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  1. Bob806

    Washington Redskins

    Might as well be the Washington Lobbyists, or the I-495 Traffic Jam
  2. I'm hoping for three....Kung Fu Fighting for our Asian friends­čść
  3. I never knew this existed. Seems odd to me. We need to promote unity, here comes more (potential) division.
  4. Bob806

    Football and coronavirus

    Yep. I filled mine out already. Some interesting questions in the survey...one asked if I'd take more tickets to fewer games (I have 2 seats). In other words, say 4 tickets to 4 games. I'd rather have my 2 seats for a few games and apply the $$ towards 2021 for games I can't attend. Who knows how this will be handled.
  5. Bob806

    Career Assessment Time

    As much as I can't stand Big Ben, he's clearly the best QB of the 3. His blemish, if it is one at all, is the Steelers just couldn't beat the Patriots. BB out coached Tomlin despite having less talent. Good call on the Rivers-Marino comparison SDBacker. Eli was solid but not spectacular.
  6. Bob806

    Cam to The Pats

    Nothing's easy in the NFL, and the Bills are pretty tough. Don't forget, Cam was an MVP. He's a goof, but when healthy he's a beast.
  7. Bob806

    Cam to The Pats

    If his shoulder is ok, they win the AFC East again.
  8. Bob806

    Browns players taking a knee

    What? Holy crap, I'm not taking sides. I merely pointed out an observation about politics & sports. Also...what does TLDR mean?
  9. Bob806

    Browns players taking a knee

    I love sports because it's normally a diversion, a place to get away from all the BS going on. I'm not canceling my season tickets over this. But the constant politicizing of everything is getting real, real old.
  10. Bob806

    Cleveland Sports Mt. Rushmore (expanded)

    Richie Giachetti as well...trained Larry Holmes, heavyweight champ. Mike Durbin, PBA champ from Chagrin Falls.
  11. Bob806

    The truth about the political board

    That's the "go to" for right wingers in today's world. If you're not right of center, you're deemed a liberal. As for this forum, I don't frequent it nearly as often as I used to. There's enough division on the news, Twitter, FB, etc so I decided to shy away from here. Go Browns
  12. Bob806

    Browns players taking a knee

    In just about every larger city department, you take a civil service test. Typically, the test is similar to a SAT or ACT test....not ultra tough but not easy. Usually about 200 questions. You need 70% to pass, and those that do are ranked in orde (with all passing candidates). Then there's the physical agility test. If you're being considered for a position then you have polygraph tests, background checks, etc. Then you need to pass the academy & department probation.
  13. I remember a Denver WR catching about a 10-15 yard pass, and two Browns defenders collided, he went 80 yards for an easy TD. Also, I think the Browns were driving early, and a pas bounced off of Webtster Slaughter and was picked off The first quarter was a nightmare. I get fired up even thinking about it.
  14. Bingo. That was Marty's problem, he played too close to the best in the playoffs. Looking back, if it wasn't for Gastineau's personal foul, the Browns would have lost to the Jets. Despite all that, I still believe the Browns were better than the NY Giants. Jeff Hostetler had a career game vs Denver in that SB. The Skins? Remember, it was Doug Williams and not Rypien. You're correct that at that time, the NFC was blasting the AFC in SBs, but IMHO, all the Browns lacked was an above average pass rush. I can't buy the Browns getting blasted in 2 straight SBs.