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  1. Bob806

    Looking back on Bill

    Yeah, it's painful as hell. We fans that were around will never be able to erase the bitter taste of Modell and his shenanigans.
  2. Bob806

    Flacco is going to Denver

    Good. They need to suck for 30+ years. Luckiest franchise in NFL history.
  3. Bob806

    Interesting thread idea

    I align with the Dems, but I am extremely pissed the extreme left candidates get all the press.I'm pissed they elected Pelosi as Speaker. Now we have two whack jobs in the limelight (Pelosi, Trump). I know that's not what you're looking for here. So policy-wise, I'm critical of several things: A) Voter IDs. The Dems seem against it and it does't make any sense. You need IDs for just about anything else important. B ) Gun Control. I don't own one, and understand why some folks are anti-NRA, but the crooks will find a way to skirt the system and obtain guns. Positive thing about Dems (IMHO): they seem more humane, sometimes to a fault.People are more of a priority, something the Rs don't seem to align with.
  4. I didn't see it in it's entirety, but what I did see/hear I liked (minus the obvious campaigning, but that's what President's always do). Let's hope he doesn't ruin it by a Twitter storm today.
  5. Bob806

    Survey Tuesday 2/5/19

  6. Bob806

    Worst Halftime EVER

    Put 2112 on in the car, you'll like that I bet.
  7. Bob806

    Worst Halftime EVER

    When John Mellencamp played in Detroit, then flew to Dallas and played there too on Thanksgiving years ago. I'd rather watch highlights honestly. But the Super Bowl is about catering to non-fans and advertising revenue.
  8. Bob806

    This Week in the Super Bowl

    That's our hope for sure.
  9. Bob806

    This Week in the Super Bowl

    I'm anti-Rams because of Enos Stanley Kroenke...a St. Louis native who was named after Enos Slaughter and Stan Musial. Married a Wal Mart heiress and pulled an Art Modell, with HER money. (And Jerry Jones loves the guy) Plus, like I wrote a few weeks ago....who angers Steeler fans the most? Tom Brady. Pats 30 Rams 26
  10. Bob806

    Apology? Why?

    It is, sorry. Barbara Bush was a classy lady!
  11. Bob806

    Apology? Why?

    Maybe Barb was on Border Patrol and not birth control?
  12. Bob806

    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    I never really did either, until I witnessed a FG go wide left that was called good in our own stadium. Overshadowed by "The Drive," and a legendary QB. Horse crap is what it was and still is. I also saw Clay Matthews pick up a backwards pass by Warren Moon in a playoff game at our own stadium, but Jerry Markbreit "blew the play dead," and we lost. Guess who got promoted to the head of officials years later? Yep, Jerry Markbreit. He also was lead official in the "Holy Roller" game. Pittsburgh & Denver have gotten some serious playoff gifts, more than the other 30 teams combined I bet. Patriots have had a few breaks as you know.
  13. Bob806

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    Yep. Browns were leading the Saints 12-3 earlier this season, when on a 4th and 5, Brees threw incomplete....but wait, here comes the phantom "defensive holding flag," and bingo, the Saints score the very next play. Bad calls are a direct result of instant replay. I think officiating has gotten progressively worse since the NFL decided to use it.