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  1. Everyone Hates The Steelers, but now you can display it proudly and at the same time help support this forum. 100% of all proceeds goes toward the support of this forum! ORDER HERE Don't need a T-shirt but want to help donate to the support of this Forum anyway, Please use the DONATE LINK below: DONATE HERE THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
  2. tavern ??

    That's why we make adjustments ... you've been watching the Browns for too many years in the new era. That's already been fixed
  3. tavern ??

    I've sent you three emails back this morning and the link to the new tavern was placed in the Game Day thread several times. Doesn't appear to be much interest in opening the Tavern this season. I opened up a temporary place to work out any kinks, but not enough usage in it today to move forward. DESKTOP: http://createns.com/browns/gameday.htm MOBILE: http://brownstavern.chatango.com/
  4. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Doesn't appear to be much interest in opening the Tavern this season.
  5. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Try the temporary BROWNS TAVERN out, for today's game. http://createns.com/browns/gameday.htm
  6. No, sorry ... I just re-checked the inventory and no more size: LG. Try an XL
  7. Site Update

    Click on the "dot" (or star) in front of each thread and it take you to the last unread comment in that thread. (see below)
  8. OnTop FREE Tailgating Game (+ make $100)

    Not at all. So, I'm sure you will not mind providing us FREE advertising for this forum on your facebook and Instagram account, right?
  9. Site Update

    I believe all of these concerns have been addressed. Most all upgrades result in reverting back to default setting, it takes a few moments to learn who to manipulate all settings. The more familiar we get wit the system, the more customizations and theme we will implement. Thanks for bearing with us.
  10. Site Update

    Thanks for bearing with us on the upgrade in software on the site. Each time there is an update, the theme (colors) get reset back to default (blue). We are still becoming familiar with a new Admin control panel as well as the forum itself, so we aren't over the hump yet. One thing I did notice is that between my Admin account and my personal account is that the sites colors were different. To turn the site to a Browns theme, at the bottom of the page select THEME > Browns and it rids the pages of that ugly Blue Dental theme. There are some new emoticons to get gay with and some "like" or "vote" options crap. This was a COMPLETE UPGRADE that we have been prompted to make for some time now (2012). It's taken us to a Cloud-based platform and there will be plenty to get use to. First order of business this morning was to try to counter a small influx of spam that made it through the new security system, we apologize for that. Same settings as we always had, just a loop-hole in the new system that we hope we have already fixed. If anyone has any suggestions or discovered a better means of navigating the site, please share with others. Thanks again for weathering the construction dust.
  11. website - Is it staying open?

