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  1. I think Hoyer should be proud of himself and Browns fans should be thankful that he's allowing us to be competitive while Manziel gets "ready"... but let's be real. This is a guy with a bottom third arm who isn't a threat with his legs and has completed about 56% of his passes from MSU through now, the brink of 30. He ain't changing at this point. He's not surgically accurate, he isn't strong armed, and he isn't a threat to run. He's Brian Hoyer. He'll be Brian Hoyer next year and the year after that. He's a solid bridge starter and high-end backup in the Cassel-Moore-Fitzpatrick area. I struggle to believe anybody really expects a lot more than that. I'd bet one of my three balls the Browns end up in the 8-8 to 9-7 area, middle of the league, and Hoyer ends up around 20th-25th in PR, somewhere in the area of 86. He hasn't seen the worst weather or best defenses he'll face. I think that's a nice beginning for a rising team and an accurate representation of what/who Hoyer is... and that ain't good enough in this 65% completion, 100-ish PR league. The top 10-12 PR QBs are basically your playoff teams, year after year. Manziel comes with no guarantees... but I feel pretty confident Hoyer is what he is and it ain't enough. Pettine is talking about Hoyer's contract status and the need to evaluate Manziel in the same breath, even as the Browns are alive for a playoff birth. It's a thing. It's an issue.
  2. Shep

    Hoyer trade rumor

    I wonder how many teams that draft in the top 10 just about every year have gone since 1999 without drafting a top 10 quarterback? That's like 15 drafts ago. Generally when you suck, it means you don't have a quarterback. And you should draft the best one you can because without a great one, nothing else much matters. THAT'S the Browns biggest problem. They've had corners and centers and RBs and WRs and pass rushers and just about everything else... but never a great QB. Also wonder if we're last in Passer Rating over that time. We have to be in the bottom few.
  3. Wait... did someone call Russell Wilson "not so mobile?" Yikes. Get a TV. Or ESPN.com so you know he ran for 569 yards this season. Did we see what happened to ACTUALLY not-so-mobile Peyton Manning if he tried to throw over 4 yards? He got hit or pushed off his spot, which he hates. This thread title is correct: It's a pass the ball, rush the passer league. Seattle forced Manning out of his comfort zone like the Giants treated Tom Brady... and the Patriots early treated Peyton Manning. You can't do that to Wilson because he'll roll out, extend the play, and complete the pass. Like Manziel, against top competition. Or Kaepernick, the NFC runner-up who ran for 524 yards.
  4. Shep

    Hoyer trade rumor

    It's interesting that Seattle came really close to drafting Wilson in the 2nd round. Of course, now they'd take him top 10, if they could. Nick Foles might be top 10. Best two third round picks I've seen in quite some time. Then again, last third round pick I saw start that many games that soon was Colt McCoy. Before that, Charlie Frye. Isn't like we haven't tried that route. We just didn't get steals. Wilson was a steal because of height. Foles because people mistook his 40 time for a lack of mobility... and he's actually plenty mobile and athletic. I'd hate to see Big Ben's 40 time right now. Both guys should've had first round grades on arm talent. McCoy and Frye weren't 5'11" and didn't run 5.14/40s, so why were they available in round 3? Because they aren't good.
  5. Shep

    Hoyer trade rumor

    Statues get creamed. Johnny Football escapes. Plus, he'd have the best blindside blocker in football. But I prefer Hoyer to Campbell on the field, period. If you're talking about his love of contact, he'll need to get over it and step out of bounds, slide, etc. But he's done pretty well staying healthy... in the SEC.
  6. Shep

