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  1. Nw220

    Browns "BPA" Draft

    Gotta make some moves man, maneuver around its Gotta Be Lattimore,Hooker,Conely IMO.. Then we'd be sitting pretty.
  2. Nw220

    What Will Your War Room Look Like?

    Maybe in the library in Eugene,Oregon being harssed by security.
  3. Nw220

    Jonathan Allen on DeShaun Watson

    Got high grades on both wouldn't mind ethier of them. At the right price
  4. Nw220

    Trading back into the 1st round ?

    Lattimore,Hooker,Conely All in the 1st round Book it... Locked up the secondary for the next decade with Powell.
  5. Hue Jackson is smoking crack...He's basically in Limbo he cant be cut or anything till Godell gets the dick out of his mouth.. They were supposedly getting offers to trade him but they couldn't do that and he's the best WR in the NFL but yet we cant seem to do anything with him.. Sad Difficult to watch
  6. Orange Just realized the orange on the Browns an Bengals is both the same color anyone have any feelings about this.. Hue Jackson also knows about it an still supports it plus how can one stadium in the same state be named after the other team Paul brown stadium when all the others are banks an other endorsements. WTF!!!!
  7. I think Gilbert may still make the hall of fame an I'm pretty much certain. Just because coaches don't know to use him or he dosnet wanna take punishment on his own body for another man is not his lack oflove for the game.
  8. Duron Carter. Heard he got brought in for a tryout thought he has elite potential anyone have any info on if he may sign with the Browns or not. Know it may have been a little while back but think he could easily be a starter for a long time.
  9. Jon Gruden Offensive Coordinator, Mike Vrabel Defensive Coordinator,Jim Tressel General Manager Thought this might be a pretty good lineup with Dan Wilkinson as Head Coach an Nate Clements as Secondary Coach,Craig Powell as Linebackers Coach also David Boston as Wide Receviers coach then Orlando Pace Offensive line Coach. Vernon Ghoulston as Defensive line coach. Rickey Dudley Tight ends Coach.. Any thoughts??? God bless Nature Bless as well.
  10. I was thinking that maybe 'Big Daddy' Dan Wilkinson would be a really good hire as Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns, any thoughts? The straight connection to Ohio St. would be what I'd be intersted in.. Thanks God Bless an Nature as Well....
  11. Thanks for the info I still am uncertain on there situations seems very many different people have different perspectives about what they signed on there deals.. I think we should defentily keep them both trade back an grab more picks.. Go Browns!!!!
  12. Was searching around couldn't find anything on Robert Griffin ||| and Josh Gordon getting new contracts? If anyone has any info on this please post back.. Thank you God bless an Nature Bless as well...
  13. Nw220

    Mingo Signs Contract

    Mingo The Dingo..
  14. Nw220

    New Coach Discussion

    Were gonna interview Mike Zimmer this week Bengals Defensive Coordinator, i think this would be a great hire for the Browns and it would also hurt the bungles...
  15. Nw220

    Tyler Bray Declares For Nfl Draft

    Id defentily take a chance on him, Weeden sucks dick....If you could get him in the 3rd you do it no questions asked