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  1. Icemann778

    Arizona Immigration Law Debate

    yes it is a good law and is the way to go or do you feel that it is a waste of resource and an attack on civil rights
  2. Icemann778

    Obamao's Katrina

    environmental challenge could pose the same kind of political threat
  3. omeone who has the wisdom and experience
  4. Icemann778

    Recommended Reads

    limit shouldn't be misconstrued as a daily requirement to start another thread.
  5. Icemann778

    McCoy Just a Backup?

    it is believed the Browns will heavily scout what is expected to be, a rich quarterback draft in 2011.
  6. Icemann778

    Getting pumped!!

    very nice video good job
  7. Icemann778

    Mangini at Football Hall of Fame

    “Nobody’s gonna let you come in and take their job.”
  8. Icemann778

    Survey Monday, belated Mother's Day

    I have hopes that the third one will be much better than this one
  9. Icemann778

    Browns draft picks...

    I love what we did with our first two picks sure-ing up the secondary......same here
  10. Icemann778

    Joe Haden's nickname

    even i suggest Joe "The Gator" Haden
  11. Icemann778

    its REAL HARD

    The Browns will soon have a team that is not only respected but feared.
  12. Icemann778

    Carlton Mitchell

    awesome videos..thank you
  13. Icemann778

    QB question

    I think there are many surprises ahead for us all as Browns fans
  14. It's tough to argue the merit of this gesture.
  15. Icemann778

    Our 2010 roster

    RB Lawrence Vickers Unrestricted WR Mike Furrey TE Michael Gaines OL Rex Hadnot CB Hank Poteat OL Ryan Tucker OL Billy Yates