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  1. hx214

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    I hope they all keep it up. Baker runs on hate fire. Just let them keep fanning the flames.
  2. hx214

    Freddie Kitchens

    Unleash the Duke!
  3. hx214

    Browns vs Bengals Gameday thread

    Duke got a draw that I remember. Chubb didn’t have the best time running today. Kinda sucks because cinncy was the worst run D in the league. If he didn’t rip off that last 20 yarder he would have had like 64 yards on 30 attempts...
  4. hx214

    Browns vs Bengals Gameday thread

    Browns and Officals let them back in... loved the slow mo replay on the Higgins coverage with the hold and grab of the jersey no call.
  5. hx214

    Terrelle Pryor

    Nope, never heard that phrase before. What does practicing intensely have to do with penalties? How do you teach a player not to block someone in the back on a punt return after they know the rule and they have heard every coach they have ever had tell them not to? At what point is that on the brain of the player that is playing the game? How do you teach an NFL DLman that makes millions of dollars to not line up offsides in a game? I guess their pop warner football coach never covered that brain buster. So.... by your theory, Andy Reid is a terrible coach that must not have his team practice well because he has the most penalized team in the league. Got it. The Chiefs are 9 and 1 btw.
  6. hx214

    Terrelle Pryor

    Meh. I never bought into penalties being a lack of coaching. Freaking NFL players that don't know how to line up on the right side of the ball? NFL linemen that false start? At this point, you can't teach stupid. Penalties like holding and pass interference are a 50/50 call. Linemen hold on every play, it's just whether they call it. DB's have refs in one game that call PI for touching a guy, then the next game they can hang all over people... KC is the most penalized team in the NFL.
  7. hx214

    Collection for Stan's Family

    Chipped in. Wish I could send more. Thanks for all the good times on the board Stan. I've been here since the early days..... wouldn't go anywhere else to talk about the Browns.... Rest in peace.
  8. hx214

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Oh the NFL will be going easier on Gordon for sure now that he is with NE. Playoff team, Tom Brady. You think they are going to take away anything from the Pats in on one of Tom’s last remaining years? The more I think about how much of a piece of crap Gordon is for pulling the stunt he pulled after all the times the Browns stuck with him, and how much they could use a WR just like him right now for a rookie QB the more I hope he rips the living crap out of his ACL and is out of the league.
  9. hx214

    Dez signs with Nawlins

    Tore Achilles
  10. hx214

    Kirksey and Gaines

    Is Schobert back yet? Guess Avery is going to get a seriously expanded role.
  11. hx214

    Bruce Arians

    Read that he wants to be the guy to bring the franchise back to glory. Said when he was here the year they went to the playoffs that this football town was like nowhere else in the NFL. Just wish he was 10 years younger. I still don't hate the idea. I'd love to go with a young guy but it's really risky bringing in someone brand new to NFL coaching.... boom or bust. I'm sick of bust....
  12. hx214

    Cleveland rejects

    Oline really needs more depth. Hopefully Robinson and Harrison both turn in to serviceable pieces
  13. hx214


    Because the Browns have terrible WR's.
  14. I'm sick of Jimmah. Still waiting on my damn rebate check.