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  1. Draft Two QBs?

    NE tore Bradys contract up his 2nd season. The potential for a QB controversy is there if both QBs play good. See Jimmy Garrapolo and Brady.
  2. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    One of these drafts luck will change for the better.
  3. King of the mock drafts

    I checked the PA paper and nothing yet. In a past mock he nailed Goff 1st QB and Wentz 2nd QB.
  4. King of the mock drafts

    Should be out soon. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davecaldwell/2018/04/23/meet-the-real-life-king-of-the-nfl-mock-draft/#3b7766a911b6
  5. Allen is going to be a beast.
  6. Draft Two QBs?

    It would be hard to pass on Barkley or Chubb at 4. Also, 2 - 1st round QBs means 2 big QB contracts. I dont see 2 QBs happening and after all this time Dorsey will make the right choice. He can draft that is for sure.
  7. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    Tampa will be looking for another QB in a couple of years when Winston doesnt deliver. Vick was overrated. Carrs draft was terrible QB wise. Perhaps the thing that should have been done is sign a vet QB. Then take Julius Peppers or Dwight Freeney or Ed Reed or Lito Shepard @ # 1. Couch had 18 TDs and 18 INTs that season. I watched that playoff game vs the Steelers and Holcomb played really well. What I most remember about that game was the players convincing Davis to challenge a play that he never should have. Of course, he lost the challenge and IIRC a time out that was a factor in the game.
  8. The same Mayock who had Wentz and Goff 1 and 2. The same Myock who had Zeke Elliot as the best RB. Ogbah a top 5 pass rusher and Jalen Ramsey as a stud CB. Other than that, Yeah. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000656285/article/mike-mayocks-2016-nfl-draft-position-rankings-50
  9. Concussions are not precautionary. You have them or you dont. Rosen has been tested and held out after seeing stars. Whats the knee brace? Precautionary too? Mayock has Darnold and Allen going way before Rosie Palm.
  10. Fragile? Concussions, knees. Like you say, life only gets more difficult in the NFL. Like Allens passer rating right?
  11. Defenses have to respect Jackson as a rusher in college.
  12. Already wearing a knee brace.
  13. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    1- Jared Goff - looks like a keeper. Rams are a promising team for 2018. 2 -Jam Winston - Bust. Terrible QB draft. Mariota is fair. 3- Andy Luck - Always injured 4- Cam Newton - Better than average. Made it to a Super Bowl and choked. 5- Sam Bradford - Always injured. 6- Matt Stafford - Better than average. 7- Jamarcus Russel - Bust 8- Alex Smith - Better than average 9- E Manning - Enough said. 10- Carson Palmer - Better than average. 11- David Carr - Bust from day 1. 12- Mike Vick - Bust. Tarkentons dont make it in todays NFL, but some teams think that they do. 13- Tim Couch - Enough said. 14- P Manning - HOF Enough said. 15- Drew Bledsoe - Better than average. 16- Jeff George - Bust. 17- Troy Aikman - HOF Enough said. 18- Vinny Testaverde - Better than average. 19- Bernie Kosar - 20- Steve Young - HOF 21- John Elway - HOF Available in the 2018 draft I take 1 of these 7 - Elway, Young, Kosar, Aikman, P Manning, E Manning and Jared Goff. GM grounds for firing on draft day if 1 of these 6 - Couch, George, Carr, Vick, Russel and Winston. Post season QBs these 5 - Testaverde, Palmer, Luck, Newton and Smith. Overrated these 3- Bledsoe, Stafford and Bradford. Luck too.
  14. The "Eyes" Have It...

    No eyes. Pulse rate over 30. Nice try though.
  15. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Its an emotional game. The eyes have nothing to do with it.