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  1. htownbrown

    Dishonoring George Floyd

    https://m.startribune.com/souhan-strong-statement-needed-and-vikings-signing-kaepernick-would-do-it/570911682/ Who better to help with kneeling problems?
  2. htownbrown

    Dishonoring George Floyd

    Ok. Let's wrap this up people. Don't try and one up the bad guy here. You still go to prison even though you're mad.
  3. htownbrown

    Dishonoring George Floyd

    If 'we' continue to 'protest' like this, we will lose our right to protest all together.
  4. htownbrown

    Not on board with this one...

    That's how I understand it too. I'm not trying to argue Twitter is being "fair" and I would run it differently myself, but Twitter is not obligated to fact check anyone. At the same time, when they do, it's their freedom to do so. Trump's beef would find a lot more sympathy if it was twitter.gov, but it's not.
  5. htownbrown

    Not on board with this one...

    Well, maybe that wasn't the best point for me make about this, but if the man farts, no matter what the platform, the world will know. I guess the better point is, and I'm not speaking about other conservatives here just Trump, it's not going to help what he has an issue with at the moment. And that makes it rather disingenuous. I did see they blocked something of his this morning about the Minnesota cop (retaliation?), but the executive order appears to have been sparked over fact checking. If this was about James Woods or another conservative, it should have been done way back when. There has to be some personal, not political, leeway on a private platform. For me, that line gets very blurry on fact checking. And I'm not comfortable with the government telling Twitter who they can or should fact check.
  6. https://www.dailywire.com/news/trump-signs-executive-order-taking-action-on-social-media-bias-we-cant-let-this-continue-to-happen As long as they aren't skewing the message, you can't realistically punish them. After reelection, Trump doesn't need Twitter anymore, why do this? You're fighting censorship with censorship. It just isn't the right thing to do here.
  7. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    I'm not sure which argument above you are actually making. It's my belief that if you took this seriously and did what common sense would tell you to do while being one of the susceptible candidates, you would have been perfectly fine regardless of what anyone else was doing. And this is where I get a little callous I suppose, but I'm not sure the vast majority of people who were taken by the 'rona weren't already on borrowed time. Where I live, I'm surrounded by parks. I have never seen them as crowded as I did during this "pandemic", despite the lockdown. As I said in another thread, traffic fatalities were still higher than 'rona related deaths during this same period in this area. It was never truly a lockdown scenario to begin with, when you see those stats. Maybe the moral of this should be stricter zoning laws related to population densities, which I'm sure in some relative way is one of the things your company is working through (i.e. spreading workstations apart). Of course, the local governments (NYC) would never turn their revenues away for the purpose of public safety. No, no, no....they'll just transform from residential to correctional type facilities and ride this shit out. I know you said death rate isn't necessarily important to you, but it is what caused the panic. And to be fair, the 'rona was never as advertised.
  8. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    Even if I were to believe that human beings have never lived without a cure to a specific virus this long, it still doesn't mean, for instance, counties neighboring larger counties were in the same danger. They social distance naturally better than urbanites for obvious reasons. To treat them with the same heavy hand was mind numbingly stupid. Not to mention, if you think little Jimmy that delivered the groceries to grandpa's house wasn't passing the blunt around the night before, you might be naive.
  9. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    I disagree. We attempted to keep the entire country in a bubble. It never should of been a one size fits all approach. There was nothing truly unique about this virus, I'm sure your kindergarten teacher taught you to wash your hands and not eat your boogers.
  10. htownbrown

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    There is a very good chance the money brings him around. Eventually. Can't blame him for wanting to play for a winner. We aren't the only ones watching the shitshow that has been the Cleveland Browns.
  11. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    Well, they stated from the get go they knew literally nothing about this virus. So I think I said nothing they haven't already. Maybe a bit too condescending for your taste. I shall self quarantine.
  12. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    And to extend that further, I'm not sure when questioning someone's scientific conclusions became the unscientific method.
  13. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    To me, if I'm interpreting you correctly, you need years of knowledge on a very specific subject to be an expert.
  14. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    I'm not sure I know what you mean?
  15. htownbrown

    New CDC estimate .0026 death rate

    Antibody testing, early on, told us it was a bullshit overreaction. The older crowd should have geared up when the young'uns came home, but somehow that was less convenient than shutting down the whole goddam country. These "experts" knew as much about this virus as the guy with fucked up hair on Ancient Aliens knows about actual aliens.