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  1. htownbrown

    Another bad case of science?

    Well it only gets trotted out there when Seau kills himself or the wrestler kills himself and others. Either way, it's being found in non active people as well. Hard to put the blame on football or contact when that is understood. Not to say you're incorrect, it's just a dramatic leap without a proper experiment. Very well could be for all we know.
  2. htownbrown

    Another bad case of science?

    IIRC, the study linked CTE to extreme events of violence.
  3. htownbrown

    Another bad case of science?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how violent do you think football has made JT?
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/op-ed-one-flawed-study-irresponsible-reporting-launched-wave-cte-hysteria-150349666.html I love football and I love science, but there is a real problem with believing every scientific report that comes out, mainly because the jargon involved is beyond our understanding until it's "interpreted" for us. We rely on people in the know to break it down for us. As it turns out, as many here already suspect, it's a hit or miss situation. Apparently, the CTE study from a few years back, might very well have been sensationalized to catch more attention than it deserved. I didn't actually read the study and still haven't. Biology and neurology just doesn't pique my interests. But, if true, this proves that even highly publicized accepted scientific studies aren't necessarily reliable and it hasn't been, up til now, even questioned in the public eye. I run in to this all the time when I read studies on climatology and see how ineffective the results actually are because the experiment was biased from the beginning. I understand that CTE is kind of a new term, at least for me, but if the article is true in it's claim, we are a long way from proving this is in anyway related to football. Although admittedly it makes sense from a logical argument, you still have to give a presentable set of data from an established set of parameters. Well, it appears the parameters of this experiment were complete garbage.
  5. htownbrown

    BREAKING: Migrant Caravan has turned back!

    These are the reasonable people that America needs to bankrupt ourselves. Yay! The fvck with what we want over here, they're coming whether we like it or not. Great first impression. Can't wait to hear O'Casio Cortez tell us about our responsibilities to the world.
  6. htownbrown

    BREAKING: Migrant Caravan has turned back!

    They are fighting their way through the Mexican police right now.
  7. htownbrown

    I'm glad to see this response from a candidate

    Merge or delete. Sorry.
  8. https://www.dailywire.com/news/37349/explosive-ad-gop-will-protect-black-men-false-james-barrett There's no need for identity politics like this. Call it out as nonsense and move along.
  9. Of course he's narcissistic. Just to run for president you have to be narcissistic. How can you not be to apply for the position of leader of the free world? It's like a prerequisite. Name just one candidate ever that wasn't. Try and you shall fail. So everyone is hypnotized by his imaginary pocket watch except liberals, foreigners, and psychiatrists? Well I'll give you points for originality on that. The fact that you think you're more qualified than most to judge a person's intentions sounds.....well let's just say you have some prerequisites necessary to run for the office yourself. I'm not sure how many Trump supporters you've actually talked to, but I don't think you understand the variety of people that support him. There are a whole lot of them that will tell you his personality is a big big turn off. He's no angel, that's for sure. At some point though, you have to look at policy when doing the math on how Trump won, or shall I say is winning.
  10. htownbrown

    Evil Disney Movies

    Maybe it happened, I don't remember. Which movies were those?
  11. htownbrown

    Evil Disney Movies

    Exactly the point, and so have the groups making 'real' noise about these topics.
  12. htownbrown

