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    Game Thoughts During Bye Week

    This draft we need the best player available for the positions at need. Which really can be any. WR, play making LB, DB, Oline or QB. It is painfully obvious our last GM and fatboy reached for players. We are the 2nd youngest team in the league. Keep on adding talent. Do not reach. Sign some FE but don't break the bank on them. We can use depth and if we can add a starter who isn't asking for millions than do it. I haven't been this upbeat about the Browns in a long time. If we beat the Bengals on Sunday we will make the play offs. Oh yeah, please cut Weeden. I think even having him on the sideline encourages losing.. We can sign anyone to replace him, He is old and ulgy

    Ward and Mack - Free Agents

    Make them restricted free agents, use your 1rst and 2nd round tender on both of them. This will give us a chance to match any offer and also give us compensation if they leave. I think we finally have management and coaches who know what they are doing. Keeping a team together especially good locker room guys who are young and quality players should be our goal.

    Campell to start

    Listen Weeden was too ugly to root for. This team is close, if we had an average QB we would be a solid team. I hate to say it but Brady Quinn does look hot. We need to sign Cutler in the off season. I myself wish Dallas would have given up on Romo, I have to admit I am a bit of a romosexual
  4. It wasn't a guy we obviously liked. It is crazy all the critics blasting the browns draft. Last year we started how many rookies? How many 2nd year players? We are one of the youngest teams in the league. We can't keep on adding so many rookies to our roster and have turn over. Now if there was a guy we liked, then you grab em. I think it is so funny people praising the 49es and the Ravens for their draft. how many guys will make the team out of their draft picks? They praised the Eagles a few years back and have praised the Pats all the time for trading back and picking up extra picks. Wait a few years, then come back to this draft. As for us, i am fine with it. We have salary cap room and added some guys.


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    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Momass will be out of the league in a year

    Ayanbadejo Available

    Him and fujita could fight for gays

    Hold Up On That Super Bowl Ring For Colt

    Www.growingupcolt.com ???

    Browns Released Gocong And Usama Young

    Im not trying to be a Dick.. But who have they drafted that is so great? Colt 3 rd , hardesty 2nd rd. no one player stands out as a oh my.. Owen maurecic? Face it heckert was a complete dueche.

    Browns Released Gocong And Usama Young

    The only problem is gocong has so much guaranteed money
  11. God the heckert and holmgren era turns out to be a joke

    Dawson To 49Ers

    I Hope he misses all his fgs..

    Donte Stallworth

    It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day.

    Tim Tebow

    Tebow is hot for sure

    Steve Johnson Said...

    Greenbay must be warm. Because he has also said he want's to return there.