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  1. This is/was part of the censorship purge that has been ongoing and escalating. Replacement for non-researchers to review materials and not interfere with the hard core diggers. Should also help reduce traffic.
  2. Important. Imagine if MSM actually started reporting the Truth and items they don't want people to know about. Lot of Talking Heads in big trouble, they know what's coming. There was a bit I saw about "Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein" that may not be what people think. The gist of it is that he will be leaving to be a witness (testify). I don't know, but it is a possibility.
  3. LL = Loretta Lynch BC = Wild Bill Think Musical Chairs. Time's about up.
  4. Fewer riddles as we draw closer. I posted about this a few days ago, but this shows the significance. This is about RR supposedly wearing a wire to record POTUS. I believe it's already been refuted.
  5. SUN & SHINE ? Only 1% of the files JA has have been released . . .
  6. Here it is confirmed that at least one Grand Jury is in session, and that big names are actually the targets. Going to skip posting the video linked, the meat is transcripted.
  7. Bad week, missed some things. It is getting crazy and things are moving fast. A little Board test was done the other night, Q had a brief Q&A session. I'm still not sure about some of the answers (disinfo ?), so I'm going to sit on a few of those. Try this a little differently this Evening, she has pretty good commentaries. These were the Pharma Co husband and wife found dead a couple months back. Asked about continuing Sex misconduct departures. I'm starting to think there may be more significance here than realized. There was massive upgrade back around March - still not enough apparently. Here's a borderline Q&A. This, and other questions brought in a lot of visitors. Not and Earth shattering post, but info on some things going on.
  8. JAFBF

    Pretty scummy accusation

    LOL, yeah. If it's a guy he better be making a beeline to the Hospital.
  9. JAFBF

    Pretty scummy accusation

    There it is. Funny, she was in DC last year for some Event or other . . .
  10. JAFBF

    Pretty scummy accusation

    Got me sidetracked again. Not sure if anyone brought this up before, but yeah, she totally did this before coming forward. Yep, perfectly normal.
  11. JAFBF

    Pretty scummy accusation

    This was from a writer, not a tween/teen, an adult. Just an example of some of the thinking out there. Look at Antifa, or this freak : Yeah, this is the kind of $#!+ we're fighting. Wasn't planning on posting that, but since you think I'm Trolling about all the BS going on - here it is. There are extremes on both ends of the spectrum.
  12. JAFBF

    Pretty scummy accusation

    Things have to change. There has to be some kind of time limitation on this. Waiting 10, 20, 30+ years for this is inexcusable. It can't be healthy for the victim either. They need to get help and resolve it instead of carry mental baggage for all that time.
  13. Here is at least one reason for fear. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-authorizing-implementation-certain-sanctions-set-forth-countering-americas-adversaries-sanctions-act/
  14. https://dc-chronicle.com/2018/09/19/president-says-hell-going-break-loose-fisa-documents-declassified/ I think it'll be big, but not as big as some other stuff coming.
  15. JAFBF

    Pretty scummy accusation

    This is where we're at : Fact. You're all okay with that ? Could you defend yourself against a false accusation ? I couldn't, and pretty much don't go out in public alone outside of my commute (there's one opportunity), or at work (another opportunity). What happened to Moore's accuser down in Alabama ? Election's over, she disappeared, not another word. Ya'll need to pull your heads out of the sand and realize what's going on.