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  1. Merry Christmas Rich, I will contact you I admit Brady Quinn is not a NFL starting quarterback.......he is terrible Quinn has won 2 games in his career as a starter and he is yet to throw for 100 yards in each of his 2 victories I was wrong about Quinn I thought he would be good but after last season I came to admit I was wrong about Quinn, this guy is a loser Quinn has had 1 good game this season against Detroit, against San Diego he put up some yards in garbage time, he did nothing aginst the Steelers or Chiefs People must realize the most important thing in the WCO is accuracy by the quarterback and Quinn does not have it The starting quarterback for the Browns in 2010 is not on the Browns roster today Rich we have no offensive playmakers and you have people wanting to draft defense again....uh uh uh Btw, I told you last year Mangini is terrible....Here is the thing with Mangini he can coach but you are not going to win many games with a guy like Mangini after he is fired by the Browns Mangini will never get another head coaching job in the NFL
  2. Flugels, Here is where I disagree with you, You say you like the way the team is playing for Mangini, did you ever think that some of these guys are playing for jobs next year with the Browns and for other NFL teams to get a look at them There is no pressure on this team to win we have been out of the playoff picture so long ago its much easier to play/win when there is no pressure to win You speak of Mangini and the draft choices he got us, Tom our draft STUNK, we traded out of the #5 spot bypassed numerous playmakers such as Harvin, Maclin, Clay Mathews ect who could have helped this year while we selected a Center, I don't think you ever select a center in the 1st round, Veikune has not got on the field, Robiske has been a BUST he has done nothing, looking at the draft Tom what did we get that makes you so excited? MoMass and Mack? Tom there were guys late in the season who only saw the field because of injuries, Moore the tight end only was promoted from the practice squad because of injuries, same with Bernard and a few other players, otherwise we would have seen more of tiptoe Jamal at running back, and Royal at tight end, Mangini never gave these young guys a chance because he wanted to, he only played them because of injuries You talk of the 11 draft picks this year, most of the 11 draft choices are 5th and 6th round picks, so how many contributions do you really expect us to get? you seem to think Mangini got us all these extra picks where we can net top prospects whereas we got a bunch of 5th and 6th round picks. On defense we still can't stop the run, we still can't stop the pass People say I don't want to tear it down and start over again....Tell me what are we tearing down and starting over? Do you call wins agains a bad Steeler team, and wins against the Chiefs and maybe a bad Raider team and that win against the Bills progress by Mangini or has he likes to sell people its a process have you forgot its a 16 game season and for the first 12 games we STUNK and tell me what team have we defeated with a winning record? Do you realize our starting QB (Quinn) until he was injured has won 2 NFL games as a starter and not throw for over 100 yards in each of his 2 victories Lets hope Holmgren comes and builds this team the correct way because we don't have anything to tear down and start over.
  3. Alo, I agree 100% what you are saying, what I don't understand is people talking about keeping Mangini as though they forgot the first 12 games of the season when we did not look like a NFL team on offense, then we beat the Steelers in terrible conditions and a terrible Chiefs team and now we should give Mangini another season I just don't get. I seem to think with the pressure off to win its alot easier to win past 2 games and also we beat a Steelers team that lost to the Chiefs, Raiders and Bears...this is not a good Steeler team and a Chiefs team we needed 2 Cribbs returns for TD's or we lose. You make a great point about Holmgren and Mangini being totally different, if you wanted things to remain the same with Mangini, then why hire Holmgren? I would like to see Holmgren clean house with everything associated with the losing culture and bring in his own people and finally we will have a offense to be excited about since Chuds 1 good year. How is Holmgren going to be able to get players for a guy like Mangini who does not run a WCO or 4-3 defense both things that Holmgren is most experienced with. I just don't see the 2 working together as a good match
  4. Sony Reed

