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    LeBron or Art

    LeBron knew he was going to LA many moons ago and basically kept the Cavs in limbo by not informing them of such keeping them hostage with no options to improve the roster until he left. This should be otherwise known as the proverbial bitch slap to Mr. Gilbert's face. But Art still gets my vote and it's not even close.
  2. Momszer

    Great offseason

    Mayle was USC. Some Nigerian guy like Njmbigwae. No clue what his name really was or how to spell it. He was a DB as well.
  3. Momszer

    Browns selected for Hard Knocks

  4. Momszer

    Hue To Jump In Lake June 1st

    With this new knowledge, if I was Hugh, I wouldn't go anywhere near the lake until the scheduled jump date as any true Brown's fan seeing him there would push him in. Hint Hint Hint
  5. Momszer

    Survey Thursday..The Best Not To

    1. Who is he best Browns player ever that is not in the HOF? (and whom you think deserves to be in) Clay Matthews 2. Who is the best Active QB to not have won a Super Bowl? Phil Rivers 3. Who is the best coach in history to have never won a Championship? Bud Grant 4. What is the best team in history to have never really received recognition as a great dynasty...or who fell just short of dynasty status? Buffalo Bills and that's the reason Bud got my vote in 4. The Bills should of been a dynasty but managed to choke every time. 5. A. What is the one or two best "tourist attractions"....in the USA that you have not been to but want to go. Alaska Denali Park B. Same question...except include the entire world. Australia, New Zealand & Christ The Redeemer
  6. Momszer

    Kevin Hogan Traded

  7. Momszer

    Jets trade up

    They didn't. It was a 3rd rounder.
  8. Momszer

    Browns tender Josh Gordon to ERFA

  9. Momszer

    Browns tender Josh Gordon to ERFA

    This isn't anything new old news and it's what he is according to the league not something the team designated him as. He is an exclusive rights free agent due to his suspensions from drug use. It means he can only negotiate with the Browns until his contract expires. Nothing to worry about. This was brought up in numerous other threads.
  10. Momszer

    Todd Haley

  11. Momszer

    Todd Haley

    Well if Hue doesn't hire someone to turn the offense around, then he's basically committing head coach suicide by saying that his own ego is more important than the success of the Browns and would be fired anyway.
  12. Momszer

    Mock Fantasy Trades

    Bridgewater is mobile but definitely not big and strong.
  13. Momszer

    Yes, I Went There

    Luckman is Blutos doppleganger.
  14. Momszer

    Yes, I Went There

  15. Momszer

    Hugh Wilson

    I don't post much but have been on here for years