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  1. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    No, not wrong jackass. Just listened to it on the fucking radio pregame and it was a direct recording from the interview not 30 minutes ago. “Because I told him to,” Williams told them. “If he no longer does what I tell him to do, he is going to be your intern or someone else’s intern in the building. He is going to play where I tell him to play.” Your a better DC than Williams though so maybe call in and tell him how to run his defense.
  2. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    What do you want him to do? Greg Williams has said about 30 times that's where he told him to play. In fact Willams said in the last interview that if he doesn't do what he tells him he won't be playing.
  3. The pass rush today was atrocious...

    The Browns' offense is the Browns' defenses worst enemy. Short fields killed them yesterday. I think the Ravens only had 3 or 4 more first downs than the Browns and the yardage was pretty close too.
  4. They better figure out how to run the ball or they aren't going to win any of those. Just read Coleman's hand is broken. Britt is a waste. They better run and hit some TE's the next couple weeks or Kizer is going to have more than a migraine
  5. Hue and the offense

    I feel like Duke Johnson is the perfect back for the situation that the Browns are in with the other defenses playing with a stacked box against Kizer. He can get outside the tackles, he can catch and be an outlet receiver on to give Kizer the check down, he has the speed needed to break that stacked box up. Only thing is I'm not sure he can pass block well enough, but it really doesn't look like Crowell is the answer at all.
  6. Kizer

    Ya and then Hogan threw a pick to a triple covered receiver that looked as bad as any of Kizers. Listen fellas, whether we like it as fans our not, the whole goal of this season is to find out if Kizer is the QB for the next 10 years. He is going to play this year whether he is or not. If he is, they start here. If he isn't, he plays like garabage and they get a top pick again. That's all it's about. Stay young, save as much money as they can to pay they creme that rises out of the young group. Buckle up, it's gonna be a long season.
  7. Kizer

    This.... Hue told him to go back into the locker room and not come back until he got his shit together. 4 possessions in a row that looked like garbage will do that. Cody got his ass benched last year in the Bengals game for not throwing it down field when Hue told him too. Kiser getting the same.
  8. A Message from PoG

    Why? Did joe Haden have like 4 picks today?
  9. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    They offered Pryor more money than he is getting from the Redskins. He pissed on the offer. They moved on. Why dont people remember this?
  10. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    I'm guessing Kiser isn't even hurt. This is Hue's move just like last year during the Bengals when he yanked Kessler. First 4 possessions on Kiser were bad. Hue's lighting a fire.
  11. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    How many of those yards came off those two deflected passes that went right to him though?
  12. Same old dirty Squeelers

    Ya that was pretty damn funny. Hope that bastard is out for the year.
  13. Does Hue Panic

    I'd say the only two things Hue probably wishes he had back yesterday was not kicking an onside kick when after the penalty he was kicking off from the 50 anyway, and calling that second time out before challenging the catch on Bell. Run game just wasn't there. No sense in beating your head against a stump.
  14. Same old dirty Squeelers

    Shazier learned that lead with crown of helmet from the best cheap shot artist the league as ever seen. James "I never met a roid I wouldn't try" Harrison