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  1. You wanna chit chat you can dm me. Don't try and rally the trolls for back up. 😂
  2. It's my main source for football stuff in relation to the steelers but it's mostly because of all the Steeler depot guys who do a fantastic job. Our more mainstream local coverage in my view is terrible. It's also nice to follow players. Facebook on the other hand is a total cesspool, the ONLY reason i still have it is to keep in touch with family and a few friends. I would 100% delete it otherwise although i keep a business page for our store I can't delete. I can't win there I guess.
  3. Lets hope for his sake he doesn't. I bet gipper is the fan club president.
  4. I hope you at least read twitter. I'm serious when i say it, it's unrivaled for sports coverage but i'm not sure if the Browns have the same quality of reporting as the Steelers and I don't mean that in any type of way. Kareem Hunt is signing helmets, maybe they aren't talking about it now. I hope they aren't for your sake. I sometimes think i need a flip phone as i occasionally have a hard time getting off of mine. Lol. I instead recently upgraded to a iphone 12 pro max, the polar opposite of a flip. 😐
  5. IF and it's a big IF I were salty it was the day of the game. I'd also be salty if we didn't get rid of randy at OC. The Steelers deserved to lose that game and they did and i'm the furthest thing from salty about it. We can't win them all and things needed to change. The Browns game and the late season collapse served as a catalyst so while I'd like to still see the Steelers in the playoffs I knew they weren't going far if they didn't play like they did against the colts. I post here because I enjoy some of the people and I like to read about the division. I couldn't give ONE. SINGLE. SHIT. about the browns otherwise and that's a fact. I don't lose sleep over losses, I certainly wouldn't buy t-shirts with quotes from a rival team on it. I definitely wouldn't make a video because that kind sir is the very definition of SALT. I'd grab a mirror and look at it for a bit. lol
  6. I mean you guys made fucking t-shirts with a quote on it. A quote mind you that was taken out of context and done so by design. Do you think Claypool cares about any of this? It's just a weird situation especially when you all are still in the playoffs.
  7. I'm happy for you. The video didn't make me upset, the video just shows me some of you have the Steelers living in your head rent free 24/7 365. You play the chiefs this weekend and you made this video. Niiiiiiiice
  8. Some of you need a fucking hobby. How did you all WIN this game but are still up in arms over juju and claypool? Browns players are still talking about it. It's wild. Annnnnnd i got what i wanted with the Steelers. Randy and Sarrett both gone but i was more concerned with Randy. Super nice guy, terrible OC.
  9. Teller, bitonio, hunt, chubb, Garrett. I'm not sold on hooper and while Landry is very good he's at his ceiling and not one of the steeler receivers is and they are all very stout minus the drops. All of which is mental/maturity and not a lack of ability. I wanted the steelers to draft obj but he went too high.
  10. Thank you. I appreciate this as I'd like to just exist here and get my interdivision news and continue to associate with those I care to associate with. Now that doesn't mean I don't expect to catch shit or get in heated arguments. I may even say some troll-esque things but I stick around because I've been here a long time. (2003 on my old name) I enjoy some of you and the conversations that transpire. I hate the Browns, Ravens, Bengals and the fucking rat shit Patriots. I'm never going to be the "great job guys" guy. I hate when rival fans show up and say "great game guys" or whatever the hell else people do. I am guilty of poking and prodding and some of your beef with me stems directly from that. Call me a troll and you are going to get trolled. I put gipper on ignore so a lot of that should calm down. Now I can just deal with the situational mouth breathers with names that rhyme with bal and dickhardforbigben. Either way and I think it goes without saying and why I appreciate this post, I'm not here to ruffle feathers. I'm hear to read, talk football and bs with the guys I enjoy bs'ing with and if any of those guys said "Hey man, I think you should leave the board." I would. Anyway, I appreciate this post and am happy to bs some inter division stuff and whatever else. I've always been a know thy enemy type because it makes me better. Here I am. 🤙😎 And I'd happily have a beer with several of you. I hope to at some point.
  11. I really don't see the cap dropping that far, especially with covid. I imagine it's going to stay around the 200 mark.
  12. Thst isn't really how this works. My teams season is over.
  13. I will be shocked if Ben isn't back. We shall see how badly he wants another go. Does he take a hometown discount? 🤷‍♂️ I have also read about the team using qualifying contract potentially to bring the cap down. The article mentioned alualu specifically.
  14. Yea we have one downtown delaware. It's call son of Thurman's. Definitely a good burger but also fucking huge. There is a place in a neighboring town (Powell) called the liberty tavern and for a while they made this burger with a Asiago cheese crisp, bacon, fig jam and peanut butter. It's still the best burger I've ever had in my life. Lol. Thurman's is good tho.