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  1. Bob806

    Mychal Kendricks Signed

    http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/376519/Browns-sign-LB-Mychal-Kendricks-for-1-year Adding depth.
  2. Bob806

    A little fashion chat

    I read something last year that said Jimmah wasn't happy with the criticism of the "new" designs, so that's why they wore white last year just about every game. Uh, we're not the Dallas Cowboys, mix it up please. I don't like the Ratbirds and Steelers coming in here with their home unis on. I agree on the orange tops, I think they look great. Personally, this so-called poll had us at #32. They didn't poll me, because IMHO the Dolphins, Jaguars, and Bills have the ugliest uniforms in the NFL, maybe in all of sports.
  3. Bob806

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    It's all in the schedule formula, this stuff is set way in advance. I went to the game in Houston last year, one of the Browns worst performances of the season; we can't make it this year. Their stadium is pretty nice for a dome. Tailgating should be better in November, cooler temps.
  4. Bob806

    Unreasonably tough schedule?

    While the odds are they open 0-2, my optimism is they could steal BOTH games. Let's face it, the games vs Pitt were close last year. Big Ben and Antonio Brown have killed us, maybe the Browns figure out a way at home. Vs the Saints, well we have beat 'em the last 2 times and Brees was the QB in both games. You just never know, I say it's possible to head back to Cle at 2-0 with a stupid Thurs night game vs the NYJ.
  5. Bob806

    1st time in Cleveland

    You'll have a great time in Cleveland. If you stay by the airport, you have the rapid transit (like many mentioned) to get you downtown. Check out Fatheads restaurant in North Olmsted, probably a $5 Uber ride from the Hilton. Great local brews and food there. You'd also be very close to the Browns training facility in Berea, and right downtown ib Berea are some great eateries like Mike's Bar and Grille or the Cornerstone. Tony Ks on West Bagley in Berea is a great place to catch any college games on TV...many TVs and good service. You've got some of Cleveland's best pizza joints on the west side in Antonio's (Parmatown) or Angelo's (Lakewood). No shame in staying downtown either. You could walk to many of the prime tailgates in the flats, or the West 4th Tailgate crew (on Facebook). Iowa State...we had Seneca Wallace for a couple seasons. Go Cyclones. Welcome to Cle in advance. Woof Oops...didn't look at your original post date. Haha, I'm late to the party.
  6. Bob806

    Great offseason

    I still say Pat Shurmer was the worst coach we've had. Hue's closing in though....no excuses this yer, on paper the team is improved.
  7. Bob806

    A Cautionary Note

    Agree to a point, but remember Carroll left because of the sanctions imposed by the NCAA. Meyer will retire a Buckeye.
  8. Bob806

    A Cautionary Note

    He's a total scumbag, but yeah he could coach. While I've never cared for USC, when he bailed to Seattle is one of the most slimiest things in sports history.
  9. Bob806

    You are starting your own football league

    No teams are allowed to wear teal in their uniforms.
  10. Trump's personality totally dominated the R debates, and basically silenced Rs that made some sense (Rubio). His tone, and slogan "make America great again" was pretty much the same as Obama's "hope and change." It was amazing to see the hardcore R stalwarts squirm as Trump kept winning primaries.
  11. Back to the topic at hand, regarding donations and influence in the political system....perhaps you've all heard of ALEC. http://www.wolf-pac.com/what_is_alec Regardless of whether one agrees with the legislation passed by ALEC politicians or not, the fact remains that corporations are being given the ability to literally write the laws that are being used to govern their actions and ours. There is a massive conflict of interest inherent to the very idea of ALEC, and while its actions are not illegal or immoral, they are corporatist. The government in a democratic country is intended to take care of the common good, not cater to the profit margins of large corporations. As such, laws should be made “for the people, by the people,” not “by the corporations, for the corporations.” https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/ALEC_Corporations
  12. Bob806

    Austin Corbett

    Plus, we abandoned the run in a few games where we should have stuck with it. We beat Minnesota for sure in London if they run the ball.
  13. First of all, I am not a "liberal." I tend to lean left because I have been union my entire adult life, and have not witnessed many Rs embrace union issues, mainly collective bargaining. When I was in the Teamsters, they didn't help out the trucking industry to well either. Secondly, I am NOT stating the NRA or NASCAR are racist. Did I make a blanket, bigoted statement?- probably. You tell me this....you're sitting at a red light on US 321 down near Gatlinburg, and the guy with a gun rack on the back of his truck, with the Dale Earnhardt and Confederate flag stickers in his window starts revving up his truck....that's the reason I write that. He's what I would picture as a picture of an anti-Obama guy. Just like Hilary and Romney made STUPID statements about "deplorables" and the "47%." Cal, with all due respect, you love to fly off the handle and make blanket statements, the same things you detest from the D or left side. I get you love the USA, we ALL do. There's room for differences of opinion.
  14. Wow Cal...you're taking this way out of context. You seem to think I have some sort of blind allegiance all the time. 'All this crap" is the state of US politics in general. There's money, HUGE amounts of money in BOTH party's backings that keep their party's interests afloat ahead of our country. The Obama-being-assassinated opine is mine, and mine only. There's plenty of areas in our great country where Obama was despised, not only because they opposed his platform, but because he's black.
  15. Bob806

    Austin Corbett

    I heard on the radio that this kid fits into Haley's run blocking/zone blocking schemes perfectly; we shall see. Face it folks- our O line last year was pretty good at pass protection, but wasn't very good at run blocking. The Browns are bringing in a bunch of competition to camp at many positions in hopes it pays dividends.