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  1. htownbrown

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    Ignore a grown man jacking in your hotel room or ignore the article?
  2. htownbrown

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/report-kellen-winslow-ii-couldnt-stop-masturbating-in-1835493794/amp How does everyone just deal with this?
  3. htownbrown

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    "If he would have came, it would have helped us, if not, we’re fine where we’re at,” defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson said. “I like our potential already. And no one’s taking my spot.” https://www.brownszone.com/2019/06/05/browns-cut-desmond-harrison-who-started-1st-8-games-at-left-tackle-last-year/ Best response yet.
  4. htownbrown

    It Takes A Big Man To Admit They Were Wrong

    Mr. Maza likes to call everyone he disagrees with a Nazi. Wonder who's dick you have to suck to get the ability to judge someone else's content without having yours judged in the same capacity. But then you realize he probably sucked them all.
  5. https://www.dailywire.com/news/48029/breaking-cowardly-broward-deputy-arrested-multiple-ryan-saavedra Hope it sticks....
  6. But the price of dog is way cheaper in Compton....
  7. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    If his report is a referral for impeachment, what in the constitution says he can't say as much? Publicly, he's talking like a hermit crab.
  8. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

  9. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    If I had to guess, Nancy told him not to and he rolled over for a belly rub.
  10. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    Yeah....to him recommendation means Mueller acting as a prosecutor. Logic be damned.
  11. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    I hope we at least learned today that a recommendation is not a charge, boys and girls.
  12. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    Ok boss, it was fun. Toodles.
  13. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    You're oblivious to what I'm saying here. We're moving farther away from the point with every post. "If we had confidence the president didn't commit a crime, we would have said so." Those are his own words, not mine. Now follow me here: If what he said was "We have confidence the president committed a crime, there appears to be sufficient evidence to meet the burden of impeachment requirements" it would be well within his ability to do so. It's been done before. He can tell Congress whatever his heart's desire and Congress can impeach a president on almost any act of bad faith, if they feel like it. Mueller is the evidence gatherer, Congress is the prosecutor, and the Senate is the jury. To suggest a detective can't give a recommendation to a prosecutor is stupid AF. The detective doesn't have to and he probably shouldn't, but there is no restrictions in that regard. I never suggested for one second that anything Mueller would say to Congress was in anyway a formal charge. That seems to be your contention and it's a mystery to me as to why.
  14. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    You are aware you don't have to break a law to be impeached, right? He's well within his ability to recommend impeachment. The "charges" are irrelevant.
  15. htownbrown

    Mueller's TV statement

    Let me correct you before someone loses it around here. Ken Starr had evidence of crimes, he could not bring charges for the same reason Mueller can't.