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  1. Here is what you will need to join TheBrownsBoard League: College Football League Title: College Pick 'Em League ID: 3358 Password: browns Link <---- Use this link for a short-cut to the sign-in page. Then enter the League ID & Password above. Pick Select games against the spread for bragging rights among us. Winner gets his name enshrined on the Front Page of this site and a virtual trophy (shown below): (Actual Size) GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!!
  2. The Browns Boards' parent company, 'Createns' will host a Mentor High School Fighting Cardinal Web Site & Message Forum this Spring. The site, properly named after this successful site: The Cardinal Board . Com This High School Football Forum will be the sites primary message board, with most likely designated threads to the Mentor High School Football Cardinals. The site is currently being tried out during the Super Bowl to promote the Arizona Cardinals, although does not bear the Arizona name anywhere on the site ... in preparation of converting over to Mentor's site. If you know of a high school football team who might like to share in this high school forum, please advise and we can create a front page exclusively for them in hopes to make this site an active area for Ohio High School Football.
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    The 'BROWNS BOARD' has surpassed 1,000 Fans on the social networking site, FACEBOOK. We share many popular threads from this forum on the facebook site, as well as video, tailgate news and some exclusive stuff. It has become a nice link for us with Browns Fans from across the globe. If you have a Facebook Account, become a Fan. We aren't annoying friends to be associated with, but share links, pictures, and info occasionally. http://www.facebook.com/browns.board
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    Is it worth 19 cents to support this site?

    I'm not sure about all of that, but we do have CUSTOM JERSEYS
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    browns board admin, mods, and member

    Hope all goes well. When you get back we will continue to work on the things we talked about. Best of Luck.
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    Is it worth 19 cents to support this site?

