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  1. I never understand how my numbers can be so far off when there are not even that many sold.
  2. I just missed winning the first one by 100 million numbers
  3. TopDawg31

    Ravens release Earl Thomas

    When I made that statement, Delpit was still on the field. I'm all for signing Thomas now. He did flip off Pete Carrol while in Seattle so hew seems to have a anger management problem.
  4. TopDawg31

    Ravens release Earl Thomas

    Browns don't need that headache. We are good at S, If he were a LB? well that could be a different story.
  5. TopDawg31

    Season opt out

    It's inevitable. Since I'm on the Auto Renew, payments would just start up again on 9/1 so might as well just let it ride.
  6. TopDawg31

    Vernon Restructures Deal

    Except Cleveland dot com already reported the Browns have no interest in Griffin
  7. TopDawg31

    Season opt out

    I see no reason to rush into the decision since they did not give us a deadline. If I can't have 8 games or if they tell us we can't tailgate then the decision to opt out will be quick.
  8. TopDawg31

    Njoku Back In

    Adds value, which at this point, there doesn't seem to be much. His injury history and only 5 catches last season wont help.
  9. TopDawg31

    Njoku Back In

    I believe he was extended, might have 2 seasons left on contract.
  10. TopDawg31

    Washington Redskins

    That's too funny, send them down the same road the Wizards once traveled.
  11. TopDawg31

    Njoku Back In

    Now he "officially" sucks
  12. TopDawg31

    Washington Redskins

    Not so sure the name Indians is considered offensive but what do I know? nothing offends me.
  13. TopDawg31

    Extra draft choices for hiring minorities

    Will this even garner one vote for?
  14. TopDawg31

    No 5th year for Trubisky

    A gamble that could have gone either way. Helps to have talent around him.
  15. TopDawg31

    Browns to interview McCarthy

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Rogers also injured?
  16. Wanting to keep Freddie which ultimately resulted in Jimmy reducing his responsibility in selecting the next HC. Not stepping in on the shit show between Monken and Freddie. When Freddie didn't put a stop to the distractions that were being played out, He should have stepped in and put his foot up the players asses that were creating all the distractions.
  17. TopDawg31

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    I will never understand why people think this only goes on here. It happens in every stadium to every team.
  18. I blame the OL coach for Corbett's failure and the failures of the OL. How does a guy go from "BUST" here, to starting for the Rams? In my opinion, the only coach that should be retained is Stump Mitchell.
  19. TopDawg31

    GNATS Road Trip To Cincinnati

    Larry it was good to see you in Cincy. Stayed tuned to where we are going next season. We are heading back to NYC and plans are already in the works for that one. Same setup we did in week 2 with group tickets, Backer Bash and so on. We are also planning for Jacksonville and Tennessee.
  20. TopDawg31

    GNATS Road Trip To Cincinnati

    Come join The Grassy kNoll Airport Tailgate Society in Cincy for one last hurrah! We will be set up in Longworth Hall lot on the pavement. Look for our custom 20 x 20 tents GNATS Tailgaters. We are joining forces with the Greater Cincinnati Browns Backers for this tailgate. Hope to see some of you there.
  21. TopDawg31

    GNATS Road Trip To The Big Apple

    If you are headed to Met Life for MNF, GNATS will be tailgating in Lot J section 23
  22. We are headed to the Big Apple for MNF vs the Jets. Facebook event link is below. Game Tickets, Backer Bash and Tailgate info is in the link below. We will be coordinating with the Big Apple Browns Backers for one hell of a tailgate. TAILGATE LOCATION: LOT J SECTION 23 https://bigapplebrowns.com/2019/06/20/browns-jets-nyc-game-tailgate/?fbclid=IwAR24GLunEiMvf-_GDpxeYP9MAsmB-qtxzWWb5P2LfmtSPpj30RDbsltmJwI https://www.facebook.com/events/696275380789364/ https://gnatstailgaters.com/
  23. and we were all witnesses.
  24. TopDawg31

    Rumor Hunt was in a bar fight....

    In a way going down the path of Josh Gordon. We will have to hold our breaths every few months to wait for the shit show to shake out. How much leash will Dorsey let out before he says you had a chance?
  25. TopDawg31

    GNATS Road Trip To The Big Apple

    Here is a link to the Backer Bash info and Tailgate info. https://bigapplebrowns.com/2019/06/20/browns-jets-nyc-game-tailgate/?fbclid=IwAR24GLunEiMvf-_GDpxeYP9MAsmB-qtxzWWb5P2LfmtSPpj30RDbsltmJwI