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  1. Its happening

    I told you guys long ago that the Browns fortune would change for the better. The Browns WILL find a franchise stud QB. Haslam gets it. You are not winning jack $hit in this league without an exceptional QB. Ghoolie has been preaching this truth for eons. http://www.theredzone.org/Blog-Description/EntryId/67098/Jimmy-Haslam-says-John-Dorsey-s--No--1-priority--is-to-find-a-quarterback My gut feeling is that Dorsey will bring in a Vet, draft a QB with a # 1 and keep either Kizer, Hogan or Kessler. Kizer likely winning out because he is only a 1 year player.
  2. Its happening

    King Ghoolie
  3. This Week in the AFC North

    The pee yellow and black.
  4. Ode to Marty and Bernie - Browns win by -6

    Get real Ghoolie. Youre not placing this loss on Dorsey. WTF, is he supposed to do after a few days on the job? Haslam wants to keep Hue and Dorsey is forced to like it. Dorsey never had a losing season with the Chiefs. If the Browns do not go at least 8 - 8 next season Hue should be out.
  5. Cut kizer after the game

    Hue thought Kizer was ready and looked good in camp. Then he keeps rolling him out there every weekend. This what concerns me keeping Hue and have a new GM. If Dorsey brings in Alex Smith, is Hue going to want to stick with his protege Kizer?
  6. Cut kizer after the game

    I gathered that you were a Hue minion. No?
  7. This Week in the AFC North

    Yall, might as well get that Costco sized package of anal lube ready for the possibility of another Steelers Super Bow.l. Bens final swan song.
  8. Its happening

    Ive never met the "The Great One"
  9. Its happening

    They did but were incompetent or made blunders. Lots of people get what needs to happen, but cant pull it off because they lack what it takes.
  10. Its happening

    I didnt mean for it to come off that way Flugel. Of course I realize that Franchise QB has been what youve guys have wanted forever. What Im saying is that I have 100% confidence in Dorsey to find one. He is loaded with draft picks to do so. The owner has publicly laid the law down which is huge IMO. Haslam hired Dorsey with 1 goal in mind above all else. QB, and stud QB leads to victories when the right conditions exist.
  11. Sashi fired

    1. I did not know about Watsons previous knee injury. I didnt even look prior to my first post on Watson. 2. I figured if Rolls had it at his fingertips that it would save me time. 3. NFL execs were not scared away by his first knee injury. Were you? 4. Nero said it was Watsons ankle for those too stupid to go back and look at his post. a. The fact that Watson was a 1000 rusher back in college is irrelevant since the discussion is regarding Watsons NFL game. Only a moron would interject that fun fact into this conversation. Different team, different coaches, different offense. Bill Obrien runs the NE offense which is a pass first offense. But, you already knew that because youre a genius. b. Once more for the dim bulbs, irrelevant that RG3 never reached 1000 yards back at Baylor since the conversation is about the NFL. c. RGs NFL game was to run. Watsons NFL game is to pass.
  12. Watching Allen, Elway was the first QB that he reminded me of. Plus he has Bens size to shake off tacklers. Watch Denver move up and take him.
  13. He is right. Allen will be stud in the NFL. He is the next Ben or Elway. I havent seen a QB roll out and throw a dart to the other side of the filed this good since Elway. The teams that pass on him will be kicking themselves in the arse. Allen s not polished yet and needs coaching up. Do not throw him out there year 1 and let him sit behind a Vet. When he acclimates to the NFL level look out.
  14. This Week in the AFC North

    Pittsburgh will not lose vs the Ravens. The Ravens suck this season and the storied franchise Steelers are pulling games out of the fire and winning them. Winning games they should lose is a sign of a serious Super Bowl contender. NE and Pitt face off 12/17 with only 2 losses each.
  15. Just as I thought. Lower level employees were the scammers and not Haslam. http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/story/2017/12/defense-argues-code-words-prove-fraud-was-secret-at-pilot-flying-j.aspx
  16. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    Good point. Haslam didnt have time to run his own company when Sashi and Hue were driving the Browns into the ditch.
  17. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    Im not naive. Im a conservative. Makes no sense to risk losing everything and make licence plates for a few years while wearing an orange jump suit.
  18. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    Fo real Bro? So far in the case, former employees have testified in various ways that Hazelwood was aware of the fraud and encouraged the practice. Where is the mention that the scheme was widespread at all Flying Js and that Haslam was aware of it and encouraged the practice? I get the impression that the fuel scam was a regional problem. Why would Haslam skim money this way when he has millions? The risk is not worth the reward. I dont know for a fact, but some companies let employees keep company money earned at their specific locations above and beyond company profit and operating costs. My neighbor works in such an arrangement where everyone is in the same boat and the more cost efficient and pro company, the more money goes in their bonuses. If this is indeed the case at Flying J, management would have incentive to find creative ways to keep more money from going out the door.
  19. Ryan Shazier Injury

    Nah, Gronk has balls like me. White’s text message about Gronk apparently says, “The whole hood want ‘em.” That’s seemingly in reference to the Bills, who have been criticized this week for not coming to White’s defense. What became of the" band of brothers?" The patriots team will fvck his punk axx world up.
  20. Sashi fired

    The ACL is in the knee. It does not mean that he will have more. Rolls Royce is wrong. Watson is not the runner like RG3. RG3 rushed for an average 8 carries per game and 815 yards his rookie season. Watson isnt close to that and has been torching teams with his arm.
  21. Chiefs fan’s take on the Dorsey hire

    I live in the area. People I talk to say that Dorsey screwed up the KC salary cap, but I cannot confirm that to be true. He paid Eric Berry a bunch of money, when some say he could have got a better deal the season before. Same with Justin Houston, people complain that Dorsey waited too long and Houston had 22 sacks when they met at the bargaining table. This may be the reason why Depodesta is staying on if he is a cap guru. Its the same old sheet though. Houston hasnt been close to 20 sacks since being paid. Cant blame Dorsey for that.
  22. Sashi fired

    I already know about this season injury. If Watson was injured as a Freshman, he evidently suffered no ill effects leading Clemson to a Championship.
  23. Sashi fired

    Got a link on the 2nd blown out knee?
  24. Ryan Shazier Injury

    Because someone compared Gronks hit to Shaziers, DB are a band of brothers? HAHA keep dreaming boy.
  25. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    The Russians again?