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  1. TheBestPlayersPlay

    I'm Coming Home...

    I find it kind of odd you are over here trashing me, and my work over on BH Shep. I thought we had buried that hatchet? And as far as these other grown men acting like adolescents, nobody is buying it. I never claimed I was some great poster over here, in fact I rarely posted anything. I was more of a lurker on this board, that is until soap opera like drama came down on this place like the plague. Then I couldn't even stand to read it, let alone post. Unfortunately some of the people causing the drama here came over to BH as well. I'll concede that, as there is no doubt. I wish all Browns fans the very best. Good luck to you and yours.
  2. TheBestPlayersPlay


    One can only hope we will see Ratliff against Pittspuke. It can't get any worse than what we have behind center currently. The starting QB for the Massillon Tigers would probably fare better.
  3. TheBestPlayersPlay

    6-3 or 60-3, it's still a win

    Please post another thread saying the same thing. Thank you. P.S. Our starting QB is pathetic
  4. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Mangini "Couldn't Be Happier!"

    Apparently you haven't seen many games with DA as QB.
  5. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Josh McDaniels

    What a coach.
  6. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Wimbley, Jackson, and the Young DL Guys

    I agree with everything but the Bradford comment 100%. QB at the top of the draft scares the shinola out of me.
  7. At least our defense and our special teams play with some heart. Also, our O-line, and our RB played nice games today. It's just tough when you have a QB starting who should be putting my groceries in a bag. Instead, I am putting my head in a bag out of embarrassment.
  8. TheBestPlayersPlay

    GAMEDAY Thread 10/11 Vs Buffalo

    No, if we disagree it's because we know football. Hands or not, you chuck a ball as hard as you can from 5 yards out, and you allegedly have a "top 5" arm .....nobody is going to catch it. It's called touch ....something necessary to be a successful QB in the NFL.
  9. TheBestPlayersPlay

    GAMEDAY Thread 10/11 Vs Buffalo

    20 MPH winds? Are you xxxxing kidding me? The only people who hopped on the DA bandwagon for a 3rd time don't know a lick about football. This dude just can't be taught "touch" apparently. gmafb Thank God we have Cribbs, who just got us 3 points, and carried the team on his shoulders last week while you all sang DAs praises in a loss.
  10. TheBestPlayersPlay

    QB Discussion (pre Oct 11th game)

  11. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Please, beat us.

    Oh come on Zombo, give DA a little more credit than that!! If there is a way to lose, he'll figure it out.
  12. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Positivity Alert! Hoorray For Our...

    Maybe the ST will carry the Browns again this week to an "almost victory" and we can all celebrate some more. Our ST does rock, and I appreciate them trying to will us to a victory last week. Unfortunately our offense got in the way.
  13. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Draft homework

    Madre Hill was to be our diamond in the rough next great RB. And What about the next coming of Brian Brennen Mr. Chiaverini. Great draft. These guys don't even have to pay me to run one of their drafts and I could do a whole hell of a lot better than what we've had the past decade. Maybe I can contact Lerner and save him some jack. (hopefully Mangini bucks the trend)
  14. TheBestPlayersPlay

    Starting WR's to be announced by the end of the week

    At least now we won't have to hear DA knob slobberers blame BE for Dereks lack of production anymore.