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  1. Alliance of American Football

    Awesome on all of this
  2. Browns tender Josh Gordon to ERFA

  3. Its late in London

    Thank god there are so many other teams for you to jump to!
  4. The Browns are on the clock!

    I agree...i think this is one of the fastest roads to quick turnaround.
  5. Black Monday follows Bloody Sunday

    I think at this point we need to weigh the impact of firing another coach after 2 years (how it makes us look to other potential coaches in the future, etc) against how many games Hue “lost” for us this year. The players seem to love the guy, and it’s not like any coach out there is going to make us an 8 win team next year. I honestly have no idea which is the better decision.
  6. Vincent Jackson

    I've always liked him, not sure why he hasn't broken through.
  7. Myles Garrett

  8. GARRETT is the pick

    Hey Ghoolie, you probably covered this somewhere else but I don't recall, how would you feel about it if we got Garrett but then moved up to get Mitch? Or is it more of a Garrett thing? I know you think he's marginal, but at least you also get your guy.
  9. GARRETT is the pick

    Oh Mary Kay said it? Okay then we can move on, this is definite. Lol.
  10. Pick the bust in the 2017 draft

    Really? Curious to know why you say that, what you see.
  11. Mock Draft Central... The Pro's

    I don't like that move for that player at 5.
  12. Preseason, Baby...

  13. Aj mccarron

    I actually wasn't really taking a shot at you, I'm an active reader of the board and actually a pretty big fan of yours, I like the trivia. I was just referencing that at this time of year when I see a new post in a thread about a player and click I'm hoping for a new development or something, but often just see people calling each other fags or something. It's a forum, its what I should expect sometimes, I also just really love this site as a news forum more than the Espn's of the world, that's all. Didn't mean to rile you up, no need to flex your post count muscle, you are the alpha, I get it. I'm looking forward to the time in the football year we see a lot of news and action versus rabbit holes, that's all I was stating. All fine.
  14. Aj mccarron

    The wait is almost over, inside a month.
  15. Aj mccarron

    Is there a way to get an indicator on the board for when news or facts start getting posted again instead of 2 guys internet fighting? Asking for a friend.