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  1. htownbrown

    Regular Season Schedule

    I love this schedule. The Titans to open the season sounds better to me than Pitt. I'd rather hit those assholes in full stride anyway. 3 primetime games in the first 5 weeks. The AFCE are very winnable games outside NE. Plus, the Bungs 2x, Fins, and Cards in the last 6 weeks of the season. This is the kindest I can ever remember the schedule maker's being to the Browns.
  2. htownbrown

    OBJ Press Conference

    I don't know, but the lady friend who watched it with me started giving me side eye, "Like WTF are we about to watch?" after about 2 minutes.
  3. htownbrown

    OBJ Press Conference

    I'm not sure they're all that interested....
  4. htownbrown

    OBJ Press Conference

    After seeing this, am I the only one who thinks Landry and OBJ experimented in college? Geezus, get these guys a room already!
  5. htownbrown

    Kindred to be waived

  6. htownbrown

    Kindred to be waived

    Howard Wilson is gone too.
  7. htownbrown

    All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

    If they don't rescind the nomination, the NAACP is a hate group. Plain and simple. They've been walking the line for quite some time already.
  8. htownbrown

    Senator (R) Mike Lee's solution to climate change..

    Yeah sure buddy. This chick has been throwing ice cubes at the sun for a long time.
  9. Behar will dominate the Network bracket with her complete lack of talent and cognitive ability. She wll easily cruise along until the finals where she meets equally worthless, Ana 'Cinderella' Navarro. At that point, I think Behar will lean on her experience to bring home the title.
  10. You can be an idiot and right about something on occasion. This is that occasion.
  11. I was stunned myself.
  12. I just looked it up and 9 people died in the US from selfies in 2018. That seems extremely low to me, but that means you only need to find 1 person that died from hydrocarbon contaminated water. Post it here and I'll PayPal you $100 right now.
  13. Someone who should know better.