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  1. boo fagley

    Athlon 2018 OL player rankings

    Athlon is a great mag. QB killed this club last season. I think Hue kept on rolling Kizer out there to prove that he made the right decision. Kept putting the ball in his hands. With a RB like Bell, Pitt had to run the ball alot last year. Haley will take advantage of the Browns OL and run too I would imagine.
  2. boo fagley

    Athlon 2018 OL player rankings

    Browns run OL was better than Eagles. Titans, Vikings and Bills. All 2107 post season teams. They were in the same neighborhood as Chiefs and Jags too. Not shabby company. Left side of the OL appears to be strong. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol When people say the Browns dont have talents its a lie.
  3. boo fagley

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    I know. 2 minutes later they are back out running around again. I still dont get the yellow card business. Red card and youre out.
  4. boo fagley

    Update on Shelton

    With Dorsey pulling the levers indeed.
  5. boo fagley

    Update on Shelton

    Shelton looks happy to see you.
  6. boo fagley

    Update on Shelton

    Fake news. Who is this snowflake in the video? Talks like he in camp everyday and has gems like "Well, if Shelton does not play well he could be cut" and " The Browns traded him so he must not be any good" Doofus. The Browns moved Shelton because Williams runs a 4 - 3 and Shelton is a true 3 - 4 NT. He was not a good fit and is likely slow with not much of a pass rush. Not picking up his option is customary in the NFL for players who need to prove their worth to the team. If Shelton blows it up the first 8 games or so, NE will start talking new contract. Shelton is just learning the playbook and applying it to action. If youre using those idiots on sports radio as evidence he will be cut good luck.
  7. boo fagley

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    Anybody watch Argentina vs Croatia?
  8. boo fagley

    Mason Rudolph

    He wants to go out a winner, but his body may not last that long. Now he has a whole new OC to get used to. Pitt is definitely in the conversation, but a lot of moving parts need to come together.
  9. boo fagley

    Update on Shelton

    I think Brown was 2nd fiddle and NE really wanted Shelton but he was gone. They declined Browns option too, so he is in the last year of his contract. He has been underwhelming. The Browns run defense was way better than NEs last season. If you cant stop the run youre basically screwed in the NFL. Especially through the middle where Brown plays. Gotta stuff the A gaps and force teams to run east - west to the sidelines where LBs can swoop in. Both Shelton and Brown are on show me why you should get more money seasons. My money is on Shelton to be starting NT when NE is in the 3 - 4 unless there is a fire lit under Browns a$$.
  10. boo fagley

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    8 wins is very doable. Then 10 - 6 is attainable and gets you in the door. I see the Wildcard coming from the AFCN and AFCS.
  11. boo fagley

    Mason Rudolph

    Me thinks that BR is very frustrated with Tomlin. MT has really made some blunders. BR hated Haley at first, but Haley converted Pitt in to a passing team thereby taking advantage of the new rules. I see Ben calling it quits if they dont at least make it to the Super Bowl this year.
  12. boo fagley

    Mason Rudolph

    Its a little known fact, but Ghoolie is a big Kordell fan. Like you, he saw the potential. They first met at Frick park in Pittsburgh when Ghoolie was in town for a Browns game.
  13. boo fagley

    Mason Rudolph

    Except for Head Coach
  14. boo fagley

    Uncalled for insult from TO

    Do they play the national anthem there too?
  15. boo fagley

    Dwight Clark passes away, 61

    Did his name have these letters G H O O L I E?