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  1. Dead fish washing ashore all over the world...

    I blame this on Venezuelan prayers.
  2. Michael Bennett "exaggerated"

    So your contention is that had the detention officer had his body cam on we would have seen (heard) the racism Bennett is claiming? And that's how you know it was intentionally off? I wonder what you thought before cops wore body cams?
  3. It's probably because they didn't stop for quite some time after he attempted to pull them over. Who knows at this point? If it is as the article suggests the guy will be fired and probably charged.
  4. So Watt will never get hurt? Garrett will always be hurt? Is this from tarot cards or a medical forecasting model? Hmmmmm Week 1
  5. I thought Kindred stood out even without the interception.
  6. The debt ceiling

    This is straight up bullshit. Dude is supposed to eliminate these ridiculous programs not fund them. If he passed not one bill his entire presidency it would be better than this bullshit. He ran on the anti Pelosi platform the entire way. The libs here are being extra douchy, but they are dead right on this. There is no defense for this nonsense. Just by caving a little to these career scumbags he will derail his presidency. I'm getting the feeling this is going to happen more and more. I'm fine with the "I had the biggest crowds" and "broke ass Mexico is going to pay for the wall" kind of bullshit, but this is unacceptable on every level.
  7. 2nd free agency

    TJ Ward just hit the market
  8. Who cares? Guarantee no one gets shot or run over for this. Considering their own history with the Nazis, its pretty fucking stupid, but again who cares? Its a fucking cartoon.
  9. 2017's Final Roster Moves: The March to 53...

    http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/Browns-reduce-roster-to-65/32007e2d-6e64-41c2-867d-3b1be2879e16 Down to 65 so far.
  10. Natural disasters bring out the best in America

    The looters are very organized and seem experienced. Going to bet a lot of them did this in katrina too.
  11. Hurricane prediction

    Well now the looters are out here. Great! If you have shit you better be prepared to defend it. Lots of givers and a lot of takers. Thanks for all the support from coast to coast. EVERYONE. On a hilarious side note: Not to promote douchebag racists, but lots of volunteer boats with confederate flags on them picking up all kinds of people. The irony of it all. If I posted a video you wouldn't believe it because you wouldn't know any better.
  12. Hurricane prediction

    Well I'm here trapped in my neighborhood right now. This happens every now and then, but never this high. It's no ones fault, the city is built on a bayou. In fact, Sylvester Turner has been ambitious to fix a lot of drainage issues. He's actually been the most help in that regard. Anyway they can't mass evacuate because gas supplies are low. People who run out of gas will create traffic jams. Much greater potential for death at that point. You couldn't find a hotel all the way to Dallas anyway. You would eventually be at the mercy of the storm. Your car is a mobile home at this point. You really need to use it strategically.
  13. Michael the Black Man, The blacks for Trump guy

    He's just a victim of profiling. There are no such things as black criminals or unicorns.
  14. This is incredible