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  1. TopDawg31

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    the smart ones don't get caught
  2. TopDawg31

    The Combine

    Ill be watching WR, DT and DB's
  3. TopDawg31

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    that's not my point, most in this discussion are claiming DK cant look like that without juicing. We'll know soon enough as he will be tested on March 1st at the combine.
  4. TopDawg31

    Frank clark predicted to land in cleveland...

    This dude paired with Myles would be bad ass even with his past baggage.
  5. TopDawg31

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    So when Gordon was here and looked like that it was ok? We all know his crutch was weed and not PEDs
  6. I was fortunate to not get an increase this year. In fact during the last price adjustment my price went down. So for now I'm ahead in the game. I've been using the mobile entry for two seasons now. Opening day this past year, in the torrential downpour, the scanners that got wet all malfunctioned. Fans just said the hell with it and walked right past the scanners. Another time the app would not load, my guess was due to overload of the bandwidth. That was the Cree Lighting gate. Somebody mentioned adding tickets to the wallet, I need to figure out how to do that.
  7. TopDawg31

    2019 Mock Drafts

    I've seen two that have us taking WR D.K. Metcalf
  8. TopDawg31


    that didn't take long....
  9. TopDawg31

    Mike Mayock

    Cornerback 1. Denzel Ward, Ohio State 2. Josh Jackson, Iowa 3. Mike Hughes, UCF 4. Isaiah Oliver, Colorado 5. Jaire Alexander, Louisville Safety 1. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama 2. Derwin James, Florida State 3. Ronnie Harrison, Alabama 4. Jessie Bates III, Wake Forest 5. Justin Reid, Stanford
  10. it was 90 degrees in Tampa with no wind, I was there. Cold in Balt.
  11. TopDawg31

    Browns 2019 opponents are set

    we will be in the L7 lot
  12. TopDawg31

    Coach Interviews

    until the third interview is conducted.
  13. TopDawg31

    Mike McCarthy Approached

    Nobody in here knows what really went on behind closed doors in GB. I believe they let the talent around Rogers disintegrate. Dorsey knows first hand what went on there while he was there. If he interviews McCarthy, then he still believes in him. If he does not, it will send up red flags to the rest of the league.
  14. TopDawg31

    Mike Mayock

    What is there not to like about Mayock's 2018 rankings...lol. Gruden will be back in the booth before the end of his 3rd season. Quarterback 1. Sam Darnold, USC 2. Josh Allen, Wyoming 3. Josh Rosen, UCLA 4. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma T-5. Lamar Jackson, Louisville T-5. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State Running Back 1. Saquon Barkley, Penn State 2. Derrius Guice, LSU 3. Ronald Jones II, USC 4. Sony Michel, Georgia 5. Nick Chubb, Georgia
  15. TopDawg31

    Browns 2019 opponents are set

    our group will be at the Jets game, heard tailgating sucks in Foxboro. https://gnatstailgaters.com/