    Mike, we thank-you a lot for the endorsement, the advertisment, and best of all, your support. We owe ya a beer and a shot when you make it up for a game.
  7. This site has a bank account that the fees come out for it on a monthly basis. www.theBrownsStore.com is our online store. We don't handle the orders, deliver the shit, take returns, or even see the orders, but the site makes a small percentage off the sale if you use the provided links) and it goes directly into that same bank account to off-set the bills for this forum, Browns Tavern Chat, etc.. With the help from all, this site has been self-sufficient since it's initial year. We have also worked to keep the cost down, while purchasing key domains (see below) to help advertise the store and in return pay for the forum. We don't hock the shit often, and have really cut down on advertsing the store the past few years since we have reduced operating costs. It is a break-even endevour. However, if you are in the market for Jerseys, or Browns items, check us out, if the store isn't updated, use the links to get deep within the store to find what you are looking for. This stuff sells for the same price you will find on NFL.com, it isn't marked up for our benefit, but we benefit from the slaes if used through our links. Occasionally, if we see an item on-sale, or that is a good buy, etc.. we will share and advertise them here. If you are looking for something specifically, PM me and we will do our best to locate it among the inventory and provide a link for purcahse, or try to direct you to other non-associated outlets without making any profit. Don't sweat it, if we have it, great .... If not, no big deal. Also frequent these other outlets which all proceeds help fund this site: www.TheBrownsStore.com www.JoshCribbsJersey.com www.Browns4Kids.com www.TheWildDawg.com Thanks for supporting this site when you can. (this site does not ask for money for it's up-keep, in fact any surplus from recent years has gone toward sponsoring youth athletic programs)
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    That old WidlDawg By Tony Grossi, The Plain DealerJune 01, 2010, 11:27AM Thomas Ondrey / The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND — Doesn’t it appear the Browns are going out of their way to publicize the use of Josh Cribbs and Seneca Wallace in zany WildDawg plays? It sounds more sensible that if they truly intended to incorporate the pair of all-purpose players into the mainstream of their offense, they would keep the plays under wraps and downplay them when asked. Instead, coach Eric Mangini has talked them up enthusiastically and displayed the WildDawg in front of the media in organized team activities practices. He’s never that open about strategies. My guess is that Mangini wants opponents to think the Browns can hurt them with the WildDawg just so that they devote a portion of their practice time preparing for a Cribbs-Wallace offense. Mangini believes that attention will detract his opponents — if only for five minutes, or so — from preparing for what the Browns really intend to do. I would expect to see the WildDawg featured prominently in training camp and the preseason games. But when the real season starts, it will be mothballed and saved for only rare occasions. Think about this: If Wallace is the No. 2 quarterback on game days, exposing him to a lot of WildDawg plays — especially with him catching passes — exposes him to the risk of injury. If a team’s No. 2 quarterback is injured in a game, it puts the team in a precarious position. The No. 3 QB then would be one bad hit to the No. 1 QB from entering. According to the NFL third quarterback rule, if the No. 3 quarterback is inserted before the fourth quarter — even for a single play — the team’s first two quarterbacks cannot be used in the game at any position. Now, Cribbs’ experience at QB lessens the risk if the starter needs a play or two on the sideline. Instead of bringing in the No. 3 quarterback, Cribbs could line up behind center. Still, I imagine there is more hype than substance to the alleged claims of increased WildDawg — or Flash, or Cyclone — plays. Cribbs lined up at QB approximately 59 times last year. I can remember only a handful of plays of note — and one of them was an interception inside the 20 at Pittsburgh.
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    TheBrownsBoard is going to help ClevelanFanforLife take the term 'WildDawg Offense' into the households across this great Nation. We've purchased www.theWildDawg.com , and have created Wild Dawg Facebook Page, help us build up these two sites and push the term to National proportions.
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    Members, Don't forget about the Tickets & Trading Forum (http://thebrownsboard.com/forums/index.php?showforum=6) here on The Browns Board. The forum was designed to help match up TBB members selling tickets with TBB members looking to buy. The forum attracts some spam so make sure anyone you arte doing business with has some history here and not making their first posts. Some new members are legit too, just asking that you use your best judgement. There are already some tickets for sale and being requested on the forum, so check back often if you are in need one way or another. Thanks
  11. More Pictures of all sides are displayed here on Facebook $3,500 Firm Drop us an e-mail at stan@createns.com if interested and we will put you in touch with the owner.
  12. More Pictures of all sides are displayed here on Facebook $3,500 Firm Drop us an e-mail at stan@createns.com if interested and we will put you in touch with the owner.
  13. More Pictures of all sides are displayed here on Facebook $3,500 Firm Drop us an e-mail at stan@createns.com if interested and we will put you in touch with the owner.
  14. Cleveland Browns draft pick Colt McCoy will do fine in NFL, college coach says By Mary Kay Cabot, The Plain Dealer April 30, 2010, 12:25AM View full sizeChris Carlson / Associated Press Texas coach Mack Brown says Colt McCoy's confidence will help him succeed as the quarterback of the Browns. BEREA, Ohio — Texas football coach Mack Brown has been watching quarterback Colt McCoy prove folks wrong since McCoy showed up on his doorstep as a skinny kid from West Texas in 2005 -- and he's convinced it will be more of the same with McCoy in Cleveland. "Colt came to our camps every year when he was young and had his heart set on Texas," recalled Brown on the eve of Browns rookie minicamp, which begins today. "There was another quarterback [Ryan Perrilloux] that had verbally committed to us -- a national player that everybody said was the greatest in the country. Colt said, 'I don't care who's there, coach. I'm going to play for you and I'll be great, so just take me.' " Perrilloux ended up signing with Louisiana State University and McCoy redshirted that season -- the year Texas quarterback Vince Young put on one of the best performances in college history to beat USC in the BCS title game. Soon after, Young announced he was leaving college early for the NFL, and McCoy told his coaches not to worry, that he'd be the best quarterback they ever had. "He looked like he was 12 years old when he told us that," said Brown. "He wasn't even shaving." First, McCoy had to beat out another highly touted rookie quarterback -- Jevan Snead, who then transferred to Mississippi. Then he had to overcome the neverending comparisons to Young, who went on to become NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and a first-year Pro Bowler with the Tennessee Titans. "Everybody said, 'I don't know if Colt's going to be as good as Vince,' " said Brown. "And Colt would say, 'I'm not going to be Vince. I'll make my own name.' He never lived in Vince's shadow." Instead, McCoy went out and won more games in four years -- 45 -- than any quarterback in college history. He also set the NCAA record for completion percentage in 2008 (76.7) and 47 Texas records. In 2009, he led the Longhorns back to the national title game -- but got knocked out of the contest with a neck stinger on the fifth play in a loss to Alabama. "His whole life, people have been questioning what he could do and he just steps up and answers the bell," said Brown. On draft day, while McCoy was falling to the Browns in the third round, No. 85 overall, Brown -- who was in New York serving as an analyst for ESPN -- heard all the criticisms about McCoy's height (6-1 1/2) and arm strength. "I don't think his height is an issue," said Brown. "He's not the prototype, but you look at Drew Brees and Joe Montana. Brees will go down as one of the greatest. I didn't think he looked short in the Super Bowl. I thought he looked really good when he completed just about every pass. "I think the guys that have instincts, they have the ability to find those holes when the defensive line spreads and Colt is one of those guys. He had very few passes batted down in college." As for his arm strength, Brown swears it won't be a problem. "I heard some of the analysts talking about the weather in Cleveland, that it might be tough for a guy that didn't have the great arm, but I really think his arm is as strong as anybody we've had, including Young," said Brown. "We play in a lot of windy weather in West Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma and I never felt like he didn't have the arm strength. He's got a lot of snap and he's 214 pounds, not the skinny little guy people might perceive." He said McCoy's skills will translate well to the pro game even though he played in a shotgun spread offense. "Our offense is very much like what Cleveland will be running," Brown said. "We run a pro-style offense. We stick a little option in, but by and large, he's seen all the reads, and gets the ball out of his hands." He said McCoy's mobility will also serve him well in the pros. "You don't have to be perfect with your protection all the time because he can beat you with his feet," said Brown. Some of the best things about McCoy, though, are the ones you can't measure, he said. "Browns fans will love his passion," he said. "He has 12 fourth-quarter come-from-behind wins and many were dramatic. He'll want to play right away, but he'll be patient and listen. He'll be for Cleveland, not for himself. He'll pull hard for the other two quarterbacks, and every minute of every day he'll be waiting for his chance." Brown said he's never met a fiercer competitor than McCoy. "Colt has been successful at everything he's ever done," said Brown. "He was a Big 12 Academic All American and a unanimous captain for us. He's in church three times a week and he doesn't cuss or drink alcohol. He's done as much as anybody to change lives in this state with the platform he had. He'll be tremendous in the community." And on the football field? "I have no doubt he'll be a really good quarterback for the Browns," he said. "He could play this year, but I'm glad he won't. The Browns hit a home run."
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    NOTE: The soccer discussion was moved to it's own folder. Please carry-on with subject topic: BROWNS DEFENSE.
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    Carlton Mitchell

