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  1. Thomas5737

    Total Qbr(Mccoy And Anderson)

    Below average i'd guess
  2. Thomas5737

    Marecic's Role

    Will miss Vickers when (if) he goes. Has been a great Browns since he was drafted. Let me preface this by saying that i'm not questioning anyone's fanhood or trying to tell you what kind of fan you should be. I was thinking about how the modern day fan judges current and former players on their team, not just Browns fans. I understand that when you get a new player we usually improve his grade, like if you veiwed him as a C player when he was with the Redskins, now that he is a Browns he's more like a B or B- and that is cool. I have also noticed that when a player leaves, lets use Winslow as an example, most fans automatically drop him a full grade. Winslow was a B+ with us and is a C- as a Buc. I think we as fans should continue to embrace our former players (obviously not if they go within our division or take the Braylon route on exit). This is the age of free agency when you root a lot more for a team than a player but it may not have to be that way. If we were loyal fans of players I think players would be more loyal to us. Yeah, they have money on the line and that will win out more times than not but if we had a great reputation for loyalty to the player and the team we may do a better job with free agents and easier dealing with current players upon contract negotiations. That got long winded, sorry. Once again, do as you please I just miss the way it used to be sometimes
  3. Thomas5737

    Tony Gonzalez

    Would you trade Watson for him? I wouldn't. Watson may have a few more years on him but he isn't as injury prone.
  4. Thomas5737

    Tony Gonzalez

    You're stupid Aaron Shea as greatest H-back sure, i'll give you that. Yeah, Tony is probably the best. Certainly of this era.
  5. Thomas5737

    Brian Robiske

    I do think he has pretty good hands. He may also be a good route runner, but he doesn't have much quickness, not to mention top speed. I'll take quick recievers all day over burners, especially if we go WCO. I think quickness is a bigger key to getting open than speed, except maybe on deep outs. Give me the Wes Welkers, Roddy Whites, Steve Smiths etc...
  6. Thomas5737

    Brian Robiske

    Me either, didn't like the pick when we drafted him, mostly because i'm a Buckeye fan who saw him play. A very good college player, but I didn't think his game would translate to the pro's very well. Still, I hope i'm wrong
  7. Thomas5737

    Brian Robiske

    No way that gets intercepted unless they shove Robiske out of the way prior to the ball getting there. It shouldn't have been a TD, the defender shouldn't have over-pursued the play when he had zero chance to intercept and little chance to knock the ball away.
  8. Thomas5737


    it's something to root for. The Raiders, Dolphins, Colts and Chargers all have a better record than the Browns also, so we need to add losses to each of those teams in this crazy scenerio. But I'm game... Go Browns!! Go Texans!
  9. Thomas5737

    "Anatomy of a Play" Request

    Monday mourning.... That's funny... especially if it was intentional. Well, kinda sad but funny
  10. Thomas5737

    New Nickname for McCoy

    Hopefully after this weekend it will be Colt 4-5. He'll actually be 3-1, but 4-5 as a team in which he will HAVE to remain the starter registering wins against 3 playoff teams in a row.
  11. Thomas5737

    New Nickname for McCoy

    Maybe, but some of us aren't as edumacted as the rest of ya and could use a dumbed down name instead of Kolt. Where would I be without MoMass' nickname?
  12. Thomas5737

    New Nickname for HILLIS

    Listening to his interviews he sounds like a religious fellow, so how about "Satan hatin' Peyton" Hillis. just kidding, unless someone likes it.
  13. Thomas5737

    Browns history trivia for Stan

    I won't answer anything, I will give Stan the 1st go at it. I do however want to pose a bonus question for him... During the 1986 season Bernie Kosar started 16 games at QB for the Browns, who was the Browns starting QB that season?
  14. Thomas5737

    Jets vs Browns

    Don't know what Hillis will do against the Jets. He had a deep thigh bruise and a groin pull during the Steelers/Saints weeks that really slowed him down and he had to get rotated out of the lineup after nearly every run. He is a big back, but his vision is awesome and he is quick and agile. If the Jets D-line does push around the Browns offensive line Hillis will still fall forward for a few yards. Pats fans said he wouldn't be successful because they handle big backs well... they may have been right about their defense but they were wrong about Hillis. He isn't a straight ahead big back that just runs off guard every run. If the Jets stop Hillis for say 16 carries for 45 yards the Browns will have a hard time winning. I don't think that will happen, I see more like 23 carries for 90 yards and his weekly TD. I think the Browns score about 20 if they don't get any big turnovers from their defense. The question is will the Jets passing attack with their quality recievers have a big game. I think they will set up a couple TD's for the Jets. I think it will be a close game if both teams show up and Hillis stays healthy, and turnovers might be the deciding factor.
  15. Thomas5737

    Predict the score/stats Pats @ CLE

    Browns 73-0 Mostly because I don't want to win and have to pay shipping on the prizes. Honestly, we are playing better and realistically i'd put the final at around 27-17 Pats. But, i'm a homer and I will predict a score with the best case scenerio in mind and say Browns win 20-10. Defense steps up again. Colt throws for one TD and Hillis finishes off another drive with a short TD Run. Total yards Pats: 389 (329 passing) Browns: 293 (211 passing) Player of the game: Ward with a recovered fumble and a pick.