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  1. Kizer

    Yo, broken record, the Browns have had SKILLED PLAYERS but NO qb. QB has screwed the Browns forever. There were NO great QBs in this last draft. Why cant you get that through your head? You keep claiming that Tribsky is all that and when he falls on his face like Paxton Lynch you will have some excuse. Here is what you need to know. 2017 draft = shitty QBs. 2018 draft - deepest QB draft in decades. If Kizer wins the Browns make out. If Kizer fails the Browns make out. Either way the Browns are going to have a QB who can compete in the AFC North for the division.
  2. Kizer

    Thanks Mr Obvious letting us know that Ben will be in the NFL HOF and that the Steelers have been a model NFL franchise going back to dumb as a bag of rocks Terry Bradshaw. Yeah, sore rectal cavity, I meant 1 Super Bowl under clueless Tomlin. Brady owns that blowhard franchise. So, quit bragging about Pittsburgh being so great and stick to eating chicken wings and guzzling beer.
  3. Fists up in the air Black Power has never been controversial in the past. NFL ratings will soar. All the racists in the stands and watching on tv need to get in line. After the anthem is played while these "Untiers" sit in the lockerroom there will be something else to protest. Every NFL helmet has a US flag on them. Quit playing until Goodell takes it off of there.
  4. I met someone

    How did you meet her online? Does she have any sisters?
  5. I met someone

    I dont care for lots of makeup either. Youre lucky.
  6. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Really? I never thought of blaming the refs when NE lost to Rex. Defensive holding did not beat Brady in Foxboro. Dropping 8 in coverage and rushing 3 did. Just like Rexs old assistant Bob Sutton did with the Chiefs a couple of weeks ago. Got news for you. ALL NFL teams hold every game. If they called every time a player held the game would take 6 hours. I can point out defensive holding, offensive holding and pass interference not being called every game. Rex will be back.
  7. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Rex would be a good hire if he has learned form his mistakes.
  8. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Eventually Rex is going to win the big dance. If Yoo gets his walking papers, the Browns would be foolish not to interview Rex. Rex could work with Sashi because Rex doesnt want to be GM.
  9. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Colts suck. They have not thrown a TD pass yet. Soft as a babies ass dome team. They win games because the rest of their division is lousy. All the Colts need to do is show up and the Jags, Texans and Titans do the rest. Crowell is better than Gore. In 2016 Gore had 65 more carries compared to Crowell and he only picked up 100 more yards. Crowell has better hands as a receiver as well. Greg Willams is going expose Brisset as a clown shoes QB. The Browns competition through 2 games and the Colts competition is no comparison. The Rams kicked the Colts axx and the Cards beat them too. The Colts are a trainwreck and Pagano wont last the season.
  10. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Rex Ryan will be offered a HC job. If Hue gets the axe, the Browns should take a good look at him. Rex always needed a good OC/QB coach though he had little to work with in Sanchez. Rexs defense, Josh Allen and a OC who knows his shit and the Browns are competing for the division. Rex is mouthy and you hate him if you like a another team, but the SOB gets his players to play hard for 60 minutes.Free Agents want to go to his team. Hue seems boring as dirt and to have no emotion.
  11. Garrett Hurt Already

    Build it and they will win super bowls with Joe Blow happens infrequently. Look at the teams always in the Super Championship conversation? They have real QBs. About 25% of the teams self destruct per shitty QB play - the Tierod Taylors of the NFL. Another 25% are unproven hopefuls like the Bortles and Mariotas. Bridgewater before he got hurt. 25% more are the Super Bowl prick teasers - Amish Luck, Dalton and the Newtons. They will get you in the playoffs and maybe inside a Super Bowl without paying for a ticket, but deep down you know a kick in the nutsack is coming. The final and cream of the crop 25% are your Rodgers, Ben and Bradys. Heading into a draft youre not thinking about the QB position, but how to build a better club around them. Todays NFL is all about the QB. A great QB can pull losses out of the fire and turn them in to wins just like Ben did vs the Browns. Pagano is not a good coach. He is the AFC South version of Mike "Cheerleader" Tomlin. He cant win with the supposed 2nd coming of Peyton Manning with the Mennonite Gunslinger (Luck) how in the hell is he going to win with a raw Brisett?
  12. Garrett Hurt Already

    Bill Parcells is a super bowl winning coach. Great at drafting and building a roster too. He could not win in Dallas. Why? No QB. Jimmy Johnson went to Miami and cou[d not win without a QB. Nick Saban couldnt win in Miami without a QB. Mike Shanahan was fired in Oakland before connecting with Elway. He was then fired in Washington with RG3. Marty never had a good QB in Kansas City besides Gannon who he benched because Grbac was making all the money. The Steelers and Cowher went years without winning a Super Bowl until Ben showed up. Super Bowls wins are what counts and not 2nd best or 3rd best loser. Ghoolie is dead on the money. You aint winning shit without a stud QB. I dont care who the coach is or what dream team is built around a mediocre QB. The Patriots went 11 - 5 because they totally change the offense to a more run oriented team. Brady threw 50 TDs the season before and Cassel struggled to throw 25 with Randy Moss. If you believe that you can build a Super Bowl team and plug any jackass in at QB and win it all youre sadly mistaken.
  13. Garrett Hurt Already

    Bill isnt the one throwing passes on the field and reading defenses. Just like Tomlin isnt making every decision for Ben.
  14. Garrett Hurt Already

    Paxton Lynch was supposed to be a stud and look what happened? Tribinkly only has 13 starts. Thats all. How can anyone tell if he can even play in this league? Johnny Football had a body of work that would have had Tribisnky carrying his jockstrap in his gym bag. Today, Johnny is spending his days at the tittie bar. Ryan Fitzpatrick graduated from Harvard and almost had a perfect score on the wonderlic test. He is smart, a good leader, moral fiber, had enough upside for the Bills to give him a multi million contract. He is bust. You claim that the Colts have a better team around Brisset? How can that be when all you hear is that Andy Luck has no OL. Andy has no WRs. Andy needs a RB. When you get right down to it the Browns have a better team around Kizer. Better OL, Crowell is better, Duke Johnson and Devalve are good enough. Browns come back home with a win. Brisset holds the ball too and looks like a LB trying to play QB. Kizer has way more finesse and big play ability with his legs.
  15. Garrett Hurt Already

    Edelman was a QB at Kent state. David Givens was a 5th round pick. Troy Brown was an 8th round pick. Davis Patten was cut by the Browns and loading trucks before winning a championship. Great players make those around them better. Scotty Pipin was nothing without Mike Jordan.