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  1. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    Ya..... so two years ago when the Broncos steamrolled over everybody in the playoffs it was all about Peyton Manning's legendary super bowl performance of 13 completions for 141 yards and an INT.
  2. People are surprised that Cousins would "seriously consider" playing for the team that could pay him the most. Really?
  3. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    Prove it again contract. Sure. Like him or not the guy played his guts out when he was here. WR is the worst position on the team by far.
  4. Camp Mayfield

    Damn that Roquan Smith kid can hit.... you could hear every tackle he made
  5. Well he was obviously the best WR on the team... and he’s still under a cheap contract.(if I remember right he’s under contract for 2 more years... that game Pet suspended him for missing that team meeting week 16 made that season not count) So outside of him screwing up... I don’t see how you don’t bring him back on a team that is devoid of that position.
  6. This isnt coaching...

    When you are in the NFL and you line up offsides... you are one dumb motherShmucker
  7. Josh Rosen?

    Can’t always get what you want cupcake.
  8. See ya Crow

    I used to like Crow. But he’s just another guy that could be replaced with just about any RB. Has no home run speed. All he does now is take carries away from Duke. Plus.... based on his past and present social media activity... He’s a Shmucking moron. I’m sure that gets old coaching day in and day out.
  9. The Browns live in Hell

    Kinda confused by some of the stats that try to downgrade them even more.... Browns have only played in front of America 3 times and lost them all... in 2008 they smoked the Super Bowl Champs on Monday night football, but they didn't count it because it was on a cable network... so how many other things like that fit in there? Then the draft picks.... when the Browns don't get the first pick in the draft, half the time better 1999 and 2018 the teams that did get the first pick lost to the Browns that season?... i kinda drifted off after those two things...
  10. Why Garoppolo Isn't A Brown

    I'm calling BS. Bill B would send his mom to the Browns for the right offer. He could care less.
  11. Belief that Dorsey will bring in his own HC

    Man... Ghoolie said something I totally agree with... wtf is going on...
  12. Hue vs Pettine

    Pet got a raw deal. Got saddled with a drunk midget for a QB. Had the worst GM the Browns have had... maybe ever. Got handed a team that just had a new coach the previous season... And still had them competing in his first year. Pet's biggest mistake was that he wouldn't take the Defensive over from his boy O'Neil. And that cost him... big time. I was all for giving him more time. But I'm not sure I can give Hue the same...
  13. Officials bailed them out. What a joke call against Peppers. The official standing 5 feet from the play signs no catch and so dude 30 yards away throws a flag...
  14. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    I'll agree with you on that one 100%