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  1. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    ? Smartest thing I've read in a Browns forum yet.
  2. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Mike Lombardi Hired

    Well, they make 3 good hires one absolutely horrid hire. Welcome back to reality, Browns fans.
  3. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Lol obviously you've never watched him. In college the guy had touches on the ball 30-40% of at least every game. They used him in the back field, spec teams, everything. He's as versatile as it comes, and they're not utilizing him.
  4. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Who gives a shit about numbers, when he's being over payed to play a position that he's not performing in like he once was.
  5. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    He hasn't returned any sort of kick for a touchdown in 2 years. Benjamin is faster, and younger. No need to sign him an waste more money. That's ignorant.
  6. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Don't want Cribbs back. Waste of money, and space.
  7. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Really like the idea of taking a chance on the Honey Badger in a 4th, or 5th round as a nickleback. Keep him clean, motivated and he could probably surprise people. Kid always played with a bit of a chip on his shoulder
  8. DrinkLikeAManBarkLikeADawg

    Rob Chudzinski Officially New Hc Of Browns

    Just read a report where Browns are interested in Raheem Morris to interview for the DC job. If this happens, and Morris is hired I'll officially hang up my hat, and probably watch college football for the rest of my life. I do not understand letting Dick go when the one bright side of the team has been the defense. Going back to a 3-4 just resets everything they've progressed. Also, changing schemes would more than likely throw the idea out of drafting Werner considering he ran the 4-3 all four years at FSU. I still feel like Weeden needs one more big weapon for any sort of down field threat. Can't expect Gordon and Richardson to make an entire offense. Maybe even get Bemjamin more involved with his speed. But my biggest concern is definitely what the end up doing with the DC. If its not gonna be Dick in CLE, try offering Lovie Smith a nice deal if he doesn't land anywhere.