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  1. If I am the GM and my job security and reputation depends on wins and losses, I want 99% control over my destiny. Of course, the HC and owner are on board with the GMs recommendations. If they are not like in the case of Bill Parcells not being allowed to shop for groceries then I am out. Besides managing the salary cap with extensions and cost saving moves during the regular season, the GMs primary job is to compile data on prospective talent for the upcoming draft and identify free agents who would fit the system under the right cost. The GM goes to the owner and HC with his finding on who and where that they see a need. Let the GM do his job and forgo the micro managing. Charlie Weis is a terrific OC. He brought the spread offense to the NFL and college game. Lots of college programs use the spread now. I say Hue needs to go. Start fresh with new people that have a clue. Hue never should have made Kizer the starter. I wonder what the Browns record would be now with Kessler or Hogan at QB. Surely they would not get sacked and throw INTs like Kizer.
  2. Ghoolie Goes To London

    Get out of my way.
  3. Fan Survey

    I said both teams have endured championship droughts dumba$$. Furthermore the scorecard today is Super Bowls and not dusty cobweb trophies that nobody but you gives the F about. The Steelers have the most. Whats with the constant Steeler fan whining from you anyway? Ive been there and Im going back this year. Steeler fans are pussy cats.
  4. You are off on another tangent. Where did I say that GMs do not depend on scouts or answer to the owner? Show me. GMs are responsible for acquiring talent and managing the salary cap. Carl Peterson was a GM for KC. Howie Roseman is the Eagles GM. If you dont know that they built the Chiefs and Eagles into contenders then I cannot help you. When you see a good GM for the Browns then you will understand what they do. What does having an abrasive personality have to do with building a winning roster? Bill Parcells was a prick to deal with and he turned down jobs left and right. Its a cut throat business. Win or GTFO. If youre looking for the Mr Rogers of NFL GMs good luck. Why would he take a step down and a paycut? Makes no sense. Comical You telling a someone from Massachusetts about building an organization.
  5. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Are you betting that Hue stays?
  6. Fan Survey

    Nope, and I hate baseball and the Red Sox. The Red Sox and Browns are in eerily similar situations. Boston is in a division with a team with the most World Championships. The Browns are in a division with a team with the most World Championships. Both fan bases are tormented by dynasties. Both teams have endured championship droughts. That makes Browns fans just like Red Sox fans.
  7. Ghoolie Goes To London

    Ghoolie Please forgive me for ever doubting your football acumen and knowledge. The King of TBB predicted Hue being 86ed months ago. American royalty meets British royalty. The board owes you and apology if you ask me.
  8. So, you are saying that a GM that built a team good enough to reach a Super Bowl would be someone not to interview because they are not employed. Makes sense. What about John Dorsey? Drafted Rodgers and Mathews in Green Bay and built the Chiefs into a contender. KC let him go so he must be no good by your logic. Yeah, bring in some up and coming hotshot with no experience or track record and then in 3 years realize the guy is all hat and no cowboy. The point of it all is for the Browns to hire a GM and HC with several years of experience. Screw the on-the-job- training way of doing things. John Dorsey would be an excellent choice for Browns GM. Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan would win a lot of games for Cleveland.
  9. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Hue was a poor choice for HC, but Sashi has the Browns set up next draft and for the future. Too bad Sashi wont be around to see it come together.New GM and HC is the only way to go.
  10. Missing in all of this is Ghoolie predicted this to happen and its falling like dominoes. I can envision Haslem firing Hue next loss.
  11. Great football players dont always make great GMs. I would interview every Super Bowl GM out of work. Mike Tannenbaum too if he is between jobs.
  12. All we need to complete this epic season

    Reps throwing INTs, getting sacked and fumbling?
  13. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Its Hue, but Sashi hired Hue so he goes up river for driving the get away car. The way it always goes that in a few years some of Sashis moves will turn into gold. Just like Pioli in Kansas City. I still agree 100% with the Kizer pick because Sashi had a 2 year plan when you include the 2018 draft class. But Hue has shown nothing so its likely best the whole thing blows up. I just hope the new regime picks a stud QB because this is the biggest draft in Browns history.
  14. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Because of the QB and HC. The Browns have plenty of talent but it goes to waste because the QB $hits it all away and the Yew has no clue. Hue is supposed to be some offensive genius. Where? When?
  15. 2018 Draft

    Godell is throwing Jerry a bone because he is pissed about Zeke Elliot. Jerrah is rumored to be holding up the vote on the commissioners new contract worth around 50 million per year give or take a few million. They will eventually kiss and make up celebrating at the Gold club titty bar after.
  16. 1st time in Cleveland

    The peonies are good in Cleveland. Some of the best Ive had not including home.
  17. Fan Survey

