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  1. hx214

    Flash Is Back

    I miss the good old days when your star/HOFer wideout could do blow and go out there and win Super Bowls. Michael Irving style.
  2. hx214

    Guard Play

    Damn, OLine has really become an issue. Maybe the Browns should call Ghoolie and ask him where all these fat butt/no talent guys are that are just as good as Joe Thomas that can be picked up at any time.
  3. hx214

    Flash Is Back

    So what’s the deal I’m reading that he might not be fully reinstated by the league. Didnt he get reinstated for the last 5 games last year? Did he do something in the off season that he has to be reinstated again?
  4. hx214

    Flash Is Back

    I’m pretty sure the Bengals had one for Pac-Man Jones and the WR that flew out the back of the pick up truck while he was trying to beat his girlfriend. Worked 50/50 in that case. Dallas had one for someone at one point too I believe. If I’m Hue, I’d hire one or a whole team of guys. Even if it cost me out of my own pocket.
  5. hx214

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    Big Ben is a rapist.
  6. hx214

    Cory Coleman Traded

    That’s because Brandon Weeden is a worthless pile of crap that threw a pass to Lewis across the middle that got him destroyed and broke his leg in a freaking meanless preseason game... Weeden gets my vote for most worthless 1st rounder ever. 43 year old rookie.... nice pick Walrus...
  7. hx214

    So what now?

    LBJ doesn’t owe Cleveland anything this time around, but going to the Lakers isn’t really a “I wanna win titles” move. Hopefully he tells them to send the Ball kid packing. Be so funny to hear his dad whine for the next 5 years. Thanks for the laughs LBJ. Can you take TT and the awful contract you got for him with you to LA?
  8. hx214

    Foles spurns Browns

    The best thing that could happen to Foles would be to never play another snap until he's a free agent. His price tag would be through the roof being that the last film on him would be winning the super bowl. Problem for him though, if I remember correctly..... is that his contract is very Eagles friendly. They have him on the cheap for like 4 years locked up. So with that said.... i'm not sure I'd pass on a starting position elsewhere..... but Wentz could be out for extended period this year too.
  9. hx214

    Browns trade Telfer to the chiefs

    Ya, Chiefs heard Geuaga Lake’s water park that closed last summer is auctioning off the last of their turnstiles. They probably figure they can get a better deal/better production out of one of those. Heard it’s more of a bang for your buck move/risk reward thing.
  10. hx214

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    This current roster basically makes a 4th rounder to the Browns a 6th or 7th to any other team. The youth filled roster the browns have leaves little time to evaluate a 4th or later pick to see if he is better than the sophomore player in front of him. You swing for the fences and hope you connect with one. If not, you flush him and keep the young player you already had anyway. (On a side note....draft picks are so over rated it’s not even funny. I’d trade every 3rd round or later pick for a proven starter any day of the week.)
  11. hx214

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    Burfict is the biggest piece of sh it this side of the Mississippi. And I still wish like hell the Browns would have thrown a 4th round or later pick at him... dude is the meanest linebacker/competitor in the league. You think anybody wants to play that dude once a year let alone twice? This is America big dog. Scumbags win all the time. Christ..... look at the President. Zing!
  12. hx214

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    Oh no! We could have drafted a sweet back up special teams player on the youngest team in the NFL! WTF was Dorsey smoking taking a flyer that means nothing on a high ceiling 21 year old kid...
  13. hx214

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    It’s a 4th round pick for Christ sake.
  14. hx214

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I want the Browns to draft Di ck Hammer's grandson But Mayfield does wear a headband.... LeBron used to wear a headband.... LeBron is the greatest of all time Mayfield greatest of all time?
  15. hx214

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I would love it if he would slide and somehow the Browns ended up with him..... that dude is going to be an absolute beast