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  1. SoCalBrownsFan


    Im obsessed with the cheerleader thread.
  2. SoCalBrownsFan

    "It's a shock to everybody on this team"

    It's crystal clear now.
  3. SoCalBrownsFan

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    Currently unemployed. My last job I did IT Support/ Warehouse supervisor for an electronic components distributor.
  4. SoCalBrownsFan

    Change my ass

    I saw right through Obama's change bs, he is afterall a politician. They all are LIARS.
  5. SoCalBrownsFan

    Claussen vs Tebow for the Heisman

    Tebow is not going to be a good NFL QB.
  6. SoCalBrownsFan

    What a game

    Real manly colored football uniforms.
  7. SoCalBrownsFan

    1st Annual Brownsboard MMA Tournament

    The one in the blue blazer is sorta hot.
  8. Dammit, where is the thanks button when I need it. This made me . We are doomed, just when we will be getting good. BTW: what is the breakdown of our picks right now. (what rounds and how many of each round)
  9. Thanks button for this post to you. I'm not a big Mangini fan, and like I have said earlier, I thought the Browns settled for mediocrity with the hiring of him. Only time will tell I guess, hopefully we get this team turned around next year.
  10. SoCalBrownsFan

    2 completions?

    Please go ahead. Just don't post any stats explaining why DA sucks.
  11. SoCalBrownsFan

    Ladies and Gentleman....boys and girls

    You notice how he doesn't do a lot of tippy toeing when he gets the ball, he hits the hole and is gone. Take notes Jamal.
  12. SoCalBrownsFan

    Ted Ginn

    Kinda reminds me of Browns fans reaction during the draft.
  13. SoCalBrownsFan

    Over/Under on BE drops tonight

    That is some funny sh*t mz the pussy.
  14. SoCalBrownsFan

    Over/Under on BE drops tonight

    He looks a lot better than the pieces of shit we have behind center.