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  1. Then cooperate. Once they come to serve a narc warrant, which is essentially a search warrant, there's no turning back. You can't assume the guy won't start flushing because you don't see him. Shit spreads quick around the hood.
  2. I didn't start any topic. You claimed the cops didn't do their job properly and i essentially am implying they did or at least that it wasn't out of the ordinary. But if I was even worthy of calling myself a parent, I would have instantly been looking for my own kids and moving them farther away. Not trying to figure out what the cops should be doing when a maniac is blasting people.
  3. htownbrown

    Jay-Z and NFL team up to woke us

    You may be able to pull a gem out of an ocean of garbage sometimes, but most of the time it's self aggrandizing, pointless, and crude. I can't honestly sing along to someone's sexual experiences, what kind of cars they have, how many diamonds they have in their mouths, or how pimpin is hard. That eliminates about 90% right off the top. Especially Jay-Z the Great Unifier.
  4. Wow. That is double racist in someone's empty head.
  5. Trump is not going to get half the Hispanic vote. No way no how.
  6. Yeah right. I suppose he empathized with the street slugs and "understood why" they threw shit on the cops too. If someone told you they wouldn't serve a narc warrant with kids at a certain location, they're an idiot or a fraud.
  7. If you mean they would prefer you to come out with your hands up, I agree. I'm sure if you come stumbling out oblivious to what's about to happen, that would be great too. But a narc raid is literally the only time the judge ever issues a "No knock" warrant. By title alone, that implies they're not banking on you going out for a chai tea latte and a slice of gluten free, organic tofu and Mediterranean broccoli pizza at around 11am Thursday morning. But yes, most of their Intel does come from crackheads.
  8. It's not a stakeout, it's a raid. They have it planned out to the minute they kick the door in. They know the floorplan of your house. They don't care about your daily routine. If you think their going to sit in a van in the hood all decked out in SWAT gear until you take out the trash or go to whole foods, then you're getting too many ideas from movies.
  9. There is a difference between an arrest warrant and a search warrant. It's hard to tell if you understand this very obvious fact.
  10. That's a risky game considering evidence could get destroyed. That's why they go in anyway. It's standard practice.
  11. They know full well there are kids in the house when they are briefed. It's rarely a surprise obstacle. Last I checked, I think it's still summer and the kids aren't in school yet. At least, not everywhere. Should they have put off the raid until the fall semester started?
  12. So cops should NOT be able to serve a warrant at a location where criminal activity is taking place if there's kids and guns? I'm pretty sure I read it was a narc warrant. Honestly, do you believe that?
  13. Oil and gas I presume. The Russians are getting ready to work the Arctic too.
  14. Well, to be fair, I'm not sure there is an inappropriate time to throw shit at a cop in your world. But I'd be willing to bet a lot of people acting a fool didn't know shit about who the police were after, nor did they care. They were just being themselves.