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  1. Bob806

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    I'm still crabby about Ward & Greedy in Pittsburgh.
  2. Bob806

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    Love your optimism, but the Titans are rolling since dumping Mariotta for Tannehill. They're averaging 29 points a game in his 7 starts(yes, some of that is they have great special teams). Vrabel is highly under rated as a HC. The guy is a motivator.
  3. Bob806

    Defense in Flux

    Fair point, however if these guys are pros, they should be able to handle additional responsibilities/assignments. Denzell W and Greedy W aren't 3rd stringers as you know. They were horrendous in Pittsburgh, on numerous plays. Guys who are supposed to be difference makers, guys who coaches want to count on. We all have had bad days at work. Maybe a coworker tells you to bring some energy, positive energy your next shift. The difference is mostly all of us here don't have our performances at work on tv. Sorry, it's Thursday and I'm still pissy about that game. Our favorite team lacks heart, outside of about maybe a dozen guys.
  4. Bob806

    Defense in Flux

    The defense had absolutely zero heart in Pittsburgh. The entire secondary should donate their game check to charity, like a food bank. The Wilks 4-2-5 relies on a solid D line and secondary. LBs need to cover tons of space. I don't hate on Wilks but perhaps when your down several D starters, and your secondary is allergic to tackling, how about scrapping your system, and put football players out there who want to tackle. Schobert, Takitaki, & Wilson are keepers at LB. Play a dam 4/3 the rest of the season.
  5. Bob806


    Yes, it does. I'm not trying to be an a$$, but certainly our fan base has been more than patient. It takes time, but it also takes HEART. HEARTLESS performance in Pittsburgh (not by all players, mind you) is why I'm not relaxed.It was truly a pitiful, pitiful effort.
  6. Bob806

    The Article Our Team Should Read Together

    I agree to a point...the Browns are short-handed too and he never mentions it. Browns had a JV front and secondary. Our o line can't pass block consistently. Dorsey has a big big problem. Hate to say it, this team just lacks football intelligence. Who cares how talented you look on paper. That was a disaster today.
  7. Well lots of good names already. After today's game, give me guys who can WRAP and TACKLE. Our DBs look like human pin balls out there, it was awful to watch yet again, so here I will add: Thane Gash, Felix Wright, Clarence Scott, Thom Darden, & Al Gross. THESE GUYS COULD TACKLE and COVER. I just don't get why the basic tackling fundamentals don't apply today. And it's not just a Browns problem, it's an NFL problem. Yeah, that's why we lost today IMHO. CYO kids tackle better than these guys.
  8. Bob806

    I hate the Ravens

    This. Yeah, I hate those guys with a passion but you have to admit Harbaugh adjusts to his team's talent, and doesn't force a "system" all the time.
  9. Bob806

    It's Steeler Week

    That game was awesome. 1989 was a crazy season.
  10. Bob806

    It's Steeler Week

    Weird things happen to the Browns in Pittsburgh, and yeah, I suppose the past isn't supposed to matter. I expect a tight, low scoring game. Right now, the Browns look like the better team. Browns need to stay composed. Make a play, get back in the huddle. Don't showboat...just quietly kick their a$$.
  11. Bob806

    It's Steeler Week

    I look for the girls with the smallest hands😁
  12. Bob806

    Survey Friday

  13. Bob806

    On to Miami

    Yep. If I remember correctly,Browns safety Donnie Rogers intercepted Marino and was going all the way for a TD, and got tangled up on his own feet around midfield. Probably would have clinched the game. Nothing could be finer than to give to Mack & Byner. 1985 was the beginning of a great run, that always came up short vs Horse Teeth.
  14. Bob806

    On to Miami

    Agree, but I wasn't talking about ranking the sadness. I was talking about nerves. We weren't the better team in either of those playoff meetings, but should have won both.
  15. Bob806

    On to Miami

    Ever since we blew a playoff victory in Miami in 1972 vs the undefeated Dolphins, EVERY dam Browns game makes me nervous😁