    Evil Disney Movies

    WALSH: 4 Problematic And Offensive Disney Films That No Child Should Ever Be Allowed To Watch Image by Disney Junior via Getty images ByMATT WALSH @MATTWALSHBLOG October 18, 2018 13.7k views Two Hollywood actresses have come out this week to explain why they will not permit their daughters to watch a number of classic Disney animated films. Kristen Bell correctly pointed out that Snow White is kissed non-consensually by a necrophilic prince who sexually assaults a corpse. Keira Knightly took issue with "Cinderella" and "The Little Mermaid," complaining that both stories reinforce the sexist "damsel in distress" theme. I applaud both women for protecting their children from this highly-objectionable material. I only fear that our conversation about problematic cartoons has not gone far enough. There are several other Disney films that should be thrown on the ash heap of history alongside the ones mentioned by Bell and Knightly. Indeed, I would argue that it is actual child abuse to let your son or daughter watch any of the following: 1) "Pocahontas" I cannot for the life of me understand why "Pocahontas" hasn't been banned and all of the people involved in its production sent to prison camps. The film was terribly offensive well before President Trump used it as a racist taunt against Native American Senator Elizabeth Warren. "Pocahontas" features extremely harmful and retrograde Native American stereotypes and a deeply troubling White Savior storyline. The character Pocahontas is not only sexualized and objectified but reduced to an outdated caricature of an Indian woman who sings about the wind and talks to trees. This is not historically accurate, despite what they may teach in schools. Instead of letting your child watch "Pocahontas," why not cut to the chase and just enlist him in the Nazi Party? It will have the same result either way. 2) "Aladdin" Where to begin? Shall we discuss the Middle Eastern stereotypes, the eroticized female character, or the titular Arabic boy who looks and sounds suspiciously white? My three-year-old son saw "Aladdin" at a friend's house and came home in tears. "It was Euro-colonialist propaganda that utterly trivialized and finally erased the lived experience of actual Arabs," he cried. He was right, but I had to scold him sharply for failing to notice the troubling and blatantly speciesist ways that the film treats its animal characters. And of course this is all to say nothing of the Genie, a person of color who is caged in a lamp and forced to serve Aladdin as a literal slave. Euro-colonialist, indeed. 3) "Pinocchio" "Pinocchio" is a transphobic river of bigoted filth gushing down a mountain of sexism and racism. My daughter watched "Pinocchio" and I immediately disowned her. The damage was done. There was nothing I could do. Notice how Pinocchio spends the whole film pining to become "a real boy." A more progressive and enlightened movie would send Pinocchio out on a quest to become a polyamorous lesbian or an androgynous genderqueer asexual. Instead, Pinocchio is assigned his gender by his deranged puppet master and he never once questions it or even considers whether the very idea of "real boyhood" might in fact be a primitive philosophical artifact of a backward and binary age. The film skips that question entirely, and yet we are supposed to let our children watch it? I would rather die. 4) "The Lion King" Set in Africa yet almost all of the characters are voiced by white actors. One of the only black characters in the whole film is Mufasa, and guess what happens to him? He's trampled to death by wildebeests in one of the most racist moments in Hollywood history. Notice that the wildebeests are also black, which is a not-so-subtle reference to the bigoted "black on black crime" motif. I watched "The Lion King" once when I was a child and I felt like I was at a Klan rally in Alabama in the 1930's. Oh, but there is one other prominent black actor in the film. Whoopie Goldberg voices a hyena who acts a servant to Scar, played by a white British actor. My hands shake with rage even as I type these words. The movie should be rated X for xenophobic. I could continue this list but it is causing me to relive the trauma I experienced when I first saw these movies. Certainly, "Winnie the Pooh" is out because of its harmful portrayal of overweight people and its pseudoscientific insistence that obesity is linked to sugar consumption. "Toy Story" is problematic because the boy only owns gender-typical toys. "Peter Pan" and "Dumbo" and "The Jungle Book" are notoriously racist. "Lady and the Tramp" makes light of sexual assault when the boy dog non-consensually kisses the girl dog as they share a plate of spaghetti. "Bambi" sends a troubling message about animal rights. "The Sword in the Stone" is 90 minutes of toxic masculinity. "Tarzan" features a man who thinks he's a monkey, which is clearly meant to mock and trivialize body dysmorphia. Perhaps the only acceptable and even halfway progressive Disney movie is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The straight white male is a hideous, deformed virgin beast rightly exiled from polite society. This, indeed, is how all white men ought to be portrayed. If only they could all be locked in a bell tower and forgotten. Then perhaps the rest of us could finally live in peace.
  13. htownbrown

    Liberal science goes kablooey again

    Some people look at mmgw like the war of currents. You either thought DC was the future or AC was the future. Application be damned. Most certainly there is a median point between believers and deniers that really exists, but that requires studying your opposition's findings rather than instantly discrediting it. To pretend there are no reputations to defend in this debate would be rather disingenuous, but..... Science is still a business, like everything else, despite what some want you to believe.
  14. Something to do when your snowed in all winter, I suppose.