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  1. Tannehill

    Shut. Their window is totally shut .And I love it.
  2. Mel Kiper says

    Bingo, I'd pass on him. Maybe someone offers a Herschel Walker load of picks to Dorsey and he takes it (I do hate trade downs, for the record). Hey, the Browns did do a decent job last year of not tipping their hand on Garrett. I think these rumors are a great PR thing for the NFL Draft, nothing else.

    Is Dwayne Rudd the only player ever penalized for taking off a helmet? Saw at least 2 Vikings do it on that last play. Wow 43. Hope his team mates don't destroy him.
  4. Haha. I had season tickets from '78-91, that is nowhere near true. Even in the failed Paul McDonald season of 1984, the place was full.
  5. This day 31 years ago...

    Yep, I was there. Wide left. Why did Marty take Dave Puzzoli off the field? Why did Hargrove pull Jaret Wright with a 2 hit shutout? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  6. National Title Observations

    Apparently you didn't read my comment. I stated OSU is chasing Alabama. Everybody is chasing Alabama, particularly since 2008. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/alabama/ And, this isn't exactly breaking news here, but Alabama was down for a period after Bear Bryant, but never really out. Always in the conversations of best program in the country, like about 6 or 7 other programs, even without winning national championships. FYI...winning national championships is hard. This whole SEC superiority complex causes SEC fans to knock other programs, like Ohio State, Clemson, Texas, USC, Miami, Nebraska, Notre Dame etc etc because they don't play in the SEC. It's the SEC who's paranoid, that's why they rarely travel. Playing in Wisconsin isn't an easy chore, it's similar to LSU in fan craziness, and Saban would verify it from his days at MSU.
  7. Nope, never. That's one reason the Browns are where they are. Trading down, and blowing picks is far far worse than blowing the pick. The purpose of the draft is to help you get better faster. Not a year from now.
  8. Browns 1st 5 picks

    It's the Browns Board. Endless draft talk. We're all a bunch of Ray Farmers lol.
  9. National Title Observations

    Totally misinterpreting things grasshopper. I'm not going to go full Buckeye homer here. Like Ghoolie wrote, the Buckeyes are chasing Alabama, it cannot be denied, even though OSU rallied from a 21-6 deficit and beat the Tide with Cardale Jones in the last meeting This is why I am not totally all-in on college football. It's impossible to have 125+ teams play each other, so perception is a big part of it. Almost like Olympic Ice skating. How in the hell was Ohio State ranked #2 in the nation in the preseason poll, after losing 31-0 to Clemson and a combination of defecting for the draft and graduation, losing about 14 starters? So you are denying the simple fact that Alabama doesn't need to test itself in an actual non-conference road game? Most of the perceived elite programs do it, why can't Alabama? Why can't Florida (not elite now, but they NEVER travel)? Would Alabama lose at Washington State? Probably not, but the odds increase. Would they lose in Madison to Wisconsin? - I wouldn't bet against it happening.
  10. National Title Observations

    Hey Goohlie, I kind of agree. But when you haven't seen a bikini in 3 or 4 months, and go to a Bowl Game, you could get a tad distracted. I do believe Saban has the "it factor" on motivation. Clearly better than the rest of FBS.
  11. National Title Observations

    When you have 2 road games out-of-conference against top 25 teams in 35 years, well... Sorry. 8 home games a year. Never go North of Kentucky or West of College Station, unless it's a bowl game. Totally coddled, with great recruiting and excellent coaching. Schedule an inferior opponent at the end of a league schedule. Bear Bryant would certainly disagree with Saban.
  12. When Travis Kelce went out with an injury, Alex Smith struggled. Andy Reid abandoned the run, and put it on Smith,it didn't work. Would Smith be motivated to help turn this thing around if he came here?
  13. What Browns offered NE for Garappolo

    I'm just trying to make a point on these so-called experts. Now that dirt came out on NE, suddenly Sashi was shrewd? They can't have it both ways. Peter King, LaCanfora, Rappaport have been spewing anti-Browns stuff for quite some time. Much of it is deserved. In this particular Jimmy G case, it looks like they need to retract the FO bashing, but they won't.
  14. What Browns offered NE for Garappolo

    I think this is another "bash the Browns " article. Don't forget, the national media bashed the Browns because they reported there wasn't any effort by the Browns to get a deal done with NE before the deadline. So what are we to believe? That Sashi tried and was denied? Or the bumbling Browns didn't try? I'm not a Trump fan, but he's on to something with this "fake news" stuff.
  15. Alex smith

    A young team struggling to learn how to win needs to minimize distractions. Haslam doesn't appear to be the brightest bulb, but I' sure even he learned from the Johnny disaster. Can you imagine all the media swarming in to Cleveland, to cover Kaepernick? No thanks.