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  1. Survey Tuesday

  2. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Right there is correct. It's a near slam-dunk a QB will be drafted and sit. Basically, the fan base is being asked to be patient yet again because the so-called franchise QB won't play. It buys time for Hue and his staff. Unless they appear unprepared, uninspired. For the most part, the 0-16 season the Browns played hard, except vs Cincy at home. Not our team, but let's see how McCarron plays in Buffalo. If the Bills exceed the 9-7 record Tyrod posted, then sashi was wrong about McCarron. I thank Sashi for not making that trade, it was way too much.
  3. Browns Schedule Thread

    True, even though I hate your team. I'm just not a fan of inter-division opening games, no matter who is involved. I'd rather see all teams play a game or two before entering into divisional play.
  4. Browns Schedule Thread

    I'm pretty sure they did this last season too ( for the Saturday games).
  5. Browns Schedule Thread

    Corey Coleman actually catches the game winning TD, woof
  6. Browns Schedule Thread

    Wait....after several drinks, I've got 9-6-1
  7. Browns Schedule Thread

    That's not great, but better than opening at home IMHO.
  8. Browns Schedule Thread

    OBR stating Browns will open at home vs the dreaded Steelers, week 17 at Ratbirds. Also the Jets are here for that Thursday night game in week 3.
  9. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    I don't know if it's a risk at all. If you have a guy like Chubb #1 on your board, you take him. He'd play immediately. Darnold, the projected #1, isn't going to contribute in 2018 unless there's unforeseen circumstances. Same with Mayfield. Rosen's supposedly more apt to start sooner than later, so the Jets and Giants would take him if he's there. I'm not saying this will happen, I'm just have a hunch they won't take a QB at 1.
  10. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    My glass is 5/8ths full....I choose to say the Browns will not blow it. I agree with Ghoolie on a few things...draft playmakers. Our weakness has been scoring points, and we hardly ever stop the opponent on 3rd and long. Something tells me the Browns are going to flip us all out and draft Chubb at #1 to shore up a wicked pass rush, then go offense on picks #4, 33, 35. It wouldn't be a shock to me if they drafted Baker Mayfield at 4, it sounds like Dorsey loves him and he has a similar skill set as Tyrod physically. So yes, I do think they will gamble a bit on the QB pick. Personally, I think all these guys are a gamble based off of years of QB picks by all 32 teams. We've beat this stuff to death already. I think they grab a shifty RB in round 2, probably their top-rated receiver in round 2. Therefore, they nab 3 potential "playmakers" with their top 4 picks. Hey. it's a start. I don't even want to write about the 3/8ths glass-empty. Obviously, the wrong QB pick would be a huge part of that. I will remain positive, unless they trade down.
  11. Brandin Cooks traded again...

    Indeed. They are basically going all in for the next couple seasons. I wonder if they'll be in salary cap hell.
  12. Is this a playoff team?

    Wow, this is exactly what I've been saying. Successful teams have to learn how to win....see the 1985 Browns, vs the 1986 Browns, for example. The ball has to bounce the Browns way, and they have to take steps to make that happen. We're all hoping for contention/playoffs, but as much of a homer as I am, I don't see that happening in 2018. The schedule is pretty brutal (NFC South, AFC West), and we have to win home games vs our AFC North rivals. It's a lot to ask after 1-31, and even 4-44. Nowhere to go but up for sure. We fans have to remain, ugh, patient AGAIN.
  13. Browns Schedule Thread

    I hate arguing with fellow fans, but sadly, Cincy has beaten us silly since we thrashed them on a Thursday night game down there in 2014. And the Ratbirds, Squealers pretty much have had their way with the Browns despite a few close games. Let's hope it starts to turn around in 2018....I bet the Browns haven't won 10 division games total since 2008. I like the schedule. The NFC South games could be brutal, but hey, it beats the AFC South matchups (I just can't get into Jax, and Tenn in particular, hate it when they're on the home schedule). I'm with you on potential road trips to T Bay, new Orleans, and possibly Houston. Depends on where they line up on the schedule. I do anticipate a division game being on a Thursday night, on the road this season.
  14. Throwing away money and picks

    That's the key here. C'mon London, we've all been waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the fortunes of this team to turn around. No guarantees these acquisitions will do that, but they had to try and bring some experience around here. The team is so very young. I think it's obvious they're expecting #73 to retire, thus the OL signings.