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  1. htownbrown

    Jalen Ramsey traded

    And the rams trade Marcus Peters to the Ravens...
  2. This is a video the clip above was pulled from. Normally, I'm not a fan of Glen Beck, but this is the best thing I think I've seen from him. If you have the time, it's worth it.
  3. htownbrown

    Electing to receive?

    I'm fine with it. This team (Baker) plays much better with a lead. I hate to say it, but this team needs to be run heavy for a spell. Baker looked like he was about to cry late in the 4th.
  4. htownbrown


    For someone who barely cared about winning titles at OSU, this guy sure did take the flag thing seriously. I mean, did he even bother to go to that game?
  5. htownbrown


    So 3-mississippi handshakes or your a jerk.....got it!
  6. htownbrown

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    I'm not wishing anything on anyone, but if Garrett gets a clean shot on Jimmy it could put him back on the IR. That is one fragile dude.
  7. htownbrown

    I'm Convinced Freddie Is An IDIOT!!

    I didn't say every play, but it was obvious at times. I suggest you rewatch.
  8. htownbrown

    I'm Convinced Freddie Is An IDIOT!!

    My problem is more with Baker than Freddie. I think the chip fell off his shoulder for one, but he is also creating the pressure sometimes by moving out of the pocket to quickly. Plus, this year a bootleg is almost a guaranteed incompletion. Night and day from last year.
  9. htownbrown

    Panic mode

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/20/browns-promote-a-cornerback-from-practice-squad/ Not good.
  10. htownbrown

    Panic mode

    This seems like the right thread: Sean McVay is 8-0 versus AFC teams during the regular season.
  11. htownbrown

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    You'd figure we could win an opening game by accident at least. They really should give the Skins a call about Williams, but the Texans probably have made it too expensive of an option. If they lose next week, it's going to be a long season.
  12. htownbrown

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    This is not a playoff team. No way, no how.
  13. Never, under any circumstances, do you fully guarantee a contract with a contractor. That's just for starters. Between double dipping on contracts and destroying team caps, the only way to protect yourself is very short term contracts if you're an owner. So players can't be guaranteed and have long term contracts. It's impossible. It would be like franchise tagging an entire league every year. If the players win on one end, they'll lose on the other. They have to decide what they want because they can't have both.