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    Draft Thoughts 2013

    My ideal situation would be to trade down add a couple picks and grab Dion Jordan out of Oregon. This kid is a freak. He could put on a few pounds, add some strength and he'd be good to go. He has a Jason Pierre Paul type body. He's not used to putting his hand in the dirt as a DE but he lines up near the end usually as an OLB. Sometimes they'd even put him 1 on 1 with receivers because he plays that fast. He uses his arms really well to get inside of blockers and his speed does the rest. Downside, he was hurt sometime this season and missed a few games near the end. Declined offer to the senior bowl due to the injury most likely. Can't wait to see him at the combine though.
  2. Cuda

    Grossi On Lombardi

    My favorite quote from his PC: "If I was the man I was 20 years ago, I don't think Joe and Jimmy should have hired me." I guess Mike just had some life changing epiphany on evaluating football talent during his time at NFL network.
  3. Cuda

    Banner Says Browns Passed On Kelly

    If anyone watched his Philly presser when the media asked him about him going back to college he came off as a total liar. He's just a weasel through and through. I didn't want him here to begin with, glad we passed. I'll give him 3 years till he runs back to College ball.
  4. Cuda

    Shurmur To The Eagles?

    This just makes no sense to me. You have Chip Kelly who's coming in and is supposed to bring his up tempo offense with him. Why would you go out and get a guy as OC who has a polar opposite approach? I guess we'll see how this is supposed to come together later, but as for right now it doesn't seem like the pieces fit so well in Philly.