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  1. I can’t believe that illegal contact call to keep the drive alive for them...
  2. hx214

    Browns release Antonio Callaway

    Meh. I remember the Browns with teams full of no talent choir boys that couldn’t beat a D3 college team. Billy B brings in thugs all the time and gets them to play. Just have to have a short leash. The Browns couldn’t have a short leash before, But they actually have talent at most positions now, so cutting a talented dumbass like Josh Gordon doesn’t destroy your offense or defensive.
  3. hx214

    Browns release Antonio Callaway

    Not really. Calloway was low risk high reward. He was looking really good last year... As long as you don’t waste a ton of money or high draft capital, keep throwing darts at question marks
  4. hx214

    Browns release Antonio Callaway

    Something must have happened recently. I feel like they could have traded him for some kind of pick (edit.... just saw that NEW suspension coming... what a dummy)
  5. hx214

    Baker has turned the corner

    Even when he isn't playing that great and putting up low numbers, the type of throws he can make shows that he is the best QB we have had in a long time. See the incomplete pass 30 yards downfield on a double covered OBJ and OBJ misplayed on the last step and missed it by a finger tip. That ball couldn't have been thrown better on his part. That Landry pass at the end of the game was as ridiculous as the catch.
  6. What was the deal with Calloway today? Said he was suited up ready to play and they held him out. Freddie just said it was between him and Calloway..... hope he didn’t find something in Josh Gordon’s old locker...
  7. hx214

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Dustin Fox sounds like someone pissed in his Cheerios. Guy is such a whine ass.
  8. hx214

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Mary Kay is the biggest Troll in the media...
  9. hx214

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Hmm... go jumbo package and stuff it in on 1. What a concept
  10. hx214

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Actually was a fantastic throw. Obj only one that could get it, just can’t pull it down
  11. hx214

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Is Frank Gore allowed to wear his pants over his knee caps, or is that rule just for OBJ?
  12. hx214

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    This team is 2-6 and it’s panic central now?