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  1. Fooleeze

    Title Total Div. 1

    Gipper, I understand where you're coming from, but if you're going to take away titles from OSU for reasons such as that, you have to play fair and do it to everyone. The Wiki page I referenced lists several different measuring techniques. . . including all recognized titles, Championship claims by schools, College Football Data Warehouse Natl. Champs, and National Poll championships, and none of them seem to match the list you showed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCAA_Division...laims_by_school
  2. Fooleeze

    Title Total Div. 1

    Are you sure of the accuracy of this list? Because the NCAA recognizes 7 national championships for Ohio State. 1942 Paul Brown AP 9-1 6-1 - 1954 Woody Hayes FWAA, UPI, AP 10-0 7-0 Won Rose Bowl 1957 Woody Hayes FWAA, UPI 9-1 6-1 Won Rose Bowl 1961 Woody Hayes NFF, FWAA 8-0-1 6-0 - 1968 Woody Hayes AP, UPI FWAA 10-0 7-0 Won Rose Bowl 1970 Woody Hayes NFF 9-1 7-0 Lost Rose Bowl 2002 Jim Tressel BCS, AP, USA Today/ESPN 14-0 8-0 Won Fiesta Bowl Not sure about other schools.
  3. Fooleeze

    Qb Comparison against the same team

    I'd argue that the weather also plays a big part in those as well. . . last night's game conditions were brutal!
  4. Can't handle some one correcting your mistakes, can you? So who is Adam Sanberg? Did Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg have a love-child?
  5. Just a correction. . . it's Andy Samberg, a star & writer from SNL. The guy 'rapping' with him is a member of his band, Lonely Island. This song is one of many funny 'spoof' or comedy songs from their album "Incredibad." Also to note, in that video, the guy in the back of the grocery store mopping the floor is Justin Timberlake. And, in the second video someone posted "Dick In A Box" that is also Justin Timberlake singing with Andy Samberg. Google or Youtube Andy Samberg, or Lonely Island (or on Hulu.com). There are several more good videos out there.
  6. Fooleeze

    Steeler fan @ browns game

    The real question is why are you dating a steeler fan!?!?!?!?! (From the guy who married a Michigan fan. . . she's from Michigan, so it kinda justifies it)
  7. Fooleeze

    Claussen vs Tebow for the Heisman

    Nice shot at OSU, but did you know some of the teams that fall below Ohio State? How about Michigan State, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma. . . looks like a good percentage of LARGE State schools to me. . . and a bunch of big programs that send players directly to the NFL, which does affect the numbers. On top of that, I believe the latest research on this data came out in the end of 2008, and was based on data from 1998 - 2001, even before Tressel's time, and rumor is it has gotten better since he arrived. Just sayin. But regarding the topic at hand, Tebow won't be a good NFL QB. Urban Meyer has a TERRIBLE track record of preparing QBs for the NFL. He has developed some STELLAR performances out of QBs at the college level in his systems (Josh Harris, Omar Jacobs, Alex Smith, and now Tebow. . . ) but none of them have done ANYTHING in the NFL. So, unfortunately, odds are against him.
  8. Fooleeze

    Not gaining optimism as the week goes on. . .

    ATENEARS, that was an excellent response. Thank you. And I do see improvement in the D, and some things I've been waiting for for years. Accepting the 'rebuilding' process is certainly a good thing to do. The Offensive struggles make it difficult to focus on the rest of the parts that are doing better / improving. But I have been noticing the change in the Defense, and the dominance of our Special Teams. As an aside, I still really like Wimbley, and I'm excited to see development and production out of him after a few down years.
  9. Fooleeze

    Not gaining optimism as the week goes on. . .

    Just wanted to add that I'm not feeling any more optimistic this week vs last week. And before someone challenges my opionion, I am perfectly capable of maintaining two separate opinions. #1: I'm very happy to add a game to the Win column. #2: I'm not feeling too good about adding more wins after the performance in Buffalo. With their mistakes, lack of discipline, QB troubles, and coach being on the hot seat, Buffalo is arguably one of the worst teams in the league right now. And the Browns mustered up 6 points? Definately not helping my outlook for the year. I'll keep trying to find that silver lining!!!
  10. I've lived through it, but reading through it still makes me sit back and weep in disgust at how 'the most important position on the team' can be SO mishandled by EVERY SINGLE COACH we've had since 99, INCLUDING the current one. Wow, just wow.
  11. Fooleeze

    Not gaining optimism as the week goes on. . .

