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  1. pizzadeliveryguy

    ***official Draft Day Thread***

  2. pizzadeliveryguy

    ***official Draft Day Thread***

  3. pizzadeliveryguy

    Perfect Day

    The whole draft wreaks of desperation. Reaching for need seldom works. Taking a minor upgrade at QB instead of a lineman with probowl caliber abilities when the QB had a very very good chance of being there for your next pick was just a horrible move. It really doesn't matter how good Weeden turns out, it was still a mis-managed pick. It is as if they put something in the water up there that turns people's brains to mush.
  4. pizzadeliveryguy

    ***official Draft Day Thread***

    Unfuckingbelievable. Just an absolutely horrible pick. Jesus Christ.
  5. pizzadeliveryguy

    Steven Garcia Qb

    We have officially bottomed out.
  6. It doesn't matter what he said, the fat chick knows she is fat and Colt knows he isn't starter material.
  7. pizzadeliveryguy

    Hillis To Kansas City

    Yes, because they are the exact same people. Jesus Christ.
  8. pizzadeliveryguy

    Hillis To Kansas City

    this is just crazy talk.
  9. pizzadeliveryguy

    First Big Name Attached To Browns *trade*

    Tate put up better rushing numbers than Arian Foster, maybe you have heard of him? A 5.4 avg. on 175 attempts and you don't think he has some special skills? This is a no-brainer if they can pull it off. Plus he won't turn 24 until the season starts. Christ, I believe some of you would even bitch about a blowjob.
  10. pizzadeliveryguy

    Redskins Have Made A Deal?

    Nothing to add here except to say that I am extremely disappointed. Oh also, I am enjoying the cynical/sarcastic Zombo shtick.
  11. pizzadeliveryguy

    Manningham On Fox This Morning

    One awesome catch in the superbowl is really going to get this clown paid? He really isn't very good. His drops are almost as bad as Edwards.
  12. pizzadeliveryguy

    Joe Thomas For #2

    Never ever ever going to happen. Ever.
  13. pizzadeliveryguy

    Joe Thomas For #2

    For the guys claiming this is stupid, would you trade Thomas for Cam Newton?
  14. pizzadeliveryguy

    Micheal Bush?

    He caught 37 balls this past year. And screw the price. Bush is the goods, he would be a major upgrade over Hillis.