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  1. Vagitron

    Christianity is under seige in America

    You fucking goobs. If so called Christians didn't feel the need to senselessly jam THEIR religion down your throat maybe you'd have less secular people. As it stands the so called Christian right has done nothing but parade around their "trumped up" sorrows in some sort of half assed effort to get sympathy interest. "We're under attack wwwwaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!"
  2. What the fuck are you going on about? I don't know a single person on the left that said we should do what Sweden did, literally not one. The people I do know pushing that were conservative. You again have your shit ass backwards, just because Sweden is socialist in nature doesn't mean people in the United States on the left have been pushing herd immunity. (I have no idea why I'm posting in here. You are a dumb ass)
  3. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    Nah, your old lady. I boxed her tits like tyson fury. She begged me for more but I was tired of smacking them around. She told me you never get her going like I do, it's probably why she calls all the time. I can give you some tips if you still aren't getting it done. Hell if the price is right I can even make you a mold of my dick. You will have to pull some sleight of hand shit off but it might just work for you. Mini gork
  4. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    Never going to happen. He already dislikes the Patriots and he knows we don't roll with that shit brown. 😉
  5. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    I always get a good laugh and a eye roll when people indicate how old they are. I'm always shocked that some of you are old enough to have kids let alone put them through college. A few of you act like giant fucking man babies. It's remarkable. I have a 6 year old and I'm fucking awesome. Right, gipper?
  6. Vagitron

    Survey Tuesday AFCN and beyond

    You Are An Idiot (stay on the political board where you belong with the other Mongo mouth breathers)
  7. Vagitron

    Survey Tuesday AFCN and beyond

    Draft stock does not define talent. Tj Watt was drafted at 30. Antonio Brown was a 5th rounder and I could go probably 30 more just off the top of my head with the steelers and other teams. There is literally zero to indicate the Browns will have a better go at developing players than the steelers. Draft stock means zero if you don't properly evaluate.
  8. Vagitron

    Survey Tuesday AFCN and beyond

    Why on earth do you think the Browns players have a better chance of getting better? The reality is you change coaches more than Antonio Brown changes his hair. There is literally zero to suggest the Browns staff will have a better chance of player development no matter where the players were drafted. You expect these things to happen with the Browns but not with one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. It makes zero sense.
  9. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    https://www.who.int/violenceprevention/approach/definition/en/ Here is one that makes no mention of destruction of inanimate objects.
  10. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    Joe biden sucks too. The Republicans nor the democrats care about the people of this country. It's about who can floss their own pockets while holding office for as long as possible. I'm a life long Democrat but I've been disenfranchised with the party since 2015. I don't watch cnn or msnbc and I think democrats running on "Donnie bad" is a recipe for disaster. Now with that said Donald Trump is a total dipshit and obviously so are you.
  11. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    I agree.
  12. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    Destruction of property is not violence. Kindly stfu. Anyone standing with or defending Trump in 2020 is a dipshit, moron. You must exist on line item issues and think your personal belief structure is under attack! Lol
  13. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    The Washington post is owned by Jeff bezos, the richest man in the world. He may be a liberal but he's sure as shit not a socially conscious one. Get a fucking grip. We are talking about whether or not native Americans take offense to the team name. If they didn't this wouldn't even be a discussion.
  14. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    The point was it's world's more accurate than a newspapers poll.
  15. Vagitron

    Washington Redskins

    Yea, I just went with the lowest. I've seen it in the top ten several times.