    Yes the forum will remain open. We appreciate the feedback we received and it was a pleasure hearing stories of what this site meant to many. Although it has been operating in the red for some time now (many years), we felt there was more than enough interest to find ways to continue and for all to take ownership in its upkeep. Thank-you to those donations that we have received to-date and the few I HATE THE STEELER T-shirts purchased from the Home page (www.TheBrownsBoard.com), in which all proceeds go toward the upkeep of the forum as well. Ways to contribute: DONATION - there is a Paypal link near the top of the Home page (www.TheBrownsBoard.com) T-SHIRT SALES - About 50% of the proceeds from the I HATE THE STEELERS T-shirts go directly toward the up-keep of this forum. These shirts are an iconic garment worn by our famous Tailgate President (Roachmstr) since dating back to the old Browns Pre-expansion era. Believe me, these shirts, although simple, are attention whores. MERCHANDISE SALES - Between 6% -12% of the proceeds from the Affiliate Links below & on the Home page also helps fund this forum, below is a list of some of these affiliates which we have partnered with, the links are specially coded for us to receive credit for the sale: Shop.ClevelandBrowns.com (10% per sale, Browns Gear) NBA Store (6% per sale, NBA Gear) Fanatics.com (10% per sale, Most All Pro Sports Teams Gear, including all Cleveland Sports Teams) FansEdge (10% per sale, Most All Pro Sports Teams, including all Cleveland Sports Teams) Prep Sportswear (12% per sale - All School Gear, From all Elementary and Middle School to High School & College Gear) Why haven't we heard of these links or donation options before? We did not need to advertise how the site was being funded from about 2003 until about 2013. Back in 2007 even though the site was costing us about 62% more in bandwidth fees than it is today, the Browns went 10-6 that year and there were plenty of player jersey's that were in high demand (from Braylon Edwards to Jurevicius, Winslow, to Joe Thomas and Josh Cribbs, Derek Anderson, and Brady Quinn were even fan favorites). Unbeknowest to most of you and maybe even our moderation team here, we also had spin-off affiliate sites, such as JoshCribbsJersey.com or BradyQuinnJerseys.com inwhich all proceeds from those sites funded this forum. We even had a BrownsKids fan site, selling youth gear. But with the continued spiraling downward of the team play on the field, these outlets spiraled out of existence as well, leaving us just the expense of the forum and no (I mean. absolutely no) generated sales. How much does it cost to operate this site? It varies. for years the forum package was costing us $180/month ($2,160/yr.) but that figure was easier to manage because we were off-setting the costs by selling merchandise through affiliate marketing off the Home page of the website (as described above). However these past three seasons (if not longer) have been much more of a burden as NO ONE is buying Jerseys and Browns merchandise from the links. Here is a break-down of our cost the past three years: $47.49/month for 3 months = $142.47 $72.50/month for 9 months = $652.50 $47.50/month for 3 months = $142.50 $120.00/month for 17 months = $2,040.00 $45.00/month for 3 months = $135.00 $120.00/month for 3 months = $360.00 $45.00/month for 9 months = $405.00 ======================== Total since January 2013 = $3,877.47 ​Plus Domain renewals for TheBrownsBoard.com & BrownsBoard.com (approx. $90.00 totaol during the same three year period). Totals $3,967.47 over the past 3 seasons (which equates to $1,333/season, or $111/month) We went out and purchased (60) I HATE THE STEELER T-Shirts to sell as profit in order to off-set the lack of jersey sales. Well even that backfired on us as although we have sold-out of some sizes (Medium & large), we still have about half left, which is where our projected profit is. BOTTOMLINE: I'm trying to be transparent with you all. I have a nagging wife and five dumbass kids (although four are "mostly" adults now between 22-25 and I have one last brat in high school, a girl that is more expensive than the others combined). I got tired of hearing the nagging wife bring up the expenses monthly. We own a small business and when a service we offer is in the red for this same amount of time, we discontinue that service, cut our losses and move on. That was behind my decision to close the forum .. AND NOT out of "spite" like many came to the conclusion of here on Sunday. This is the last you will here about any of this from me. I am not even asking for donations. I would be happier that if you are ever going to buy NFL, MLB, NBA or hell even NFL or NASCAR gear, please use the affiliate links on the Home Page. The sale items are directly in-line, if not cheaper, than most other outlets or retail stores and include free shipping most of the time. Buy a fucking I HATE THE STEELER shirt, and help advertise the site from the print on the back of the shirt. We even carry plenty of BIG BOY shirts in the 3X & 4X sizes. P.S.: What Do We Get For Our Donation or Affiliate Purchase?: You get to continue to use the forum. Please don't plunk down $20 and think you own the place. I don't want to hear about some gay bells-n-whistles that you want installed here. This place is the corner bar that sells beer and liquor. If you want to play Keno, desire Karaoke on friday nights or want an umbrella in your drink, go somewhere else. Thanks all, we have some great folks here. Zombo has done a terrific job running the joint and setting the tone here through all these very thin years. The dude is the MVP of Browns fandom everywhere. Hats off to the rest of the Moderation team. Although I receive all kinds of hate mail directed at them, I've ignored every piece of mail and have great faith in these guys to run this place properly, and greet every Steeler fem like they have a disease. Thanks to the Mods, this place doesn't exist without them!
  12. Good to know. I own other business that perhaps we could talk sometime about. We could use some help here on the forum as well. I want to reconfigure some things here behind the scenes that has handcuffed us for some time. We are not ready yet, but let's stay in touch.
  13. Activity in regards to small merchandise sales that use to help fund this place dried up years ago. I mean, I don't even believe a Browns stocking cap was purchased in several years. That left this place showing red for awhile. We waited just as you all did, for things to turn around. This season, we went out and invested in having (60) I HATE THE STEELER shirts made, in hopes to off-set the costs with their sales. I guess we under-estimated that 90% of the folks who now use this forum have no clue where that iconic shirt idea came from (ED, the longtime member of this group/forum, tailgate cooking shirt - snow, rain or sunshine). So, now we only added to the expenses. I'm not hurting for money, in fact, I'm as financially comfortable as at any time in my 49.5 years on earth. That is not the point. With no interest in merchandise, we weighed that against not so much interest in this forum and entertained the idea of shutting things down. Guys like Hoorta took shots at my frequent Vegas trips and called for me to un-facebook friend him ... some greeting for the 13 years I did fund this place, and the 20 years we've rubbed elbows on a Browns internet Message Board. He then followed that post with a link to BarkingTard (good grief). CalFox called out the forums mechanics, another stellar Thank-you for long time service. Others cracked about how they could easily donate money .... yeah, sure (temp fix). The post/thought was removed. I don't think there is a way to bring up the financials of this place without taking a beating and looking like a beggar, so we will just move-on business as usual, privately. I'm sure the thought has already gotten the ball rolling for others to create a new place and recruiting is already taking place behind-the-scenes, been-there & weathered-that. Your a longtimer Bear, this place was built for you, me, and a dwindling group of others (RIP to some). I've stuck it out to create a home for others like the group we assembled from/into from the 1990/s. If the interest is still there, we will continue to provide, but I don't think that it was too much to ask for a sound-check at this horrible time in franchise history. We're going to make some changes, but the forum will remain. Let the snide remarks continue! Cheers!
  14. Get your official 'I HATE THE STEELERS' t-shirt ... Only $9.99 (+tax & shipping, regular price $20) Visit: www.TheBrownsBoard.com to purchase. 3-Day ONLY SALE from Now until Wednesday December 21st 2016. Visit: http://thebrownsboard.com to purchase. All Proceeds go toward the funding of The Browns Board
  15. ***Official Browns @ Bills Game Day Thread***

    GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT and Just In-Time for the BROWNS/STEELERS Game on January1st!
  16. ***Official Browns @ Bills Game Day Thread***

    Get your official 'I HATE THE STEELERS' t-shirt ... Only $9.99 (+tax & shipping, regular price $20) Visit: www.TheBrownsBoard.com to purchase. 3-Day ONLY SALE from Now until Wednesday December 21st 2016. Visit: http://thebrownsboard.com to purchase. All Proceeds go toward the funding of The Browns Board
  17. GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT and Just In-Time for the BROWNS/STEELERS Game on January1st!
  18. ***Official Browns @ Bengals Game Day Thread***

    THE BROWNS TAVERN will be open for today's game. Pull up a bar stool, and don't forget to tip the waitresses. Link: http://thebrownsboard.com/forums/index.php?app=ipchat For A Limited Time Only, the I HATE THE STEELERS shirts are still available. Don't wait until Steeler Week and expect availability or rush delivery. See: www.TheBrownsBoard.com to order.
  19. Get your official 'I HATE THE STEELERS' t-shirt here, from The Browns Board ... Only $20 (+tax & shipping) Visit:http://TheBrownsBoard.com to purchase. Visit: http://thebrownsboard.com to purchase. All Proceeds go toward the funding of The Browns Board
  20. The Tavern is Open

    Get your official 'I HATE THE STEELERS' t-shirt here, from The Browns Board ... Only $20 (+tax & shipping) Visit:http://TheBrownsBoard.com to purchase. Visit: http://thebrownsboard.com to purchase. All Proceeds go toward the funding of The Browns Board
  21. Stay connected with other Browns Fans by grabbing a couple beers from the fridge and signing into THE BROWNS TAVERN (access tab at top of screen). Visit: http://thebrownsboard.com/forums/index.php?app=ipchat ... Always remember to tip the waitstaff.
  22. Tavern

    The Tavern is now open and serving warm Beer and ice cold slop ... Enjoy fellas (To drunk? .... Hmmph!! )
  23. KIck-off the 2016 NBA Season with some new Cavalier Gear, and a percentage of the proceeds will go toward the up-keep and costs associated with bringing you The Browns Board forums. Use our affiliate links on the Home Page of this Website, or Click here: CAVALIER GEAR We Thank-you for your support. Go Cleveland!
  24. Yes, The Browns Board just became an affiliate of the NBA Store and the embedded links would give us credit for the sale (approx. 10% commission). We also just became affiliates of FanDual to add to our affiliations with the Cleveland Browns Store (Fanatics), FansEdge and Prep Sportswear (who can furnish just about any High School, even Middle School Spirit wear), But use the links on the Home Page (www.TheBrownsBoard.com) for us to get credit. Thanks all