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    Baker Mayfield

    ? If you don’t care how many NFL Qb’s scare other defenses then what is the point of bringing it up? My point is... if there is about a total of 3 QB’s that can take over games with the list you put together.... how do these other teams win games and make playoffs? For the last 21 years they have had nothing that even resembles an NFL QB outside of Derek Anderson for about a 10 game stretch and the way people talk on this board, unless you end up with the next Patrick Mahomes (who has Andy Reid btw) you should just flip the whole thing upside down and live in the basement until you can draft one. As a Browns fan, I’ll take a massive hard pass on flipping out a QB that broke the rookie TD record in 14 games, and is on pace to be one of three people in NFL history to throw for 3500 yards and 25+ TD’s in his first three season, With the offensive guru Hue Jackson and then Gregg Williams, and then Freddie “Moons Over My Hammy” Kitchens at the helm....so they can draft another maybe in the first round when they have glaring holes all over the place on defense. The kid posts over 100 QBR’s and rips off four wins in a season after an abortion and now having a rookie head coach, and people all over this board Stomping their feet and bitching how we could have had Josh Allen, who I just watched miss open receivers by 5-10 yards with 122 yards then complaining how great Joe Burrow is with 6 TD’s in 6 games throwing the ball 60 times a game going 1-4-1... I've been around This place since 2006 and there is possibly more sand in V’s now than there was the seasons they won 1 game in two years.... AND Ghoolie was still here
  2. hx214

    Baker Mayfield

    Ya... but there might be three - four whole QB’s in the league that scare NFL defenses.... and Lamar ain’t doing it with his arm And I don’t think Baker’s arm strength is really an issue.... when he is hitting passes 20-25 yards down field and you can hear it hit the WR’s hands on TV..
  3. hx214

    Baker Mayfield

    Ya! 6 TD’s and 4 Ints with a 1-4-1 record. Start up that bus to Canton! Christ I just watched Josh Allen miss the broad side of a barn all afternoon, he’s MVP candidate on this board.
  4. hx214

    Baker Mayfield

    Jesus... been a while since I’ve seen this much bitching from grown ass men... They lost a fucking game and are 4-2 with Cincy coming up next week. I feel like some of you haven’t been around/forgot what this shitshow usually looks like this time of year. The quicker you accept the fact that Baker is the QB in Cleveland for the foreseeable future the better off your going to be. This is the NFL. You either draft a QB or you don’t get one until they are old and flamed out. And no... Case Keenum isn’t better. The guy’s been on 7 nfl teams since 2012. Oh ya... and he is 6’1” You know who was tall? Brandon Weeden. Ya let’s draft him again in the mid first round... or Brady Quinn! Great idea.
  5. hx214

    ***Browns VS Steelers GAMEDAY Thread***

    Meh. Odell our there with the flu Landry with a hip injury Hunt has something wrong Chubb out Baker Hurt Teller Out Half the defense out (and they aren’t that good to begin with) They need to get healthy. Not going to get to excited either way about this one. Looked pretty grim going into it with that list, even full strength it was going to be a tough game.
  6. hx214

    Damarius Randall

    That Davis trade never made much sense to me. Guy was a solid player. Traded him for that safety that got cut in preseason the following year before getting in a locker room fight. Basically just threw Davis away
  7. hx214

    Damarius Randall

    If I remember right he wasn’t very healthy his last year here, and there was something going on with him, as I think they left him at home (didn’t even travel) with the team to the Pittsburgh game. I remember him complaining that he didn’t have a concussion and he disagreed with the medical staff when he was out for 2-3 weeks with a “concussion” I’d gladly take him back on the off chance he could actually cover someone.... hell I read today the Giants are looking to move Peppers.... give them a 5th for him...
  8. hx214

    Long Time Coming

    Ya cause you know.... Myles has really lied about all kinds of things his whole career, and his character has been a real issue. Has really shown he is a hot head and flips out over things every game....
  9. hx214

