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  1. Interesting times we're in . . . sounds a bit like a Chinese saying/curse (as some refer to it). There has been a real storm brewing and heating in some corners of the Internet these past few days . . . it started a few weeks ago, but it's really starting to heat up. Anyone remember HRC breaking her Toe some weeks back ? How about McCain tearing his Achilles? Nothing really too it . . . right? But then this shows up: Hogwash ! ! ! But now we've got this too : http://www.puppetstringnews.com/blog/john-podesta-expresses-fear-over-trump-in-wapo-op-ed-when-1400-sealed-indictments-are-in-play (Currently over 1400 sealed Indictments) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/15579P4VztZO0aNvejJasb1yOvXUCp3vS/view. Rumor is a lot of these are likely going to be Pedo ring related . . . which is going to have a lot of high level collateral. (Might be some U1 stuff too, as well as other things). Pizza Gate? Get outta here . . . but there have been roughly 7,500 Pedo arrests since Feb of this year . . . Of course with all the Russia Gate stuff there was no time for the MSM to cover that, and there's still nothing to it . . . but this is where Story time starts and the trip down the Rabbit hole begins. Now I didn't put this together, and I'm not saying this is legit, so you can bail here and just ponder the above. Problem is, this somewhat meshes with some serious chatter from other corners of the Internet. So here is an interesting story - fiction though it may be, it may at least give some entertainment (more than I've seen from the NFL that's for sure): https://steadfastandloyal.com/unreal/tweets-legit-walls-dc-come/ And there you have it. But where did this guy come up with all this? Oh, there's a fair bit of background and side routes to this - the Rabbit hole is pretty deep. If the source(s) are true . . . it's big. Ya'll watching World events lately? Anything interesting going on?
  2. Events, not Dates. Took me too long to learn that myself - yes, I don't have the Timing, because there is none. Track recent events, how much longer do you think any Nation can survive the trajectory based on those events ? Personally, I think it'll take the Hand of God for us too survive what has been lain upon us. From what I'm seeing, this experiment is over - the evil I've seen we've allowed / participated in needs too end - this Rock should become nothing more than the second / third Asteroid Belt around Sol. That, is what is deserved. Will it happen ? Not likely soon, so we have what we have. "Spookie Doo" ? * Say next month there will be no fuel available, and as such, no resupply (Tranportation) of food too Grocery Stores. You're not growing your own food ? Guess you're screwed. Trivial example, it's already manifesting (Oil Filters, Air Filters, and so on). The more dependent / closer too Cities you are, the worse you are subject too this issue. All of this of course assumes you have Power, which is not expected too be a certainty. Dark Winter - what part of this do you not understand ? There are so many minor dependent items that are needed day to day that it is almost impossible too keep track of. We've never seen this before in the U.S., what do you think will happen when this surfaces ? Do you really think the OBiden Pretendency gives a F*ck (got some bargain Property too sell you) ? Their Policies are intentionally creating these issues (do you dare doubt that ? - then you're a Fool). Hey, how's your Toilet Paper supply ? Never been a shortage on that has there . . . oh, wait . . . yea ?
  3. There are times when I wish I wasn't aware of things that I was. This is one of them . . . see AD 536 for a clue.
  4. Much of this is already happening. There is even a report from FL where people can't withdraw Cash from their Accounts. I've warned about this before. If you can have Cash on hand, do it. Before Trump returns, expect a total collapse . . . even if he doesn't, expect a total collapse. Those that I've prodded to have extra Rations on hand, how is that working out for you ? Have you observed the prices I've warned about ? I have seen a 50% increase in prices here at Wally World in the past two weeks. Your location and situation will vary, but it will not last forever. Are your Gas, Fuel, Heating (too come), etc. prices any better ? You think OBidens comment of a "Dark Winter" are a joke ? * No Gas * No Power * Supplies * etc. A new System can not be replaced until the old / current System is destroryed. Sorry, not under my control, I can only alert you too what is coming. The calamity / destruction will be hung upon OBiden, as that is the current driving force of this madness. Not until the crash from this madness will we see a change - not my choice, and it doesn't mean Trump is the solution - it's just the way things are. Yea, I believe we're heading for a major crash, I'm already starting too see signs of it this week. Have probably said too much already, and have no real time frame. Will be surprised if it's beyond the end of this year, but there's too much stupidity going on to say that it won't extend.
