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  1. hx214

    Ravens/Steelers game postponed

    Steelers added three guys to their COVID list about nine hours ago. Take a draft pick from them, that is complete bullshit!!
  2. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Porter Gustin now out for Sunday
  3. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Browns swing and miss on Takk again.... maybe he will fail a third straight physical.... and they will get him! Haha. https://dawgpounddaily.com/2020/11/24/daily-dawg-tags-cleveland-browns-fail-get-takk-mckinley/
  4. hx214

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    When the hell did that happen?
  5. hx214

    This Week in the AFC North

    Joe Burrow didn’t make it through the season..... Watching that replay....🤮
  6. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Ya, I don’t know. Seems like a no risk situation. After reading more about it though, I guess he was out the two previous games for the Falcons for that groin injury. I’m not sure how they were allowed to cut him if he was injuried. I didn’t think that was allowed
  7. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Defense really showed up. Sendajo is still absolute dog shit. Hope Harrison is ok.
  8. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Sorry, this one flew under the Radar. So they had a wavier claim in, the Bengals had one as well as the 49ers and Raiders. Bengals brought them in, he fail the physical so they waived him. same with the 49ers. I think it falls to the Browns if they want to bring him in. It’s confusing how he failed a physical for two teams. He did have a groin issue earlier in the year but he was playing for the Falcons before they cut him.
  9. Ugh... not feeling good about this game either. This is where the defense is going to cost them a winnable game.... only chance they have is if someone steps up and has a day on the DL....
  10. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Browns had a waiver claim on Takk McKinley. The Bengals waived him because he failed his physical, then the 49ers did the same. He was playing for the Falcons but did have a groin issue this season. Wonder what the issue is. I’d imagine if it was something serious the Falcons wouldn’t have been allowed to cut him.....It’s to late now to bring him in for this game, but I wonder if the Browns will bring him in and check him out for next week if Myles can’t go again.... guy has been pretty disappointing for a 1st rounder but change of scenery can help that (Carlos Dunlap style)
  11. hx214

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    53 guys on a roster. And THAT's the guy that gets it.... This defense just went from Stink to Stanky.
  12. except when the guy in question wouldn’t be able to start for 30 other teams in the league. Some team out there somewhere has a player behind a good player that would be an upgrade for a worthless 6-7th rounder. I myself am more pissed at this god awful LB core than Sendejo (but I will say it was pretty awful watching him get trucked by Duke Johnson last week...) the best LB on the team is a vet that was packing up his career before the Browns called when Mack got hurt.... I’m pretty sure there is a safety out there better than Sendejo doing the same thing...
  13. Yep.... Watson made two long passes today past 5 yards.... 1 was that 28 yard desperation chuck/punt that was probably a int or at least batted down if Ward doesn’t fall. Baker blew an easy pass to Hunt, and missed behind Peoples-Jones a bit on that slant (which he still grabbed) and didn’t connect with Landry on that long throw (after Landry lost his shoe....but wtf you want from someone playing in a wind tunnel? Christ.... I saw two trees get blown out of the ground in my buddies yard today... Then the guy dropped a side arm 20 yard dime to Higgins extending a play on 3rd and 19....
  14. Sendejo on the field for any reason... shouldn’t be a thing if im Sendejo’s backup... I’d have to question my career decisions and probably sign up for class at an online college
  15. If I’m the Texans in a throw away season... no way am I running my franchise QB like they do.