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  1. slowburn

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    Faker and Coach need to douche and power-wash each others twat
  2. slowburn


  3. slowburn

    Grossi Startin' Shit - Never A Dull Moment

    grossi needs a twat punch
  4. slowburn


    Foster Brooks was a reektard
  5. slowburn


    it can be a hurtful word. my 14 yo has aspergers and has been in more that a few street fights when addressed that way. I have to explain to him the stix and stones allegory. he can handle himself so im not too concerned
  6. slowburn

    Multi-task Trivia

    forgot all about neon deion...he was a badass
  7. slowburn


    trolling for dick
  8. slowburn

    Multi-task Trivia

    1. Jim Thorpe 2. Jackson 3. Halas and Wrigley 4. Jackson, Cassidy 5. Grant, Levy 6. Dungy, Ditka 7. Orange Bowl, Superdome, Tulane Stadium, Rose Bowl, University of Phoenix Stadium (seriously?), Raymond James 8. Blanda, Dawson, 9. a. chargers b. houston 10. a. dallas b. giants, Vikings, bears 11. canton bulldogs 12. a. jets b. pats c. chargers d. jax
  9. slowburn

    Pain Rankings

    There has been nothing so udd utterly painful than rooting for a franchise seemingly unable to lock in "that guy" at QB. at times, the ineptitude has been laughable if not downright embarrassing. some of the shit you throw against the wall should stick sooner or later unless you are in Brownsland where there is an incurable case of the Hershey squirts, metaphorically speaking. the d rudd fuck up almost stroked me out if you have not been traumatized by the Cleveland drama circus you are a sociopath. I deviate... ftw
  10. these young kids can't handle the potency of the high grade cannabis sativa. how many breaks can you give the young prospect? does a bad decision regarding drugs/alcohol made at a young age suggest that the prospect will forever be fighting the abuse demons? josh Hamilton seemed to have beaten his habit only to endure the very public admission of several recent "relapses". obviously the angels feel that his flame had burned out while they send him back to texas and eat tens of millions of dollars of his contract. it seems to me that those in the position of evaluating professional athlete prospects are leaning towards the policy of "once a user, always a user". if I were in their position, and basing my decision solely from a cost/benefit analysis, i would have to agree
  11. slowburn

    What TV Channel

    the comedy channel with frequent visits to Browns Tavern
  12. slowburn

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Roger on the forced intervention but my angle is why they gave him the long leash coming in with a recent history of abuse. as mik keeps harping, the control over the prized qb investment was sorely lacking, all things considered. time for some green beer......Happy Saint Patricks day flamers
  13. slowburn

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    A first round draft pick, with the potential (according to Browns evaluators) of becoming the face of the Browns in the near future ends up in rehab after the end of his first season. The transition from college to pro was not going well with veterans questioning his work ethic and doubting his leadership potential as he struggled learning and executing plays from a watered down offensive scheme solely catered to his so-called strengths. It's documented his inclination to keep long hours on the party circuit. Looking back there were obvious red flags indicating JM needed guidance and quickly yet Browns head of player security, Lewis Merlitti, kept his head buried in the sand along with the other staff members whose primary task is to develop players who can help the Browns win on Sunday. Hindsight is of course 20 -20 but I feel there should have been an intervention far sooner than seasons end. There was a breakdown somewhere in the system and Haslam should be asking himself if he has the right components in place for a young player to develop
  14. slowburn

    T Rich Cut

    the turd continues to circle the drain. Poetic Gizz, do you still have your trich fathead posted in your granny's basement?