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  1. Section537rules

    o.k because i am stupid

    Fuck,, I was part of dawgtalk and many boards. Icecube89
  2. Section537rules

    Oct 9 tailgate Mac and Cheese Contest 200 dollar cash prize!

  3. Oct 9 is my annual mac and cheese contest for Animal Rescue. If you make a great mac, love mac, or know someone that does and is an animal lover and Browns fan, let me know. Last year we raised 1020 dollars for Voices in the dark. We had 17 contestants! What is your recipe? Here is a link to the event!
  4. Section537rules

    Browns Tailgate Saturday in Berea if you are interested..

    People came.. Are you coming OCT 9? MAC for MUTTS
  5. Section537rules

    Bungles tickets DEC 11, 2016

    Selling my extras, DEC 11 Section 537 row 8, seats 5,6,7,8 climb 3 stairs.. That is also our Chili Cookoff...60 dollars each...
  6. Originally the Tailgate was for Walter who some scumbag beat up so bad that it could not walk. A vet has fostered Walter and he is in good hands. We are hoping Walter makes an appearance. Thanks to Cleveland Dog and Rehabilitation, http://clevelanddogrescue.com/https://www.facebook.com/clevelanddog/ Walter has been cared for, loved and is in good hands.. Walter's Story. https://www.facebook.com/clevelanddog/?pnref=story Most Browns fans can not take the day off and tailgate for the draft. Some Browns fans want a reason to party. Well as a Browns fan we can always party. So Brownsfest is born. Daniel from Cleveland Dog and Rehabilitation will be there talking about his organization as well as Dawn Thomas from Voices in the Dark. http://voicesinthedarkanimalrescue.weebly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/voicesinthedarkanimalrescue/ There will be raffles and a donation box to help each of these great organizations. Daniel has taken in a feral puppy. Who along with is buddies were abandoned without care or love under a porch for weeks without any contact with a human. "Jane Doe" has no name and Daniel has taken this behavior puppy under his wing. "Jane Doe" will be at the event, and hopefully Walter and his new owner. We will be coming up with a name for this puppy.. So please, tell a friend, and come. Let's help socialize this puppy! https://www.facebook.com/events/1029718630433349/ Wj Green Lodge in Berea... 1030am..See you there?
  7. Section537rules

    Muni Lot Question

    Muni Lot has lost its luster. Still fun. Miss the open 24 hours. Opening at 7 am stinks. 50 percent of the lot does not even go to the game.
  8. Section537rules

    Broncos Tailgate, Macaroni and Cheese Showdown!

    I heard that before... Everyone says they do, come out and support
  9. Section537rules

    Don't tell me this is not a must win game!

    you tailgating with us next week?
  10. Section537rules

    Travelling in for Broncos game from Toronto

    The Toronto Browns Backers are coming to tailgate.. We would love to have you. We start at 6 am. We are having our animal rescue tailgate that day. How many are you? My cell is 860 70707595. I lived in Brampton.. Go Jays!
  11. We are doing our second annual Macaroni and Cheese Contest... 175 dollar cash prize.. helping out our friends at Voices in the Dark. If you interested in attending, please contact me.. 860 7070595 http://voicesinthedarkanimalrescue.weebly.com/mac-and-cheese-tailgate.html we love the browns, good food and pets!
  12. Section537rules

    Home Opener Tailgate need a place?

    4 kegs are ordered...
  13. Section537rules

    Home Opener Tailgate need a place?

    This goes for every tailgate!
  14. Section537rules

    Home Opener Tailgate need a place?

    Message me or call me.. my cell is 860 7070595.. we would love to have you and your friends join us