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  1. The "Eyes" Have It...

    The face of a franchise.......
  2. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    I'm pretty damn optimistic myself.... but then again, I'm a Browns fan and it's the offseason.
  3. Latest Pluto

    Ahhhh, the Browns Board - you never know what you'll learn.
  4. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    I quickly read the trade at us falling back to 2, while still having 4 plus gaining 12 and the 1 next year...... Guess I failed reading comprehension.
  5. Latest Pluto

    This better be the biggest smokescreen since Johnny opened his Vegas hotel room door.
  6. Well, I've been wondering how they were going to Browns it up this year, now I know.
  7. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    Add to all of that a Hard Knocks appearance and we just might begin the climb out from rock bottom.
  8. Landry to sign extension

    He's a decent player and no doubt one of the best on the Browns' putrid offense..... kind of like being the best Ford Pinto at the car show.
  9. Landry to sign extension

    C'mon man - you really think Duke is as good as Landry in the slot? wow.
  10. Landry to sign extension

    I'll let those much smarter than me debate cap space and contract structure and I'll just focus on the final score of the next game - regular and post-season game that is.
  11. Landry to sign extension

    ....... and we've all seen just how good a team can be when a guy is awesome at the cap - unless you like 1-31 / 0-16. But hey, we're went 4-0 in pre-season last year, so there's that.
  12. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    I hope Tyrod's shoulder mounted chip grows 10 fold by all of the QBOTF talk and the dude goes out there and phucking lights it the hell up, forcing the Browns to sign him to an extension by week 10.
  13. < what most of us are really thinking if we're all being honest > "How are they going to Browns it up again this year?"
  14. Kevin Hogan Traded

    I guess when Dorsey said the Browns needed real players, he was dead serious on trying to find some.... Who would've thought the group of guys responsible for 1-31/0-16 would get massively overhauled? I'm guessing just about anyone.