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  1. Road Trippin To Indy

    It's time to hit the road, see you all when you get there.
  2. Road Trippin To Indy

    Taking a road trip to Indy this weekend, anyone else going? Hooking up with the Central Indiana Browns Backers for a tailgate on Sunday. Details in the facebook event page below. https://www.facebook.com/events/1959523264315597/?acontext={"ref"%3A"4"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"370"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}
  3. Road Trippin To Indy

    I'm hearing free if get there early
  4. My friends were back to tailgating for their Home Opener, they're dealing with insurance and clean up at home but the yellow lot is a party.
  5. Josh Gordon

    Can he make it from the door to his car without failing a piss test?
  6. Garrett Hurt Already

    Heard our China Doll chucked the walking boot today, could it be.......
  7. Road Trippin To Indy

    It's a challenge, one I accept. I won't be alone, sounds like there will be plenty of Brown and Orange. I already know of one chartered bus coming from the CLE. We will represent the Dawg Pound proudly.
  8. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    Just release him he sucks, won't get a 2nd contract that's for sure.
  9. His wiki says he resigned today, just need browns to announce.
  10. Road Trippin To Indy

    we are favored on the road, go figure.
  11. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    So now we have two first rounders forged in a china shop.
  12. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    What a bust of a draft 2016 was for WR, I thought for sure we would have solved the WR problem with quantity but they blew it.
  13. Double Duty Houston Tailgate??

    Already planning a watch party with my Houston friends on Friday night and I would expect that the ALCS will be on the tube at the Browns Backers bash on Saturday, It's going to be a hell of a weekend in Houston.
  14. 2018 QB Draft Class

    Only took two games before this thread started what was the over under?
  15. Kizer

    We are in for one hell of a frustrating year with Kizer at the helm. Just going to have to live with the downs and ups, maybe soon there will be more ups than downs.
  16. My first chance to vent, not sure I'm done yet.
  17. It pisses me off to no end when these teams at the bottom of the draft get these players that are better than what we take at the top of the draft.
  18. 80's Tailgate For The Bengals Oct. 1st

    So as not to confuse anyone, The Browns Board Admins put on a tailgate every year, GNATS tailgate is not the Board admins tailgate. Theirs is in the Flats under the bridge. Someday I will take a break from ours to join theirs. Good group, i tailgated with several of them in Miami. Hopefully Zombo leaves that rainy weather back in Fla.
  19. It's time once again for The Grassy kNoll Airport Tailgate Society's all 80's tailgate. If you lived and loved the 80's you know what it's all about. We will have all 80's music by DJ Pharaoh, 80's trivia for a chance to win thousands is cash, 8 team cornhole tournament, 50/50 raffle. Dress up as your favorite 80's character or rocker and maybe win a prize. On the menu will be slow smoked BBQ pulled pork and sides. It's all you can eat and drink. Details in the facebook event page link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/121235591949854/?acontext={"source"%3A5%2C"page_id_source"%3A298301950549972%2C"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"page"%2C"mechanism"%3A"main_list"%2C"extra_data"%3A"{\"page_id\"%3A298301950549972%2C\"tour_id\"%3Anull}"}]%2C"has_source"%3Atrue} If you don't have facebook check out the details at http://gnatstailgaters.com/
  20. everybody making excuses for why watt had a great game and was named defensive rookie of the week, but if glass garrett had those stats we would be fitting him with a bronze bust in Canton already.
  21. Let's not overlook that watt had an interception also
  22. he still got player of the week what did glass garrett get? nothing not a fucking thing and that's probably how his whole season will go.
  23. so just as I feared, I was going to compare glass garrett's game to TJ Watts game, you know the #1 overall picks stats against the #30 overall picks stats and all that sob did was get Defensive player of the week. Fuck you glass garrett.