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  1. admin

    What happened to the site last night?

    My bad, I forgot to pay the bill on-time. -Stan
  2. admin


    What browser are you using and are you on a computer, tablet or other mobile device?
  3. admin


    Settle in with your favorite beverage and join us in the BROWNS TAVERN for LIVE Game Day Banter with other Browns fans from around the globe. Use the following Link for access: http://createns.com/browns/gameday.htm Mobile users may find the following link more accommodating: http://brownstavern.chatango.com/ Go Browns! (P.S.: Don't forget to tip your Waitress .... )
  4. admin

    Predictably Quiet This Week...

    We agree and understand. We have recently removed many of the "schlong measurement" threads to make way for the football topic threads. We have installed measures to mask profanity, and we have suspended a few members who couldn't follow adult private askings and explanations. I admit that we do not have a plan for the length of a thread, as in the Garrett injury, as in recent years others asked for ONE THREAD instead of wading through multiple threads of the same topic, so it doesn't look like we are going to please everyone there. We have also recently removed many posts that just were flame-baiting and not necessary, and also the replies to those posts from those who can't help themselves in feeding the trolls - no matter how much they report their dislike for said troll and can't seem to bring themselves to use the ignore button or simply skip the post(s). You will occasionally see a questionable thread or post, we ask that you skip it until we can remove it or moderate it. Thanks.
  5. admin

    Predictably Quiet This Week...

    Typically from my experience, more posts are generated after a Big loss or Big News (in-season trade, aka: Richardson), then after Big Wins. But it's hard to compare numbers today because so many people are fed up with the losing and fed up with the NFL in general. Last year at this same time, the daily average posts were well over 250 per day ... this franchise is killing itself.
  6. admin

    Predictably Quiet This Week...

    Daily posts since Aug 1st to-date.
  7. Just contact us prior to ordering and we will work something out with you, at the very least combine all into one, saving you on shipping and possibly even providing you with a quantity discount. Thanks.
  8. admin

    tavern ??

    That's why we make adjustments ... you've been watching the Browns for too many years in the new era. That's already been fixed
  9. admin

    tavern ??

    I've sent you three emails back this morning and the link to the new tavern was placed in the Game Day thread several times. Doesn't appear to be much interest in opening the Tavern this season. I opened up a temporary place to work out any kinks, but not enough usage in it today to move forward. DESKTOP: http://createns.com/browns/gameday.htm MOBILE: http://brownstavern.chatango.com/
  10. admin

    ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Doesn't appear to be much interest in opening the Tavern this season.
  11. admin

    ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Try the temporary BROWNS TAVERN out, for today's game. http://createns.com/browns/gameday.htm
  12. No, sorry ... I just re-checked the inventory and no more size: LG. Try an XL
  13. Everyone Hates The Steelers, but now you can display it proudly and at the same time help support this forum. 100% of all proceeds goes toward the support of this forum! ORDER HERE Don't need a T-shirt but want to help donate to the support of this Forum anyway, Please use the DONATE LINK below: DONATE HERE THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
  14. admin

    Site Update

    Click on the "dot" (or star) in front of each thread and it take you to the last unread comment in that thread. (see below)
  15. admin

    Site Update

    I believe all of these concerns have been addressed. Most all upgrades result in reverting back to default setting, it takes a few moments to learn who to manipulate all settings. The more familiar we get wit the system, the more customizations and theme we will implement. Thanks for bearing with us.