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  1. Browns vs Lions

    Have to promote from within, but who ?
  2. Browns vs Lions

    Let's get this back on topic, GARRETT IS A WORTHLESS Shmuck
  3. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    If it's his call then he needs to go, pathetic decisions game after game after game. Time to fire up the fire hue machine.
  4. Browns vs Lions

    Are you forgetting where he was drafted?
  5. Browns vs Lions

    38-24 say no more wasted pick
  6. Browns vs Lions

    What a waste of a pick Garrett was, useless, impacts absolutely nothing.
  7. Browns vs Lions

    11 guys in the box and they didn't check out of it, SMH
  8. Browns vs Lions

    So much for our "great" run defense.
  9. So this is it??

    Why do people think Kap is a savior? He was terrible during the back half of his tenure in SF and lost his starting job. Kizer just needs 2 legitimate WR's and the offense will be good. I think we win 3 of our last 5 once Josh and Corey return.
  10. Zane Gonzalez

    Phil Dawson only made 66% of his kicks his rookie year, glad we didn't cut him. Just sayin.
  11. Josh Gordon

    Once we have Gordon and Coleman back, teams will no longer be able to crowd the line, our OL may actually be able to open a hole for Crowell to get through.
  12. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

    Two teams that parrellel each other when it comes to QB'S, unreal
  13. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

    He was at the least rookie of the year til this happened
  14. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

  15. Josh Gordon

    Lets hope the history of Cris Carter repeats itself with Josh.
  16. Josh Gordon

    Trade deadline has passed, some body call Berea and let them know.
  17. Josh Gordon

    With that being said he will have a week to learn the Offense, something he has not had a chance to do. He will be overwhelmed from all the studying and probably flare one up to calm his nerves.
  18. Who will be The Wolf.

    I'm sure Keitel knows more about football than the slugs we have in the front office. I really hope they are not running the next draft.
  19. Our defense is #6 in rushing and #9 overall.

    with that being said, if we could only sustain drives and score TD's then we would look like a real team.
  20. Can we please stop turning on every new coach...

    Hue's decisions are becoming a distraction, his timeout before the half allowed the Vikings enough time to get into FG range. There was absolutely no reason to call that timeout.
  21. So with garrett getting shut down...who steps up

    And he's on the shelf again, availability is your best ability. Waste of a pick. We've seen this movie before, CB2.0
  22. So with garrett getting shut down...who steps up

    Was garrett ever there? Taylor Lewan shut that Sheet down, except for Marcus sit down touch me sack, where was the China doll?
  23. Tailgate For The Jaguars

    The crowds are dwindling, but GNATS Tailgaters never give up. Join us for a great tailgate, even if you are a Jags fan. Facebook event link is below. https://www.facebook.com/events/185155978698655/?acontext={"source"%3A5%2C"page_id_source"%3A298301950549972%2C"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"page"%2C"mechanism"%3A"main_list"%2C"extra_data"%3A"{\"page_id\"%3A298301950549972%2C\"tour_id\"%3Anull}"}]%2C"has_source"%3Atrue}
  24. Myles Garrett placed in concussion protocol

    Admins combine this with the Garrett Hurt Already topic and change the topic name to Garrett Hurt Again please