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  1. ClevelandBigDawg

    Browns Player additions

    What about Jacobbi McDaniel, I thought he was pretty solid in the preseason. This new guy may be more like Armonty though or something. I guess I dont understand why we dont promote from within for a backup spot like this. He would know his assignments and such. Unless he just isnt very good, in which case I dont see the point of having someone like that on the PS anyways.
  2. ClevelandBigDawg

    Big reach......

    The exact guy that came to mind when this thread popped up. Not only (by reports) could he have been had much much later, we we're converting him to an inside linebacker. That may not have been so bad, but if I remember correctly, the dude played DT in college. Pretty drastic transaction to make there.
  3. ClevelandBigDawg

    Who would you take in the 7th round?

    David Fluellen, RB - Toledo Keith Wenning, QB - Ball State Willie Snead, WR - Ball State Jerry 'Boo Boo' Gates, S - BGSU Alex Bayer, TE - BGSU David 'Chief' Kekuewa, C - BGSU I'm a MAC guy and BGSU in particular, so I think these would be cool, though Wenning is probably the only draftable prospect. and for the name... Jerry Rice Jr., WR - UNLV
  4. ClevelandBigDawg

    Hyde at 26?

    In Houston and Washington their highest draft pick (2nd and 4th rounders) were both backups to an undrafted rookie and a 6th rounder. I dont see us looking at RB until at least the fifth round, unless there's someone that falls that we just cannot pass up (I doubt). And no matter when we draft a RB I believe that they will have a chance to compete for the starting job. It's Ben Tate's to lose but he isn't just going to be given it either. Not to mention that RBs aren't as highly valued as they used to be. Just look at some of the high profile names that have left their teams in the past 2 years.
  5. ClevelandBigDawg

    Going Crazy Draft Trivia

    Pretty sure Crocker played for the Bengals last season.
  6. ClevelandBigDawg

    Going Crazy Draft Trivia

    Other than those two guesses, I'm completely stumped
  7. ClevelandBigDawg

    Late round prospects

    Now I get it. HAHA. Too many layers in that joke for me to first understand
  8. ClevelandBigDawg

    Late round prospects

    I would not be opposed to either Fales or Wenning. Would really like to see the Browns give Wenning a shot though because he's from around my hometown. Just would be cool to see. If we drafted either of those guys I get the feeling that they wont be the only ones that are being drafted.
  9. ClevelandBigDawg

    On our way to 90

    I dont think there is any way we actually draft 10 rookies. I bet we take 7 or 8 while using 2 or 3 to trade up or for next year picks.
  10. ClevelandBigDawg

    What would you do?

    I'd definitely try to trade down. But if we can't swing that, I would go with Robinson, Manziel/Bortles/Bridgewater/Carr(whichever we rate the highest), or maybe reach a little and grab Mike Evans. Personally my vote here is gonna be Johnny.
  11. ClevelandBigDawg

