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    13-2-1 woof
  4. Nobody has to pay a robot holidays, vacation, or any benefits. Robots don't sass back either, neutral attitudes. I'm not a fan of this at all, but then again, I'm not a businessman.
  5. Bob806


    Yeah, totally the opposite with her. I'm just pointing out the misery of Charter Schools in Ohio. The White Hat group folded up, which had a huge hand in Ohio (not sure of elsewhere, if there was an elsewhere). I did not realize it was online school stuff at the root of the problem. I don't get the whole "online" school thing anyway; I can't see it being effective in the long run, because sometimes we need group discussion to help our minds out. For a class or two, I bet it's fine. For an entire curriculum, I'm not so sure. I have quite a few friends of mine who got online Fire Science degrees, mainly for resume building for possible promotions. IMHO, nothing beats hands-on experience, no matter what the field you work in or study. I want to be a punt returner for the University of Phoenix online! WSS- while I understand your disdain for the teachers union, just remember our wonderful state hasn't moved on the school funding issue (Ohio Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional years ago). So these operating levies depend on voters to pass or fail, and the teachers' raises/benefits depend on them. It's the only tax a voter has a say-so on to my knowledge that effects so many people. Eventually, it needs to be fixed but no politician seems willing to stick their neck out on it.
  6. Bob806


    WSS I think its simply a bad idea to appoint a for-profit person to a post that is in charge of public schools. Bad look for sure. I cannot pinpoint anything specifically that she's done "wrong." I simply used her as an example of cronyism. Ohio is an example of Charter School failure, let's hope that Betsy doesn't turn a blind eye.
  7. Bob806


    Breaking News Chemist....all of DC is special-interest cronies. Ever hear of Betsy DeVos?
  8. Bob806


    I got tired of Obama disrespecting the police force and not acknowledging some terrorist acts. And saying he would stay out of the Mosque request at NYC Ground Zero. I'm sure there's more as well.
  9. Bob806


    Just my opinion- the so-called "hate" has nothing to do with the economy. It has to do with arrogance and insults. I'm tired of it. Guys who acted like this when I was in junior high and high school got their asses kicked. He's lucky the Ds are imploding. He's lucky his supporters remain loyal, which I cannot understand....this guy is Teflon.
  10. What if Marty had left Dave Puzzoli on the field at 3rd & 19 vs Horse Teeth?
  11. Bob806

    Regular Season Schedule

    I think Thursday Night football should avoid division rivalry games, but what do I know.
  12. Couch on this list is stupid. The Browns made the playoffs with him, then made the mistake of falling in love with Kelly Holcomb.Couch beat the Squealers in Pittsburgh on national television. I wanted McNabb in 1999, but he would have been killed too. No offensive line during that time at all.
  13. Bob806

    Are you guys ready for disappointment?

    Sure, they'll be disappointments. They'll probably blow a game or 2 they shouldn't, but probably will steal a game or 2 as well. We all want the SB, but hey, sometimes baby steps need to happen. As long as one of the disappointments isn't losing a home playoff game, I'll take whatever they give us. We have a right to be optimistic. Hasn't happened around here in eons. Enjoy the ride and remember, it's still a very young team.
  14. Bob806

    No repeal-and-replace?

    Horrible, just horrible. Took a page out of the Supreme Court Justice appointment delay playbook, only this time it's 19 months away. I agree, the American public is being duped by both parties. McConnell probably has a posh condo somewhere in a sunny place paid for by AON.
  15. Bob806

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    Agree, they need to be 4-2 in the division at a minimum, and establish a home field advantage (8-0, 7-1, 6-2). The talent on paper is there, and the Browns found ways to "learn how to win" last season. Barring injuries, they should be in the playoff mix for sure. The schedule will be out soon. You know the Browns will probably close the season in Pittsburgh or Baltimore, so I'm guessing they'll need to win there in order to get in the playoffs.Nothing ever comes easy.