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  1. If this place died I doubt I go searching for another forum. This is the perfect imperfect place for a bunch of goofballs like us. Stay safe, Go Browns!!!
  2. Bob806

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Bud Grant, Dan Reeves, Don Coryell
  3. Bob806

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Archie Manning, Dan Fouts, Steve Grogan
  4. Don't let the pundits scare you, saying "you're throwing your vote away." Not that many would care, but here's my voting history for President since I was eligible in the 1984 election: voted for Reagan 1984, W in 2000, Obama in 2012. In other words, only 3 times in 9 presidential elections I voted for a D or R. Too bad Perot went semi-insane, it seemed he made sense at one time. I'm basically a centrist that leans a tad left, but IMHO, particularly right now, a vote for a D or R this fall endorses the continuous cycle of obstructionism both parties love to do. While I don't really view Presidents as obstructionists, certainly Congress has been and I know we're all tired of it.
  5. Bob806

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    St. Louis Rams in 1999 , and the 49ers in 1981
  6. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/23/democrats-slush-fund-republican-rescue-package-143565 Looks "porky" to politico, which seems legit. They reference the concern about "transparency"
  7. Yeah, there's pork in both proposals. Point/counter point, just what America needs in a time of crisis. Join me please in NOT voting D or R this fall. Let's call it the "BrownsBoard Political Challenge."
  8. Bob806

    mini poll

    Guidelines, like washing hands, social distancing that have been mentioned. Covering up when coughing & sneezing would make sense, most folks do that anyway. I'm actually going to walk to the store here in a few minutes, haven't really gone anywhere the last few days. No bars or bowling alleys are open, those are the places I go most often in the winter time.
  9. Bob806

    mini poll

    I think most of us will be ok as long as we follow the guidelines by the CDC. My concern is eventually we're all going to get stir-crazy, and ignore these guidelines if it drags on too long. People are inherently selfish.
  10. Bob806

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Earl Morrall, Brett Favre, Montana?
  11. The fact that he owned the Steelers in the playoffs really helped me to like him. One day ( I hope) the Browns will own the Steelers again, and win the dam AFC North consistently.