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  1. hx214

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Well when you pay some chick half a million to settle out of court..... I’d take Hunt over a Rapist
  2. Well he signed Rod Streeter who proceeded to play a total of about 2 plays before he was out for the season, then he did the right thing by bringing in the young guy.... so....
  3. hx214

    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    I’m still mad about that call.... I wasted 4 hours of my life watching that game for it to end like that. Ref said, “I thought ball was tipped” ya ok..... every other PI that gets called with a questionable tip gets the flag thrown, refs huddle up and the one closest to the line says the ball was tipped and they pick the flag up.... Honestly if that would have happened to the Browns I’m not sure I could ever watch another NFL game. Keep reading all these articles about how happy bookies are that an LA team made the super bowl because betting on the game has tripled because of it.... The biggest farce of the whole thing is the NFL fined the CB for the illegal hit and took his money.....what a freaking joke. I can’t believe I’m hoping the Pats waste the Rams and it’s an awful blowout game. I seriously have to root for the Pats? Screw you NFL.
  4. Just a photoshop. But pretty fun. I'm still pissed I wasted time watching that game with that no call at the end. Hope the NFL doesn't wonder why people call the games fixed.
  5. hx214

    White helmets

    I like the ones with the sharpie looking written numbers on the side of the helmet. We don’t need no stinking logo! Haha.
  6. hx214


    Yep Fusion Dance. On a side note, why do you old guys always go straight to "Gay" or "Fag"? Was that the worst thing you could call someone back in the 40's or something? Also find it odd that the celebration dance you like the best is a grown man walking a red carpet like a super model.....
  7. hx214

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    If they put him on the Madden cover next year we are screwed too......
  8. hx214

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    I'd bet pretty good money he is Ravens bound with Jackson and RG3 Unless someone opens up the pocket book to make him a starter again.
  9. hx214

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    Ya, Baker seems to really like Stanton. When Tyrod leaves I'd bring in Fitz. I'm sure Fitz will be pretty expensive for a backup though, and actually might get a starting job with some QB hungry team
  10. hx214

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    Wonder if they will try to bring in Fitz for Baker's backup
  11. hx214

    Cleaning House

    I can't believe Anus Jones even made it through the season in the first place.
  12. hx214

    Antonio Brown

    This is all moot point. No way the Steelers would ever trade him inside the division. Not even for more than they could get from any other team in the league.
  13. hx214

    Duke Johnson

    He is a slash back hasn’t been used correctly all season. Should be slot, 3rd down, punt returner. He makes top 10 money, he will be traded to someone like the Falcons and be the next Sproles/Westbrook.
  14. hx214

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    I hope they all keep it up. Baker runs on hate fire. Just let them keep fanning the flames.
  15. hx214

    Freddie Kitchens

    Unleash the Duke!