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  1. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    I agree, saw the "lowlights" on Twitter of these 2 lollygagging. Give me the younger, hungry guys. If they did cut Britt, how much of a $$ hit would it be? I know they kept Bowe around for that reason.
  2. Some PFF grades

    I was yelling "pick play" quite a bit yesterday. Lots of crossing patterns, and contact while the ball was in the air....no offensive interference on the Ratbirds at all per the refs.
  3. 2018 QB Draft Class

    STOP the draft talk, there's 14 games to go.
  4. Sincere Apology

    jiggins, don't worry about it. We're all frustrated as hell. The Ratbirds got a gift victory, no doubt about it. The big tease is the Browns moved the football fairly well and imploded themselves. The Ratbird D is improved, but hey, I think they lose that game yesterday to 60% of the NFL. Regarding the running game, I have to agree we should have ran more. Dayes should have been involved more as well, he's a pretty shifty back. Crowell hasn't really gotten it going, but 14 carries isn't enough anyway. Colts are on deck, and it appears to be an even game on paper. Will the Browns keep shooting themselves in the foot? Will they use the astroturf to their advantage and get Duke and Dayes more involved? Njoku too...guy's got speed, his hands are questionable.
  5. Browns Future Predictions

    We're so accustomed to losing its sick. Yeah, I'm pissed that they threw away a very winnable game yesterday. Let's see if they can clean up the penalties and play smart football the next 14 games. IF that is done, then there's true hope for the future. IF not, the damn thing could get blown up again. Frustrating as hell but not the end of the world yet. They need a win this week real real bad or the wheels may fly off.
  6. Next four games

    The first 2 games it does look like we're improved, but the #1 thing we never seem to overcome is shooting ourselves in the foot. Throwing 3 horrible picks, false starts, not getting the play to the huddle fast enough, running a QB keeper on 1st and goal with a QB that has a migraine, ...DAMNIT, just quit being STUPID. So how many games of the next 4 can we win? I DON"T KNOW
  7. Double Duty Houston Tailgate??

    I wouldn't have put Kiser back in. Only if Hogan got hurt, then do it. Still, WAY too many penalties.
  8. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Hue needs to get these plays into Kiser quicker. Stupid penalties, yet again.
  9. Double Duty Houston Tailgate??

    Sounds like fun fun fun. I'm trying to make different arrangements now, as hurricane Harvey closed Stephen F Austin State Park (we were going to camp there). No worries, we'll still be there, and my son has our tickets. Good news is I'm 3-0 in career road games (wins at Buffalo in '86, St. Louis 2007, and Oakland 2006).
  10. Thanks for donating, it helps more than you think. I'm sure Trumka gets a slice of my .50, not sure how much. I liken that to purchasing something from a company, like say Wal Mart, and they take a slice of that profit and back/contribute to a cause I can't agree with. Bottom line, to me anyway, is no matter what we believe in, there's a counter to it in politics somewhere. Unfortunately, capitalism breeds this. I don't know how little folks can change it, and it's probably too far gone to change it. Lobbyists probably make more money than any of us on the Browns Board.
  11. There's corruption everywhere, doesn't mean it should be tolerated. I'm not going to ever convince you or others who are anti union that they are needed.
  12. Absolutely I did, and others needed it as well. You guys read about Lowe's down in Florida? Workers were being told they'd be fired if they didn't come to work after Irma....that's why unions are needed.
  13. Wow. I read a lot of your posts about the "emotional left," which I can usually agree upon. But there you go, doing exactly the same. My union dues, $65/month go as follows...$0.50 cents to our local AFL-CIO, $13 to OAPFF (Ohio Association ofProfessional Firefighters), $13 to IAFF (International Association of Firefighters). The remaining funds go into my Local (Berea FFs) where we back local little league programs, award a scholarship to a Berea-Midpark graduating senior, donate to the Make- A -Wish Foundation, MDA(Muscular Dystrophy), Berea Welfare, Metro Burn Unit, and in addition, buys our condiments, newspaper, and coffee. We also have a savings account if we need $$ for contract negotiations. I served 15 years as our local President, never took a dime. Never asked for a dime either...see, unions aren't so evil afteralll.
  14. Then you should have no right to be represented whatsoever. You belong to a church, you put money in the collection basket. You belong to the Elks Club, you pay. Bowling league, golf league, you pay. You belong to your local Republican club, you pay. They bring up issues/candidates to endorse, you vote on them. Majority wins....just like in a union shop. It's not really hard to understand.