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  1. At least this year on draft night we won’t have to hear Gruden say after every pick..... ”After drafting (player name) the (team name) just got a WHOLE lot better!!! I swear that dude liked every draft pick by every team ever
  2. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Mary Kay asks the worst questions (sometimes multiple times)... how does she still have a job.
  3. Veteran Backup QB Idea Kaepernick

    This. Get a real job Kap... stop posting on message boards.
  4. Browns Let go of McCourty

    Dude just got traded from an 0-16 team to the AFC champs. Sure showed him what was up!
  5. Dorsey skips Mayfield and Rosen pro days...

    Do college players usually have their Pro Day’s on the first official day of Free Agency? Seems like one of the very few days of the year the GM would NEED to be in his office...
  6. Jordy Nelson cut...Interest?

    Nah. He will sign with the Pats
  7. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Christ... Dumping Coleman would make more sense then this move. Coleman hasn’t produced a damn thing since he has been here.
  8. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    I guess I’m confused. So the argument here for dumping Shelton is the fact that our pass D was so bad that we don’t need to bother stopping the run either so what’s the point? Again... Rushing Defense was #7 against run. Per attempt was 3.4 good enough for #2 in the league. Man... what a scrub Danny was
  9. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    You the same guy that said an offense should never run the ball in today’s NFL because it takes away from passing attempt numbers??
  10. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    3.4 per attempt. #2 in the league
  11. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    The Browns were the #7 run defense in the league last year.... with a massively depleted LB corps. Its the only Shmucking thing they did right last year
  12. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Next time your selling something that has value let me know, ill be sure to offer ya 10% of the asking price if you like giving stuff away. If Danny was so bad, why did Billy want him. This reminds me of Sheard.
  13. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Ya, but you had a guy under contract for another season on a team friendly contract, you got nothing in return and now have another hole to fill on a team with bigger holes to fill.
  14. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    This. You wanna dump someone that’s one thing. But you got a late third round pick for your starting DT for a team that doesn’t need any more picks.
  15. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    That’s fine. But we need CB help, Saftey help, WR help... what we don’t need is more worthless draft picks. Find it hard to believe this is the best deal they could find for a guy that wasn’t a code red priority to dump.