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  1. It's About Baby Steps

    And John Fox, btw, inherited a 1-15 Panthers team, took them to 7-9, then 11-5 and a Superbowl appearance in just his second year as head coach. Meanwhile, in Hue's second year, and Sashi's third.....
  2. Here's Why We Suck - Young Mistakes

    1. No QB 2. No RB 3. Piss poor coaching
  3. It's About Baby Steps

    baby steps..... like when they toddle, stumble, and fall backwards.
  4. Same old dirty Squeelers

    Yeah, some retaliation was in order. But it's a bit ironic that a flaming, raging, ass fucking faggot blowhard like you is telling someone to shut the fuck up.
  5. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Hahahaha faggot stealer tries a spear and hurts himself hahahaha
  6. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Maybe someone should spear that homo Antonio Brown.
  7. Same old dirty Squeelers

    They play some dirty fucking football.
  8. Wtf is happening in Charlottesville?

    Scary white people
  9. Peckers hold out

    Last time Gordon was on the field he sucked. Coleman sucks. It will be beautiful for the opposing defense.
  10. Peckers hold out

    Ah yes Brady queen. Good lord he sucked.
  11. Bang for the buck?

    The polls were wrong again.
  12. Kizer taking SOME 1st team reps

    Kizer sucks
  13. Watson, Kizer, Trubisky, Mahomes

    Kizer sucks.
  14. Comey Testimony Livestream

    What a fucking waste of time
  15. It's time for this team to win.

    They have some playoff appearances and winning seasons.