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  1. They got pissed at him years ago after he called 'em out for not inducting Black Sabbath. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/axl-rose-joins-sex-pistols-ozzy-osbourne-in-hall-of-fame-open-letter-club/ Ozzy was right. The greatest heavy metal band and heavy metal influence had to wait until 2006. What a joke.
  2. Ok good. Music is so subjective to everybody. I've never been anywhere in my life where someone said "crank up some Joni Mitchell," yet she was inducted in the RRHOF before many of my favorites. I'm glad the building is here in Cleveland, but I simply can't get on board with many of the acts they inducted.
  3. Yes, but they didn't get in until 2006, which is ridiculous of course. They pioneered metal and influenced many bands.Tony Iommi is one of the best guitarists ever. Seems they committee isn't very fond of hard rock or metal in general. Led Zeppelin didn't get in until 1995. See Deep Purple, who's still waiting. Casey Kasem, please play War Pigs as a long-distance dedication to all the Joni Mitchell fans out there 😊
  4. Bob806

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    I smell an upset in San Francisco. The Packers have the better QB, and sometimes a team like the 49ers has to take a "stepping stone lesson." Packers also seem to catch some crazy officiating breaks in the playoffs. Packers 20 49ers 19 I'm in agreement on the Titans losing, but lookout for them in the future. They're way better than everybody thought. KC 33 Tenn 21
  5. Bob806

    Mac Speedie enters HOF, Modell OUT

    I see. Well little folks like the fans will never have a say-so. Admitting I have some anger issues, jealousy issues with Pittsburgh and Denver, if you compare apples-to-apples, it's pretty obvious Reeves had a far better coaching career. There's a definite Steelers bias with the HOF. Lots of great NFL players played in Pittsburgh, but they are over represented as a whole in Canton IMHO. I use Kevin Greene and Lynn Swan as examples. Denver....who's in? Off the top of my head it's Elway, Floyd Little, & Terrell Davis. Where's Randy Gradishar, Rick Upchurch, Steve Atwater, Carl Mecklenburg?They've had similar success as a franchise as Pittsburgh over about the same time frame (1970-present). It's plain wrong.
  6. Bob806

    Mac Speedie enters HOF, Modell OUT

    No Gipper, I was writing about Bill Cowher in a response to Nickers. Cowher was 2-4 in AFC Title games, losing all 4 in his own stadium. Was Cowher a great coach? The answer would be yes. He certainly was a great motivator for his players. Is he a Hall of Fame coach? Well, now he is but I say NO.
  7. Bob806

    Analytics in football

    In analyzing your question I came up with not a whole lot😊 Seriously, it's not hard. It's the AFC North, play solid defense and be fundamentally sound in all three phases, like Pitt, Balt, & sometimes Cincy (like the Browns were years ago), and you contend.
  8. I remember that, and also remember him ruining our Christmas Eve in Ratbird land, allowing the 1st half clock run out with a timeout and the Seneca Wallace-led Browns on the 5 yard line.
  9. Bob806

    Mac Speedie enters HOF, Modell OUT

    I tend to agree. He lost several AFC Title games in his own stadium.
  10. Bob806

    Ok...who ya got? Superbowl?

    Ratbirds will probably win it, which blows. The Vikings are serious underdogs, but I can get behind them. Their fan base is nearly as tormented as ours.
  11. Bob806

    Browns Board Bowl Mania

    I wouldn't play if it was based on point spreads, this format is much more fun (to me anyway). I always seem to suck at the "low value" picks.
  12. Bob806

    Patriots Fallout

    You're not crazy, and yes Baker needs to mature....mature meaning stop saying stupid stuff at the microphone. Some would argue McDaniels needs to mature as well. His stint in Denver didn't go well. However, although I wanted Josh Allen, I do believe Baker has the tools to be a winner. Throw in McDaniels, hey maybe he cultivates it to the top. The key to me is does McDaniels have a Defensive Coordinator in mind, that will attack? Our offense should be an easy fix, defense, well not so much.
  13. Bob806


    Bill Cowher's content with tv.
  14. Bob806

    Meyer as HC and GM

    He might. It could depend on the heat he's getting from the alumni association at scUM. I do think he's a good coach. Turned Stanford and the 49ers around, not sure why he struggles in the Big 10. If he does come toCleveland, bring Peppers back here please. We need guys who like to tackle.