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  1. Kevin Hogan Traded

  2. Jets trade up

    They didn't. It was a 3rd rounder.
  3. Browns tender Josh Gordon to ERFA

  4. Browns tender Josh Gordon to ERFA

    This isn't anything new old news and it's what he is according to the league not something the team designated him as. He is an exclusive rights free agent due to his suspensions from drug use. It means he can only negotiate with the Browns until his contract expires. Nothing to worry about. This was brought up in numerous other threads.
  5. Todd Haley

  6. Todd Haley

    Well if Hue doesn't hire someone to turn the offense around, then he's basically committing head coach suicide by saying that his own ego is more important than the success of the Browns and would be fired anyway.
  7. Mock Fantasy Trades

    Bridgewater is mobile but definitely not big and strong.
  8. Yes, I Went There

    Luckman is Blutos doppleganger.
  9. Yes, I Went There

  10. Hugh Wilson

    I don't post much but have been on here for years
  11. Hugh Wilson

    We just traded up and selected Wilson from UH so stop all your whiny bitching. Hugh Howard whatever!!!
  12. DRAFT DAY!

    Thank g-d you were. Kizer blows.
  13. Keep an eye on pick 52 and Pats

    He wants to trade our 52nd pick and a 2nd round next year to the Pats for Malcom Butler if the Saints don't do it first.
  14. Free Agency 2016

    Too late BadebingBadeboom just signed with Lions. No biggie on this one.
  15. 2016 DRAFT who's your boy?

    Not sure it's a given that Bosa will declare early. He might want to stick around and play a year with his brother who'll be a freshman. Supposedly his kid bro is better.