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  1. metcalf

    Browns make trade with Rams

    Romeo Holgrem please pick Bradford you fat xxxx
  2. More than likely your a 15 year pimple face kid. As you were finishing that last sentence you posted you heard your mother yell from upstairs, Mikey come on and eat. :lol:
  3. You were good friends with Brady quinn then huh?
  4. Hi Bull. The clowns got their asses kicked that game as usual. As far as Harrison goes, the only thing about that tackle is it probably was the toughest tackle he had to make the whole game :lol: :lol:
  5. A Stain getting his ass kicked again
  6. No Gip, He is mixed up alright but its about who his real father is. As far as what he posted he is just a dumb ass!
  7. Message for queer stain fan: You, like the team you root for are losers. Be happy to get your five wins this year. Ben is going to tear you brown stains up. A stain fan has no business even thinking about talking shit on another team as pathetic as they have been the last 50 years. To top it off , the browns face of the franchise is a notorious wife beater and racist that the clowns have to pay to sit up in a box and pretend he is rooting for the clowns. How typical cleveland. No class. When Holmgren cashes out in three years, you asswipes will be singing the same song. Out of key.
  8. metcalf

    clevelandbrowns.com new look

    When I can't get a steeler game, my second favorite team to watch is the browns. Watch them lose that is. The last couple years have been especially fun because of how inept they were. I'll tell you this, the Brown fans on this board got to be the greatest fans of any team. For them to support their team like they do as much as the clowns has been the joke of the league since they came back into the league, speaks of their loyalty. Now they have Holmgren and think he is the messiah. Holmgrem is just there for one last big payday before he retires for good. He might get them 8 wins one year before they buy him out to leave. But hope springs eternal in cleveland.
  9. metcalf

    clevelandbrowns.com new look

    Thats what I meant, I'm not as good with words like you are.
  10. Asshat, if you want to cure ben of his sex addiction all you have to do is put him in a room full of naked cleveland woman for 10 mintues. He'll never have another erection. :lol:
  11. Hmm, good question. Maybe to win a title, you know one of those things the mistake on the lake city hasn't seen in 50 years.
  12. Gipper has exposed you as a liar and a fraud. Nice try asswipe
  13. All the DNA was in that girls stomach.
  14. metcalf

    clevelandbrowns.com new look

    Sweet, I like the colors. Orange for Halloween and Brown for Shit. Very appropriate!
  15. metcalf

    Ted Ginn, Jr.

    Another ohio state reject
  16. kosar the drunk, since my last post got deleted (probably to erase the fact that it made you look like an idiot), I"ll post it again. Don't talk about your mother that way
  17. Jim Brown is a phony. He's always shooting his mouth off about how much money other people need to give, but he's never willing to offer any money from his own. Why everyone in Cleveland worships this idiot is beyond me. He chased away Paul Brown and his 8 World Championships and then only went on to win one of them himself. He was the first player ever to put himself above his coach and his team. He's spouted off about how current players need to honor their contracts and commitment to their teams, most recently with Crabtree, yet he left Cleveland without finishing out his own contract in order to become a movie star. After football he fled Cleveland and didn't have anything to do with the town or their team until he was paid money to do so. He even gave a pep talk to the Baltimore Ravens before SBXXXV. Plus he beats woman and has thrown woman off balconies.
  18. metcalf

    Rams offer Steelers a HUGE deal

    A message board. You dumbass Next years pick would be in the upper twentys you nimcompoop
  19. metcalf

    Holmes Trade...Biggest Rip Ever?

    You picked an avatar named after your hero a degenerate drunk. The only thing coconuts own's is some land in allegheny county. He is your new hero.When you meet him, you can teabag him. Son
  20. ballhair, when did you move to pa?
  21. Its a good thing that Jim brown couldn't get it up all those years or he would of probably raped those woman once he got done beating the shit out of them. Kosar for president mother being one of them. :lol:
  22. metcalf

    Holmes Trade...Biggest Rip Ever?

    Coco, why do you have to be so insulting?
  23. metcalf

    Holmes Trade...Biggest Rip Ever?

    Hi coconut, here is the difference. Harrison is just another body the steeler uses to win games. When he is no longer productive, the steelers will dump his ass. Now jim brown is the clowns patron saint of football. You and all your fellow homers on this board worship him for some reason. If he met a bunch of you Retards somewhere and pulled out his dick, there would be a fight over which one of you stain homers could suck it first. He will go down in history as the most cronic woman beater ever. Everyone also knows he is a racist. If he played now a days he would be average at best. Talk about living in the past. Do you see the difference now? :lol: :lol:
  24. metcalf

    Holmes Trade...Biggest Rip Ever?

    Good thing they didn't have those high standards 50 years ago when Jim Brown played. He beat up woman every chance he got. If he played now he would be banned for life. I don't think he sexually abused them, he just liked beating the shit out of them. A real stain hero. :lol: :lol: