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  1. Bob806

    Survey Tuesday

  2. Bob806

    Some things will never change

    I'm no fan of Hue either, but around 70% of all NFL games every week hinge on about 5 or 6 plays, and which team executes them better. Officiating sometimes plays a part in these 5 or 6 plays. Sunday in Oakland was horse$hit. It's encouraging to see the Browns close to "getting there. "
  3. Bob806

    Predictions four games in? (2018)

    The Browns will be underdogs in just about every game. I thought the ceiling was 9 wins before it began, now I doubt they get to 7 because they squandered a couple wins already. The Mitchell injury is going to sting. It's time for Williams to earn his money, and the special teams basically blow. I do think they steal a few wins, mostly at home. I'd say 5-10-1 with the glass half full.
  4. Bob806

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    FYI- Tyrod was inactive for the game yesterday, Stanton was the backup. To the original post, I do think the Browns have been given a raw deal many many times. Most notably, when they put us in the same division as the ratbirds when we got our team back. We all watch a lot of football, and I don't see these stupid-butt rulings happen to any other team. It's truly strange when you think about it....Dwayne Rudd's helmet, Bottlegate, getting called for defensive PI on a Hail Mary in Detroit, yesterday's strip sack and then the erroneous measurement...that's just a few I recall. I know there's more. Only positive I have is this team can definitely hang with most any team now. They're not too far away. They can't, and didn't fix everything in one off-season, but damn, the glass is half full now.
  5. Bob806

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    Gaines had an awful day in relief of Mitchell. Let's hope that is a one game thing.
  6. Bob806

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    Agree. Let's revisit the Overtime session... 1st down: blow to the head on baker, no call 2nd down: roughing flag on Oakland, picked up and no call after "discussion" 3rd down: pass interference on Oak, no call AGAIN I swear there's a memo out there in the league office stating Dear Head of Officiating- The fans of Cleveland got their team, name and colors back. That is plenty. There are to be no official calls or replay reviews that benefit that franchise moving forward. Sincerely, Paul Tagliabue CC: Roger Goodell
  7. Bob806

    This Week in the AFC North

    Nothing's ever easy with the Browns but I think they eke it out 27-21. Cincy upsets Atlanta in a shootout. Steelers take down the Ratbirds. AB catches 12 passes with 3 TDs but is upset about not enough targets.
  8. Bob806

    2 Upcoming Games for Sale

    Tickets are sold now
  9. I'm unable to attend the home games on Oct 7th vs the Ratbirds, and Oct 14th vs the LA Chargers. Section 536, seats 7 & 8 (first row of upper deck, 20 yard line). , $55 face value each ticket. Send me a message if you're interested in purchasing please.
  10. Bob806

    Survey Wednesday

  11. As a Democrat, I think the far left has definitely gone overboard. While I don't know a whole lot about this Kavanaugh guy, it sickens me this is happening to him. The squeaky wheel is definitely getting the grease on this story. I'm no fan at all of Republicans, except on foreign policy (they seem much better there historically). I've never skipped an election, don't ever want too, but might consider it down the road.
  12. My homer prediction was 9-6-1 and I'm not backing off. Browns need to win next week, and it certainly won't be easy.
  13. Bob806

    Please FIRE HUE!

    Yeah totally classless on his part. Ray Farmer took a chance on him, we cheered for him, then he does that. What a tool
  14. Bob806

    Not a Browns Fan but....

    Last time I witnessed a Browns win in Cle stadium....Nov 2, 2014 vs T Bay. I split season tickets with my cousin, he got to see the few Ws..... Unreal. Last night was FUN FUN FUN (2nd half anyway). Build on this!!!