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  1. htownbrown

    Wheres the fucking riots for this? Fuck you liberals

    The problem is liberals think this case is rare (which is true) and the george floyd case is common (which is false). The reaction should be louder in this case not because a black person killed a white person, but rather it was a kid that never pistol whipped old ladies for dope money.
  2. htownbrown

    Biden Selects Kamala Harris as his VP

    Now it's making sense.... You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them. Kamala Harris #MeToo
  3. htownbrown

    Biden Selects Kamala Harris as his VP

    I still remember when she tried to rip Joe's balls off in the debates....forced busing. She literally implied he was a racist while the entire world was watching. Incredible.
  4. htownbrown

    Frightened teachers

    The reason teachers and administrators in Texas take so much bullshit from parents, is directly linked to the STAAR test. To put it bluntly, it's a joke. If you're a go getter and care about your GPA, then you'll do fine one way or the other, but if these kids don't give a shit the STAAR test offers the perfect cover for them and their teachers. You can practically mail it in all year, as long as you pass that test you're likely moving on. So the real teaching begins right before the test comes. In other words, they teach you how to pass the test and not much else. That's all they care about. "The whole firestorm was sparked by student statements and questionable test scores. Education Week reported that the youngsters “suggested the teachers provided improper assistance to them” on their STAAR tests, although the teachers countered that the students were confused getting help on the STAAR practice. Reed also said, “Testing helps us measure the degree to which students are learning, and HISD will remain vigilant in its efforts to ensure that the integrity of the state’s testing process is not compromised.” Testing is the benchmark, although not everyone is a fan of it anymore as witnessed by the increasing “opting-out” of this kind of intense or “high-stakes” testing. It has been spurned on by a growing resentment that too much emphasis and worth is placed on the tests for student accountability and teacher evaluations. The tests also take away from classroom learning time. Proponents believe the tests are a viable snapshot to justify taxpayer dollars that fund the public schools as they show a measure of successes, failures and areas for improvement. Opponents feel that this kind of testing breeds a pressure cooker style of learning, fostering a “teach to the test” environment where no one learns anything other than how to take a test. Furthermore, educators are saddled under the scrutiny of delivering high test scores that are tied to their job performance indices."
  5. https://www.npr.org/2020/08/07/900279687/barr-promises-doj-wont-try-to-influence-2020-election Gee, I wonder why they're so jumpy? I thought democrats loved investigations. Seems to me, Joe really needs to pull this one out.
  6. htownbrown

    Projection defined in 1:22

    One more point about the Covid "catastrophe"..... If your waiting on Trump or Obama or Clinton or Bush to tell you when it's a good time to wash your hands, then life has dealt you an awfully cruel hand.
  7. htownbrown

    Projection defined in 1:22

    Yeah, you're a Biden guy. Easy to spot. If you guys get a chance to ramble, you lose track of where you're at in just a few sentences. Look, you have to choose one of these two points and stick to it. You can't have both.
  8. htownbrown

    Projection defined in 1:22

    Let's just assume everything you just said is 100% true. WTH does that have to do with the question YOU asked in your previous post?
  9. htownbrown

    My house has covid...

    Wish everyone the best and hope it's mild.
  10. htownbrown

    Projection defined in 1:22

    I think he wouldn't be talking about a rigged election, if he didn't have to deal with a rigged investigation...
  11. htownbrown

    Meanwhile back in Europe

  12. htownbrown

    Science experiment

    I here what your saying, although I'm not 100% behind all of it. I'm not attempting to come at you (or anyone) from a position of authority because I'm not in the medical industry and my only overlapping professional experience to any of this would be porosity and permeability (which is what inspired the pictures). The statement I originally made, was not whether SMs were better than nothing, rather that it was not going to flatten the curve. I thank you, for at least not shitting on the point without objective thinking like other posters attempted. I think, however, "better than nothing" with a virus that is "highly contagious" leads people to some not so proven assumptions. As I've read through more and more studies, the results and conclusions are so wildly different, it's difficult to trust any. The first thing that caught my eye in mask efficiency testing was that they universally get tested with normal breathing rates (8.4 L/min +- 1.3 L/min for a healthy male). A cough or sneeze would certainly be much more forceful, i think we could agree on that. And as loosely fit as a SM actually is, maybe porosity actually is irrelevant considering the possible paths of least resistance. I don't have any issue with the argument for SMs limiting non suspending aerosols that may for instance contaminate a surface, but PM 2.5, or smaller, is a wildly different ball game. They have found the virus lodged in ventilation filters in hospitals, after all. Now here's a question you seem to be versed enough to answer, where I'm not: In a situation where a virus has become highly efficient at attaching itself to it's desired target, in this case a spike protein I believe, would it not lower the viral load necessary to be highly effective?
  13. htownbrown

    Meanwhile back in Europe

    Really?? Take a teacher to lunch?? Yeah...I don't have to, to understand what they do Boss. The average person that stocks tomato paste at the local HEB has been exposed to every single person from your little community, directly and/or indirectly. If he/she can do it....well you know where this is going. They have parents, they have kids. There isn't a single poster here that has been quite as dramatic about this as yourself. I only need eyes to be qualified to say that.
  14. htownbrown

    Science experiment

  15. htownbrown

    Science experiment

    I'm aware