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  1. bbedward

    Thoughts On Today's Parade

    I would have went if it wasn't 0 degrees
  2. bbedward

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Kizer is just too slow in the brain to be an NFL QB
  3. bbedward

    Kiser not the reason folks.

    Kizer sucks but so do many others so w/e. I saw him miss a a wide open crowell checkdown early in the game on a 3rd down, just didn't even look off his primary target. Really that's about all he does, he rarely looks beyond the primary target - not even to the checkdown. We'll be drafting another QB though so it is what it is.
  4. bbedward

    Josh Gordon

    Good thing we didn't trade his rights for a conditional 7th before the deadline.
  5. bbedward

    Article on trade deadline fiasco

    I still think Jared Goff is going to be a solid franchise quarterback - not sure why he's being written off by some, and isn't it also rumored that hue loved Watson - many are creaming their pants for Watson. The trade that lost us Wentz, was also considered a great trade by most at the time it happened.
  6. bbedward


    I think we officially lost the bye week
  7. bbedward

    AJ McCarron

    True, especially to a division rival
  8. bbedward

    AJ McCarron

    The NFL did us a favor, honestly
  9. bbedward

    AJ McCarron

    A 2nd and a 3rd for McCarron would have been Retarded
  10. I'm firmly opposed to firing the coaching staff now, bring in an OC if anything. Sashi Brown can f*ck right off though, we need FO competence. Sounds like Hue butted heads with them over cutting osweiller, haden, not attempting to get Jimmy G. Feel like based on rumors and results that the FO has no clue what they're doing. Defense has made a lot of progress, looks better every week despite still being rather thin on talent especially in the secondary - would be a shame to blow all of that up. Offense sucks a fat one, but it's hard to be successful with what looks to be the worst QB+WR play in the NFL.
  11. Yea I think Sushi is at least demoted, if not gone all together. I'd expect most of the staff to remain though.
  12. bbedward

    Jimmy Grabsapillow Traded to....

    If it's true that the FO had 0 awareness of this Jimmy G trade and didn't even attempt to make a phone call, then people need to be fired.
  13. I'd rather see some re-tooling of the FO than dump the coaching staff. Bring in a new GM, keep the analytics guys. Keep the coaching staff, bring in an offensive coordinator. But yea I fully expect us to blow Sheet up. Completely change the schemes again.
  14. Gordon is going to get reinstated and manage to stay clean for the rest of his career, and end up in the PFHOF. After we trade his rights for a conditional 6th rounder