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  1. buster


    GAME DAY for me too- in about 8 minutes! GO BROWNS!
  2. buster

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    We once had a Brady Cleveland too !
  3. buster

    What happened to Attnears?

    Hey bud! Yes- what a mess that was. They changed their ticket reselling service now so it's probably much better. 21st eh.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........i've been really meaning to make my way back. Hope all is well with you howie!
  4. buster

    What happened to Attnears?

    ok good to hear- he's been a good guy in the past....... nice to see you around still.
  5. Way long of a break away from thebrownsboard - trying to get caught up in Browns talk. One thing I noticed- lots of new faces/members - but some of the old crowd has gone. Can someone let me know what happened to Attnears? Name change?
  6. buster

    Browns Opening Day Thread!

    Yes it has.......just about to get into the swing of things again (fell behind in a lot of the NFL over the summer). GO BROWNS!
  7. buster

    Colt Mccoy Book Signing Tonite In Nj

    I never knew he had a book....... Is that Palin girl going to be there too?
  8. buster

    Howiedawg & G-Man On Clevelandbrowns.com

    That's awesome Good job boys!
  9. buster

    Grading Out The Colt

    McCoy is our chosen one..........the one that brings all the DA / BQ etc. Bullshit to rest.......he will lead us to the big show.......Browns fans unite.......we have our QB and it's awesome.
  10. Absolutely 100%---- this guy is a winner. He hates losing........he doesn't want to lose.......never has and never will.
  11. buster

    Browns Browns Browns

    2 games in a row I sat in my livingroom....sometimes alone because of my yelling.......watching the Browns win big time! I can't say enough about McCoy .....I can't say enough about Hillis........Thomas.......heck even Mangini. This is not a 3-5 team.........in fact I think teams are going to dread playing them in the weeks ahead. Sorry if this is a repeat topic........I am pumped......pumped like never before! And I have a feeling this is just the very start of something really really good. Go BROWNS!!!!!
  12. buster

    our need for a WR has me thinking

    Send them Delhomme.......I hear their QB is right at the cusp of being a superstar and maybe just needs a few more pointers.
  13. buster

    Party with Joe Thomas

    Did any of you catch this piece of news?????? I guess Joe had quite the 80s retro party: http://thebiglead.com/index.php/2010/09/30...mass-80s-party/
  14. buster

    Game Notes vs. Baltimore

    Same thing.......not just last game.......try the last couple seasons. This guy is terrible- I hate our secondary. How to beat the Browns- just throw deep. It's that simple.