    My 2014 Mock Draft

    Figured I might as well share. I dont know how much you guys will like it, but here we go... I think the top three go in some sort of order Clowney, Robinson, & Bortles/Watkins. I believe QBs will fall hard. 4 - Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo I think Mack has the ability to play inside. If he can we fill a major hole, and are running out a starting lineup of Kruger, Mack, Dansby, Sheard with Mingo coming in rotationally. Even if Watkins is there, I just am getting this feeling we wont be taking him. 26 - Xavier Su'a- Filo, OG, UCLA I think given a competent RG, Schwartz plays much better at the RT spot. If he does not improve on what he did last year we draft a OT early next year or try to pick one up in the free agency. Maybe Reid Fragel could potentially be an answer too (I'm not a homer, I dont even like OSU). 35 - Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State This dude is an absolute monster. Ran a 4.56 at 6'1 212, and also has a 39.5" vertical. His hands are glue. I think he would be a perfect compliment for Josh Gordon and we dont have to use a first rounder on him. 71 - Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU Finally a QB. Like I said I see QBs falling. Whether that means you believe Mettenberger could find his way into the second round, I think with everyone else falling, we will see him in the third. Could also see Garoppolo here too, but that is doubtful. This gives us another year with Hoyer. If he's good it's not like we invested a ton in Mettenberger so he continues to sit. If he's bad we can see what Mettenberger has and we can still draft a QB early next year since Farmer supposedly loves Mariota. 83 - Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida Gives us some more CB depth. Unfortunately he's not a big corner like we're all hoping for, but at 5'11" he would still be one of if not the tallest CB on the roster. 106 - Ahmad Dixon, S, Baylor Seems to finding his way up the draft board, so he may not even be here at this pick. But it would fill a need at S. He could definitely provide solid depth his rookie year, and maybe find himself starting over Gipson. 127 - Jordan Tripp, LB, Montana I'm playing Mack at inside backer, and Tripp will be an outside backer for us. He gives us some flexibility next year with Kruger, depending on how he performs this year. 145 - Storm Johnson, RB, UCF Pretty big back who put up good numbers last year. Shanahan's offense doesn't call for a high pick at RB, and we can use those picks to address more pressing needs. Plus we also signed Ben Tate. Our RBs next year will probably Tate, Johnson, and Lewis, with Edwin Baker fighting for a spott with Lewis. 180 - Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson Huge value/upside pick if everything heals right and he is actually available. The torn ACL will drop him down boards, I just dont know if it will be this far. Chris Faulk was also supposedly a 2nd-3rd round pick before he got hurt, and he was found as an UDFA. Maybe Thomas will also free fall. 218 - Keith Wenning, QB, Ball State Even if we sign a QB before the draft, I could still see us drafting 2. I believe if we sign anyone it will be Rex Grossman, and then Wenning and Grossman will duke it out for the 3rd QB spot. Not gonna even try to guess UDFAs, as trying to come up with 7 rounds was pretty hard with at least attempting to be realistic on where people might go. But I think our prime targets for UDFAs will be TEs, Cs, OGs, and DBs. My theory with this draft is to fill as many needs as possible and give us a chance at finding our FQB without using a real high pick this year. If Hoyer fails and Mettenberger comes in and fails as well. We're going to be in position again next year to draft a top QB. I know everyone was saying that this years was supposed to be good around last years draft, but I do feel that next years will be really good. There will be guys like Winston, Mariota, Petty, and Hundley, that I am pretty sure will come out, that I know of that should go early. If we find ourselves in the playoffs next year we keep building our depth and keep rolling with Hoyer.
  12. ClevelandBigDawg

    Who's gonna go see Draft Day?

    I noticed that too and was just like really?
  13. ClevelandBigDawg

    Trade Little

    It's not a matter of how he has performed in the past. It's just that we should probably have a replacement in mind or keep him for an "in case" reason. Like I mentioned we have two players that are coming off of injuries and another who his on his last strike. Now I sure as hell dont hope that injury or a suspension happen, but if something does happen, I'd rather have Little on the roster as a fall back option then someone who gets cut from another team or an undrafted rookie.
  14. ClevelandBigDawg

    Trade Little

    That's the thing. I doubt any team is willing to give up anything higher than a 7th, and they may not even be willing to give up a 7th. Not to mention I'm not so sure I'd even want to trade for another 5th or 6th rounder (doubt we'd get either) since we already have 10 picks. Especially if the draft is as deep at the WR position as everyone seems to believe it is. He's not an expensive option, so there's no harm in keeping him up till the final cuts and see if he earns a spot on the team. If at that point we decide he's not worth it, cut him. Another reason I say you keep him around at least till the final cuts is that right now outside of him our WRs are likely Gordon, Hawkins, and Benjamin. Benjamin and Hawkins are each only like 180 lbs soaking wet. Both were injured last year. What if, God forbid, one of them goes down with an injury in offseason/preseason. On top of this. Let's say we draft Watkins, or one of the other stud WRs with one of our first 3 picks. We have 4 WRs. Watkins plus 3 from above. Now let's say we take a later round rookie. We're not taking 2 within the first 4 rounds IMO. There's a reason they're on the board that long. It's just that you're walking that fine line when deciding to cut a player from a position you're already so thin at and there are issues with injury or substances for all the other WRs currently on the roster.
  15. ClevelandBigDawg

    Trade Little

    If we traded him, the Cowboys would have been on the hook though.