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  1. Brady Injured?

    Saw on TV this morning it was a blood gushing cut to his hand.
  2. Mel Kiper says

    Is this the same Mel Kiper that had Ryan Leaf ahead of Peyton Manning?
  3. Next Season

    The 2017 tailgating season is in the books. Make plans to be with GNATS for the 2018 tailgate season opener all you can eat Baby Back Ribs 6am-12:00 noon Burke Lakefront Airport In Front Of The Main Lobby Entrance http://gnatstailgaters.com/ or Like Us On Facebook GNATS Tailgaters https://www.facebook.com/GNATSTAILGATERS/?ref=bookmarks
  4. If only Drew Brees wasn't only 6 ft tall, imagine how good he could be.
  5. I didn't see the game, Did Haden get roasted today?
  6. fire every last one of them if they don't take a QB at 1
  7. Hello! You know...Garrapolo is a Free Agent

    still more talent than our last 20 drafts.
  8. Annual Draft

    For the last two years, attending the Brown's sponsored draft party has been the thing. Can't wait for this years draft party/tailgate. Prior to that, information overload in front of my TV.
  9. Didn't all the experts before the draft last year say this years QB's are better?
  10. National Title Observations

    We need to draft Fitzpatrick at 4
  11. Sean Ryan New OC ?

    Ive already read that Ryan will in fact be the one calling the plays. Now has he been hired? Heard the Highsmith is a done deal just working out the logistics.
  12. Camp Mayfield

    And just like that the kid gets the D fired up and bam 14 points later he's winning again
  13. Camp Mayfield

    Kizer would've dropped that pass.
  14. Camp Mayfield

    Anybody that thinks this kid can't play, is smoking the Sheet that their weed is growing in.
  15. Camp Mayfield

    Quit reading you coloring books
  16. Camp Mayfield

    If it doesn't get batted down at the line of scrimmage , who the Shmuck cares?
  17. The Browns are on the clock!

    That's too funny, those two games were not CFP semi finals or finals. Hogan not really the veteran i had in mind to mentor Mayfield.
  18. Crowell

    yeah that guy...lol
  19. Crowell

    for the reason I stated he runs into the back of his linemen instead of having vision to locate a crease to get through, Id swear he closes his eyes as soon as he gets the hand off and just runs straight ahead. We need a RB that has balance and vision. One that doesn't trip over grass blades.
  20. Crowell

    that average would go way down if he had the same # of carries.
  21. Crowell

    why not? he bashes into the backs of his linemen on every carry, If I were his head coach I wouldn't give him carries either as he would be frustrating the hell out of me every game. With no other option I have to play him.
  22. 2018 opponents announced

    already planning for it along with Houston and Saints
  23. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Kizer had that same 4th qtr/OT issue at ND, he will never be able to shake his shitty play when the pressure is on. Mike Mayock said this very thing during the draft right after we drafted him.
  24. fair enough sometimes reading all these posts at once the meanings tend to blend together.
  25. also consider he never got a really good chance to learn the offense until this year. He went right into the lineup. How much did he really learn in the two weeks leading up to his reinstatement?