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  1. Chris Hubbard is a Brown

    My point was Hubbard is better than Coleman and he will win the job easily.
  2. Chris Hubbard is a Brown

    If they are pushing for solder I think that's exactly what is going to happen.
  3. Chris Hubbard is a Brown

    Hubbard is rock solid. He filled in for Gilbert when Gilbert was out. We knew we weren't going to be able to afford him as he played his way out of a back up role and he's not going to start over Gilbert. I think the Browns overpaid a little BUT he's very, very solid. It's a great signing for the Browns and you all have money to burn. I will also be shocked if there is a competition. He will win the starting job easily. Edit: he's also position versatile. He can play the whole way across the line. He's likely going to be a stud for the Browns. Take care of the big boy.
  4. Harrison released by steelers.

    Webelos is before boy scouts. It's the highest level of Cub Scouts isn't it? I was a Webelo. I went to I believe the first tender foot meeting and was immediately disinterested and never went back. I should have stuck it out and pressed forward but without any of my cub scout friends moving forward I lost interest. I will leave it up to my soon to be four year old if he wants to do it when the time comes as one of the big scout camps Lazarus is right near our house. I had fun in cub and loved pinewood. I of course also enjoyed that time with my dad. Glad you had a good experience. I did too and the scout leader was my dentist and his son who also didn't move forward was my best friend at the time. Edit: and yes I know eagle scout is a long way from webelos. It's pretty much all of high school isn't it?
  5. Harrison released by steelers.

    I was a cub scout until boy scouts. I went to the first meeting and the room was filled with the most unathletic dudes in my school. Now I was friends with everyone to a point but I had zero in common with anyone in that meeting besides making it to boy scouts so I hung up my scouts gear and focused more on the sports I was playing at the time. In hindsight I should have plowed through to eagle scout but I didn't. Three time pinewood derby champ. Dutch farts under blankets with people trapped underneath.
  6. Harrison released by steelers.

    Up vote for you sir. Good day!
  7. Harrison released by steelers.

    Right, since I'm the one that chose that name not the mod squad. Once again I've been here a hell of a lot longer than you. Two years before my profile even states because I forgot the login on my old name and didn't care to try to figure it out. Find a troll post from me that isn't directed at gipper. I get a long with more than a few here. Your name is based on farting under blankets and trapping people underneath. You have an issue with mine? Lol Beyond the above gipper needs me, 50% of his board posts are pissing matches with me. Right gipper? You saucy lady.
  8. Harrison released by steelers.

    I still love the guy and he's been pushing for his release since early in the season. I get he wanted more snaps and frankly he should have received more. Water over the damn now. We'll see what happens. As far as the timing is concerned Gilbert came back and someone had to go seeing as we played on Xmas day. It's a business after all.
  9. Harrison released by steelers.

    I've been here a hell of a lot longer than you tough guy. I don't stir the pot. Get over it. They can ban me if they so choose.
  10. Harrison released by steelers.

    He only got 40 snaps because he's slow in coverage compared to Dupree and watt. He's still a very good edge setter and pass rusher. He dominated fisher of the chiefs this season. I anticipate him being more than Intel but we shall see. However when I say forced out he was doing all kinds of Sheet supposedly to try and force the steelers to release him. Sleeping in position meetings etc.
  11. Harrison released by steelers.

    We have moats and chickillo. He was cut because of our depth.
  12. Harrison released by steelers.

    He forced his way out. The team is actually pissed at him. Get on Twitter. Read bud Dupree for example.
  13. Harrison released by steelers.

    Ben was off his game the whole season up to the jags game. He's playing like the Ben of old now. I don't want to play Jacksonville because of that secondary but don't act like the steelers are playing the same way anymore. Ben has been a wrecking ball since that game.
  14. Harrison released by steelers.

    He was cut because Gilbert was coming back from suspension. He's strictly a pass rusher and if he plays for ne much it will be against the chiefs assuming they maybe play. He owns fisher their left tackle. The steelers ask their linebackers to drop in coverage a lot now and Harrison is too slow and because watt by all intents and purposes has been fantastic James was expendable. Business is business. I'm sick over it but he got cut because we needed the roster spot and he was unhappy with his lack of playing time.
  15. Until that picture was posted yesterday or today where his hand is under the ball. The league is getting skewered over this and then add in the fact that, that ref team is responsible for three bad calls this season in favor of the Patriots. He caught that ball and got robbed.