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  1. Disrespect

    So did you go on to all the other boards and say this to their fans? Cause there have been quite a few other teams that have had players 'protest' during the anthem. And for some reason, not sure why, I didn't think I would see another fan from different team start a bullshit thread like this. Guess I should have.
  2. Have we ever had a first round draft pick this bad? Excluding QBs
  3. Haden ....RELEASED

    I'm sure it's very true. No one will pick up that insane contract for a guy on the decline
  4. Lol. I think his job is safe even if we win one game again. Sad, but true.
  5. Brock O to Colts?

    Sashi is GM of the year if they get something else out of him
  6. Way too logical Gip
  7. lmao. What this world would be like if everyone did not get their panties in a twist over meaningless bullshit
  8. 42vs22

    Well I read the first few paragraphs. You agree with me that Hue doesn't know what he has in his QBs. He may not have anything. Where exactly have I ever said that Oz is a good/viable QB option? Oh that's right, I haven't. You need to wire your head, mouth and ass together Ghoolie.
  9. 42vs22

    Same. He knows a lot more of what he has in his RBs than he does his QBs
  10. I don't watch football players to see what they are doing during the anthem. I kinda wish they would just show an overview of the stadium pointed toward the flag during the anthem so this would stop being an issue.
  11. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Aaron Rodgers
  12. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

  13. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Did he play for Ohio State?
  14. Trubisky 1 - Browns and Garrett 0

    WTF is the 440
  15. Trubisky 1 - Browns and Garrett 0

    I love logical posts. Ghoolie can throw shit at a wall (pick his fav QB every year) and if he's right every few years or so he's a god in his mind. Paxton Lynch lol.