    That's the point I'm getting at. . . I'm normally very optimistic, in the preseason, and even after losses as the week goes on. But the last loss doesn't sit well with me, and the optimism is harder to come by right now for me. But I completely agree, the Bengals are improved, on both sides of the ball. Palmer is a good QB, and he's leading the team to success. But it still hurts to see the Browns lose ground to them. Goes back to seeing all of those preseason 'rankings' where the Browns were at or near the bottom, and most everyone here said "how can all of those teams be better than the Browns after all of the improvements there have been on this team / coaching staff. . . " And here we are 4 weeks into the season and the grim reality may be setting in. . . I wouldn't be here if I didn't care and didn't love the Browns. Just saying the optimisim is not as strong as it once was.
  12. Fooleeze

    Not gaining optimism as the week goes on. . .

    I'm coming from the perspective of the preseason optimisim. . . we had a coaching change (removing a bad coach, and hiring an 'improvement'), eliminated some unproductive and dead weight, brought in a lot of solid veterans, etc. etc. etc. Had the same record as the Bengals last year (basically), and they lost their best receiver, and didn't make any other major changes really, outside of the draft. Just coming into the season some of these games SHOULD be wins. . . Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, KC, Oakland. Especially at home. But more than anything, it's wondering if that was the best effort the team had? Did the best effort result in losing in OT in a game that (from a preseason point of view) should have been a win? Maybe it's just me coming to the sad realization that with all of these offseason 'improvements', the Browns have lost ground to the Bengals. THE BENGALS! God, I hope the Browns beat the Lions!!! If not, that might force me into a deep state of CSD (Cleveland Sports Depression).
  13. I recall someone recently posting about their moods / feelings on the Browns by day as the week goes on, and how the pain and pessimism turns to optimism and excitement as the week goes on. While I agree that typically happens, for some reason it's not doing it for me this week. I know it's Tuesday, but it usually doesn't take me that long. A lot of people are pulling positives from this close loss vs. the Bengals. . . but I've been looking at it differently. Masters made a few excellent points in a post earlier, which somewhat describes how I feel right now. In the loss against the Bengals. . . * The Browns won the TOP battle * They forced 2 turnovers * Blocked a FG and an XP, thanks Shaun Rogers * Started SEVERAL drives with amazing field position. . . * . . . thanks to a stellar game from Cribbs. * Harrison played a great game (Finally, we've been asking to see this forever) * MoMass proved he may be a legit NFL WR * Brodney Pool had arguably his best game as a Brown * The offense opened up the playbook to incorporate Screens, bootlegs/roll-outs, flea-flicker, etc. to keep the D guessing . . . all of this and the Browns STILL lost to the FREAKING BENGALS!!!! Look, the Bengals are playing better this year than last year, but they are still NOT GOOD! (They're the Bengals, after all) In the thread about 'penciling in wins' in the preseason this Bengals game was one that should have been circled in a permanent marker (To borrow from someone else's comment). Mangini moved some players, demoted a few people, promoted a few, fired the team up, heck, even played Furrey on Defense (Rumor I heard, didn't see it. . . ), gave a big pep-talk, and got good effort out of the team, and they still lost to the BENGALS! Masters commented that this often is more deflating, playing what may be their best and still losing to a beatable team. This is the pessimism in me crying out right now. Still a bunch of question marks. Are the Bengals as bad as they typically are, or are they actually a good team this year? Was the effort we saw from the Browns the best they've got, or are they just getting warmed up? Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I've been around since I can first remember watching the Browns as a kid with my parents. . . I'm just frustrated. Venting a little. Maybe the optimism will start brewing soon. GO BROWNS!
  14. I just want to add that I was also at the game, and I certainly didn't get the warm-fuzzy about DA's game as others did. He certainly played 'decent' by DA standards, and 'better' by the standards Quinn set over the past few games, but there was a lot left on the field in this game as well because of DA's inaccuracy. That red-zone interception was not miscommunication, it was simply a BAD throw. He was looking right at Heiden and didn't even see the DB coming at him from the outside. Threw it low and behind Heiden, and we had the result. If Heiden was really supposed to curl that around, then it still would have been picked off, because there was a DB right behind him, on his right hip. The throw where he led MoMass out of bounds and the "TD-ruled down at the 1" throw were both beautiful throws and catches. It became VERY clear to me in this game that one of the biggest issues in the passing attack was that nobody was getting open in the previous games. Cribbs couldn't get open, so they put him back on special teams. Edwards isn't getting open, because he's being double-teamed all the time. By putting MoMass in there, there's finally now a player getting open, demanding more attention, and spreading out the defense. The only players that seemed to be getting open in the past were the 'dump-off' players, the RBs, TEs, and sometimes Furrey.