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  1. Thought there was a new quote on the campaign trail or something.... Obama wanted all those things as well.
  2. Comeonman

    Career Assessment Time

    Oh PoeticG....... gotta love it.
  3. There wasn’t any mention of a Biden quote in there
  4. Comeonman

    Time Travel is real

    What’s an aluminum falcon?
  5. Comeonman

    Career Assessment Time

    BR slightly above PR talent wise from what I’ve seen. Maybe has to do with surrounding cast. EM just doesn’t have the talent those two have IMO.
  6. With the majority of the democrats turning socialist, you’re probably right.
  7. Because all this back and forth will surely turn one of them
  8. I’m going to keep reading the political board until Woody becomes a Republican or Cal becomes a Democrat.
  9. So minorities and women have had privilege over others in hiring processes. I’ve heard that a lot. I guess there would be a lot of assumptions at times if it was put out in the open like that.
  10. Is it just a feeling? Or can you point to certain things that show you are treated differently because of your skin color. I’m open to other ideas and opinions, but the privilege idea is mostly lost on me.
  11. Comeonman

    Protesters being run over!

    Does this not remind anyone of the cartoon characters that chose to try and outrun the falling tree, instead of trying to sidestep it?
  12. Comeonman

    Yes testing finds for meaningless cases

    *right field 😎
  13. Comeonman

    Happy Forgot to Pull Out day!!

    Happy Father’s Day everyone. I’m back in Ohio for the first time in a very long time. A little family reunion outside Columbus (Logan).