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    Steelers cack up a furball

    Karma for Tomlin tripping that Ratbird a few years ago. The ghost of Al Davis wet the field lol. I hate the Steelers, but will remain kinda silent until we start beating their @$$ on a regular basis.
  2. Bob806

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    No doubt the game was entertaining, especially for the southern region who roots "for a conference." I'm not trying to be an a$$ but the orange print is exactly why college football is screwed up. LSU at #7 is a joke.They played one good game all year when they beat Georgia. Pulled one out against over rated Auburn (at the time Auburn was #7). Your Aggies beat 'em in an undoubtedly exciting game, but weren't they down a bit this year? The Top 20 was expanded to the Top 25 in 1989. Ever notice how many of the SEC teams appear at #21-25 every week, so it protects teams like this year's LSU? LSU can then say, for example..."hey we beat #21 Mississippi St and #24 Missouri." While the same criteria doesn't happen in the Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12. Those teams get penalized by losing to conference foes, or barely winning vs conference foes..."the PAC 12 is down,"...."Penn St. isn't a good win for tOSU, they're down this season,"...."the Big 12 doesn't play defense." etc etc etc. Sorry man. At one time I totally agreed the SEC was the best. Then the internet happened and I found out teams like Florida and Georgia never travel outside of 500 miles. Alabama, yes the standard of excellence, hasn't played an out of conference road game vs a ranked opponent anywhere except a bowl game or Kickoff Classic in 20+ years. Boy, I wish they didn't have these bowl-tie ins. tOSU would defeat Georgia. So would West Virginia. Both would destroy LSU. Sorry to rain on your parade. I love football but NCAA football is getting ruined.
  3. Ogunjobi's been great on the interior, I suspect it's the LBs not staying home, Collins in particular. Also, Williams blitzes a ton, so the Browns get burned on the edges (Ekeler, Lamar Miller, Hunt, Connor). High risk, high reward when the blitz works. Disaster otherwise.
  4. Bob806

    Titans Finally Catching On

    I'm surprised how far Jax has fallen. Just goes to show you how there's not a ton of separation from 10-6 and an attempted AFC Title to the outhouse. Maybe teams have been ultra motivated to face them, after Jalen Ramsey's trash talking GQ article.
  5. Bob806

    Urban Meyer Retiring

    Part of that (hate) is Urban, much of it is directed at tOSU. I know you're aware many an NCAA Football fan base has hated tOSU since Woody Hayes. Woody brought much of it, most of it upon himself. He couldn't control himself and got himself fired. The last incident was the Gator Bowl in 1978 vs Clemson, when a kid baited Woody by waving an intercepted ball in his face. The same classy program that had it's marching band do a "script 31-0" instead of celebrating a CFP championship. Urban obviously isn't alone in "sleazeballdom."
  6. Bob806

    Urban Meyer Retiring

    Yeah, I get it. Shady dealings at Florida. Tried to protect Earle Bruce's grandson. Maybe there's more....I'm sure ESecPN will keep on digging.
  7. Bob806


    I remember that whole thing. The refs actually got on the phone for advice. They knew they couldn't change that call or all hell would break loose....especially with "Franco's Italian Army," and "Guerella's Gorillas" in the house. Sad reality is the day before, the Browns should have beat the undefeated Dolphins. Could have been Browns vs Pitt for the AFC title.
  8. Bob806

    Urban Meyer Retiring

    Lots of speculation about why he's retiring. Reporters writing stuff to get "clicks." SECRant.com fans cheering/bashing Urban Meyer and tOSU. I'm sure Paul Finebaum will continue to smear him. All I know is Urban went 82-9 at tOSU and had them in contention for the National title every season.
  9. Bob806


    Yeah, some hideous officiating that went AGAINST the Steelers? Holy crap, I thought I was watching Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone lol. Seriously, Steeler fans have a right to be pissed, the Chargers' center was moving the ball. Dallas got called for that earlier this season vs the Skins. How the refs missed it 3x is crazy. BUT...since Pitt's LG moves upright before the snap on every single play, thinking he's a 1970s Cowboy in the "Flex," well karma got you Steelers.
  10. The Buckeye homer in me says tOSU doesn't deserve it. They're a lot like West Virginia this year. Regarding your SEC points, I concur. I'd like to add they NEVER ever travel. As great as 'Bama is, they haven't gone on the road against a ranked out-of-conference foe in a long long time. Every freaking supposed 5-star matchup out of conference is a bowl game or in Jerry Jones' place or the Meadowlands. They're scared. Florida hasn't gone north of Kentucky ever. Maybe not west of Arkansas either. Georgia- they cheated vs tOSU in a Bowl game with illegal cleats (too long per NCAA rules) and barely won. tOSU did a home and home with LSU in the 90s. They need to do it again. Buckeyes have their flaws, but hey, they do travel on the road to at least one power 5 school every season. Eff Finebaum & the SEC. Those southerners root for a "conference." How stupid, no wonder they lost the war. Rant over, go Browns!!!!
  11. It's not about the teachers in that case, it's about the transportation (school buses). I don't agree with it (canceling) either, but I imagine somebody sued somebody (or a school district), in somewhere America after a school bus accident, and it's become a liability headache for every district.
  12. Naw. Voters in general aren't very smart regardless of party affiliation. Anybody could make a list of career politicians on either side of the aisle that totally suck, yet we keep re electing 'em.
  13. Bob806

