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  1. Vagitron


    I'll be around.
  2. Vagitron


    Nah, I will put it in the fridge for you to eat later seeing as both the eagles and the texans took two "good teams" to the wire. Beyond that we beat you with duck fucking hodges last year so the injury thing only goes so far. My point all along without being abrasive has been the Browns aren't there yet despite the enthusiasm leading into Sunday. I also feel like the "you haven't played anyone yet" will linger around for the rest of the season no matter who the Steelers play. It is what it is, the Browns will get there with continuity. The question is, is this the staff to make that happen? Baker certainly hasn't benefitted from multiple NFL coaches already.
  3. Vagitron

    Baker Mayfield

    I'm not sure why you all are frying mayfield. He wasn't good today but his ribs are also fucked up and he's already on his second coach since being drafted. It's going to take time and if the Browns reset again it's going to take even longer. Is he worth his draft position? no, is he a bad qb? I don't think he is and he has the confidence to bounce back. The AFC north is a really tough division. You gotta give that guy some credit for trotting out there today, he was hurting.
  4. Vagitron


    All of this makes no sense to me. The Steelers are better and have been better for a long time. The Browns need continuity and it's something they have lacked for most of my life. They didn't "lay down" they just got dominated. I know that's a tough pill to swallow for you as a Browns fan but the facts are the facts. I said the entire time leading into this week that you all were underestimating the steelers, specifically our defensive front seven that has been man handling teams all season. The Browns got manhandled today and with some continuity that should not happen as frequently. I'm not saying any of this to gloat either.
  5. Vagitron


    Yep. I like Baker. Frankly I always have liked Baker and I think we will get better. He just needs continuity and a fleshed out system. "Mama, didn't raise no wuss" was a great line from him before this game. He just got knocked around because as i said leading into this our pass rush is relentless. Cam knocked him pretty good at one point and that was pretty much when he was done for the game despite staying in.
  6. Vagitron


    Fucked up ribs effects all of it. Think of the torso torque when throwing a nfl pass, it's definitely not helpings bakers cause. The silver lining with baker is he has all the moxie in the world. He isn't going to easily lose his confidence. The browns as a whole just need to get better and healthier and for fucks sake stick with a coach for more than a couple seasons.
  7. Vagitron


    I'm always around. I just don't always post because I don't believe you all need my input all the time.(Or want it for that matter) I read all the time. Gipper can come through for his lashings tho. lol
  8. Vagitron


    I don't need to get into it. You said injuries at important positions, not just in relation to baker. They 100% have a factor, if not a big one but good teams win. The Browns aren't as good as the steelers despite what many said leading into this game.
  9. Vagitron


    Talking about injuries. All teams have them.
  10. Vagitron


    Better luck next game boys and girls TOOT TOOT
  11. Vagitron


    At what point does all that become an excuse? Tomlin always says "The standard is the Standard" The steelers aren't fully healthy either and I routinely catch shit for mentioning injuries. You have to persevere, the good teams do. All i know is there are a few people that need to eat some crow. I've got a special sandwich for Tour on the Texans and the Eagles despite maybe the worst two point conversion call i've ever seen with the game on the line by the eagles.
  12. Vagitron


  13. Vagitron


    Dupree is a massive human being. He's at or over 270 pounds. He's also incredibly stout against the run. All i know is if the Browns plan to block either with tight ends they are going to be in for a rude awakening and that seems to happen a lot with you all.
  14. Vagitron


    I've watched a lot of those games for fantasy football reasons. I watch a lot of games period for that reason, I'm in 4 leagues this year.
  15. Vagitron


    Let me help you out. The texans have played Chiefs Ravens Steelers Vikings Jags The Browns record would likely be the same with that schedule, are the browns a bad team? I will wait for you to reevaluate your previous position on the Texans.