    The Mangini-Holmgren Possibility

    Lets hope if Holmgren agrees to take the job that Mangini and his entire staff is shown the door Bye Bye Mangini and your terrible assistants Seems to me we should set our expectations higher than beating the Steelers for Mangini to stay, has everyone forgot how this team has looked in losing 11 games before we beat the Steelers? I have seen some High Schools with much better offenses and schemes on offense than Mangini's 2009 version. We play 2 bad teams in the Chiefs and Raiders and a very average Jags team to close the season so even going 3-0 or 2-1 is not enough for me to want to see Mangini return. The way I see things we beat a Steeler team that lost to the Raiders and Chiefs, and a poor Buffalo team thats already fired there head coach so beating the Raiders and Chiefs and maybe the Jags does not convince me that Mangini should get another year. No Browns team has been more brutal to watch than this season, for most of the season we looked like a division 2 college team on offense and thats all on Mangini. The other thing that bothers me is guys like Evan Moore, Jennings, Bernard the only reason we are seeing these guys is because of injuries, if not for injuries Mangini would still be running Lewis, Royal and other veteran like the stiffs we got from the Jets who have contributed nothing on the field this season. I think its sad that the best linebacker we have playing is Roth who we picked up off waivers, and Trusnik a guy who never played anything but special teams for the Jets.
  5. Sony Reed

    Just Curious - What Do You Want For Quinn?

    I will answer your question in 2 ways: 1. If any GM would trade a high draft choice for Brady Quinn with the idea of Quinn becoming a starter it would not be a wise move. 2. Browns fans have continued to say Quinn has had only 10 starts and needs more time, how many starts do you have to give a guy to show that he is not the quarterback to lead your team. I have seen nothing in Quinn to convince me he will be anything but a backup QB in the NFL BQ has very poor accuracy, is afraid to throw the ball downfield more than 15 yards and his accuracy past 15 yards is terrible, if we wish to continue to be a losing team then continue to play Quinn and hope he becomes a decent QB, me I have seen enough of BQ to see he is nothing more than a career NFL backup QB. IMO the Browns starting QB for 2010 is not currently on the roster.
  6. I keep hearing everyone so excited that we have 11 draft picks in the 2010 draft, while its good to have this many picks we have only 4 first day picks which are one pick in rounds one and two and 2 picks in round 3. The remaining picks are all late round picks so how does everyone feel with just 4 first day picks that this draft is going to turn this team around. Most teams are fortunate to get 2 starters from each draft and in the Browns case with only 4 first day picks and the way we have drafted and with the way Mangini drafted last season I don't see much help from 11 draft picks, yea the 1st and 2nd round picks should come and contribute immediately but with most 3rd round picks you are looking at projects or backup players and the percentage of players that make a impact after being selected in the 3rd round is not very high and the remaining 7 picks are all late round picks we might get 1 or 2 players who contribute but how much can you expect from guys taken in the 4th, 5th or 6th rounds. This team has too many holes and this draft alone won't fill all the needs we have, as we stand today we don't have one offensive playmaker on this team so unless we plan on being active in free agency I just don't see it happening for a few years and Btw how many free agents do you really believe want to play for Mangini if he's the coach or come into this situation. We still need a new RG, RT, RB, WR, OLB, CB, S and QB thats 8 new starters and I doubt that because of his contract Steinbach is back next year which means we need a LG. I know many people will disagree but if we could get a 1st round pick for Shaun Rogers he should be traded this offseason, we are terrible againt the run with Rogers so how bad will we be without him if we can upgrade at the linebacker positions, by the time the Browns are ready to win consistantly how much will Rogers have left.
  7. Sony Reed

    Question About Kokinis Hiring From Ravens

    The only reason Daboll is the offensive coordinator is because 1. Mangini can tell him what to do, keep things conservative, The Jets offense was the same boring offense under Mangini, Mangini would like to win every game 13-10 2. No experience offensive coordinator will work for Mangini Now you and I and all the fans can see that Daboll is terrible why can't Lerner and Mangini see this?
  8. Sony Reed

