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  1. Bob806

    NFL Carousel

    Sounds like Watson was told he would at least be invited in to listen to the talks/interviews, so it's a breach of faith there. If that's true, it would definitely be a management error by the Texans. Regarding Bienemy, he was involved in some controversies (albeit 20+ years ago) at Colorado which might explain some hesitancy in this day & age. Clearly, he has coaching skills and the talent to run it in KC.
  2. Bob806

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    I agree but that waterbug QB kills us with his scrambling. Just win Sunday vs KC and then we'll worry about what lies ahead 😃
  3. Bob806

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    A Browns-Bills AFC title game would be amazing indeed. C'mon Browns, shock the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bob806

    Tell Me Again

    Well technically, Tressel lied to Gene Smith, tried to cover it up. Gene Smith reported it to the NCAA. Funny thing is SEC fans think because of the vacated Sugar Bowl win by tOSU, that they beat tOSU.
  5. Bob806

    Tell Me Again

    True. Schedules were adjusted this year. NCAA schedules are usually made well ahead of time, like 10 years out for out-of-conference games. So how could that explain the last 40 or 50 years with Bama, Georgia, Florida-generally the strongest the SEC offers every season? Yep, the end result is the same 😀
  6. Bob806

    Tell Me Again

    Oops, turns out I was a tad wrong. Alabama played at Duke in 2010, at Penn St (#23) in 2011. I also remember in a bowl game between Georgia & Ohio St, Georgia wore illegal spikes (too long) yet their bowl win wasn't vacated by the NCAA. They only vacate wins if you sell your football pants.
  7. Bob806

    Tell Me Again

    They're not over rated. They're great at football, especially so in flawless environments. Pile on OSU & the Big 10, or whomever you may choose. At least tOSU ventures out of a comfort zone every now & then, travels to unfamiliar territory. SEC teams stay in their own region, never travel north of Kentucky, rarely west of Texas. Of course, 95% of bowl games are in flawless environments as well (domes, no sleet/rain, etc), not the SEC's fault there, but you get what I'm saying I hope. The flagship of all of college football, Alabama, hasn't played an out of conference road game against a ranked opponent since the 80s. Florida has never been north of Kentucky ever. I do know LSU and tOSU played a home & home back in the 90s. Georgia, I think they went to South Bend once. As a Buckeye fan, it irks me the Buckeyes play MAC schools. College football has always been seriously flawed with scheduling and rankings/polls. While I watch it, it pales to pro football in that regard- it's a lot like olympic ice skating, where judges award medals on perception. The SEC owns that perception now, and probably will for a long long time.
  8. Bob806

    Tik Taki Taki

    I agree with all that. I've been down on our LB play in general, but Takitaki, Jacob Phillips, & Mack Wilson are so young. At the very least, they can contribute on special teams through their contracts. Let's enjoy the playoffs then see what lies ahead in the draft.
  9. Bob806

    I don't always get my news from the Post Gazette

    That happens to me all the time after a Browns win lol. Those grades also reflect a spoiled fan & media base. They simply aren't used to being beat down. Woof
  10. Bob806

    I don't always get my news from the Post Gazette

    It is amazing- the difference in perspective. Browns local media mainly negative, national media skeptical, Browns fans jaded/damaged/cautiously optimistic. Steelers fans are so used to success, it's hard for them to deal with it when things go south. Many want Tomlin fired. My Pittsburgh family stopped texting their usual taunts by 830 pm- haven't heard from them since. I cannot believe what we saw last night. Honestly, with all the stuff the Browns had to deal with, to pull out a win was truly amazing. With the exception of a couple 3rd quarter series', the Browns dominated the LOS. On to KC. Surely, a huge task but I'm expecting the Browns to hang in there. GO BROWNS!!!
  11. Bob806

    Tik Taki Taki

    And the pick 6 vs Philly. I'm not sure how good he is, but he makes an occasional splash play. And what a time for a splash play woof woofs.
  12. Bob806

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    I hate the SeaHags, mainly due to Pete Carroll. Seems Pete got a free pass in the whole USC/Reggie Bush debacle .
  13. Bob806

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Browns shock the world...with defense Cle 19 Pitt 6
  14. Bob806

    Clay Matthew HOF Finalist!

    I think a WR, no matter how good, who plays only 9 seasons in a pass happy era is going to have to wait. You may call that unconventional wisdom. After the committee discusses it, I'd be shocked if he's a first ballot HOFer.
  15. That's what I've been saying. I tore up my D card awhile ago because that party's platform shifted into something I wasn't comfortable with. I've never been comfortable with the Rs, and they're truly imploding right before our eyes. I know that the extremes on each side get most of the headlines/coverage, but the amount of people gravitating towards those extremes is surely increasing.