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  1. JFoul

    Herschel Walker Thinking Comeback in 2011???

    I dont know if he could handle the beating in the NFL now because of age. That aside, the guy has always been a physical freak and I remember reading somewhere that he was recently clocked at 4.35 in the 40yd dash.
  2. JFoul

    Blackout in Jacksonville?

    I'm not going to bash Florida since I lived in the Tampa area for part of my life and I have some family by the Jacksonville area as well. If you have lived anywhere in Florida you know that most people in Florida aren't from Florida and are fans of other teams. College football gets huge support along with the Dolphins, everything else is supported by a small fan base unless that years team is very good or has a chance at a championship. As for Hillbillies, Rednecks and in Florida what I call "Swamp People" they are in every state, you cant escape them.
  3. JFoul

    browns v jets game

    I haven't been this pissed off after a game in a long time. Need to go hit the gym and work off some frustration.
  4. JFoul

    browns v jets game

    Ugh, heart break city. F**k you Eric Wright.
  5. JFoul

    Santonio Holmes a Jet

    Surprised the Steelers let him go for only a 5th.
  6. Wish they would at least put a white and orange stripe on the pants.
  7. JFoul

    Todays game

    Ugh, we finally have some offense and the game is blacked out in the Youngstown area.
  8. I think the brown pants look silly without the stripes down the leg.
  9. I just have a gut feeling Quinn is going to be a good player on this team if he gets a longer leash or goes to another team fresh. At this point I don't think I care anymore.. I'm just becoming numb. *Sigh
  10. JFoul

    Is there a sports bar in boardman, Ohio?

    I live in Boardman... previous posts answer your question. I usually just watch the games at home but the backers clubs are always fun. When I lived in Sarasota, FL for 2-3 years we had a nice Backers Club at a place called Fin Daddy's. We usually took over the bar and the sissy Tampa/Miami fans would complain about how loud we were.
  11. JFoul


    I think Wells might fall to us in the second.
  12. JFoul

    Ah, the More Things Change...

    Obviously the cards needed a touchdown, but that shortens the field alot for a toss to fitz or boldin.
  13. JFoul

    Ah, the More Things Change...

    I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure if the play was overturned the personal foul against Pitt would have been enforced putting the cards on the 35-40 yard line of the Steelers. I could bitch about couple other calls, but the non review really urkes me.
  14. Sad to say, but I'll take Steeler SChuck over most of the fools we have seen register this week.