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  1. BigBrownsFan

    Greg Jones?

    With our linebacking corp being what it is, wonder if we would give this guy a look? He was pretty darn good at MSU, but, college doesn't always translate to the NFL. Just ask Vernon Gholston
  2. BigBrownsFan

    Fantasy Football 2012 Style

    Whoever Father of 3 is.... in Browns Board 3..... You are a candy ass pussy!!!!!! Dropping out because someone made fun of your stupid suggestion of adding one point per carry. Grow a sack and go root for the Steelers..... way to screw the whole league and draft because you cannot handle it. Pussy.
  3. BigBrownsFan

    Weeden Trounces Colt, Wins Job

    You saw him in HS? Did they have leather helmets back then??
  4. BigBrownsFan

    Jesus Christ Hardesty

    Cut his sorry ass.... he sucks. He cant hold onto the ball. He cant catch worth a shit. He cant stay healthy. What an asshat.....
  5. BigBrownsFan

    Cleveland Vs Green Bay Online

    Link needed as well.....
  6. BigBrownsFan

    Browns Vs Lions Thread

    Sent PM as well. Thanks!!!
  7. BigBrownsFan

    Anthony Gonzalez Released By Patriots

    Oh no - he cannot suck. He is from OSU - that isn't possible!!!!!
  8. BigBrownsFan

    Haden Takes A Girl To Prom

  9. BigBrownsFan

    Andrew Sweat

    Amen to that!!!
  10. BigBrownsFan

    Andrew Sweat

  11. BigBrownsFan

    Official Udfa Thread

    Great. We signed Drew Astorino the safety from my PSU Nits. Ummm.. He's horrible. He is short and cannot tackle. He is an ankle grabber. Are we auditioning for preseason water boys too??
  12. BigBrownsFan


    Benedict Henne with his whacko nut job of a HS coach Jim Cantafio.
  13. BigBrownsFan

    Mike Jenkins Db

    Not much better... he has been horrible.....
  14. BigBrownsFan

    Travis Benjamin

    He doesn't even know shit compared to the people on THIS board let alone NFL personnel....
  15. BigBrownsFan

    Best Running Back In Draft

    Now that is damn funny I dont care who you are!!!!