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  1. I meant places like the Gold club or the Foxy lady.
  2. McCarron Unrestricted Free Agent

    Its all on Hue anyway. If 1 - 31 cant get you fired this will. Let Hue have his QB and virtually anything else he wants. Dorsey cant run the show with Haslam all googly eyed about Hue and his magic Dorsey is in the perfect situation with all the cap space and bevy of draft picks. 4 very high picks. If there was ever a situation where Dorsey can prove his mettle, Cleveland is it. All the while Hue is on thin ice. 2 - 6 and Hue wont see snow on the ground as the Browns Head Coach again and Haslam will have Dorsey appoint an interim head coach and begin the search for his guy. Then its all Dorseys team. The Browns are a young team with talent. I look for Dorsey to add playmakers just he did in KC. Its up to Hue to produce the wins and nobody else.
  3. Thats what she promises anyway until the money is all gone.
  4. Open G tuning. Kieth Richards?
  5. Mike Mayock 2018 NFL Draft Position Rankings

    But...but..but...Allen before Rosen? The completion rate. Barkley is the best player in the draft.
  6. The Prime Order

    Youtube Dr Berg
  7. The Prime Order

    Actually you will lose weight faster eating prime rib. For real.
  8. The Prime Order

    The Pitcher The Catcher Select one.
  9. Soon, they will telling people where they can live.
  10. Anymore, it is unacceptable if youre not nice and courteous to people Its a sick world we live in.
  11. kym dong oon shows up at Olympics lol

    She stole the chow according to CNN
  12. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Smashburger is growing.
  13. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Smart Saving the cheesecake for tonight.
  14. Johnny is back in spring league

    Too many games and baseball is slow and boring. Football has taken over as the # 1 sport in this country and for good reason.
  15. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Are you sure it was Whataburger? Orange sign? Ive heard that In and out are good and some say the best.
  16. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Nice Go out to a nice dinner and have cheesecake and ice cream for desert.
  17. Johnny is back in spring league

    Spring football is still football. I cant stand baseball.
  18. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Not here either. They would put Mcdonalds out of business. Culvers is here. No Wahlbergers yet, but they are expanding. Chains Red Robin, Freddys Steakburger, Steak and Shake, Smashburger, also here.
  19. Johnny is back in spring league

    Get the popcorn ready http://www.tmz.com/category/tmzsports?adid=TMZ_Web_Nav_TMZSports
  20. 2018 QB Class

    Cousins knows that he would be the short term answer and he buys time for the rookie to learn. If the FA goes down then youre forced to play the rookie, but all efforts should be made to avoid doing so. Kizer was not ready, Sanchez, Tribisky and so many more. Pining your hopes on a rookie QB is a recipe for disappointment. Deshaun Watson lit it up, but some folks said there were flaws in his game.
  21. 2018 QB Class

    Im done beleiving that any NCAA QB is ready to start and win in the NFL as a rookie. Ive seen this movie too many times to not know how it ends. You start winning now by landing a FA QB ready to play tomorrow. Take Barkley and youve got QB and RB covered for this season. Next, draft a QB who can hold a clipboard and learn the game to be the franchise.
  22. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Whataburger you old coot.
  23. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    Filet is the only thing good anymore. Whataburger is the real deal if you ever get the chance.
  24. 2018 QB Class

    This is assuming you land Cousins, draft Barkley and develop Allen. The Browns are instantly relevant in the AFCN.