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  1. Nicksilvy

    Game Synopsis

    I know it goes without saying but Pointbriand still gets an A+.
  2. Nicksilvy

    Power Rankings Are Up

    And you thought no one would get your reference. Does this make the Steelers or Ravens the Goers?
  3. Nicksilvy

    Power Rankings Are Up

    I'll settle for a wakka at this point.
  4. Nicksilvy

    Power Rankings Are Up

    If I'm picking up the referance right, they at least got to their equivilent of a super bowl.
  5. Nicksilvy

    Bring in Ratliff DA & Quinn Suck!!!!!

    At least the waterboy'd be able to hit somebody.....
  6. Madness? This is CLEVELAND!!
  7. Nicksilvy

    Positives i will take from this game

    AD is Peterson. Can't remember why he wasn't called AP like would've made sense.
  8. Nicksilvy

    brutal "why your team sucks" on all 32 teams.

    I liked that the New England one was done in a Boston accent. "The Colts are one Manning injury away from 5-11" how true.
  9. Nicksilvy

    OTA Tidbits

    Can we sign him? Anyone who can catch a pass DA 'intentionally' throws away could at least make the practice squad.
  10. Nicksilvy

    Mangini mini-camp presser

    My favorite part of the presser: (On the drill performed at practice) - "That's a tackling drill that we will do it pretty close to everyday during training camp. That's one of those things where people get to pro football and a lot of people think, 'I've tackled a thousand times or I've done this a million times, I'm a great tackler.' But there are a lot of things that you can teach them on that drill. It's straight ahead, we have another one that's an angle tackling drill, and we use that to teach the runners how to run better, to teach the tacklers how to take better angles. It's one-on-one, it's not contact now, but there will be times during camp where it will be full contact or live. But it's a skill like anything else, blocking, tackling, catching the football and we want to keep repping that fundamental to make sure that we can minimize the amount of missed tackles, and then also teach our guys the best way to run with the football and isolate that skill set and help them." I'd sure love to see some real tackles getting made, no more of this arm tackling.
  11. Nicksilvy

    Quinn not happy about trade rumors

    He's handling it better the Cutler at least...
  12. Nicksilvy

    Crabtree or Curry?

    It's more likely that we'd draft Curry if he is there, but the recent drug test by Raji means the Chiefs won't likely pick him up and take Curry instead, in which case Crabtree is the better option (or a trade down).
  13. Nicksilvy

    Crazy idea

    Only problem is that it leaves us without a starting caliber qb. We could really make strides on defense with 4 picks in the first two round though.
  14. Nicksilvy

    Stafford to Lions "a done deal"?

    Doesn't it make sense though? If you have a need at both QB and LT, and they're both availible now, but comparable QB's are availible next year at your projected draft pick whereas comparable LT's are not availible, wouldn't you take the LT?