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  1. plumcrazy73

    Ben Tate on NFL Radio

    so we draft him ( Brandon Thomas) with one of our lower picks and wait a year to see the fruits of our labor.
  2. Don Cockroft came on Sirrus NFL radio and was talking and he told of his book, sounds like a good read so I thought I would share it with everyone. Below is the front page of his website, he wrote , published and is distributing the book himself. http://thekardiackids.com/home.php The 1980 Kardiac Kids — Our Untold Stories is the most complete, most comprehensive account of this miracle season ever published. The book is dedicated to the fans who cheered for the Browns every step of the way as they battled to win a division championship, their first in nine years. This 672-page, hardcover, coffee-table edition features a look at how the Kardiac Kids were formed, personal stories from the players and coaches, a detailed recap of every game, fan memories, plus much, much more. You will take a walk down memory lane by revisiting the birth of the Kardiac Kids, including the emergence of Brian Sipe at quarterback, the hiring of coach Sam Rutigliano and the 1979 season when the Kids began to establish their reputation for exciting, come-from-behind victories. Next, you will read a compelling and inspirational story about each player and coach that takes you on his journey to becoming a Cleveland Brown, describes his vital contributions to the team’s success and provides a fascinating and meaningful look at his life today. Then, as each amazing game is brought back to life in words and pictures, you will relive all the spectacular plays and thrilling moments while being transported back to the time when the Kardiac Kids captured your heart. You will also read fresh and insightful commentary about the playoff game against the Oakland Raiders on January 4, 1981. Players and coaches will recall the challenge of overcoming those bitterly-cold and blustery conditions at frozen Cleveland Stadium. And, yes, they will share with you their thoughts and reflections on Red Right 88, the play that shattered the dreams of a Super Bowl title.
  3. plumcrazy73

    New Ownership.

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/07/29/report-lerner-to-retain-30-percent-stake-in-browns/ Report: Lerner to retain 30 percent stake in Browns Posted by Darin Gantt on July 29, 2012, 2:00 PM EDT Randy Lerner, Pat Shurmur AP Browns fans hoping to be rid of owner Randy Lerner are getting their wish, to an extent. According to a report from WKYC sportscaster and the team play-by-play voice Jim Donovan (via the Cleveland Plain Dealer), Lerner will retain a 30 percent share of the team. Lerner’s selling controlling interest in the Browns to truck stop magnate (and really, that might be the best business card title ever) Jimmy Haslam. Donovan also reported Haslam will have the option to increase that share later, but that leaves the unpopular Lerner as a small part of the franchise.
  4. plumcrazy73

    New Ownership.

    Actually ties to the possible new president maybe what does Heckertt in there was a bit of a issue between them when at the end of his time with the Eagles if I remember right. Not saying it is enough to get him canned though.
  5. plumcrazy73

    Camp Trade Josh Cribbs

    for the right price everyone is tradable question is what is the right price! although I don't want Cribbs going anywhere!!!
  6. plumcrazy73

    Oh! if the browns had never left.

  7. plumcrazy73

    Fans, Quinn lose as Browns stick with Anderson

    won't play him cuase of money or pride one of the two or both
  8. plumcrazy73

    Have we been doing this backwards

    I agree, plus there is not a QB that I want that high, if we take one in the 2nd then ok but not with a 1st pick. If someone is there that A. could end up being who we want or B. could be the back up we need.
  9. plumcrazy73

    We Won

    question is with Diaboli (or how ever you spell the OC's name) other then horrible, maybe he is not calling the plays to let Quinn go downtown some, I mean he has a NFL arm, not a DA arm but enough to get the box unstacked.
  10. plumcrazy73

    We Won

  11. plumcrazy73

    Note to the board

    I will be headed across the water tomorrow, Uncle Sam called again. Will probably be without Internet for a monthish from what I am told. have fun, remember that even if this team's play sucks still better to be a fan of a loosing Browns team then a fan of the Steelers no matter what the record!
  12. If you hate him so much why did you line his pockets with money? When I don't like someone I tend to NOT give him money! You are a freakin joke, go root for the BUCS since that is such a great city. Nothing worse then a fair weather, I am better then you fan. STFU and leave.
  13. plumcrazy73

    Polamalu will be back for Brown's Game

    Good I want him on the field that way if we beat them, they can't say well Polly was not on the field, if he was there you would not have won! I want to beat their best not their worst, will take the win without him there but prefer it with him there
  14. plumcrazy73

    Committed to build through the draft

    No QB in the first round, Berry or RB with the first pick, course if we have the #1 pick then may change that. IF we can't trade down which I hope we can do
  15. plumcrazy73

    Committed to build through the draft

    No QB in the first round, Berry or RB with the first pick, course if we have the #1 pick then may change that. IF we can't trade down which I hope we can do