    Bill O'Clown finally fired

    They got a linebacker and safety we can pick up on clearance? Hell I’ll take a buy one at full price get one free on LB’s...
  10. Well.... if they don’t trade for a starting linebacker and someone wakes up at safety.... id have a tough time favoring them in any matchup. This offense better be prepared to put up 35+ a game to win if they leave it as is....
  11. Ya I think he freaked out at first about his knee.... I had a knee injury and every time something happens like that and it feels weird I lose my mind....
  12. He walked off pretty normal. If Hunt is my other RB, I tell him to go back and get it checked out and be ready for 3rd quarter
  13. How many receivers go out on an offensive play? Looks like two every time. Guys look triple covered
  14. He might not be the next Tom but I’ll tell you Billy B is waiting to scoop him up with a fork and spoon if the Browns toss him aside and go back into QB purgatory
  15. Ya, well aware of the fact. Also aware that Chase Young and Ioannidis had been sitting on the sidelines with injuries in the 1st.
  16. Ya, I gotta scratch my head when I read about Browns fans attacking Baker.... either you haven’t been around long, or you have forgotten what and NFL QB DOESN’T look like. If that is the case rewind the tape the last 20 years and watch Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden or any of the other 25+ guys they have trotted out there. Skill wise? Baker is an NFL QB. If you can’t see it in the throws he makes, then nothing he does will ever be good enough. Ill agree that he makes bad decisions sometimes, but have 4 different head coaches, 4 different OC’s in three years really doesn’t help with any of that.
  17. Kind of annoyed watching the OLine too. Suppose to be massively improved and guys are in the backfield before Chubb even gets the ball.
  18. To bad Baker isn’t the biggest issue to be worried about. This defense couldn’t stop a JV team.
  19. They need to trade for a starting linebacker.... like yesterday
  20. Well if I had to pick between Chubb/Hunt or Baker to make beat me.... I’m picking Baker
  21. Offense is going to have to score 40+ a game with this defense.
  22. hx214

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Don’t have a lot of free time so just getting back to this. My source is typing in “NFL Cap Space” into google and reading the first 15 sites that all list the Browns as having the most this year. Then clicking through the years and seeing them still near the top. So we can’t sign anybody because there are players we need to sign soon.... what about the big contracts that they won’t resign? Like Vernon’s worthlessness and his 11 mil contract? Or when Beckham and/or Laudry come off the books? Can’t front load a 3 year contract with a signing bonus for a 28-30 year old vet that can be dumped when you need the money to sign someone? I see Lb’s like Martinez sign with the giants for about 11 mil a year for 3 years, or hell even guys like Ogletree that would come in on low contracts that at least can play NFL linebacker. Then they have to go sign someone like Smith out of desperation right before the season because they just need a body....(but at least he is a vet.... why wasn’t someone like him already on the roster all camp...) Watching that group play against a rookie QB and some third rate WR’s last week should give us all nightmares about what the defense is going to be able to stop going forward. (Not to mention the Ravens game...) so you can’t draft top end LB because you have bigger needs elsewhere.... so you take Phillips which is fine, but then you look at the defensive depth chart and see that LB corps and think.... ya we are good, We just lost our two vet LB’s, have a kid in Mack that plays hot and ice cold.... but no need for even a bandaid contract in there to get us through. Even with Mack back, you gotta be 30th-32nd in the league with that group. it might be different if you had lock down vet safeties and at least one vet LB, but none of those things exist on this roster.... the low end LB play is going to cost them a few games this year.
  23. hx214

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Didn’t blow our cap to sign him? The Browns have the most cap space in the league, and are projected to be no worse than 14th in space clear through 2024.... I think this is the most frustrating thing about this team for me. “Can’t sign Joe Schobert because he wants to much” so let him walk and replace him with NOBODY because we need that cap space. It’s been the same story for years. Never sign Free Agents because you gotta build through the draft! So sit on all that money and leave massive holes in the roster and keep taking your “behind the wood shed” beatings year after year. Meanwhile you draft worse than Yahoo! Fantasy auto draft picker... How about signing some middle of the road Vets to fill those Linebacker gaps with short term contracts so we don’t have to watch TakiTaki out there looking like someone’s little brother playing in a pickup game with the big kids.
  24. hx214

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Man this defense is bad. the issue I had with it, and it was touched on up above is they have the cap space AND it seemed like they had no plan to really replace him... maybe if they already had another vet but Kirksey was out the door too.....If they banked on Mack after that hot and cold season he had last year.... that’s worrisome.....