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  1. hx214

    NFL / Covid Updates

    I don’t wear a mask. Don’t have any left. Had three N-95 masks out in the shop for when I do bondo and fiberglass work and a box of dust masks. Surgeon General comes out and tells people not to buy them, they do nothing against COVID. News reports hospitals are in short supply and if you have any, please donate. So I gave all of them to my neighbor who works at the local hospital. (Who reports back to me last week that it’s been as slow as she has seen it at her hospital with only a few cases and none severe, all got sent home to quarantine....yet the news tells me hospitals are busting at the seem....should I ask for my masks back? WTF is going on?) A month later, they tell me to wear them, because somehow they work now for not letting germs out....but they still let them in? Is there a one way valve on these things? So the Surgeon General didn’t know last month that masks prevented this when I was told not to buy any and to give them away if I had them? WTF? My masks are gone. And nope... not cutting up a sock and wearing it around my face. The only thing I have left is my painting respirator... and I’m not wearing that thing for hours at a time.... I don’t know what to believe anymore. At work they take my temperature with some thermometer while they stand six feet away.... tell me I’m good and send me on my way.... How can that be accurate? They don’t give me a mask or tell me to wear one just suggest it... Tell me “don’t get close to people“ then send us out in the same trucks...? Go to Home Depot and it’s like freaking Black Friday....people wearing mask walk right beside me and stand right next to me in line... Half of them have their nose sticking out.... or the damn thing around their neck.....old people driving around in those motorized carts buying nothing.... just driving around.... Even though the signs everywhere say stand six feet away nobody does. Walk between me and the wood pile I’m pulling from... instead of the 20 feet that’s wide open behind me... I’m buying a trailer full of lumber for work, and they close down the lumber yard exit for some reason and force me to wheel all my lumber over to the small checkouts where 90 people are waiting in line..... All the employees wearing masks walk around the plastic barrier they are suppose to stand behind and scan what I’m buying right next to me, then tell me to punch in all my numbers and email on the same number pad the last 100 people touched without wiping it down..... So.... all these people will wear a mask but then follow NONE of the other guidelines? I don’t know... I’ve been out there everyday since this thing started. No time off, no down time. Feel like I’ve been told different stories at different times to fit what they want and need. People telling me what I should do, then follow none of the guidelines themselves....Kinda pissed about it honestly.
  2. hx214

    How many of you would go to a game?

    I’m in. I go to work/been to work everyday with a ton of people. Not much different.
  3. hx214

    Jacob Phillips

    Meh. I read an article today that said he was an absolute steal where the Browns got him and he was the main signal caller for the defense.... so low IQ? None of these guys know jack. I wish I had one of their jobs. They make predictions that have the same correct ratio of a third rate weatherman... yet keep their jobs year after year. How that Muppet looking goofass Kieper still has a job is beyond me.
  4. hx214

    Andrew Berry

    Looks pretty good on paper. Gotta wait a year or two before you can say it was a good draft or not.
  5. hx214

    Draft rounds 2 and 3

    Phillips - Lead tackler and Signal caller for the undefeated national champs. Ya I’ll take it at the end of the 3rd round for a team that just lost their defensive signal caller to FA. But I’m not really an OSU fan either, so...
  6. hx214

    Our current free agents.....

    Man.... they traded a number 33 pick in the 2nd round in Ogbah for Eric Murray and they don't even have control over him. WTF.
  7. hx214

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Hired a new “Chief of Staff” Callie Brownson First woman to have that role in the NFL https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/31/browns-name-callie-brownson-as-chief-of-staff-for-kevin-stefanski/amp/
  8. hx214

    Deep Thoughts from Depodesta

    I like when he traded for Ricardo Rincon
  9. hx214

    When is the NFL gonna decide on garrett?

    That hat is fucking awesome.
  10. Ya, they called the guy in the movie Pete or something. I don’t think Paul wanted anything to do with the movie.
  11. You ain’t lying.... I heard he is on that Rob Lowe Atkins thing
  12. hx214

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    Man.... I don’t know if Wilks is all that bad. His all pro DE center piece of his defense gets bounced. The only other pass rusher on the other side of the ball (Vernon) can’t stay on the field, Your GM traded away any DE depth you had for a worthless safety and a 4th round pick leaving you with no names, half the games Ward played this year he looked like he couldn’t cover a JV WR, Redwine looked lost out there at times.... Not going to say I’ll be upset if they move on, but I’ll take Wilks defense over Ray Horton or O’Neil’s
  13. hx214

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    Just heard that it wouldn’t be surprising if Stefanski keeps Wilks, guess he was the DC he would have brought on last year if he had gotten the job. not sure if I like that or not. He had a couple really good schemed games (Baltimore @ Balt. was a great defense) but then he got beat by Duck and some Denver QB that hadn’t taken a snap. I guess he can’t run on the field and tackle and cover players himself though. might be nice to keep him on... No massive changes needed. meh. Whateves