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  1. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    Grazed? Lmao. He got pummeled. The league is far from consistent from week to week and that's half the problem. However to say Ben got Grazed only highlights your obvious blindness.
  2. Vagitron

    Le'Vion Bell for the Browns

    This is total cowpoop gipper. Yes those things play a factor but continuity, drafting, not over paying players, team culture, coaching and of course ownership all play a role. Cowher for example didn't even want to draft Ben, he wanted to draft Jason Peter's but the rooneys forced the issue and the team drafted Ben.
  3. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    And the steelers are.
  4. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    Emerging? He's here and loud about it. Secondary is also playing much better now that Hilton is back. Haden is terrific. We just need someone to emerge opposite him as it may never be artie burns.
  5. Vagitron

    WRs to watch for Browns and the upcoming draft

    Gipper watch the tape, it’s not hard to find. He’s not blocking guys, he’s legit tackling them like he’s a safety to the ground. He got flagged a few times for it and it never got any better. He may have talent but he needs to be on the bench.
  6. Vagitron

    WRs to watch for Browns and the upcoming draft

    You all need a tackle. Harrison spent all game Sunday legit just tackling people to the ground. It was insane to see. He was put in a ridiculous spot as a udfa starter at the most important spot on the line. He’s pretty much unplayable.
  7. Vagitron

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Todd isn’t the greatest either. Im not here to rub salt or gloat BUT Gipper do you remember before the season when Bell made it clear he was going to hold out. I said James Connor was going to be good and you said I always think next man up is going to be great.........wellllllllllll about that.
  8. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    Kirksey is a volume linebacker, he does not have the same impact on the field. People don't scheme for kirksey, teams schemed for shazier. It's not rocket science gipper. Further more but you are too damn dense to even look, kirksey has played 20! More games. 20!
  9. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    Hoorta Boswell missed field goals too. I'm tired of reading this or hearing this from Browns faithful. Week one was a Sheet show.
  10. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    I forgot Christian kirksey ran a sub 4.3. Gtfo gipper. You are ridiculous
  11. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    Ryan shazier would have finished his career if healthy with ridiculous numbers. Fastest player on our team at linebacker, terrific in coverage. He was our new Polamalu until.....
  12. Vagitron

    This Week in the AFC North

    Our defense is not good right now. It's a combination of losing a generational talent and Keith butler. The Ravens certainly aren't bad but as it stands especially with Mike Hilton injured and even when he wasn't we can't stop anyone from gashing us over the middle nor over the top deep. The Steelers are making teams look fantastic and Ben had a horrid second half in that game. If I'm being honest I'm ready for a trash season to get a top ten pick but we shall see what occurs. Bell eventually being gone opens a bunch of room too.
  13. Vagitron

    ***Official Browns @ Raiders Game Day Thread***

    This. And this game isn't the first example. He ripped off a big one against us week one.
  14. Vagitron

    ***Official Browns @ Raiders Game Day Thread***

    Universally. The "roughing" on Mayfield was the worst one I've seen, ever. Arden didn't even take him to the ground. It also looks like chubb needs more carries but hue is being a stubborn Shmuck and giving him the rookie treatment like he tried to with Mayfield.
  15. Vagitron

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    He is a absurd talent finally on the mend and they trade him to the pats for a 5th. It's moronic.