    Carlton just requested friendship with TheBrownsBoard on Facebook ... we'll reel this cat in and will him to the Pro Bowl! Become a Friend of TheBrownsBoard on Facebook
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    THE BROWNS BOARD will join up with the Berea Browns Backers. Thursday April 22nd "The Browns Backers of Berea (B3) Draft Party" at Scoundrels Bar and Grille in Berea Draft Party starts at 7pm. $1.50 Bud/Bud Light bottle specials. Door prize and draft raffles with prizes given by Budweiser. The Browns have the 7th pick in the draft with a lot of options and tons of needs. This is going to be a very exciting draft. Come on out a join the fun. Be there! SCOUNDRELS 826 Front Street Berea, Ohio 44017 Ph. 440.234.3455
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    Official NFL Schedule Thread

    THE BROWNS BOARD TAILGATE PARTY We will be setting key games for our Big Parties soon. Stay Tuned ...
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    Happy Birthday Zombo

    Hope your Cake gets Ruined!
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    Ticket Sharing

    In comparison, this site gave away plenty of regular season individual games, along with raffled off a pair of Prime season Tickets, more individual games, and preseason games in 2009. Stay tuned as we plan to do similar again this season.
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    Browns Reference: Hot Tub Time Machine

    I won't tell you much more or it will ruin that segment for you, it's just a scene in the movie though, not the whole movie.
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    Browns Reference: Hot Tub Time Machine

    I was at the sneak-preview of the movie a few weeks back, yeah the reference the 'Drive' as they go back to 1986 ... pretty funny. We all wondered if it was some sort of "regional version" of the movie ... as the movie theater crowd moaned (reaction) with the recap. Pretty good movie, btw.
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    Offtopic board?

    If you are griping about your threads being 'linked' to the new off-topic board, first consider why; We moved old threads of yours there for the likely hood that they may be reenacted upon in that new folder. We 'bridged' your newest posts there as a means of possibly building up that forum with your excellent help. Your posts were nominated as a source for bridging that gap. Your Trivia Threads are archived there for easier reference to them as opposed to getting lost here under the sea of QB talk. Consider it respect for your work, not a reprimand. Thanks for contributing here. If this sort of acknowledgement is not wanted, we will restore your threads back into their original spots among the archive. Apologizes for not explaining first.
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    Well, this has been a long time coming and of popular deman to have a forum for off-topics for years. Thank Mr. T, and the $100 note he slipped into my pocket. It's up, and ready for use. Enjoy and don't go crazy, let's make this a productive forum.
  25. We mix a lot of the dogs food with rice or bread, and add in a lot more table scraps ... feeding two dogs, even though they are small is getting tougher in harsh times. My wife and I both have been blessed with consistient jobs, but with four teenagers (and a 9yr old), our grocery bill is between $300-$500/wk! The kids also get a lot of rice, potato, or pasta type side dishes and more water & Koolaid than pop or juice. We try to keep after-school snacks around a $1/per, such as Michelina dinners and left-overs. I think the tennagers kill us with school lunches. We pack and provide them with probably too much, but put a lot of individual items in there that they snack-on from as soon as they depart for school through most of the day. We've switched to packing bottled water instead of the small juice box type drinks. They can also re-fill the water bottle using the school drinking fountains. Lunch meat kills us, but the school lunch is a one-shot type of thing and they are hungry before and after ... plus, if you give teenagers cash they spend it on everything but a school lunch and when we put money into a school account for them, they still found a way to buy junk with it instead of a meal. The Kids are our biggest problem, keeping them out of the cubboards between meals and after school is a real chore. However, by-law we are required to feed them, we've checked.