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  1. hx214

    I Guess That Settles That

    Ya... not sure that’s all settled. Tampa Bay went 7-9 last year with a guy that threw 30 ints. Billy B. had to go with a qb nobody wanted and try to squeeze the last bit of football out of him, still went 7-9. Ill give old Bill another year or two before I’d make a call. Either way we gotta watch Tommy or Patty in the super bowl. 🤮. Probably just take a pass and go to bed early. Peyton Manning is one Gip. Not sure of the other, probably before my time
  2. Ya. I’m not buying it. The amount of money that is put in on the playoffs and super bowl. Good luck proving any of it. NFL knew for years about the concussion data and did nothing. Cost them a whole billion dollars in the end for decades of revenue. Only way they end up on the COVID list would be if they couldn’t stand on their own. None of this “close contact” stuff will ever happen.
  3. There is little doubt in my mind that the NFL won’t clear him to play. That dude had the worst reaction to a concussion that you could have. He should be out multiple weeks, but he won’t be. Just like there is no chance Him, Rodgers or Brady would ever be put on the COVID list.
  4. hx214

    There's always next year, or the year after that

    I’m more pissed off right now than I have been about 0-16 and 1-15 seasons.
  5. I feel like the game plan was working. Hold down the chiefs from scoring quick and make them chew clock as much as the Browns do. (Our defense can’t stop anybody, let alone the Chiefs, but maybe we can get a turnover) Just have to punch in the TD’s. Having to take the FG sucked. And Higgins fumble is bad luck (or helmet to helmet...) Browns get ball at half and they would be right there with them. Now they gotta sling it with no deep threats. Let’s go.
  6. We are out gunned, on the road, and the underdogs. Sounds good to me. Any given Sunday. Today could be that Sunday. Empty the tank and leave it on the field! Let’s Roll.
  7. hx214

    Higgins vs Hodge

    Higgins might just be one of those football guys that can just make plays on the field. Never the fastest. Never the biggest. Not the best at anything. Nothing wrong with that. For some reason he and Baker click. With all the other issues with coaches and staff, his agent would be smart to try to make a solid deal to stay with Baker, because if he goes elsewhere it seems there is a good chance another staff is going to do what two different staffs did here. Could be win/win for everybody though. Get a solid WR at a team friendly price, so you can spend money elsewhere. As far as route running....I’m not sure the guys IQ is very high. Dude gets pulled over for drag racing, gets caught with weed, cop lets him off on that, cites him for a moving violation. Instead of eating the ticket, shutting up about it and moving on, he goes on Twitter and bitches about it.... that cop did you a solid, and that’s what you do? Then, because you made everybody aware, the video comes out from TMZ showing you smoke, cop is probably going to get shit from his captain for letting you off easy.... moron...watch what happens next time a Browns player gets pulled over. After seeing those Mentor Kia ads he did.... reading a Night Before Christmas.... I’m not sure he can read, let alone read a playbook with routes in it....
  8. Man... our Oline has had some people go on IR... I see they listed Jackson as a hamstring injury... I would have thought it would have been from 3rd degree burns...
  9. hx214

    Austin Hooper

    Alright, so I refused to write anything negative about the game today, rode the high all day shoving it in the Pittsburgh fans at work (one of which wouldn’t even come out of his office, which is funny because he’s usually the biggest dick of them all...) but anyway. WTF is up with Austin Hooper and his drops? I read an article about last season. The guy had 93 targets and two drops. I’d venture to say, two drops might be his average PER GAME this year. He dropped at least three passes last night that could have had some game changing effects that hit him right in the hands.... That dude is making WAY to much money to not be a reliable target on 3rd down and in the red zone. Now I’ve seen some throws to him that aren’t exactly gimme’s but a guy making that kind of money, should make anything in his catch radius look like a pitch and catch...
  10. hx214

    The rivalry is back baby.

    You realize our CB1 right now is CB4 on the depth chart right? stewart is a Special Teamer at best and Jackson will be a Walmart associate soon.... That lead they had was the best defense they could have asked for. Had to play soft because they couldn’t hide Jackson. I’d venture to say they threw at Jackson 80% of the time last night. Now, if you are concerned about overall depth of the CB line up? Then I’m with you. I had hoped that the CB position was locked up, but with Ward being made of some type of glass and Greedy being made of something similar, only more fragile.... I’d say they might have to draft another CB this year. Really would have loved to get King from the Bolts...
  11. hx214

    Week 18: Browns vs Steelers Wild Card Game

    If Ward and KJ played... that game would have been a total blowout.
  12. Someone please post a GIF of The Rapist sitting on the bench crying.
  13. So if the NFL sees this tape and hears Higgins say he smoked a joint last week, can they call the Browns and say they want a piss test?
  14. hx214

    Week 18: Browns vs Steelers Wild Card Game

    Well if Ward is out and Kevin Johnson is out and that Jackson kid plays again. Probably 30? 35?