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  1. Bob806

    Pitiful in pittsburgh

    Bingo. Sure, yesterday sucked. Losing constantly to Pittsburgh really really sucks. The Browns are whittled down to practice squad guys in the secondary. Chubb & Ogunjobi were out, Landry & Baker weren't healthy- hopefully they'll be ok this week and the week after (before the BYE). There's definitely a ways to go to catch our division rivals. BUT, how many of us thought they'd be 4-2 at this point? Look at the positives folks. In a Belichick voice..."on to Cincinnati." It's not a gimmie game, I'm sure the players & coaches know this.
  2. Bob806

    Baker Mayfield

    I agree with most of that, except it's easy to look in the rear view mirror & say they should have sat him due to injury. I think Keenum would have met the same fate. The pitt front 7 just killed the Browns O line.
  3. Bob806

    Sheldrick Redwine: the Ball Whisperer

    The Steelers just reload, rebuild on the fly. Claypool was obviously a steal. As much as I (we) hate 'em, give them some credit for drafting well almost every season. Yeah, outside of the Seahags former "legion of boom," most NFL DBs aren"t real big.
  4. Bob806

    ***Browns VS Steelers GAMEDAY Thread***

    The Browns have never, ever gotten a call in Pittsburgh. Cheap shot on Baker just before halftime, no flag. Despite that, the Browns just aren't quite there yet. It doesn't mean the season's over.
  5. The only way to forge forward is to win this game. The Browns have certainly surprised me so far, it's great. Yeah, 3 Rivers & Heinz Field are historically bad houses of horrors for the Browns, going back into the early 70s. I just hope we're happy as hell around 4-430pm. Not a great matchup for our D, but I agree with you, it can be done. Survive the 1st quarter and who knows. One other thing...the Steelers run tons of pick plays, hardly ever get called for offensive PI. I hope I don't break my tv.
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/10/15/browns-send-odell-beckham-home-due-to-illness/ Hope it's nothing serious. They're going to need him healthy Sunday.
  7. Bob806

    If the Playoffs started today October 13.

    While I'm not a Falcons fan, I find it hard to believe they're winless. Plus, they just canned the coach & GM. Trevor Lawrence might not have a far drive from Clemson to ATL, and Matt Ryan could mentor him.
  8. Bob806


    Yep, it certainly is. In regards to the game, my main concern is the Steelers speed on offense vs our secondary. I also worry about the officiating- funny things happen in Steeler home games. Also, Baker has to be the guy we saw in the 1st half yesterday. I do think it will be tough to run on the Steelers, but they'll continue to try. Question.....did James Connor ever find a better barber? 😂
  9. Bob806

    I can't wait...

    Agree. The Browns are learning how to win. A win in Pittsburgh is rare, hard, etc....I think the Browns can hang with Pitt. Survive the 1st Q, who knows, maybe we get the upset. #WOOF
  10. Bob806

    I can't wait...

    Last week was their "next step" until this week, when the pundits said this is a "next step." Not being argumentative here, but eff Pitt & the pundits. The Browns found a coach, hip hip hooray.
  11. Yep, I still cringe every time I see Tony Dungy on TV.
  12. Bob806

    Browns vs Cowboys on TV

    Yes, we did. Ended up at a Buffalo Wild Wings, not a Backers Bar. Surrounded by Ratbirds & Redskin fans, eew. I couldn't believe they were up 41-14. What a performance. Yeah, the 4th Q got crazy but as fans, we almost have to expect it....young team and not a complete D yet. Go Browns!!
  13. Bob806

    Week 4: Browns @ da "Boyz Thread...

    I'm not one for point spreads either. On paper, Dallas is the better team, but I think the Browns can upset 'em. I think it's a big game for the Browns. Find a way to win it, the players will believe in the coaching staff for sure. It would be really great if the Browns had a game winning drive at the end to seal it. Confidence soars, then who knows what the rest of the season.
  14. Bob806

    Browns vs Cowboys on TV

    I'll be watching from a Browns Backers club in Lynchburg, Virginia. Taking our RV down to Shenandoah National Park this week. #WOOFS