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  1. hx214

    Terrelle Pryor

    I will say this about Pryor.....I dont remember him dropping passes the year he was here.
  2. hx214

    Hyde traded

    Maybe. i guess if they make a move for a position they need and use the 5th they picked up it will make sense. This is just a weird move as it stands
  3. hx214

    Hyde traded

    So why did Dorsey sign Hyde in the first place? (Then he drafted Chubb with a 2nd, then paid Duke top ten RB money..... senior moment??) I’m not saying Chubb shouldn’t be #1 back, I’ve been complaining Duke needs the ball way more also. Just don’t get trading away a guy that can produce and keeps a position at good depth for a flipping fifth round pick on the youngest team in the NFL. Most teams would just move a guy to a different spot on the depth chart...
  4. hx214

    Hyde traded

    I still don’t get the reasoning behind this trade, only thing I can think of is they are trying to bring in some big money players before the deadline.... need WR, CB depth, LB depth... but the Browns are still 5th in salary cap space in the league...
  5. hx214

    Hyde traded

    Ya or it gives Hue another excuse for Jimmah. “He trades my starting veteran running back mid season for a 5th round pick” Not to mention Dorsey signed Hyde. So he’s using the Vet he signed at RB... just like he was using the QB vet he signed I don’t know. Hopefully they are taking the payroll of a player they don’t really need and signing a WR or some LB depth...
  6. hx214

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    X2 on the fuk Derek Anderson. Went to the 2009 Buffalo Vs Cleveland game in Buffalo. Horse balls went 2-17 passing for 23 yards. Somehow the Browns won 6-3 on the leg of Billy Cundiff... worst game I’ve ever watched live... ugh...
  7. hx214

    Use of players on offense

    I just typed in Daboll to see where he was now. I mixed him up with O'Neil because I thought he was in San Fran. First few things coming up was Fire Daboll now from Bills boards.
  8. hx214

    Use of players on offense

    You know what, you are right it was Jim O'Neil. Daboll was with Eric. O'neil was horrible too. I could never figure out why Mike let him run the defense into the ground when he was a defensive coach himself. I always think Daboll because I see him all over the league. Dude ran like 4 total plays for is offensive scheme... doing a quick search to refresh my memory and the Bill boards are lighting up about how they need to fire him now..... haha.
  9. hx214

    Use of players on offense

    That's cause he got saddled with Mingo..... another stellar pick. Mike's biggest mistake was keeping Daboll as his Offensive Cord. How that guy still has a job bouncing from team to team is beyond me.
  10. hx214

    Use of players on offense

    Jimmah fired two head coaches in the span of three years. AND he made the team draft the drunk ugly midget. Hue has his job this year based on that alone. Nobody worth anything is lining up for that kind of leash. In my opinion Mike P should still be the head coach.
  11. Sigh..... again..... Sacks vs full speed blindside hits because somebody missed an assignment are two vastly different things.
  12. Getting blown up vs completely missing the blocking assignment while protecting your blue chip first overall pick QB are to vastly different things.
  13. hx214

    Use of players on offense

    Just move Duke to WR. Why is this so hard.... Slot receiver/3rd down back. Get him the damn ball. I thought for sure with Higgins down all week this would have been the move anyway....
  14. hx214

    Who will Hue throw under the bus this week

    The horrible run defense finally got exposed today. I’m surprised it took this long honestly. Not using Duke and Chubb as mainstays in your offense is confusing at this point. I thought for sure Duke would be lining up at WR all again long. And even when you are behind by a bunch you can still run Chubb because of his home run ability. Dorsey has to find somebody for those 4 and 5 spots. Streater is worthless and Ratley looks like a HS kid trying to catch.... The DL can’t stop the run. Period. They better make some moves and at least bring in a big body to help out on run situations. Like a lot of you, I don’t get the Meder and Nassib cuts if you aren’t even dressing their replacements. Still don’t understand the Sheldon trade either, but whatever.
  15. hx214

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Oh man.... You guys better keep it down or Lumbergh will come back....