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  1. hx214

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Man this defense is bad. the issue I had with it, and it was touched on up above is they have the cap space AND it seemed like they had no plan to really replace him... maybe if they already had another vet but Kirksey was out the door too.....If they banked on Mack after that hot and cold season he had last year.... that’s worrisome.....
  2. Man... if I hear and read people continue to bitch about Baker and ignore this awful defense...
  3. Somebody tell that Tacoman this is why you need a good run game...
  4. All you guys with sand in your vag about Baker need to shift your worry to this defense..... they couldn’t stop a powder puff team
  5. Gotta keep it close in primetime
  6. Just read they are down two starting DT’s. This should be an easy formula. Chubb and Hunt to set up play action for Hooper and Landry.
  7. Hunt’s brother is in prison. If any of that is true, that’s a hell of a phone tree to get that kinda of information....
  8. hx214

    Would You Undo the Giants Trade?

    I'd trade him for a pair of starting Linebackers about now. But I'm not over reacting. Week one, brand new coach, new offense, no preseason, playing last years number one seed at their place. I'll let it burn for a few more weeks. Don't really get all the Baker hate either. Four head coaches in three years. Four different offenses. Dude could be one of three players in NFL history to throw for 3500+ yards and 20 TD's (Manning and Luck are the only other two...) in their first three seasons and we are ready to move back into QB purgatory for another 10 seasons. That's a hard pass from me. Rewatch the tape from Derek Anderson to present and let me know who you'd take instead.
  9. hx214

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Nah. You got enough rope. You’ll be hanging from it soon enough.
  10. hx214

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    When the hell did this douche get here? Guess the better question is, why is he still here? Is this Ghoolie’s new persona?
  11. hx214

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    It’s just a Cleveland Steamer. What’s the big deal?
  12. hx214

    Grant Delpit Lost for Year

    Ya... but that one was 50/50.... he asked the Seahawks for an extension because he was on the final year of his contract and held out all camp. Pete Carroll came to him and told him he was part of the Seahawks long term plans, so he ended his hold out, went out and played and four games later broke his leg. I see it both ways.... stuff happens but I have no issues believing Pete is an asshole...
  13. hx214

    NFL / Covid Updates

    I don’t wear a mask. Don’t have any left. Had three N-95 masks out in the shop for when I do bondo and fiberglass work and a box of dust masks. Surgeon General comes out and tells people not to buy them, they do nothing against COVID. News reports hospitals are in short supply and if you have any, please donate. So I gave all of them to my neighbor who works at the local hospital. (Who reports back to me last week that it’s been as slow as she has seen it at her hospital with only a few cases and none severe, all got sent home to quarantine....yet the news tells me hospitals are busting at the seem....should I ask for my masks back? WTF is going on?) A month later, they tell me to wear them, because somehow they work now for not letting germs out....but they still let them in? Is there a one way valve on these things? So the Surgeon General didn’t know last month that masks prevented this when I was told not to buy any and to give them away if I had them? WTF? My masks are gone. And nope... not cutting up a sock and wearing it around my face. The only thing I have left is my painting respirator... and I’m not wearing that thing for hours at a time.... I don’t know what to believe anymore. At work they take my temperature with some thermometer while they stand six feet away.... tell me I’m good and send me on my way.... How can that be accurate? They don’t give me a mask or tell me to wear one just suggest it... Tell me “don’t get close to people“ then send us out in the same trucks...? Go to Home Depot and it’s like freaking Black Friday....people wearing mask walk right beside me and stand right next to me in line... Half of them have their nose sticking out.... or the damn thing around their neck.....old people driving around in those motorized carts buying nothing.... just driving around.... Even though the signs everywhere say stand six feet away nobody does. Walk between me and the wood pile I’m pulling from... instead of the 20 feet that’s wide open behind me... I’m buying a trailer full of lumber for work, and they close down the lumber yard exit for some reason and force me to wheel all my lumber over to the small checkouts where 90 people are waiting in line..... All the employees wearing masks walk around the plastic barrier they are suppose to stand behind and scan what I’m buying right next to me, then tell me to punch in all my numbers and email on the same number pad the last 100 people touched without wiping it down..... So.... all these people will wear a mask but then follow NONE of the other guidelines? I don’t know... I’ve been out there everyday since this thing started. No time off, no down time. Feel like I’ve been told different stories at different times to fit what they want and need. People telling me what I should do, then follow none of the guidelines themselves....Kinda pissed about it honestly.