    Hoyer trade rumor

    I think it's manufactured because I think I caught the original tweet. Just speculation, like, "Hey, maybe O'Brien would trade for Hoyer!" But if the Browns draft Manziel, I think he's more likely to start day one than anybody, mostly because Shanahan will structure the offense around him like he did RG3 (and I'd sure as hell take how that worked, rookie RB and all). And as a backup/mentor type, Jason Campbell is far more experienced and credible than Hoyer and his 4 starts. BUT... if you don't intend to start the rookie, I'd take Hoyer over Campbell OR Cousins. All day.
  7. Worst part is, with 6 Pro Bowlers, 46 mill, and 10 picks, the Browns won't be able to help fielding a really talented team. Someone will write this: "Surprise! After what seemed like a circus of a coaching search, Browns win the offseason by signing (NAMES) and drafting (NAMES)." Then they'll win 10 games and Coach (NAME) is coach of the year, a genius. Man, that's gonna suck. Seriously, like five or six years ago, the Bengals were shredded for being cheap, not spending to the cap, drafting horribly, and being the place nobody wanted to go. Not long ago, the Cardinals (and that oppressive heat) were in the same boat. Then the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl. The Bengals are consistently called one of the league's most talented teams and have gone to the playoffs three straight years. Uh, hyperbole, anybody?
  8. Shep

    What's wrong with Derek Carr?

    You don't draft a WR to make your QB position better. You actually draft the QB. Teams have tried... a lot, in fact. It's wagging the dog. The Browns won't be waiting for Garroppolo or Fales to draft their QB in a QB league. Not a prayer. It's Manziel, Bridgewater, or Bortles. That's the discussion. No team with a clear-cut #1 WR is going to draft another in the top 5 unless his name is Matt Millen. That's absurd. You can't get a return on that investment from a #2 WR (especially with an All Pro TE taking a lot of looks, too). Horrible idea.
  9. Shep

    Bowles Pulls Out

    As flies go, you can't drop when you weren't wanted. The Browns interviewed Bowles as their Rooney requirement. He probably asked if he's a serious contender and was told he isn't. I get the sense both Haslam and Banner are blunt guys. The Browns haven't been turned down once because they won't offer the job to anybody until they can go after Gase, who has said he will meet with the Browns. And now we're hearing McDaniels isn't out of the running after all. And they must've said enough to Quinn that he doesn't have to pull out to save face. Yet. It's a more attractive job than people think: They'll pay, they have players, they have draft picks, they have money, they have stadium upgrades and new unis coming, and they will have their franchise quarterback in early May.
  10. Shep

    Dream Scenerio

    Let's get this clear: If you knew Nick Foles was gonna be that good (I did), you draft him #4 overall without a moment's hesitation. Ditto Russell Wilson (I thought he was too short, so it's a wash). Both teams had their presumed starter in place, the Eagles even more than the Seahawks. Point: You don't draft a quarterback in the third round assuming he's going to play like a high 1st rounder. It's a happy accident, or value you couldn't pass up.
  11. Shep

    Dream Scenerio

    A+ and some.
  12. A couple things you can count on: 1. Browns next pick will be a QB. #4 overall or #1 overall, can't say. But they won't go into the draft with a top five pick and a gaping hole at QB and decide to wait. It just isn't done. 2. With the talent we have and will add with 40 mill and 10 picks, the Browns won't draft in the top 5 next year and probably not in the top 12. You get your guy when you have the chance, period. 3. You can't WR yourself to great quarterback play. Great quarterbacks make WRs better.
  13. Shep

    My take on the Head Coach search

    I'm getting this very powerful James Franklin, Johnny Manziel, Jordan Matthews vibe lately. I think it would be received quite positively on the national level, actually.
  14. Shep

    Franklin to interview

    James Franklin is a buzzy guy, he'd be seen as a get. Offensive mastermind, helped by Chip Kelly success. Stoops rumor was wrong, Browns not pursuing. Keep in mind, the first person they reached out to "officially" was Gase. I'm almost certain they got word from McDaniels' camp that he was into it this year before firing Chud. Those three feel like the most likely.
  15. Shep

    GM for a day!

    Gonna be hard to get a WR to come to Cleveland until the QB situation is settled. Think we'll be drafting another WR at 25 or 36, possibly another later (slot guy?). OL, LB, another corner, maybe a TE, those seem like f/a targets to me. We have so much money, I can't imagine letting Ward or Mack walk unless they just really want to. Greco already signed an extension. Think the team will want to stay young because they're kind of growing up together, which is good. They'll look for as much continuity on the line as possible (Thomas, Greco, Mack, Pinkston, Schwartz?), which almost always pays off. Draft should be about skill positions (QB, WR, RB), including trade-ups wherever necessary. We should turn those 10 picks into 5.