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  1. At what point does this become ridiculous to everyone?

    It may be encouraged to allow some loitering, but it's certainly not policy. Otherwise, the 'racist' would have been fired and not relocated. From what I have read, this particular Starbucks has a huge problem with loitering to the point they are one of the Starbucks that don't allow it. If I were homeless, I would crash on one of those fuzzy couches during the day and walk the streets at night. Wouldn't even need a bathroom, just a venti cup, leave it on the table and have some guilt ridden, douche throw it away for me. It's almost laughable considering this soft story makes the national news in a town referred to as Killadelphia.
  2. The Best Bargain Basement QB Picks

    Didn't pay attention to the parameters....my bad.
  3. The Best Bargain Basement QB Picks

    Heath Shuler didn't make the list? David Carr had a much better career IMO. He even lost to Nancy Pelosi, to add insult to injury.
  4. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    So if we actually draft Allen, we now know it will be based at least partly on hand size. On the flip side, Mahommes hands were rather small and exactly the same size as Mayfields'. With Mahommes, it seemed to be more about intellegence. If you're looking for both qualities in a QB, Rosen is probably the guy you take. I would not be surprised one iota if he is the pick. My gut still says they love Mayfield though.
  5. New voting age

    "Cardi B is right. If we are really going to make America great we need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve." -Bernie Ber-Cardi 2020 'zero proof'
  6. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    The Giants would be the real winners here. Move 2 spots and get #22 for it. The Browns would move back 9 total spots for a 1st next year. Thats not even close to fair. It would make the #2 pick worth more than the #1. And the world would laugh once again.
  7. Landry to sign extension

    Haha, let's not spend any money and continue to suck. The master plan!
  8. A Lesson in the Separation of Powers

    Liberals are entertaining, that's for sure. "I will not be Wasserman-Shultz'd!!" LMAO
  9. These Helmets were spotted in Berea today

    I'm not sure the 'D' was written with the same mechanics. If this is a real signature, he already has consistency issues.
  10. https://www.dailywire.com/news/29040/breaking-mueller-does-not-consider-trump-criminal-ryan-saavedra Can you feel the burn?
  11. How can you turn prosperity into racism you ask? Well let these little MTV sweethearts build you a strawman all about it. Now to really understand their point you absolutely can not see any academic testing results for like the past 50 years. Only focus on the years 1942-1945, omit any rumors of pearl harbor being bombed, and then extrapolate that out like forever. Then you must admit the dirty little secret that we've all been hiding. We white devils have been allowing asians to succeed here only to use them as a club to beat down other, less successful races. Ahhh fun times. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Do not read Section 8 pages 25-27 of their sources paper where it suggests that asian people have more cognitive skill sets than black people. Someone might consider that racist and these lovely ladies clearly don't want to be associated with that.
  12. More evil policemen

    https://www.dailywire.com/news/26151/ny-jets-wide-receiver-allegedly-threatens-cop-who-hank-berrien Speaking of honorable gentlemen.... Edit: Old News
  13. More evil policemen

    What a privileged @$$hole!!