    Kokinis got schooled

    Solon, you will never win arguing with some people here,we have zero players on offense and we passed up offensive playmakers to trade down to select a center, we got out of this draft a receiver who can't get separation (Robiske) a college defensive end moved to lb, a raw rookie Massaquoi trying to be a number 1 receiver and a center and folks are calling this a great draft. Also all this talk about we got 11 draft picks, do people actually realize that most of these 11 draft picks in 2010 are late round draft choices so tell me how are these draft picks taken in the 4th, 5th and 6 rounds going to offer much help to this team. We have a offense that looks like some pee wee football team, we have a inept offense that struggles to score 10 points a game and I see people hear saying lets draft defense in the first 3 rounds, guess what if you can't score points I don't care how good your defense is you won't win, no defense is going to shutout teams every week and in the AFC North you have Rothlisberger, Palmer and Flacco so you better be able to score some points because all 3 of those teams will score points
  9. Sony Reed

    Mangini as Coach/GM

    Looking at the way things just happened it seems like Lerner is believing all the crap Mangini is feeding him
  10. Can anyone answer this question, When Kokinis was hired from the Ravens I thought he could only come to the Browns if was given complete control of the 53 man roster and the draft along with final say in trades, with the title of GM which makes this a promotion from his duties with the Ravens, if thats the case how will the Browns get away without action from the NFL if proven as it seems that Kokinis actually had no power and that he was just given a title of GM to get him to leave the Ravens. Might the NFL be looking at fining the Browns for doing something like this. Seems all the power has been with Mangini and Kokinis was just a puppet for Mangini.
  11. Sony Reed

    mangini must go

    You say when we win, what makes you believe with Mangini we will win? I just want to know why you have so much confidence in Mangini Just last year we had a team many felt was on the brink of being a playoff contender, Mangini came in and got rid of 2 playmakers in Edwards and Winslow, while true they did not want to be here, but why was neither replaced with playmakers?, we had the #5 pick in the entire draft yet we continued to trade down to get a freakin center, now I understand you needed help on the oline, but knowing you wanted to get rid of Edwards or he was not going to resign with us why not trade down and get one of the many playmakers available in the draft a Harvin, Maclin, Nicks type player, in round 2 we draft 2 wide receivers, we all know it takes most rookie receivers a few years to adapt to the NFL game, I could see drafting one receiver but not 2 when this team needed a running back and pass catching tight end neither of which was addressed in the draft (Shonn Green looked pretty good yesterday)now look at all the ex jets we brought in, none of them have really made any type of impact, are you telling me the money we spent on those ex Jets could not have went to get a better RT than St.Clair or better guard than Womack, what about on defense where we all saw Mcdonald having problems giving up big plays last year and we bring in ex Jets in Hank Poteat and corey Ivey, or at LB we could not have done better than barton and Bowens? The blame IMO lies with Mangini because these are his guys, the guys he wanted, there is no excuse for not having a veteran wide receiver on this team someone better than Mike Fuerry or a better tight end than Royal, the draft IMO did not address the needs, are you going to tell me drafting a project in Veikune or a specials team player in Maiva was a better option than getting a running back or CB or pass rushing LB. We trade Braylon, now I don't have a problem with trading Braylon my problem is getting a slot receiver and a specials team linebacker in return, once again we get rid of a playmaker and don't add another playmaker this is all on Mangini What about Jerome Harrison something has to be wrong, the guy can't get more carriers than over the hill Jamal Lewis, 2 coaching staffs now have decided that harrison is not good enough to start yet we don't draft a running back IMO Mangini has done more to hurt this team than to improve this team, and I don't see anything in the future to make me believe that all of a sudden things are going to change for the good with Mangini, so we have 11 draft picks of the 11 realistically how many will actually contribute2-3 maybe the remaing that make the team will be depth we will be lucky to get 2-3 starters out of the draft and this team will need more than 2-3 new starters
  12. Sony Reed

