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  1. Should he get hurt worse, anyone that had anything to do with him getting prematurely cleared would be in a world of hurt. I think anyone would be put on the COVID list if they tested positive.
  2. Comeonman

    JJ watt

    No way we would pay for him to come here. Pretty well past his prime, we’d be paying for what he’s done in the past.
  3. Comeonman

    Kevin Stefanski- "Coach of the Year"

    Stefanski and Berry should never have to buy a drink in Cleveland again
  4. He’s such a fucking idiot. If they give us the touchdown back, I’ll give them Mahomes back.
  5. Comeonman

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Great read. Baker is a team player and is extremely talented, no matter what is said about him in the future😎. Not enough credit can be given to Stef and AVP
  6. Comeonman

    The rivalry is back baby.

    Absolutely F the stoolers. Hope your wife is ok.
  7. Comeonman

    Michael Dunn

    Average would be fantastic
  8. Comeonman

    Odd, no Georgia runoff thread...

    That’s about how I figured these threads would be going.
  9. Comeonman

    The drought is over.

    I’m just gonna say...... I’m glad we’re in. I’ll skip the constructive criticism. I haven’t seen a browns playoff game since high school.
  10. Comeonman

    Browns offensive player grades vs. the Jets

    And we better get our damn receivers back
  11. Comeonman

    Browns offensive player grades vs. the Jets

    The line looked much worse than that for some reason. The two sacks given up were absolutely terrible. Wills and Teller are definitely missed.
  12. This is the only logical explanation I’ve heard at this point. What did the ref say?? I couldn’t hear because I was in a bar
  13. Comeonman

    Landry, Higgins, Hodge and DPJ Out for Jets

    What a fucking nightmare
  14. Comeonman

    Merry Christmas, All...

    Nice. We’ve got our normal 75 degrees going on here in West Texas. Merry Christmas everyone
  15. Comeonman

    Browns with a winning season

    BPA in the front seven 😎