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  1. Born2Blitz

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    If they draft Geno Smith I'm just gonna quit watching pro football. That'll be the last straw I believe. It's all really starting to wear me down.
  2. Born2Blitz

    It's Official !

    C'mon...anyone who was expecting anymore than 5-6 wins to begin with was deliriously fooling themselves. I predicted five wins, and that was counting on probable wins at Tampa and KC. This team is sorely lacking talent at many spots. With this receiving group, expecting anything out of the passing game is wishful thinking. Especially in any deep threat kind of way. Just try to enjoy our Browns for what they are right now. The losing sucks and we have endured our share of misery, but I have to believe the franchise is finally on the right track. I'm not a big Mangini fan and believe he'll be gone with Holmgren changing the coaching staff. I believe that will be another step in the right direction. I believe good things are in store for us in the near future; just not this year. I can't let this shitty season (so far) bring me totally down as a Browns fan, because it is basically what I expected. If I didn't believe there was hope for the near future I might as well just give them up and find something better to do. Keep hope alive fellow Dawgs.
  3. Born2Blitz

    FIRE Mangini and Daboll NOW

    It's obvious they need to work on putting up 30 in the first half.
  4. Born2Blitz

    Clifton Geathers'

    Dude should be able to swat a ball or two down at the line. He's long and tall. A couple blocked kicks here and there are real possibilities as well.
  5. Born2Blitz

    Browns Draft picks today (SATURDAY)

    Love our draft! Filled the major holes with kids that can play and all were high character, hard workers and smart. Love the Hardesty and McCoy picks. The project type picks (OL-WR-DE) look like they have good skills and some upside. The secondary should be much, much better once these guys get accustomed to the NFL. I give the draft a B+...easily.
  6. Born2Blitz

    What new jersey will you be purchasing?

    My Joe Thomas jersey is nicely broken in with a couple Pro Bowl's, I think I'll just keep it.
  7. Born2Blitz

    New Beginning ... Browns fans reunite

    Wish I was as optimistic. We've seen it all before. At least I won't have to hear all that Quinn/ Anderson static anymore. So there's that.
  8. Born2Blitz


    I just want another shot at them in the AFC Championship.
  9. Born2Blitz

    Any sopcast??

    Outstanding, Dan! Watching NFL Network on it right now (which I don't have).
  10. Born2Blitz

    Any sopcast??

    -PM sent!
  11. Born2Blitz

    My Browns uni concept

    I like them. Nice job.
  12. Born2Blitz


    Shouldn't there be a "No Thanks" Fag-O-Meter also? There are way more opportunities for that than any thanks button.