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  1. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    Stupidity cost the Jags the game.
  2. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    These teams know that the refs wont call a flag on every play. The game would take 6 hours to play and nobody would watch constant interruptions in this short attention span society. The Steelers offensive line holds like MFers and so do the Patriots and all teams. Its only called after incessant warnings and when the infraction is so blatant that it cannot be ignored. Pass interference should be called on every down with all the contact beyond 5 yards, but every team gets away with it including NE. Brady is the smartest sob QB that there ever was. The most driven and determined to win as well. He would kick your axx in a game of monopoly. I hope the Browns find a guy just like him and then yall will know that youre never out of any game until the clock strikes zero.
  3. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    You said that Brady would NEVER see another Super Bowl. You said that the reason why is that over the years Brady has gotten slow on his release of the ball. You said that Brady is finished, done, nada, finito a goner. Turn out the lights. The party is over. Tommy, you were sitting in your lazy boy swilling down $hithole Zaya rum and chowing down on a plate of nachos observing "ghoolies lessons on football" Im still pixxed about buying a bottle of that crap per your advice. Now you want to blame the refs my friend? Perhaps you really are a Steeler fan after all because all they do is pi$$ and moan how the refs screw them in the anus 24/7.
  4. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Drafting OL is the way to go.
  5. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    What did you guys tailgate with back in yonder days? Hard cider and squirrel stew.
  6. Survey Thursday. Final Four

    Here are today's survey questions. Give your answers or opinions: 1. This is Final Four week: A. Who do you want to win: Pats/Jags?......who do you think will win? I want the Pats to win and tie the Steelers for most titles and for Brady to be the undisputed GOAT. Jacksonville winning would be a great story and the NFL needs somebody else to play in a Super Bowl besides the Broncos, Steelers and Patriots. Toss up on the winner. I am not counting David out from slaying Goliath. B. Who do you want to win: Eagles/Vikings....who do you think will win? Toss up on who I want to win. Both franchises have been tormented. The Eagles by the NFCE and particularly by the Giants and their fanbase. Steeler fans are pikers when compared to the ruthless NY fans. The Vikings are haunted by ghosts of the past. 4 time Super Bowl loser. Minnesota will win. They have this magic (not Hues magic) and things just keep going their way. The Eagles would win with Wentz. Foles just is not good enough. 2. What is your Go To source for draft information? Ghoolie. Only the best. 3. A. Who did the best coaching job in the NFL in 2017? Sean Payton. Toughest division with 3 of the 4 teams making the playoffs. B. Who did the worst coaching job in the NFL in 2017? (shouldn't bother to ask...but I did) Tomlin. An embarrassing loss at home with a HOF QB and other players who are heading in the HOF conversation. 4. Do you have a preference to take over the Browns OC job? If so...who? Someone that Hue will delegate responsibility to. Haley would not take his crap if Hue tried to interfere.
  7. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    Tom, Gipper is such a crotchety old fart that he had season tickets during the Otto Graham era. He tailgated out of the back of his Model T.
  8. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    Anything can happen. Maybe the Jags are the next Patriots? They won 12 games this season and a bunch of guys contribute on offense. They are balanced. Bortles just makes plays when they need them. Brady didnt wow anybody in 2001 either. Seriously about QBs. They make or break you. They make the OL look like the 5 blocks of granite. Not the other way around of the OL making Kizer look like Jim Kelly. Lots of NFL QBs come and go with the physical ability that made them big stars in college. The NFL game is 3 D chess and decision making is as important as a strong arm. All bets are off on the Browns constant losing and coming in last in 2018 if they land a real QB like Alex Smith and draft a beast. Youre not winning jack squat without a QB in the NFL.
  9. Ben only threatens to leave because he wants changes. Another year of Tomlin and he will leave.
  10. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    Damn straight Syd Viscous. Pitt ripped off 4 championships like nothing before the hammer came down.
  11. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    I dont think, I know that youre an idiot. The Steelers OL and DL used to be one of the best in the NFL and could go toe to toe with any team. Against Jax, Ben threw hail marys and his WRs came down with the ball. The OL is not fine and Pitt has been winning nail biters all season. The Steelers are not a dominate team in the trenches anymore. They are a soccer team.
  12. The Jags punched the big bad Steelers right in the mouth. If the Pats are not careful the same will happen to them.
  13. Pittsburgh is not a great franchise with Tomlin. Even Terry Bradshaw knows that Tomlin is in over his head.
  14. Todd Haley

    Tomlin opted not to take a 38 yard FG and go for it and failed. Tomlin went for it again on 4th down and failed giving Jax the ball at the 39 yard line. In 3 downs Jax was across mid field and on the Pitt 48 yard line. Ben threw an INT that resulted in 7 points and then fumbled for another 7 point run back. Tomlin let his players spout off all week about the AFC Championship game that they were going to. One of his players was outside the Jax locker room before the game crowing about the axx whipping Pitt was about to give them. Tomlin himself got in on the act with a Tony Dungy interview earlier. Its Haleys fault that Tomlin is an idiot.
  15. Todd Haley

    He would give Ghoolie a run for his money in a fist fight.