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  1. Bob806

    which qbs

    I agree with you and Flugel. I'd keep Gilbert and Blough on the roster, make Stanton an assistant.
  2. Bob806

    which qbs

    Stanton gives that "veteran presence" most teams favor, he's like a coach. Tough decisions lie ahead. Gilbert's been in the league awhile, looks decent out there. Blough might be more than a training camp extra arm.
  3. Well I got there around 950am, the place was absolutely packed!! So I wasn't as close as I'd like to be to the action. I didn't know the doors open at 830, so get there early if you go. #9, QB from Purdue named Blough looked pretty good. Yeah, I know he's not seeing the field unless there's a disaster, but he's got a nice arm. The new punter in camp absolutely booms it (Gillam). So sadly, I didn't get a close look at the LBs like I wanted to. Too far away, blocked by rows of many people.
  4. I'm heading up to camp this morning, and am curious about the LBs. Mack Wilson in particular. It's pretty clear to me that the D is the key. If the Browns offense stays healthy, they should be able to put up points.
  5. Bob806

    What games are you attending?

    Funny, I like the cold games myself. I've seen some good ones (vs Bills 2007, NYJ 1978, 49ers I think 1974, a 7-0 Browns win). The early season games are great, but I hate baking in the sun.
  6. Bob806

    What games are you attending?

    Thanks...we are going to stay at my son's house in Phoenix.
  7. Bob806

    What games are you attending?

    lol...once the details are ironed out, will do We're fortunate in Cleveland, to be able to tailgate in many locations. In Arizona (and other places) you have to go to a designated area.
  8. Bob806

    What games are you attending?

    I split season tickets with my cousin. I have the SeaHags game, Dolphins, BenGals and Bills. Road trip to Arizona. We're going to tailgate (my 3 sons, their girlfriends/wives and a few other friends). If people want to come tailgate with us it's fine.
  9. Bob806

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Tragically, one of his missed XPs was vs the Raiders in the Red Right 88 game, but the field was frozen. My dad took me to a game vs the Squealers in 1972, the Browns blew a big lead, but Cockroft nailed a game winner at the final gun, Browns 26-24. I'll never forget that game as long as I live.
  10. Bob806

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    That's because the nominating committee is nuts. Hanford Dixon didn't have the stats, butthat's because for 2 or 3 seasons, they didn't throw at him often. He was as lockdown as you can get. I think Thom Darden is up there on the list for most career INTs, and he'd knock you down. Both are HOF worthy.
  11. Bob806

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    The list is very solid. Webster Slaughter & Felix Wright could use more love. While Thom Darden was no doubt the best safety I saw, I'd put Wright up there as well (ball hawk extraordinaire). Eric Metcalf edges out Greg Pruitt for most electrifying player I ever saw. If Jerry Sherk didn't have health problems, he could have been an all-time NFL great. Maybe Don Rogers as well.
  12. Fire and police are not allowed to strike, for obvious reasons. In regards to your comment, that I highlighted in orange, they do allow us to negotiate but as you may recall, they tried to take that away with SB5 in 2011. We had to do a grassroots effort to repeal it, and we did. That left a bitter taste in my mouth.
  13. I haven't or will not forget. I give Trump credit for trying to reverse it, stymie it.
  14. The thing with me on unions is simply the Collective Bargaining issue. A fundamental part of our economy is negotiating deals. It happens daily in many industries/professions. So all unions really want is a chance to go to a bargaining meeting with their employer. Republicans are against this issue. It doesn't make any sense (to me, anyway). I negotiated 5 contracts during my time as Union President. Just getting to the table, and talking, doesn't guarantee a damn thing (on either side). It does, however,help in understanding why an issue may or may not pass and get implemented into a contract. Without that bargaining right, management is free to dictate whatever they want, however they want. If the Rs ever embrace Collective Bargaining I could vote for a few of them. Until that happens, nope.
  15. I seriously doubt I will vote for Trump, but the Democrats have left me. At least the democratic party that gets all the damn attention. Horrible state of political affairs we live in now.