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    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    Not finalized but in the works per ESPN. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29461044/sources-browns-closing-5-year-125m-deal-myles-garrett
  2. Momszer

    Survey Thursday January 22

    NFL Football: 10 College Football: 10 Major League Baseball 7 NBA Basketball: 5 College Basketball: Infinity and Beyond GO UD FLYERS!!! WNBA: 1 Women's college basketball 2 NHL hockey 3 MLS/Premier League/World Cup soccer 1 Golf 5 Tennis 3 Winter Olympics Sports (break it down if you wish) 9 Summer Olympics Sports (break it down if you wish) 10 NASCAR/Indy/Formula One auto racing 7 Boxing 1 UFC 5 Cricket 0 College/High School Wrestling (real wrestling) 0 Bowling 2 Cue Sports: Pool/Billiards/Snooker 0 LaCrosse 2 Horse Racing 5 Rugby 3 Rodeo 0 Surfing 0 Ultimate Frisbee 0 eSports 0
  3. Momszer

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    The article said the money was fake. He was just having fun with a couple of players. I see no harm in this. Lighten up!!!
  4. Momszer

    Browns interest in Skins OT, Trent Williams

    If the trade DEADLINE has passed it sure as hell means he can't be traded this year.
  5. Momszer

    Roethlisberger out for the year

    It's the wrong body part that's going to be sliced and diced. Something else needs to be Bobbitized!!! I feel no pitty for Big Bad Ben.
  6. Momszer

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    I think the (parentheses) are for noting injured players not currently practicing. As in non-serious minor injuries.
  7. Momszer

    Kindred to be waived

    Legit. Why would national media care about Kindred. Lots of reports from yahoo, nbc, etc.
  8. Momszer

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    Zombo you have 52 peeps listed which includes Hunt.
  9. Momszer

    Baker is simply legendary...

  10. Momszer


    "I knew that was coming," Riley said during his weekly news conference. "No, not right now. You sit here and answer these questions and I always want to be truthful. The truth for me is I love Oklahoma. I love coaching here. I love college football. I certainly don't have that itch right now. Don't know that I ever will. "But I'm never going to be a guy that stands up here and says no way, no how with any of these things ever happening. I don't know that. But I know right now I could care less about the NFL." Of course Riley is going to tell the press that right now, he is happy where he's at. Oklahoma has an outside chance of making the playoffs and they are in the middle of the season. Ask him how he feels once the college season is over. I'd bet he'd change his tune then. Not saying I want him here. But the above means nothing.
  11. Momszer


    I went over to twitter and most of the talk 50 or so posts was about fantasy trades with a couple of tweets about a real trade with the Eagles thrown in by disgruntled Eagles fans. Deosn't look like there's anything to it.
  12. Momszer

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    No apologies from NFL this time. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24863251/nfl-explains-replay-reversal-cleveland-browns-1st-down
  13. Momszer

    Good old Hue Jackson

    I was referring to the long pass near the end not the first one that Calloway should of caught. The rest were avoidable and I agree with Tour. Perhaps we should kick Mayfield off the team for throwing himself under the bus and not blaming Hue.
  14. Momszer

    Good old Hue Jackson

    Not that I want to keep Hue, but Baker did have 4 turnovers today. First one not his fault. But the 2 fumbles and stupid pass to Calloway were and it is fair for the coach to say his QB needs to take better care of the ball and make better decisions. I did not find that throwing anyone under the bus. I t was just the reality of the game which included the refs screwing us again. It sucks. And you can't blame Hue for the 2 pt conversions either. That is Haley's call which he did a lot with the Steelers. We got 4 points off of 3 TD's. If we just kicked the extra points, we probably still go to overtime or lose by a point if Gruden decides to win the game going for 2 instead of the tie.