.
  3. To each their own for sure...... Me? Total all of the minutes of basketball that I have ever seen in my 50ys of life and they wouldn't add up to a single quarter of that awful frickin' game.
  4. The motor is himself........ Seems most Americans have forgotten that they themselves can be the motor - as they jump in their car and head for Micky Ds..... LMAO
  5. There's a big old sports world out there that doesn't include a ball...... You should give it a try. I know that "driving to the hoop" (LMAO), "going across the middle" or "laying out for a fly ball" (LMFAO) is totally radical to some, so I'll just leave real radical here........... (he gets up and finishes his run)
  6. Easy..... Supercross. In fact, I'm headed down to San Diego this Saturday for round round 6 with five of my buddies. Saturday nights, live on FS1 and even Fox itself........ You think football players are tough? You haven't seen tough until you watch Supercross.
  7. This reply just proves that I'll click on anything...... I feel a 2019 New Year's resolution coming my way.
  8. Browns Hire Former 49ers and Redskins GM Scot McCloughan

    Sounds like he'll fit right in...........
  9. Guessing the Browns organization was hired as parking lot attendants?
  10. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    PoG for GM! (guessin' that'll be in about 15 months at the rate the Browns' incompetent, meddling owner operates)
  11. Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    I think most see it as....... One of those totally forgotten American tragedies.
  12. Kenny Britt

    Man, how bad must Huey suck to have Britt rip on him? Like one of the dudes from Dumb and Dumber making fun of someone's intelligence...... Well deserved Huey, well deserved.
  13. Recent events forced me to misread the title as Disaster...... my bad.
  14. Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    That didn't exactly help your argument