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  1. Hate to say it, but I went with 8-8 and I hope I'm wrong. I have a bad feeling about the next 2 games, both NE & Denver are houses of horror for the Browns, historically speaking. Now if the Browns implement a better protection scheme, like using one of their TEs as a FB, maybe, just maybe they'll be ok. There were signs of hop ein the Seattle game that the offense was clicking, but I still think the one-back set is a bad idea with an average pass blocking O-line.
  2. Bob806

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Can't trade any more assets for a 31 year old LT who hasn't played in a year. Ride this season out with what you have. They have two weeks to address what they feel are weaknesses.
  3. Yeah something isn't right. I see players ripping their helmets off all the time, but only once it was penalized (Browns). 1-800-HELP-USS
  4. I tried to convince myself with your logic, well-reasoned writings many many times. After last seasons hosings in New Orleans and Oakland, and now on Sunday, I am convinced there's a memo signed by Paul Tagliabue in the league office...." Give Cleveland their name and colors, a franchise back, and nothing else until 2059."
  5. Yeah, total BS for sure. Maybe the Lions get another apology letter...they got screwed vs the Chiefs by officiating a couple weeks ago. Why is it that Green Bay, Denver, New England and Pittsburgh get "opportune calls" while Cle, Detroit, and Oakland get jobbed every season? Refs gave GB the game. I'm not a Lions fan but it pissed me off so bad I had trouble getting to sleep. It's getting old NFL.
  6. Bob806


    Today sucked big time. OBJ still dropping passes. Defense still getting duped. Browns looked like the better team yet lost. 0-3 at home. Horrible.
  7. Bob806

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    Let's see- our team has been absolutely atrocious since 2008, goes 1-31 in a two year span, then goes 7-8-1. That's the story, and it's a good NFL story. For the first time in a long long time, there is hope here. The national media spotlighted it, it didn't originate from Cleveland. Quit stirring the pot.
  8. Bob806

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    I've always said that surviving the 1st quarter is the main obstacle for a road game. So far, so good for the Browns this season. Keep that up and we can get the W. I've been impressed with Wilks' D game plans. Plus, he knows the 9ers fairly well. Nothing is easy for Cle ever. I see a close one, I think we take it and move to 3-0 on the road.
  9. Bob806

    Survey Monday 9/30

  10. Bob806

    Browns Board Survival!

    I'm done. LA Rams sent me home. Only 4 weeks this year, ouch.
  11. Bob806

    A main concern on Ravens' game

    I'm concerned with the amount of penalties the Browns commit. It's one thing to get beat, but the Browns get in their own way constantly. Regarding the Ratbirds, it's going to be tough but they can steal the game. I don't think the secondary in Baltimore is s strong suit for them. I'd dink & dunk down the field if I was Freddy.
  12. Bob806

    Darnold ruled out for Monday

    This is a game the Browns have to win. Don't screw it up or the endless draft talk is going to start early.
  13. Bob806

    Overreaction Monday

    It needs to be done. Damn what a huge disappointment. Probably the most deflating opener I can remember since the Chargers killed us on a Monday night in 1981.
  14. Calls his GM a "cracker" and gets paid a $9 million signing bonus. Hate to get racial, but my goodness, imagine if Mayock called AB a "N*****?" He'd be out of football forever. Besides that, you've got to wonder if this whole thing was orchestrated by AB and Rosenhaus.
  15. He signs with New England, and they gave him $9 million as a signing bonus. Damn near an NBA move by AB.