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  1. htownbrown


    How did you get one sentence beautifully typed out and then pump out the very next line in illegible fashion? You would think it would be more evenly distributed. You literally defied nature. "Yes I’ve heard this word. I think sociopaths use it in an attempt to discredit the notion of democracy.” –Me* on ‘collusion’ *Not an actual physician and neither is John Cleese
  2. htownbrown

    Canada vs Saudi

    Well you brought up Canada's GDP ranking for some reason. I responded with something that points out that irrelevance. My post really wasn't to compare anything. Just stating that tidbit doesn't matter.
  3. htownbrown

    Canada vs Saudi

    Right, South Korea has no influence on Kim, like Canada's economy doesn't influence Saudi Arabia. At least, not to the extent they care about their opinions on human rights. In other words, they're not the U.S.. Can't believe that had to be spelled out for you.
  4. htownbrown

    Canada vs Saudi

    Sure they can. Not sure anyone cares though and it appears to be more annoying than effective. Korea has the 12th largest economy. Doesn't stop Kim from being Kim.
  5. htownbrown

    Canada vs Saudi

    Well I for one hope he leaves this alone. He would be wise to force Canada to resolve this without our leverage forcing the issue. For once, they will understand their real market value to the world stage. Not sure how they believe they are pioneers of human rights, yet have left no impact of change.
  6. htownbrown

    Canada vs Saudi

    https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/saudi-arabia-canada-send-message-analysts-180808203344288.html Funny how Canada finds itself in these situations nowadays. No one really cares what they think. I don't even disagree with them on this issue which proves my point further. We know how this ends though. Trudeau kisses the ring, takes in 10000 exiles, and all is well again.
  7. how do u know? were u affirded an advance copy? are u some kind of special ngr? u on her fav 5?
  8. 1. Depends on the state she recorded it. 2. Nothing was classified, I'm sure. Trump simply needs to keep his circle tighter. Like Obama. There I said it.
  9. Everyone is claiming it's "everyday chatter", but if you play it backwards it say "Pee on me".
  10. How embarrassing for Mueller if she actually has anything of value to share, but we all know that's not true.
  11. https://www.dailywire.com/news/34030/report-feinsteins-personal-driver-20-years-was-amanda-prestigiacomo Feinstein apparently didn't know and did what most would do, but what was the FBI doing? Why would you sabotage your own investigation? If "the spy" didn't know he was being used by the Chinese, why not flip him?
  12. I'm starting to get a little conspiratorial about this. I wonder if the league just doesn't want him in the show. His story would quickly consume it and he probably isn't someone they want representing the league. Everyone involved seems to be too comfortable with the situation. I wish it were true because we'd all be more comfortable with the situation. Maybe get him in the last day of filming so they don't have time to discuss his pregame rituals. He reunites with his team and all is well. The end.
  13. htownbrown

    This Weekend in Portland

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/activists-fear-far-rally-portland-181752497.html 1. Why in the he11 are right wingers going to Portland other than 'they can'? There is nothing to gain there. Stupid. 2. Why do the goofy leftists have to crash every ill-advised right winger rally? They have nothing to contribute. Stupid. 3. Why are the cops just seemingly going to let this happen. Put on your riot gear, get your rubber bullets and billyclubs, and fvck up the first azzhole that gets froggy. Do your job PPD, for once. Stupid. And before anyone comes here claiming Putin the victor, I think we need to remember these are not 'regular' people. They're morons. They probably were in jail or too high to drive to the polls on election night. They're the same people who dress up at the renaissance festival and yell at their mom for buying the wrong poptarts. I hope they beat some years off their lives so we don't have to put up with this sh!t forever. Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones have more influence on these people than anything.
  14. Hear it all comes down to the bookkeeper. If they don't get a conviction here it probably blows the entire probe up.
  15. htownbrown

    NYT hate them white folks

    I'm surprised they weren't there already quite frankly.