    Idiotic Sox fans filled the ball park year after year after decade when the team had not won a World Series since 1918. Furthermore, the greatest team in sports history is their arch rival.
  18. Damn, Haslam cut a fat hog in 2016. 19 B in revenue. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/10/03/warren-buffett-to-purchase-haslam-owned-pilot-flying-j/
  19. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    What I am saying is that the Browns have a GM now. I like Josh Allen, but Sashi knows what he is doing.
  20. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    Because of BAD QB play in a QB driven league. That changes next draft.
  21. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    1 The Browns defense is ranked 3rd vs the run per Football Outsiders. They held the Jets to 34 rushing yards. It does not get much better than that. The passing defense has been hurt by the QB play. In 3 games thus far, the Browns defense has been on the field 8 minutes, 8 minutes and 10 minutes longer than the opponent. 2 Collins and Garret have been missing so I would expect the passing defense to improve. 3 The Browns offense led in almost every category in the Jets game. 419 in total offense and Hogan passed for 84% completion percentage. I would have loved to see what would have happened if the Browns had taken the 3 and tied it up at 10 - 10. 4 I did not know who was going to win vs Pittsburgh and I will bet you did not either. Only after the Antonio Brown circus catch in triple coverage did things start looking bleak. 3 games that were lost by a FG. A couple of plays go the Browns way vs Pittsburgh, Indy and NYJ and youre looking at 3 - 2. 5 Sashi Brown is good GM. Smart. 3 payers are keepers from the 2017 draft - Garret, Peppers and Njoku. The more that I think about it, the more I am convinced that he will take a QB high in this coming draft. The reason why he took Kizer in the 2nd round is because the Browns are going to pay a 1st round QB contract this 2018 draft. The old Browns would have taken a QB in a weak QB draft like last year and paid him like a 1st rounder and then been stuck with him for a few years. They will keep Kizer and let him compete next season, but if they have to let him go its less painful for what the Browns have invested. The Browns are a QB and HC away from being a serious contender to challenge the division.
  22. Allow me to preface this with that in no way am I bashing the Browns or throwing shade on the franchise. I know that some of the incompletions are on the WRs, and 1 TE, but how much is on the QB play? Look down at the stats http://www.rotoworld.com/teams/clubhouse/nfl/cle/cleveland-browns. Not a single Browns WR is catching better than 50%. That simply is not acceptable because you are only completing 1 out of every 2 passes. What youre looking for is in the 66% bracket completing 2 out of 3 passes. The difference seems insignificant, but it really isnt. Check out all the teams in the Super Bowl conversation and I think that you will find that the majority of their receiving corps is in 66% range. Research all your big name WRs and TEs and they should be in the 66% club. Its a numbers game. Crowell 8 targets @ 5 rec = 50 yards. 62.5 % who I believe is playing hurt BTW. Not himself. Johnson 28 targets @ 20 rec = 207 yards. 71%. Johnson is basically carrying the offense when you combine his rushes. Here is where the problem lies. 4 game WRs Britt 23 targets @ 8 receptions = 121 yards. 34% Louis 20 targ @ 10 rec = 133 yards. 50% 2 game WRs Higgins 21 targ @ 9 rec = 105 yards. 43% Coleman 13 targ @ 6 rec = 62 yards. 46% Willimas 6 targ @ 1 rec = 10 yards. 16% Coates 4 targ @ 0 rec = nothing TEs all 4 game players Devalve 18 targ @ 9 rec = 134 yards. 50% Njoku 12 targ @ 9 rec = 70 yards. 75% So, this last draft was a bust? Looks like the Browns hit on 2 players with Peppers and Njoku. Teller 2 targ @ 2 rec = 24 yards 100% Could Kizers struggles be in part because of his receiving corp? YES Could the struggles of the Browns receiving corp be in part because of Kizer? YES I do not believe that you can review all 4 games and conclude that every Kizer pass should have been caught and conversely every Receiver incompletion was on them either. When this gets dialed in, then you will see wins because the offense effects the defense and vice a versa. If I am Hue, I want Duke Johnson and Njoku on the field to play are larger role. It may open up opportunities for other receivers to receive less pressure by the defense. Fagley out and I am not Ghoolie.
  23. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    The Browns are getting better. You cannot see it in the win column, but they are. I believe that when a fan passes on that they are now in Heaven shining down on their beloved team. Good things are coming for the Browns and when they win the Super Bowl, Ghoolie will be right in the middle of it all celebrating his axx off. His mother will be up there smiling. Red Sox fans put ball caps on the tombstones of loved ones when the Sox finally won the World Series after almost 100 years of heart break.
  24. Trust me on this one

    I hope that the Browns draft a QB next draft with the very first pick.