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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I take it back. But it’s weird that somebody follows this.
  2. Baker Mayfield Thread

    That’s weird that you follow this. So weird.
  3. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Po- tons of respect for the way you are handling the way the draft worked out vs what you were hoping. Seriously- great fan.
  4. Seems like you still are...
  5. Shmuck you haslem

    Oh my god you are the whiniest pussy on the internet.
  6. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    I mean it sounds like a REALLY credible source. We can probably just book it.
  7. USC QBs Overrated

    Good data, Gip. I struggle with the correlation, though, assuming someone thinks there is one. Maybe I’m wrong.
  8. Alliance of American Football

    Awesome on all of this
  9. Browns tender Josh Gordon to ERFA

  10. Its late in London

    Thank god there are so many other teams for you to jump to!
  11. The Browns are on the clock!

    I agree...i think this is one of the fastest roads to quick turnaround.
  12. Black Monday follows Bloody Sunday

    I think at this point we need to weigh the impact of firing another coach after 2 years (how it makes us look to other potential coaches in the future, etc) against how many games Hue “lost” for us this year. The players seem to love the guy, and it’s not like any coach out there is going to make us an 8 win team next year. I honestly have no idea which is the better decision.
  13. Vincent Jackson

    I've always liked him, not sure why he hasn't broken through.
  14. Myles Garrett

  15. GARRETT is the pick

    Hey Ghoolie, you probably covered this somewhere else but I don't recall, how would you feel about it if we got Garrett but then moved up to get Mitch? Or is it more of a Garrett thing? I know you think he's marginal, but at least you also get your guy.