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  1. buster

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Stan - wherever you are I'll be thinking of you in the dog pound this Sunday vs Rams........and will tip some drinks and bark hard.
  2. buster

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Hi all, Its been a long while unfortunately. But now I come back and WTF! Pardon me while I mourn a little. Stan was absolutely incredible to me over the time here on Brownsboard. I was just about to login and tell him that i'm hoping to come down again this FALL from Canada with many friends and was hoping to meet up. I'm so sorry for the members of this board, and his family and friends. Rest in Peace Stan, and thank you again for helping me plan and make the trip to Cleveland years ago and even going so far to offer his personal tickets to a game if my situation was not resolved. Like WOW and he meant it! I'm going to miss your posts and conversations and will have a drink for you when I go to my next Browns game.......hopefully this year. *Buster*
  3. buster

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 6

    Does anyone have a stream for the game today? They blocked all of my radio feeds in Ontario....
  4. buster

    It starts tonight!

  5. buster

    It starts tonight!

    lol actually I have no idea why I put it on. Haven't posted in nearly half a decade texasag1969! Will change......
  6. buster

    It starts tonight!

    As a long time fan and member from many moons ago it all starts tonight! Mark my words, we've hit rock bottom for years but tonight........the Browns will be back! GO BROWNS!
  7. buster


    GAME DAY for me too- in about 8 minutes! GO BROWNS!
  8. buster

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    We once had a Brady Cleveland too !
  9. buster

    What happened to Attnears?

    Hey bud! Yes- what a mess that was. They changed their ticket reselling service now so it's probably much better. 21st eh.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........i've been really meaning to make my way back. Hope all is well with you howie!
  10. buster

    What happened to Attnears?

    ok good to hear- he's been a good guy in the past....... nice to see you around still.
  11. Way long of a break away from thebrownsboard - trying to get caught up in Browns talk. One thing I noticed- lots of new faces/members - but some of the old crowd has gone. Can someone let me know what happened to Attnears? Name change?
  12. buster

    Browns Opening Day Thread!

    Yes it has.......just about to get into the swing of things again (fell behind in a lot of the NFL over the summer). GO BROWNS!
  13. buster

    Colt Mccoy Book Signing Tonite In Nj

    I never knew he had a book....... Is that Palin girl going to be there too?
  14. buster

    Howiedawg & G-Man On Clevelandbrowns.com

    That's awesome Good job boys!