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  1. Vagitron

    Mac Speedie enters HOF, Modell OUT

    Not listing Polamalu is only showing the bias of some of you. He's going in and if he doesn't it will be because he doesnt care about accolades and the hall has an ego to floss.
  2. Vagitron

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    He's only been your gm since 2017. The Browns will continue to suffer if for no other reason than zero continuity. What exactly has dorsey done wrong since getting the job? Other than missing on kitchens. I think it's crazy they are talking about parting ways, the guy hasnt even been able to make a mark on the team.
  3. Vagitron

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    He kicked a chick in the head but more importantly if you sign hunt, what do you do with chubb? The Panthers ran Stewart and Williams but that wasn't some sort of dream backfield and eventually they couldnt keep them together anyway. The Browns roster is going to start getting expensive so signing hunt sends a signal to chubb. I think hunt expects to be on another team because chubb is the guy. My outsider perspective.
  4. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Mad about what? Freddie kitchens wearing that shirt was brain dead. If anyone should be mad it's you all. Your secondary was healthy besides the benching of Randall who apparently can't control himself. You were of course missing Garrett but the steelers have a murderers row of guys missing from the line up and you lost to our at one time fourth string qb. No one on offense besides the tight ends has more than two years in the league. (Skill players)
  5. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Teams don't go 7-5 if they are horrible with our injuries/suspensions.
  6. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    The Browns didnt walk all over anyone. Mason rudolph was horrendous. The game was one score for a while. Any of you thinking you just crushed it the first go are on the sauce. "We finished it"
  7. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    I don't remember but if it was a bad call it was a bad call. The one today was a bad call.
  8. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Very limited experience at linebacker coming out. He was recruited as a tight end at Wisconsin and then switched. Dupree was raw too but it has taken Dupree a lot longer to become what he is now. Now I worry the steelers will have a hard time keeping him.
  9. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Larry that roughing the passer was horrible. Carson was also in the end one on that touch back. The ball is touching dudes leg. It easily could have been a safety because the refs are bad at their job. No matter what every team in the league outside of maybe the cheatriots has been victim to the absolutely horrendous officiating this year. It's embarrassing. And you are drunk if you don't think the steelers won't be much better with Ben and this defense. We were missing a lot of starters offensively too. The Ravens are legit tho and Tom brady is done after this season.
  10. Vagitron

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    You cannot seriously be in here talking about the fucking refs. They are horrible across the league. Carlson was in the end one, that was a touch back. The roughing on Dupree was horrendous too. Is he supposed to enter the matrix to stop himself from hitting baker? Take your L.
  11. Vagitron

    It's Steeler Week

    To be fair your full of shit. I will see you at the draft in Cleveland gramps.
  12. Vagitron

    It's Steeler Week

    My screen name was changed by the admins you fucking moron. "Pittsburgh started it" Pittsburgh also finished it.
  13. Vagitron

    It's Steeler Week

    Stfu Gipper. If Rudolph said something racist it would have been the first thing out of Garrett mouth, at minimum to teammates and not a single one knew a damn thing about it.
  14. Vagitron

    It's Steeler Week

    I've never been all aboard the Rudolph train. I thought he might be the guy but he has only gotten worse. Rudolph also didn't say anything racist to Garrett. No one in the locker room of either team knew a damn thing about it. Garrett said it to try and save face. All the steelers need is decent qb play. It isn't going to be from Rudolph.
  15. Vagitron

    It's Steeler Week

    When is Jussie smollett coming off suspension?