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  1. Thaak

    Cardale Jones

    And his accuracy and arm strength. I'd be surprised to see Braxton Miller ever play the game again. He injured his previously injured throwing shoulder just tossing the rock around. The dude's shoulder is held together by some duct tape and baling twine. He's done. JT Barret will be a good college QB, but he's a runner. He'll have to prove he belongs in the NFL just like all the other runners out there who can't throw to a giant X on the side of a barn.
  2. Thaak

    # 12 and # 19

    Not unless the Browns move him. They picked up his 2015 option.
  3. Thaak

    Browns' mock draft 1.0

    They picked up the 5th year option on Taylor. He's with us through 2015.
  4. Thaak

    Rules Question

    Typically it would be the last linemen on the line as long as there is a Tackle already there. Essentially the TE position on the line, or further out.
  5. Thaak

    Rex Ryan,DC?

    Actually Pettine relinquished D playcalling to O'Neill awhile ago. And our D has been doing enough to keep us in games. So the D is not the issue right now.
  6. Thaak


    I'd rate Navarro Bowman's knee explosion in the NFC Championship game last year as worse than McGahees. It was all kinds of sick and wrong.
  7. Thaak


    Adrian Peterson's ACL tear, Navarro Bowman's knee explosion in the NFC Championship last year, and Daunte Culpepper's ACL tear that essentially ended his career (assuming you assumed he still had one after Moss left.) Those three were much, much, much, much worse bends than that whip lash. That being said, I have had my ACL replaced, and ended up getting my black belt on a gimpy knee. So I know what it feels like, and everytime I see a knee bend where it shouldn't, I cringe and hope for the best, but know its probably bad. As it is, they are saying 6-8 weeks currently.
  8. Thaak

    Santonio Holmes was waived

    fuck no. I'm an OSU homer, but this guy is a cancer, no fucking way do we want him.
  9. Thaak

    Kyle Shanahan

    One of the most prolific offenses in the past 10 years has been the New Orleans Saints with Sean Payton and Drew Brees. One thing I loved to hear, is that Sean Payton got together with Drew Brees to find out what his favorite plays were when he was with San Diego, and then he added those plays to the Saints' playbook. Payton does his best to run what works with who you have, and put his players in the best position to succeed based on their current skill set. On the other hand, you have Peyton Manning lead offenses (offensive coordinators, in my mind, are just assistants to Manning). Where he demands perfection in what he wants to do with the offense. And reports say that he practices after practice with his running backs and receivers to such an extent, that they know exactly what Manning expects on any given moment. So making players fit your system does work. However I feel that's the exception rather than the rule. You see many, many, many coaches fail when they try to do the square peg in the round hole thing, because their ego is too big to make what works happen instead. Kosar draws a play in the dirt, throws a TD to Michael Jackson, and gets benched by Belichek. Was Kosar physically wearing down? Yeah. Was his talent diminished enough to be benched? Probably. Was Belicheck an egotistical ass because of the reason he benched Kosar in this situation? Absolutely. I think Shanahan is of the Payton school, rather than the Peyton school, which is why we are seeing so much offensive success with a supporting cast of "who?"
  10. Thaak

    2015 Draft

    BPA. Otherwise I'd prioritize OLB, DL, ILB, TE, ROG in that order Our D-Line was supposed to be our strength, and its ended up being our weakness and our Outside Linebackers seem to have no concept of edge containment.
  11. Thaak

    Dumb Tiebreaking Process

    However, I remember a few years ago, Cleveland and Arizona ended with the same exact record. They were the only two teams with that record (6-10 or somesuch). And Arizona had beaten us during the year. So assuming we both were fighting for the same playoff spot, Arizona would win and get that spot by virtue of having a better head-to-head record. For the draft though, Arizona won again (by getting a better draft position). Because head-to-head record is not considered for draft position. It went from overall record to record vs. common opponents I think.
  12. Thaak

    Kyle Shanahan

    I think it also had more to do with our new Center essentially not having played at all for 2 years, and getting thrust in as a starter his first game back. Now his game speed, endurance, recognition, and all that are starting to come back, and we are seeing the O-Line gelling again. Assuming we either don't make the playoffs, or get bumped in the 1st round, I think Shanahan stays with the Browns. He specifically decided to search for a job without Daddy, because I think he wanted to prove that his skill set was not because of his dad. He started proving that in Houston and had a set back in Washington, because Mike Shanahan was too egotistical. I think he's showing with the Browns, again, that he's an offensive genius. I think he takes another year of stability as OC before he moves on. There will be head coaching opportunities every year.
  13. Thaak

    Jordan Cameron

    Yes, Gordon will be allowed back for our 11th game.
  14. Thaak

    Dumb Tiebreaking Process

    What's even more ridiculous, is that the tie breaking scheme for draft picks is different than for playoff seeding.
  15. I did not expect what I watched last night. But I really loved it!