  5. https://newspress.com/the-capehart-case-what-is-the-cia-hiding/ There is so much crap hidden, just now coming out, that people are going to have a hard time dealing with (some of it even for me).
  6. JAFBF

    Mixing vaccines authorized! Good news!

    J & J is the only shot that is based on a "Virus" (not CV, as no one has isolated it yet), the others are Gene modification therapy . . . and J & J still has other bad ingredients. I've posted potential remediation for those that have taken this #clotshot (look it up, it's actually worse than that). Yes, everyone's going to continue to mock me on this - so be it. You think I'm doing this for fun ?
  7. Nah, the U.S. could never come up with such crazy propaganda (who do you think invented it ? Yea, they are in Key positions). Who was "President" back then ? Same guy ("10% for the Big Guy") that's running things now ? Yea, it ain't Joe, and Joe ain't "The Big Guy".
  8. Yep. Trickle, trickle, trickle . . . https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/study-destroys-justification-for
  9. Slow walk of truth continues - this will continue for some time. End result, it's been all BS, minus some targeted "Chemical" agents dispersed in areas around the Country. Oh, still contagious, but not what's been sold the past year +, and a lot of missclassifications. What's odd is, no one seems to be wondering why the "Administration" hasn't clamped the lid on all these negative items that've been coming out. I mean, they and the MSM are one in the same . . .
  10. Looks like we've got a few more months of this BS.
  11. WTH are ya'll doing over there ? https://insiderpaper.com/us-court-recognise-animals-as-legal-persons-for-the-first-time-in-the-country/
  12. https://www.axios.com/nebraska-congressman-expects-indicted-c797820e-28d7-419e-b2f4-7c771c12dc1e.html
  13. https://www.ctvnews.ca/climate-and-environment/antarctica-s-coldest-winter-on-record-doesn-t-disprove-global-warming-1.5626707?cid=sm%3Atrueanthem%3A{{campaignname}}%3Atwitterpost&taid=616c925935a2610001add8bc&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter https://electroverse.net/beijing-suffers-lowest-oct-temp-in-half-a-century-as-rare-spring-blizzards-batter-argentina/
  14. Pin Cushion. https://bestnewshere.com/access-denied-alberta-vaxpass-website-stops-working-after-people-find-8-shot-slots-in-source-code/
  15. So, does that weird "Mandamus" word really mean anything ? Let's see : Yea, pretty big deal really. All courtesy of Tore, who started the whole movement in each State. It's not over either, it's up too the people on how far this all goes. Track down the groups for each respective State too see where things are and where they are going. Big stuff.
  16. There's that weird word again . . .
  17. Still haven't found "it", but they're mandating "it" . . . Whether you've succumbed or not, don't you find that really odd . . . considering it's been 18+ months ? Hmmm, two Tore's in a row . . . how about a third ?
  18. Curious . . . anyone remember what this is about ? 😉
  19. Huh, isn't that freakin' weird ? Seems everyone forgot all about this. Wonder what else everyone has forgotten about . . .
  20. Hopefully more on this tonight . . . +
  21. Real or not (Jury's out) : It is - are you following Durham ? Recall, I posted a recent update on Monihan & Doyle (names / sp ?) and their Dec 2018 Testimony before Congress, and that they had just passed an obstruction ? Forgot the Dec 2018 Testimony (it's on here) ? No worries, it was during HWDB's Funeral . . . you know, where a bunch of big wigs got "Mystery Envelops" in their Programs (video may still be on here too) ? Remember the shock of Jeb Bush when he saw what Laura Bush showed him (he is not a Poker Player) ? Yea . . . that's the ticket. Some things I post just don't come out too the General Public until several months later, if then. Recall Thomas Paine - good info, but just too damn far ahead for people too keep track of (short attention spans). Guess I'm guilty too a degree as well, just trying to speed things up a bit, but they're going too go at the speed they're predestined too go. I have questions myself, but these pieces (above) are starting too fall in place.