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Broncos and Texans are fairly similar defensively....just plain nasty. The difference is Watson, he's like a waterbug when he drops back to throw. He looks much quicker than Vick in his prime. His throwing motion is odd, but he gets the job done....Texans have a bunch of weapons it's going to take a great effort to take 'em down.
  14. Bob806

    Browns vs. Oilers....errr...Texans Trivia

    12) I agree with Zombo, but I'll spew my venom because it still pisses me off... Oilers blasted the Browns and ART LIED, ended up in the Baltimore harbor and announced he was moving the team. Got there on Al Lerner's airplane. City of Cleveland and their fans couldn't stop it, but grassroots efforts we got our name, team, and colors back. Then a$$hle Tagliabue puts the Ratbirds in the SAME division as us when they belong in the AFC East or AFC South (aka "Carpetbagger Division"). Yeah, I know initially it was the AFC Central with Jax in it as well, I'm talking after the Texans entered and the realigned the NFL. FUUUUUUUUU
  15. Bob806

    MNF - A look at Houston

    Titans drafted Henry and never seem to lean on him. The guy's a beast, and the hand it to a TE in short yardage. Silly coaching.
  16. Bob806

    Dalton out for the Year

    Yeah, and their radio color analyst (Dave Lapham) blasted the Browns "lack of class" in his post game comments, calling out Randall & Peppers. I didn't like the Randall move either, but hey, Cincy employs Burfict and Mixon, employed Pacman Jones, Jeremy Hill. Pot meet kettle.
  17. Bob806

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    True....and the Monday night spots, Sunday night spots, Thanksgiving. I get it but I don't have to like it.
  18. Bob806

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    I swear there's a law somewhere that an NFC East team must be shown nationally at 4pm. It's been that way for 45 years.
  19. Bob806

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    IF they upset the Texans on the road, then we can do some serious speculation. Houston looks dangerous. Here's my "negative Nancy" take, which I hate....the Browns travel to a house of horrors (Denver) where they have sadly been destroyed virtually every game. Denver is 20-5 all time vs Cleveland, and funny things happen there, like bad breaks and stupid ref calls...I absolutely hate the Broncos almost as much as Pitt and Balt.
  20. Bob806

    Where are our weaknesses now?

    I still think we could use some speedier LBs (all teams do of course). Our LBs are decent against the run but suspect in coverage.
  21. Bob806


    Njoku hasn't reached his potential yet but the ceiling is high. I'd put him in the slot once in awhile or split him wide too. On a side note, a winning streak. I think we all forgot how nice it feels lol.
  22. Bob806

    Great Quarterback Rivalries

    Well according the the QB rating gobbeldy- gook (which I'm not really a fan of) they had Elway at 60th all time through 2014. Elway is obviously way better than 60th on the eye test, and I'd put him in my top 10. BUT....I maintain Elway vs Williams wasn't a good combo match-up in the Super Bowl. https://www.profootballhof.com/all-time-passer-rating-2014/
  23. Bob806

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thankful for good health and the Browns Board to read (usually; draft talk and the Political forum drive me nuts lol). Also thankful that the Browns appear to be turning it around. Beat Cincy.
  24. Bob806

    Great Quarterback Rivalries

    Hey now, you scolded me for not giving an opinion, now I give one, and it's wrong? Remember, as great as Elway was, his SB wins came with Terrell Davis and a great rushing attack. Without that, they were AFC Kings and in Marty's head. Additionally, Doug Williams wasn't a top-tier guy, he just happened to have a great playoff run with the Redskins.
  25. Bob806

    Great Quarterback Rivalries

    Well if I had to pick one, I guess I'd say McMahon vs Eason. I happened to like McMahon, but obviously the Bears defense was the show. IMHO, the 1985 Bears was the best defense ever (for a single season). Tony Eason got hot at the right time, and that Patriots team was the 1st ever to win 3 road playoff games if I recall. The Theismann-Woodley matchup was the strike-shortened season, but that's a close 2nd I suppose. Elway vs Doug Williams is honorable mention, but not on your list.