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  1. Bob806

    Regular Season Schedule

    I think Thursday Night football should avoid division rivalry games, but what do I know.
  2. Couch on this list is stupid. The Browns made the playoffs with him, then made the mistake of falling in love with Kelly Holcomb.Couch beat the Squealers in Pittsburgh on national television. I wanted McNabb in 1999, but he would have been killed too. No offensive line during that time at all.
  3. Bob806

    Are you guys ready for disappointment?

    Sure, they'll be disappointments. They'll probably blow a game or 2 they shouldn't, but probably will steal a game or 2 as well. We all want the SB, but hey, sometimes baby steps need to happen. As long as one of the disappointments isn't losing a home playoff game, I'll take whatever they give us. We have a right to be optimistic. Hasn't happened around here in eons. Enjoy the ride and remember, it's still a very young team.
  4. Bob806

    No repeal-and-replace?

    Horrible, just horrible. Took a page out of the Supreme Court Justice appointment delay playbook, only this time it's 19 months away. I agree, the American public is being duped by both parties. McConnell probably has a posh condo somewhere in a sunny place paid for by AON.
  5. Bob806

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    Agree, they need to be 4-2 in the division at a minimum, and establish a home field advantage (8-0, 7-1, 6-2). The talent on paper is there, and the Browns found ways to "learn how to win" last season. Barring injuries, they should be in the playoff mix for sure. The schedule will be out soon. You know the Browns will probably close the season in Pittsburgh or Baltimore, so I'm guessing they'll need to win there in order to get in the playoffs.Nothing ever comes easy.
  6. Bob806

    NFL calendar

    September 8th: Browns 27 Patriots 24
  7. 60 Minutes recently aired this story ... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-opioid-epidemic-who-is-to-blame-60-minutes/
  8. Maybe. The far left certainly gathers the most headlines, but I'm not so sure the "average Joe" Dem agrees with those extremes.
  9. Cal, could be but I can tell you I can't go into a local coffee shop anymore. The hate towards the Ds is pretty severe (probably due to whack jobs like AOC). Some of these folks think that because I told them I was a D, I'm a bad man, Socialist, Communist, you name it. I'm just a Browns fan, former Union President, who leans a tad left. So I'm wearing the "Scarlett Letter." Social media has aided and abetted the "hate," or severe disagreements (that's what I call it).
  10. Bob806

    Browns Upcoming Games 2019/2020

    Absolutely hate the AFC South matchups, nothing exciting about those teams to me at all.
  11. Bob806

    What about (backup) QB?

    Was Sam Wyche attending as well? :)
  12. Bob806

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    I got round 2 then lol. Peppers was one of my favorites. His sack of Keenum exorcised a lot of Mile High demons for me last December.
  13. Bob806

    Analhole Brown Goes to Oakland

    No. AB's demands put the Squealers in a bad situation (hard to type that lol). Since AB basically rejected Buffalo, it opened everybody's eyes. The guy is a "me 1st" person, so buyer beware. Big Ben is a giant @$$, but made AB famous. These dam diva WRs are ruining team work in the NFL.
  14. Bob806

    Jamie Collins Released

    He played well vs Carolina and Atlanta, but yeah, most of the season he just didn't seem to hustle. Not surprised he's gone.
  15. Bob806

    Real Americans. MAGA.

    Yeah. Black Sabbath's "Sabotage" was all about how they got screwed over by their manager. That and drugs of course basically killed the Ozzy era. Too bad, they could really play....best ever, IMHO.
  16. Bob806

    Real Americans. MAGA.

    Apostrophe!!! A true classic.
  17. Bob806

    Looking back on Bill

    Yeah, it's painful as hell. We fans that were around will never be able to erase the bitter taste of Modell and his shenanigans.
  18. Bob806

    Flacco is going to Denver

    Good. They need to suck for 30+ years. Luckiest franchise in NFL history.
  19. Bob806

    Interesting thread idea

    I align with the Dems, but I am extremely pissed the extreme left candidates get all the press.I'm pissed they elected Pelosi as Speaker. Now we have two whack jobs in the limelight (Pelosi, Trump). I know that's not what you're looking for here. So policy-wise, I'm critical of several things: A) Voter IDs. The Dems seem against it and it does't make any sense. You need IDs for just about anything else important. B ) Gun Control. I don't own one, and understand why some folks are anti-NRA, but the crooks will find a way to skirt the system and obtain guns. Positive thing about Dems (IMHO): they seem more humane, sometimes to a fault.People are more of a priority, something the Rs don't seem to align with.
  20. I didn't see it in it's entirety, but what I did see/hear I liked (minus the obvious campaigning, but that's what President's always do). Let's hope he doesn't ruin it by a Twitter storm today.
  21. Bob806

    Survey Tuesday 2/5/19

  22. Bob806

    Worst Halftime EVER

    Put 2112 on in the car, you'll like that I bet.
  23. Bob806

    Worst Halftime EVER

    When John Mellencamp played in Detroit, then flew to Dallas and played there too on Thanksgiving years ago. I'd rather watch highlights honestly. But the Super Bowl is about catering to non-fans and advertising revenue.
  24. Bob806

    This Week in the Super Bowl

    That's our hope for sure.