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  1. D Bone

    Tony Romo next on cancel list

    Well, I read the entire thread and still have no idea what has happened. ^ I don't have the vocabulary to express just how thankful I am for that.
  2. In my mind that call is still the worst one I have ever seen. The call itself combined with what it meant to the entirety of the game was just awful. I'm a spirt of the rule vs letter of the rule guy, and while technically the call was letter by letter of the rule book, there wouldn't be a single nonbiased person that would agree that the call was the intent of the idiots who wrote it.
  3. D Bone

    Baker Mayfield

    So is an extra week of rest going to untear his ligament? If not, then my eye test saw that Case with 2 arms is the better option than Baker with 1. I like Baker and think he is the best QB the Browns have had since Vinny ( < I'm sure that triggered more than 1 of you) and I really do hope he plays his entire career in Brown & Orange, but at this moment in time there is a better option already on the team.
  4. Just finished watching the game on delay, and what a game by 30. The defense was OK overall with some great play mixed with some soft passive play. More injuries to the guys who always seem to be injured, so no big surprise there. Stef had a good game calling plays, and Case played good enough to win more then he'll lose.