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  1. Comeonman


    I sure hope that loss doesn’t end up costing us a playoff spot. That’s the most pissed off I’ve been watching a Browns game in a long time. Kitchens. All on him with that shit show before half. My nine year old daughter could have told you what to do in the scenario. Go Browns!
  2. Comeonman

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Get Kitchens out of there. How do you not understand what you have to do in that situation. Absolutely no feel for the game. Done with him. Haven’t been this mad watching the Browns in a long time. This is worse than the 2,639 penalty yards against the tits.
  3. Comeonman

    Nick Chubb-Should we call him Teddy?

    My thoughts on him exactly. You could get that by watching him on Mic’d Up this week. I’ll never forget the scene in the airport on hard knocks when they were coming in and everyone was slobbing over Bakers knob. He stood quietly while one guy came and asked “Are you a player? What’s your name?” “Nick.” Couldn’t believe people didn’t either know who he was or didn’t care. Always knew this kid was going to be a beast.
  4. Comeonman

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    It’ll be much closer than the Ravens game. Just hope we come out with a W. It would be huge
  5. Comeonman

    Baltimore Sucks

    I don’t normally drop in on opposing teams boards, but I had to today. Fucking hilarious. They go from predicting 13-3 to the sky is falling.
  6. Comeonman

    Baltimore Sucks

    That Chubb TD run though..... damn
  7. Comeonman

    Baltimore Sucks

    Give him a chance, I guess. He was the one ravens fan that was totally confident in his team. One (or a few of us) May have been the same way
  8. Comeonman

    the fix is in BROWNS win on sunday

    Why don’t you go every time we have a big game?
  9. Comeonman

    Baltimore Sucks

    No shit. I’ve been married for what seems like forever.
  10. Comeonman

    Baltimore Sucks

    Make sure you stick around in case we win. We have the talent to go far if we can fix the o line and basically pull our heads out of asses. As far as ugly ass Lamar....... 1. Dude is scoring me some ridiculous fantasy points 2. I’m sure Dude pulls ten times more tail than anyone who has ever posted on this board
  11. Our QB is rattled by the Oline getting its pants knocked off almost every play. You screenshot ONE damn play with a clean pocket
  12. That our Oline sucks? Not very?
  13. I do. I blame the line. Could be wrong though I guess
  14. Most QBs can hold on to the ball for 1.3 seconds before they’re sacked. Our OL is atrocious
  15. A little overreaction. He’s a rookie head coach that lost to the rams by one score