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    RIP Captain Phil Harris

    I saw that episode, but I am 99% sure that it was the captain of the TIME BANDIT. I remember him rescuing the guy that fell off the pods while trying to strap them down. They stripped him down and he was shakin like a leaf!
  2. Did anyone hear the interview? Just curious what was said.
  3. Hey Lum, That seemed evident during the Bengals game(i think) when WINSLOW was trotting past BQ. I know you're a fan of DA, and don't want to offend.... But, did you notice the swing passes and check downs BQ was doing tonight? I was fairly impressed for his first start. Lum, you seem to be the one who follows DA most on this board.....What do you think is DA's future? Do you think BQ will need replaced by the end of the season or traded? BTW, No sarcasm here. Just intrigued by others perspectives. Thanks.
  4. Why are we not getting him in the rotation more. After all, he was only a 100 or so yards behind reggie busch in one season.
  5. They hooked up a lot! BQ even seemed to force a few in there. Do they have a rapport we don't about? I don't know the stats yet, but #80 seemed to have way more balls thrown to him.
  6. I realize he's playing injured, but he was a non factor tonight. No way would I ever question his skill level, but maybe they shoud have sat him this game. It's not like Denver was running on us.....