    Mangini Mistake -

    These are the guys mangini wanted and as the article states things are as bad as a franchise can get, the draft and a few free agents won't fix this mess that mangin has created I say that lerner needs to admit he made a huge mistake with Mangini and get rid of this guy, I as a fan don't see things improving anytime soon, as you stated what free agent would want to come here unless he is greatly overpaid and it seems like not many players in the league would be thrilled about playing for Mangini, same with trying to get experienced coaches to come here. I believe the reason we are seeing Daboll is because this is a guy that Mangin can control and he has a fear of hiring a experienced offensive coordinator who knows what he's doing because Mangini might not be able to control him. There is some talent on this team, this team should be better than a expansion team, Mangini has destoyed this team in a effort to prove he is smarter than everyone, Mangini is making Ted Stepien look smart
  13. I keep hearing the excuses of give Mangini 3 years, lets build thru the draft, we got 11 draft picks in 2010.....blah blah blah People say we don't have the talent...Somewhat true We have no playmakers..True...Guess who got rid of the playmakers we had and did not replace them? Eric Mangini Why did our GM not sign any veteran playmakers such as a running back or wide receiver? Because Mangini is really the GM he calls all the shots Now I took a look at the Miami Dolphins of 2007 and the Miami Dolphins of 2008 who made the playoffs, well its amazing what a guy like Bill Parcels who knows what he's doing compared to someone who thinks he is a genius like Mangini The 2007 Dolphins team had Cleo Lemon, Trent Green and John Beck as there quarterbacks...all terrible, the leading rushers were Ronnie Brown and Jesse Chatman with Brown leading the team in rushing with 602 yards, the leading receiver was Marty Booker with 602 yards and 1 touchdown. So what does Bill Parcels does, he adds Chad Pennington, signs Ricky Williams drafts Davonne Bess, Tedd Ginn develops into a NFL receiver (coaching) gets a pass catching tight end in Anthony Fassono signs some veteran FA offensive lineman adds a few role players to his defense and BAM the Dolphins are a playoff team So my question if the Dolphins can go from 1-15 and make a few changes why do the Browns go backwards instead of going forward Btw, With all these draft picks coming how many of these guys do we really expect to contribute and be starters next year, look around the league after the 3rd round how many draft picks are anything more than specials teams players and I think we have added quite a few of these type of guys already. Would be nice if we could get some free agents that were not ex jets who can actually contribute Looks like all we got from the Jets were a bunch of guys who are nothing more than stop gap or backup players Watching this team is like watching a expansion team
  14. Sony Reed

    This is Beyond Bad-Mangini Is The Problem

    OK I will say that only Steinbach and Joe Thomas would start for the Bengals but no NFL team should look like this on offense Brian Daboll should be calling plays as much as you or I, I can call 2 runs up the middle and pass on 3rd down This team looks like a expansion team Have you ever seen a offense this bad in Pro Football? I guess that comes from running so many laps in training camp
  15. Sony Reed

    This is Beyond Bad-Mangini Is The Problem

    Yes there are hole on this team but tell me who is the person that created these holes....That my friend is Mangini This team has some talent but the talent is not being utilized correctly, examples tell me why we have to watch Jamal tip toe every week to gain 2 yards? Who is responsible for the Floyd Womacks and John St. Clair? Who brought in all these ex Jet players who have made little to no contributions to this team Daboll is here because Mangini can control him, Mangini wants a power running game Ha Ha Ha, and to control the clock, only thing we don't have the players for the type of team and offense Mangini wants to run, everybody got on RAC but if I had a choice today I would rather have RAC, at least until injuries crippled the team last year we were in games this year we are toast midway into the 3rd quarter. Look at the players we have given away and got nothing in return, thats all on Mangini What about last years draft makes you think Mangini is going to turn this team around thru the draft, we have a top 5 pick and trade it away for a extra pick in round 2, a center and 6th round draft choice that a joke just like this team has become Also its not like we are losing playing a bunch of kids, we are losing playing veterans like Barton, Coleman, Bowens, Elam, Robaire Smith, Pool, Rogers,Wimbley I don't see any rookes getting torched on defense and the oline is all veterans the only position we are young at is wide receivers and look at the routes called for the receivers I don't care who the receivers are they are not being put in the position to succeed and thats this coaching staff, I thought the staff with RAC was bad but this is just ridiculous. and I won't get started on the quarterbacks We have a offense that can't score unless its on a return I have seen some High School offenses look better than the Browns