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  1. It depends on the team's record of course, but I think Tyrod stands a good shot to play the entire year. I don't think it will be an injury that puts the kid under center, but rather a very bad record..... but the good news is if that happens Baby Huey will be long gone and Haley will be the HC.
  2. D Bone

    Now it's official

    Sweet..... now I can sleep like a baby.
  3. D Bone

    The Ten Teams that Best Represent America????

    There is only 1 team....... The Springfield Isotopes
  4. D Bone

    Tyrod Is going to surprise everyone

    No he won't, not everyone........... ...... not me.
  5. D Bone

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    I don't know about that, last week I sold my softball Jugs machine for just over $400...... Nah, you're right.
  6. D Bone

    Update on Shelton

    If Danny would've hit the weight room as hard as he does meal time, he could've been special...... Yet another swing and a miss 1st rounder, but at least they got something for him.
  7. D Bone

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    Well after all, he's a phucking soldier.
  8. D Bone

    Duke Johnson, Browns agree to 3 year extension

    To be fair, the entire offense has only scored 7 TDs in that same time......
  9. D Bone

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Hee Hee
  10. D Bone

    Delete This Account

    Frickin' Lumbergh..... those sure were the days.
  11. D Bone

    Delete This Account

    Goodbye cruel world... Jeeez, it was only a few interceptions in his very first pro practice. Give the kid a chance.
  12. D Bone

    Hue Jackson strikes again

    There's nothing better than a player on the final year of his contract...... Tyrod is going to surprise a lot of people this year.
  13. D Bone

    Hue Jackson strikes again

    "Good morning America World, what are we offended by today?"
  14. D Bone

    Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    I *think* they air it more than once, but I have several HBO channels on my DirecTV so I'm not entirely sure.
  15. D Bone

    Browns Trading Jamar Taylor

    ...... and to think some of us were all bent out of shape when they didn't draft Chubb.