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  1. Haslams solicited input from players

    Well, at least The Process is running like a well oiled machine...... otherwise this might be embarrassing.
  2. Yep, I like the proven vet QB plus a top prospect, vs another rookie QB prospect, even though I like Rosen too..... I'm guessing that has something to do with the Browns' draft track history at QB. 3 wins in year 3 after back to back 1 win seasons (God I can only hope we win a game this year) might technically be considered progress, but I'll liken that 'progress' to adding sugar to my bowl of fresh, steaming poop..... simply can't hide the fact it's poop.
  3. If we win 3 games in '18 with everyone still in place, War will organize an "I Told U So" parade while declaring the season a total success.
  4. You found a lamp, rubbed it and out I popped...... Rosen at #1 or Cousins + BPA at #1?
  5. I guess the owners of the Browns weren't told that they should expect to lose all but a single game in the first two years of The Process? War should set 'em straight....... http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2017/11/jason_mccourty_says_haslams_ad.html
  6. Darnold vs rosen

    That's quite enough double talk from you.
  7. Darnold vs rosen

    That would take someone far more analytical than me to understand.......
  8. Darnold vs rosen

    Good....... I hope they enjoyed it as much as all of us did.
  9. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Lookout: "Capt, iceberg right ahead" Capt: "All ahead full"
  10. Darnold vs rosen

    Well, I purposely waited to chime in here until some of you gave your opinions based on actually seeing the kids with your own eyes. Like most, or at least some know, I've seen everyone of each kid's snaps and I have liked Rosen a lot since seeing his first series some years ago. I don't dislike Darnold by any means, but for me, Rosen just looks like what I believe a 'prototypical' NFL QB should look like.... Body type, pocket awareness/elusiveness, arm strength, and most importantly; accuracy, touch and anticipation. The "attitude" stories that are floating around the interwebs is a non-story, at least here in SoCal anyway, so I guess they need to be taken with a grain of salt depending on the reporting source and their agenda. The only attitude story that was reported by the local media this year was around opening day when Josh said something about the NCAA vs players and money?? I'm sure someone will post up a link or two..... So from what I know by just sitting on my couch and watching each kid, I would take Rosen all day over Darnold....... but if Sam somehow fell to me I could certainly live with that too. But since in 4 months we'll be signing Kirk Cousins to the richest contract in NFL history, this is all pretty much useless jibber-jabber.
  11. So let me try..... Wins / Losses x Time = X Got it!! X = The Process
  12. Well, I had to Google some of the results I got Googling pythags.... so no, not really.
  13. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Where are you guys getting your unbiased game tape? Is there a free site that gives you every single snap of every single game of Jon J Studd with no voice overs, play removals or any other biases? If so a link would be great! I only watch the Pac 12 and SEC until the Bowl games.
  14. Yep, very sound advice indeed.... and for free no less!
  15. Had to Google pythags.........