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  1. hx214

    When is the NFL gonna decide on garrett?

    That hat is fucking awesome.
  2. Ya, they called the guy in the movie Pete or something. I don’t think Paul wanted anything to do with the movie.
  3. You ain’t lying.... I heard he is on that Rob Lowe Atkins thing
  4. hx214

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    Man.... I don’t know if Wilks is all that bad. His all pro DE center piece of his defense gets bounced. The only other pass rusher on the other side of the ball (Vernon) can’t stay on the field, Your GM traded away any DE depth you had for a worthless safety and a 4th round pick leaving you with no names, half the games Ward played this year he looked like he couldn’t cover a JV WR, Redwine looked lost out there at times.... Not going to say I’ll be upset if they move on, but I’ll take Wilks defense over Ray Horton or O’Neil’s
  5. hx214

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    Just heard that it wouldn’t be surprising if Stefanski keeps Wilks, guess he was the DC he would have brought on last year if he had gotten the job. not sure if I like that or not. He had a couple really good schemed games (Baltimore @ Balt. was a great defense) but then he got beat by Duck and some Denver QB that hadn’t taken a snap. I guess he can’t run on the field and tackle and cover players himself though. might be nice to keep him on... No massive changes needed. meh. Whateves
  6. hx214

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Ya, I’d agree with that statement, but when you have Chubb, you run the ball. A lot. The guy is unreal and can hit a home run every time he touches the ball.
  7. hx214

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Man Taco.... I didn’t really like Stefanski but after reading your 1st post about him running the ball a lot..... I’m warming up to the idea.... Browns have two top ten running backs on roster.... ok Taco you talked me into it. Stefanski it is.
  8. hx214

    McDaniels next coach possibly...

    Meh. I always figured McDaniels and Jimmy hashed this out like week 15 of the season, Jimmy agreed and told Dorsey and he packed up his stuff and left... the rest of these “interviews” have been a dog and pony show...
  9. hx214

    Browns to interview McCarthy

    Yep. This. Although.... I will say I think I like Mike as a coach the most out of the last 6 we had.... dude got saddled with that drunk midget and Farmer.
  10. hx214

    DeMario Davis

    Ya I will. Davis was a very solid starting LB that was signed for $8 million ($4 Million guaranteed) . Sashi then signed Collins for $50 million who was known to be a guy that mailed it in on the field and traded Davis for a thug who couldn't get on the field and was cut from the worst team in the league before playing a snap. Sashi was completely worthless. Did nothing that a 12 year old playing Madden couldn't have done. Cut all your vets because you want to dump salaries. Lose the Pro Bowl OLmen that you had groomed for years, sign next to nobody outside of Collins who was a waste . Drag the franchise through the mud for two years trying to accumulate draft picks but prove you can't evaluate talent, or bring in real football players.
  11. hx214

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    Dangerous to Costanza mustache in one year....
  12. hx214

    DeMario Davis

    That was Sashi. Another terrible move. Traded him for that safety Pryor who got in a locker room fight and was cut in preseason before he even played a snap. Not only that, but I always heard he was a great guy that does a ton for the local community and was a great locker room guy too. Sure would be nice to have another linebacker like Davis around. Another reason not to build a football team based solely on analytics.
  13. Duke converted 3 and 24 on an outlet pass to keep the Texans moving. If not for Watson’s 20 yard TD scramble to finish that drive, it might have been the play of the game. Fells had 4 catches, 3 on 3rd down for 1sts. The one I was referring to was the one on the goalline where he was double covered and still pulled down the catch. If he could have snagged that pass in overtime he probably would have ended it on the first possession.