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  1. NE and Dolphins only thing on for this cable cutter. I’ll probably put cartoons on for the little ones and move on with my life
  2. hx214

    Antonio Brown

    AB should have stayed in Pitt. They know how to deal with rapist. Just take a page out of Big Ben’s playbook and pay the girl and absorbent amount of money to settle out of court and move on with your NFL career. Actually now that I think about it, just talk to Kraft when you get to NE. Guy is a damn Houdini when it comes to this stuff....
  3. hx214

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Big Ben is a rapist. But the guy that owns the Pats gets handjobs from underage Asian girls in sex trafficking ring.... Fuck em both.
  4. hx214


    I gotta think it’s having bad/dumb players on your roster. But then again even Myles Garrett picked up a personal foul for jacking someone in the face. Guy was holding both of his hands and raking on them, but all the ref sees is the open hand punch.
  5. hx214


    So what do you do when you are an NFL coach and one of your Lineman holds somebody? Tell him not to hold the defender? Bench him for holding and put in.... who? The 3rd string DT? Or when your LT kicks some one in the face for pushing him in the back over a pile after the whistle was blown? Does a good coach tell him “don’t kick people in the face?”
  6. hx214

    Panic mode

    ya seriously. What’s the worst that can happen? 0-16? Oh no! Like that’s never happened before. Bring it on.
  7. hx214

    Early observations

    Playing the Dolphins...
  8. hx214

    Week 1

    I doubt anybody on this board is overlooking or sleeping on any team ever.... been a bad team to long to think anything is in the bag...
  9. hx214

    In Dorsing the OL

    Schwartz.... another great Sashi era move....
  10. hx214

    Cuts around the League

    The Eagles cut two young RB’s that both had multiple touchdowns with over 500 yards last year. In fact, Adams was their leading rusher.
  11. hx214

    Why did we go 0-16 on 2017?

    Because they wanted to. It’s a great model.... Sign nobody, cut vets, swap high draft picks for lower and future higher draft picks. Drag your franchise through the mud and fans get to eat shit sandwiches for two years. Thanks for nothing Sashi... If they make the playoffs this year it MIGHT have been worth it... but those two years were awful...
  12. hx214

    Knockoff Jerseys

    Giudo must work slow. I’ve been buying stuff like that for almost 20 years
  13. hx214

    Knockoff Jerseys

    DHgate.com $18-$20 bucks a pop. So close to the real ones it’s not even funny. I swear they are the same people that make them for the “real” company.... Even come with the tags on them. They are so nice I buy them for people as gifts. My buddy has a authentic Joe Thomas Jersey. Got him a Mayfield one from one of the sellers and they was so pissed that he paid what he did for his after seeing it. I ordered 8 Mayfield 2 Ricky Vaughn Indians jeresy’s and a OSU Joey Bosa one and gave them out to my friends recently. All of them flawless. Check the sellers feedback and look at the photos. They make them as you order. They will take orders for a while and then shut off their little store so if that happens don’t panic. Depending on customs it could take 3-4 weeks to arrive. They won’t show the logos in the auction ads. If you want to see exactly what it will look like message them and ask for “extra photos” Check their auction for sizing charts to match your size. Only had one issue with small sizing and they made me a new one and sent it. The sellers are very professional and will usually bend over backwards to fix issues because they want you to order more. They only get paid from the site after you confirm you’ve received the item and are happy with it. Use your credit card incase something happens with weird charges and dispute them and get new numbers. I’ve been using DHgate and Aliexpress since early 2000’s and have only had one issue with someone getting my card numbers and I just disputed and got a new card. The Mayfield one attached is one I kept for myself. The numbers and letters aren’t stitched on this one they are the vinyl but the rest is stitched nicely. This one was $12 shipped to my door. Dig around and you’ll find the stitched number ones. I could go on and on about the stuff I get off that site. My Nike Air Max’s are fake... nobody can tell, my wife’s Uggs are fake.... she doesn’t know, but she has like 8 pair...
  14. hx214

    The Scottish Hammer

    Really?? No way.....
  15. hx214

    The Scottish Hammer

    Thanks Mr. Fun. The Hammer could always petition the league like A. Brown is doing. Haha.