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  1. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    Probably 9-10 wins
  2. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    Yeah I think Joe has had enough of the same old QB situation. Hell, at this point anything that makes Joe happy damn near automatically makes me happy
  3. Browns fans U.K. news

    1-31 or whatever it is. Harder on some people I guess.
  4. Our 7 Round Draft

    I can do cowgirls and lions
  5. Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    I’m holding my breath........................
  6. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    One playoff game in his career with a team, which after he leaves, is playing for the NFC title
  7. Hey Guys, New Member here

    Sooooooooo...... You're an Alex Smith fan and will become a Browns fan if he joins the team. Yeah, you're gonna do great on this board.
  8. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Anyone other than the 31 other teams in the NFL?
  9. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    Always love a good movie reference
  10. Disrespect

    So did you go on to all the other boards and say this to their fans? Cause there have been quite a few other teams that have had players 'protest' during the anthem. And for some reason, not sure why, I didn't think I would see another fan from different team start a bullshit thread like this. Guess I should have.
  11. Have we ever had a first round draft pick this bad? Excluding QBs
  12. Haden ....RELEASED

    I'm sure it's very true. No one will pick up that insane contract for a guy on the decline
  13. Lol. I think his job is safe even if we win one game again. Sad, but true.
  14. Brock O to Colts?

    Sashi is GM of the year if they get something else out of him