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  1. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Burnett played the same damn position in green bay, was hurt the majority of the season and lost his job to a rookie. Rudolph is a rookie, Dobbs is not. I'm not surprised Rudolph hasn't beaten him out up to this point. Teams that are forced to play rookies at qb either aren't good or have an injury.
  2. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Williams isn't, Dupree hasn't lived up to his draft billing but was good enough to have his 5th year option picked up. Bostic was a very solid free agent signing AND the steelers aren't drafting at the bottom of the first. They led the league in sacks. Why don't you just admit you are in the yinzer pipeline where that contingent of fans talk out their ass and only get their info from kdka and wtae.
  3. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Where is the defense pathetic? We need another corner and maybe a outside linebacker. Don't say "that's the argument in town" like you are actually talking to level headed people. You are knee deep in spoiled yinzer. The defense is far from pathetic. They had a ton of sacks, they just didn't have a bunch of turnovers. Baker already lost to the steelers. I swear you guys are all on drugs.
  4. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Sure it could happen but the current roster is full of talent. It's not happening in a long stretch anytime soon.
  5. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Boswell was shit too and the first game was a damn monsoon. You act like the steelers are just going to blow entire drafts and fall into obscurity. The Browns are finally going to field a team worth a shit, that doesn't mean other teams are just going to lay down. Get a fucking grip hoorta. You should be excited about the Browns but you are in a tough division with at least two teams that are normally good. I have to go back to the 2003 to find the last time the steelers didn't have a winning record. They were 6-10 and they drafted big Ben. Sooo let's just say Ben retires sooner than everyone thinks and the steelers suck a season or two and draft in the top 10 like the Browns do almost every damn year. What then? Gonna blow top ten draft picks like the Browns have? I fucking doubt it. Further more who have I hyped up that didn't materialize? The last one was Connor. The delusions here are hilarious. The Steelers have a track record of winning for a long ass time.
  6. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Brown isn't gone yet. Juju is better than everyone on your roster at the position. (I had to add "at the position in a quick edit because your goofy ass would spin it otherwise) All I said about Washington is he has the pedigree and had the production in college. He just came into a log jam of talent and had some rookie jitters. You are a delusional Santa. You've been delusional the entire time I've posted here and frankly wrong a lot, at least about the steelers. Shall we go digging and revisit your comments on Connor? He then came out before injury and was running all over everyone. I know I'm in enemy territory so I don't post here very often and I bite my time more often than it may seem. You are still full on mental when it comes to the steelers.
  7. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    I would hope you would have a few CURRENTLY better than our fourth string rookie you dip shit. I understood the statement but thought it was ridiculous.
  8. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Washington hardly saw the field. He had two receivers on his team go over 100 receptions. Perriman flaked out in Baltimore. Landry is your damn starter. If you want to include him how did he stack up against juju or brown? Lol 81 catches, less than a 1000 and four tds. How in the hell are you going to compare your starter to basically our 4th string rookie? Washington was inactive some games this year. Gipper it's a Wednesday at 12. You hitting the bottle? Bad Santa?
  9. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    A d the steelers do have a better front seven, soooooo. The only guy I'd take from the Browns front seven over any of our guys is Garrett. He's a beast and a athletic specimen.
  10. Vagitron

    Who is the bigger idiot

    Is he? His career longevity will likely be longer in the mlb. Deion sanders said in hindsight he would have only played in the mlb.
  11. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    And your Washington comment is pure speculation. He had a more decorated college career than every guy on your roster with the exception of maybe Landry.
  12. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    Myles Garrett Is a beast but you had to suck ass to draft him. I like ogbah too and even ogunjobi. However not everything I say here is in relation to the Browns, it was in relation to comments made. Heyward, tuitt and Hargrave are damn good and only one was drafted in the first round at pick 31!
  13. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    And I didn't want munchak to leave, it's a blow for sure but only because I haven't seen how the team performs under Sarrett. However Sarrett is loved by the lineman and learned under munchak. I'm just not a reactionary spoiled twat like some of our fan base is on the regular.
  14. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    What part of his nephew routinely posts on my primary steeler board didn't you read the first time. I also don't know when his family moved to Denver and la. Arizona isn't Denver, his daughter LIVES in Denver. She LIVES in Denver. Did you read it this time?
  15. Vagitron

    Antonio Brown

    I read wexell and kozora and only mentioned paying as a indicator that I go out of my way to follow along. It's okay to try and make it about me "not following along" if it will make you feel better about me denying the demise. Further more the "average steeler fan" is an idiot just like the average Browns fan. I'm a "yinzer" and a proud one in certain capacities but a yinzer when it comes to sports is defined in my mind and a lot of others as a dip shit that follows sound bites and acts in a reactionary manner. You may think you are getting the heartbeat of the fan base being that close to the stadium but you just aren't. The rational fans are dragging their ass across the floor all over social media. I also can't stand most of what is said on 93.7 and that's the only real full time radio gig in town. The fan includes both Ron cook and andrew fillipponi and they are both blow hards. Brown still isn't gone and is unlikely to be gone. Yet somehow the loss of bell and potentially brown makes the steelers talent less? In what world? Our offensive line is all world, our defensive line is ridiculously good. TJ watt had more pressures than von Miller and IF brown is traded it's going to be at LEAST another first round pick which will also be from a cash + team. The latter normally means a higher draft pick due to lack of total team talent or youth. Let's also mention the steelers and their ability to draft wr's. Just in the last ten years you have Brown, sanders, Wallace and juju. Wallace left and flaked out but the other three are tremendous. Are the steelers just going to forget how to draft them now? Washington didn't get a chance to see the field much due.to the talent log jam and some rookie miscues. Keep talking about the steelers demise and I will keep rubbing it in when you are wrong.