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  1. JAFBF

    Rushmore speech

    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/03/us/politics/trump-coronavirus-mount-rushmore.html?smid=tw-bna Yea, this is dark stuff : https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-building-rebuilding-monuments-american-heroes/ So while the Lunatic are busy trying to destroy all our Statues / History, this EO is going to create a National Park of American Heroes. Oh the Horror !
  2. President speech at Mt. Rushmore at ~10 PM ET tonight. https://rsbnetwork.com/2020/07/live-president-trump-speaks-at-mount-rushmore-all-day-coverage-and-fireworks-7-3-20/ Live link.
  3. Both sides of the Aisle are impacted by this, though definitely more D's as is there natural tendency.
  4. JAFBF

    U.s. unemployment

    How did this work out again ?
  5. What better way to end an insane day ? Everyone's watching Durham, and for good reason, but there is a Man (a few actually) in the shadows that everyone's overlooking. AG Jensen. Anyone recall right off what he's working on ? Remember the Baghdadi raid some months back ? My, that's a lot of Cables isn't it ? Sidebar, for context to the above picture (I've touched on this a long time ago). Comms for the Cabal. Cables. We recovered your Cablegrams to Baghdadi Raid. Back to Jensen. He started out with roughly one Floor of a building in MO where he is working. He expanded that to two, and then three, and may now occupy the entire building. He has a small piece of Durham's stuff, but his main focus is what they recovered from the Baghdadi Raid. I believe I've mentioned it before, but what they recovered from the Raid is the essentially O & the Beast were funding ISIS. Did that register ? They were funding ISIS. Would you say that's a pretty big deal ? You better F'ing believe it. Now here's a funny (if you can call it that) part. These MoFo's (O & Beast), were so greedy that they were getting kickbacks from ISIS on the funds they sent. The "Cables" show this, and the $ has been tracked. This is all being worked by Jensen and his Team right now - why else would they need virtually a whole building to themselves of Agents from multiple Agencies. Don't expect this bomb to drop until after the Election, we've already seen a hint of the unrest something like this could cause. I would think we see some Durham drops before we get these items from Jensen. Hell, Durham has rougly 100 or so FBI Agents on his staff, plus a lot from other Agencies. The Storm is coming, it's taken far longer than we wished, but hindsight shows there is a reason. Almost one year ago, a certain prediction was made several hours before it happened. I posted about it. I've seen a similar prediction some months back about July of this year. With everything going on right now, I can easily see this being pushed back, but just in case it's not - do not be surprised at something totally unexpected (of magnitude) happening this month. That's about all I know about it right now. Busy day, lot's of threads to what happened today. Have not even had time to look at any new Q stuff the past couple days, though I know there has been a fair amount of new entries.
  6. Just a highlight. These corrupt evil POS's are all connected.
  7. https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/02/schiff-learned-of-russian-bounty-intelligence-in-february-withheld-information-from-congress-and-took-no-action/#.Xv3nqoUw-94.twitter May have been mentioned elsewhere about the so called "Bounty" (Bounty Gate ?), but like damn near everything else the D's are doing it's yet another Boomerang.
  8. Fork. This seems to be bottomless right now. From the Lords of Hypocrisy. When you wake up, you'll see this BS everywhere - it's called Projection.
  9. Does this guy really have the snap to pull something like this off ? I personally think the guy is a tard of the highest order, but can you imagine ? Yet more Plot twists and turns
  10. JAFBF

    U.s. unemployment

    Seems this happened before not too many years ago . . .
  11. Gear change. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/huge-massive-cdc-fraud-uncovered-cdc-grossly-overcounting-active-china-coronavirus-cases-causing-states-keep-economies-closed-indefinitely/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons Another reason I call BS on damn near everything the MSM reports. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/now-even-common-cold-counted-positive-covid-19-result-cdc-says/ All the Agencies are corrupt, every one of them. I keep pointing out the blatant lies, but I'm still the Nutjob.
  12. Do they already have the exit planned ? Don't forget, the BBC was 20 minutes early on WTC 7.
  13. I touched on this in the very early days of this thread. They've known where she was the whole time - timing is everything.
  14. Wild Bill made over two dozen trips to Epstein Island on the Lolita Express (Epstein's Plane), there is not yet a tally of how many he made via "Wheels Up" Airlines. Remember that massive Power Outage a year or two back in NYC with the spectacular Blue Electrical discharge pictures ? Yea, the one where the only thing remaining lit up was the US Flag display ? Within/on the edge of that Blackout is the HQ of "Wheels Up" . . . interesting ?