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  1. Comeonman

    Browns vs Texans

    I cleared them out, good to go
  2. Comeonman

    Browns vs Texans

    I figured there would be a Browns Backers party the night before but can’t find info on one. The three of us going are definitely up for getting together with the board guys no matter what we do.
  3. Comeonman

    Browns vs Texans

    Thank you Tour, missed that part on their website. I’ll be staying with the backers there, hope to see as many of you BrownsBoard guys there as I can.
  4. Comeonman

    Browns vs Texans

    Who all is going and where are you staying? We’re going to book a room today or tomorrow. I looked on the Space City BB site and can’t find anything for the night before. Anyone hear of anything yet or have connections with those guys?
  5. Comeonman

    Did you See His Handoff Though?

    A quarterback with the mentality of a winner.... didnt think I’d see it in Cleveland anytime soon
  6. Comeonman

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    I know they play two different positions, but let’s see how this works out for Bell after what Cousins did. Cousins shut his mouth, played his time under the tag with an attitude of “I’m being paid a Shmuckton of money, I’ll get a contract later.” I’m doubting bell has the same happy ever after ending.
  7. Comeonman

    Browns bring Mahomes down to Earth

    Yeah. I like the enthusiasm... but if we play like we did against Pit it’s gonna be a Shmucking slaughter
  8. Comeonman


    Lincoln Riley has one season as a college coach under his belt. Not sure I get where everyone is coming from with all the love.
  9. Comeonman

    Pittsburgh Shooting

    So much evil in this crazy butt world
  10. Comeonman

    The best is yet to come!

    You can’t seriously be surprised 😎 Would have been at the top of the name list if I had a boy. My first daughter was close..... wife trumped me.
  11. Comeonman

    The best is yet to come!

    Thanks for the post and the perspective PoG. I’ve got three little girls that mean about 100 trillion times more to me than the Browns just as your son does to you. Take care of that boy and yourself PoG!
  12. Comeonman

    1 wr choice gone

    What could very well be a top ten pick for Cooper.... Bold move Cotton, let’s see how it works out for them.
  13. Comeonman

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    Will be interesting next year when all four start from week one. I’m guessing Baker would have the most yards if he started the whole season.
  14. Comeonman

    Getting Rid Of The Kicker

    If you went into the future 25 years and came back telling me not a single rule had changed from now, I would be incredibly happy. Almost every rule change that is made ruins the game a little more IMO.
  15. Comeonman


    I have not been keeping up with stats much. If you told me we were even in the top half of the league with rushing yards I would have been surprised. Guess those two Chubb runs really boosted the numbers.