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  1. Bob806

    Kizer's 142 Passer Rating against Steelers.

    Not denying he sucked in the red zone. Too many dumb plays. He played 15 games. Not many Browns QBs can say that since 1999. He was the best of a crappy QB situation last year. I bet he lasts a long time in the NFL.
  2. Bob806

    Kizer's 142 Passer Rating against Steelers.

    Kizer's a tough kid with potential. I would have kept him around, something behind the scenes caused his ouster. It wouldn't surprise me to see him doing well down the road. He should beat out Huntley for the #2 job.
  3. Bob806

    Flash Is Back

    Yeah, I just read that too. Hopefully he's ready to contribute, and motivated.
  4. Bob806

    Bitonio moved to LT

    Probably means they think Corbett will be stronger in the rushing schemes they're going with. I'm not going to flip out about the O line (yet). I do think they were a fine pass-blocking line last year, and horrible in the running game.
  5. No problem. I don't know when you're visiting, but plenty of tailgate fun around on game day.
  6. Oh yeah...probably a 10 minute walk.Enjoy your time in Cleveland.
  7. Of course...but how far away are you coming from?
  8. Bob806

    Ricardo Louis

    I hear you, but really it's a low-risk thing with the contract. He's not making big bucks, and if you cut him, and say a team like the Ratbirds or Steelers pick him up, then things could backfire yet again.
  9. Yes it's pivotal. There's fans like us, who attend, watch through thick and thin. Maybe not so pivotal for we kind of fans. It's certainly pivotal for the fence sitters. Fans who got turned off by the losing, Haslam, or Hue. This season could reel them back in.
  10. Bob806

    How is your excitement

    9.78 Looking forward to the season for sure,but I realize there may be a "learn how to win" curve. Make Cle Stadium a home field advantage, steal a few on the road.
  11. Bob806

    Browns season ticket package 2018

    I like the package a lot. I'll love it if we go 7-1 or 8-0 at Cleveland Stadium 😊
  12. I think you may be correct. Imagine if Tomlin was a better coach what they could have accomplished. Part of the "exceptionally run organization" is getting players' suspensions reduced, replays overturned in their favor, and a lack of penalties called against them. They're one of the chosen franchises in today's NFL, and hopefully that's coming to an end.
  13. Bob806

    Would an NHL team work in Cleveland?

    I would have worked, but the Gunds basically ruined it. When they moved the California Golden Seals here in 1976, they had a back door deal to consolidate with the Minnesota North Stars later on. They used Cleveland in a bad way. When the NHL expanded into Columbus, that sealed Cleveland's NHL fate. It's a shame, because all hockey teams that were here (AHL Barons, WHA Crusaders, and NHL Barons) all drew well. Face it, we're a minor league hockey market now.