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  1. He played well enough that someone will probably give him a shot at being a starter
  2. hx214

    Free Agents

    They need to dump Hooper and keep Njoku if they can. Clowney just strikes me as one of those guys that if you pay up for a multi year deal he sits back and takes it easy.
  3. hx214

    Best Game of the Season

    Remember when they went for it on 4th and a mile against us on their own 28 and they got it.....
  4. hx214

    SO WHAT DO WE DO FOR 2022?

    I'm cutting Hooper the second I can. And I don't care how much it cost in dead cap. Watching him run around lost yesterday and missing blocks leaving Chubb out to dry. Berry screwed up on that one.
  5. hx214

    Perfect storm for Baker haters

    I could care less what they do at QB, as long as it's good for the team. But feeling well enough to get on the field to play has little to do with getting on the field and being 100% Case Keenum blows. Kev knows it. Went with the best option he had to win. Christ. Myles Garrett tweaked a groin 3 weeks ago. He's been on the field since and has done NOTHING. Dude lined up against one of the worst OLines in football and couldn't record a sack against a old fat QB.
  6. hx214


    It's almost like we had the AFCN stopped for a 3rd and long, then at the last second we pulled one of their shoes off and threw it 10 yards and gave them all a free pass first down...
  7. hx214

    Doug Dieken Retiring from the Booth

    Dieken always cracked me up with his dead pan responses and grunts and groans.
  8. hx214

    Mayfield out Sunday. Surgery ASAP

    Keenum blows. Hopefully they can cut him without much dead cap next year. Waste of money that should be spent elsewhere. Kev screwing up again instead of letting Mullens have another crack at it so show what he can do. I'd gladly keep him on as a Backup QB next year for 1/4 of the price.
  9. hx214

    Baker Mayfield

    I think Derrick Carr is the only realistic option. But I don't know about giving up a first or 2nd. I guess it depends on how much/if they want to move on from Baker. I think sticking with Baker and Drafting someone in the 2nd or 3rd might be better. I liked Carr more before I saw him play in the game against our backup JV squad.
  10. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/doug-dieken-a-browns-legend-on-the-field-and-inside-the-radio-booth-announces-hi Going to miss him. I always mute the TV and turn him and Jim on. Might be the only reason I tune in this Sunday! Hope they ask Joe Thomas to replace him. If they put Dustin Fox in the booth I'll never listen again....
  11. hx214

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    Also wondering if Myles thanked Kev for gift wrapping Watt 4 sacks last night to make sure he's ahead of him for defensive player of the year.
  12. hx214

    SO WHAT DO WE DO FOR 2022?

    1. Draft QB with first round pick. Wait 2-3 years to see if pans out. Fire everybody. Start over. 2. Give up 3 years of first rounders for a guy with 22 sexual misconduct counts against him. Hope he doesn't go to prison or gets caught again. If does, fire everybody. Start Over. Can't wait!