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  1. gftChris

    Comment Thread for 2017 Browns Board Mock...

    Guys I won't be around for a while. I'm sorry to drop out halfway through but I have a lot of stuff going on that needs my full attention and I won't be able to make my picks. Hopefully everything gets sorted and I'm back on the board eventually but until then, try to have fun without me...!
  2. gftChris

    Why hasn't this team embraced Osweiler?

    To be fair, the Texans had the best D in the league last year, and he still found a way to go 8-6.
  3. gftChris

    Happenings Around the League

    Side note - we recently claimed their starting center on waivers, Marcus Martin.
  4. gftChris

    Why hasn't this team embraced Osweiler?

    Remembering that the cowboys were enquiring after Josh McCown last summer and we said no - I can see a situation where a team throws something at us for Brockweiler.
  5. gftChris

    10 years since the '07 seaon..

    ...and the players tried to take the field, the marching band refused to yield...
  6. I like that you're also following the Trump grammar and phrasing.
  7. Some more well thought out immigration policy
  8. I hear that. I mean, as part of a wider dream of not having to work, generally spending time travelling, but then just randomly ending up in Cleveland for four month (because, you know, playoffs) and watching it all. I may have more luck convincing mrs gft to become a fan of university of hawaii and spending three months there...
  9. gftChris

    Pryor to Redskins

    I'm kinda with you on that. He had speed and size, and it seems like he could cover well enough. With the amount of 'mismatch' tight ends around these days, I'd rather see Mingo covering them than say Paul Kruger or Carl Nassib or someone. From a 4-3 OLB kind of spot you could see him in a coverage role with some occasional blitzing to use his speed around the edge maybe. But what do I know - clearly nothing if even Billy B couldn't get anything out of him.
  10. gftChris

    Crowell gets second round tender

    'fatty' running a 4.5 40. Woe is him.
  11. gftChris

    Kenny Britt signing with the Browns

    We also have to bear in mind the Jeff Fisher penalty - any offensive player eventually gets beaten down by Jeff. Look at Todd Gurley, or Jared Goff for example. Or Tavon Austin.
  12. Or trading up - if you have a group of, say, Allen, Adams, Hooker, Lattimore, Thomas and Barnett grouped together, waiting until there's only one left and trying to trade up might be a way to go. Depends on the cost of course, but moving from 12 to 7 shouldn't cost the earth and, if you can get ones of the DBs, could seriously improve our team.
  13. Sidney Jones has *only* done his achilles. It's perfectly recoverable, in time, and will drop the guy a few rounds maybe. So, the browns can pick him up at some spot without taking a big risk, redshirt him and actually have a much higher likelihood of him seeing the field than Ifo a few years ago.
  14. He missed 2015 and most of 16 with serious injuries, Tour.
  15. With their first pick of the draft (unless they trade a backup QB or something), the Patriots select: Kevin King, DB, Washington I've gone back and forth over this one and literally had typed another name here (who knows, maybe he'll still be there at the end of the round), but King's size and speed help him in Billy B's matchup based style of football, and his experience at corner, slot and safety also give him the positional flexibility emporer Belpatine so loves.