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  1. Comeonman

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    Mayfield. Not because I think he’s a future HOFer, but because I think Mahomes will have an extremely subpar career.
  2. Comeonman

    Shamus Winston

    Well no wonder Godell would suspend him...
  3. Comeonman

    Elf come back?

    Art Modell hated the elf. Go figure.
  4. Comeonman

    Shamus Winston

    If there are actually criminal charges filed that is
  5. Comeonman

    Shamus Winston

    What will they do if they drop these charges I wonder
  6. Comeonman

    Shamus Winston

    Geez.... can you do anything in an Uber these days or what?
  7. Comeonman

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    Yeah the electronic ticket thing got me too. I’ve never been to a game where I didn’t possess an actual ticket. Damn 21st century Sheet.
  8. Comeonman

    Oh no more Chick-fil-A

  9. Comeonman

    Drug dealers need Kim’s contact info

    A few grams of weed is a class C misd here, like a traffic ticket... so, no probably not.
  10. Comeonman

    Drug dealers need Kim’s contact info

    Or because Kanye defends him??? Haven’t heard that brought up yet.
  11. Comeonman

    Drug dealers need Kim’s contact info

    That’s just freakin awesome. Why not just legalize all drugs? The same thing I had said when Obama pardoned people for the same thing. It’s a victimless crime, right?
  12. Comeonman

    Drug dealers need Kim’s contact info

    What is the rationale behind it?
  13. Comeonman

    all those "eagles fans"...

    We’ve got a sprinter. Five foot five, no pants... unkempt........portly.
  14. Comeonman

    NFL & National Anthem (rules)

    Inevitably there will be story line after story line about this for years no matter what happens. But I’m with you 1000% sign me up.
  15. Comeonman

    NFL & National Anthem (rules)

    That seems quite a bit far fetched Cal