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  1. "The Firm" https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5691421-Notice-Other.html Isn't it interesting that Perkins Coie has/had a sizeable chunk in Backpage.com - you know, all the Hooker/Escort Ads and such ? They have ties running through lots of shady stuff . . . done some shady work for O and the Clinton-istas as well. Dossier jog any memories ? EDIT: This may be bigger than initially thought. Seems it may run through the DNC and McStain as well.
  2. Still haven't seen the one you're talking about. Dude is very good. Guy, we're in the same boat, even though we may be on different sides of it. We've all been lied too for longer than any of us have been alive - that's fact, not fiction.
  3. Already said I'll drop off outside of a Boom end of Feb if she's still on the Supreme Court. Ringing any Bells ?
  4. Yeah, I've never seen such a blatant display of racism before : Sorry guy, O is & was the great divider.
  5. Back on topic : https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/01/20/thousands-of-migrants-crossing-remote-section-of-new-mexico-border/ No danger whatsoever.
  6. Thread Title is not this, but the subject is here :
  7. Jeeze Louise, you still believe the FBI/DOJ/etc have been squeaky clean these past years after all the crap that's come out /smh This is going to go right by you as well then : We have ALL of their comms - ALL of them. You forget "The Hammer". The FISA on POTUS affects everyone he talks too, and then everyone they talk to, and so on. The FISA they put on POTUS is the top dog of FISA's - that's one of many reasons it's going to be so damning when it's Declassed. You need to see what's going on :
  8. My God, how old is this ? It's been debunked already, they've moved on to new lies and BS. This was from days ago : Cohen & MSM are "Rope a Dope" - this is not the first time they've gone off the ledge chasing a fake Cohen narrative. They keep falling for it, they actually have too, they're screwed.
  9. JAFBF

    Mark Levin on the border wall standoff

    At 16:00 today POTUS speech offered the following : Results : Lot of Dems are out of the Country, not even a hint of negotiating . . . you're watching a Train wreck in progress.
  10. No depth in what you're looking at here. What's to say the real people behind this believed the FBI Agents involved in this were in their pocket (part of the DS), but the Agents flipped/were clean ? Well, maybe not . . . it's not like there's ever been any corruption at the FBI or anything 🙄 Let's lay this out a little differently. Remember Pelosi trying to cancel the SOTU because with the shutdown there wouldn't be adequate security ? Had there been an attack, it's - "See I told you there were security issues". NOTE : Yes the WH security is pretty intense, but how do you stop an Anti-Tank Rocket ? Oh, and there were at least three involved in this (may have been in a different feed). How about this ? After, isn't Afghanistan a lovely vacation spot ? Personally, I wouldn't even care to go to Europe right now with all the crap going on there (week 10 of Yellow Vest protests). Adam Schiff was one of the other Dems in on this. Why are they going to talk with NATO anyway, they don't set Policy ? This right here alone is a Hatch Act violation . . . unless things were changed.
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2019/01/16/georgia-man-accused-wanting-blow-hole-white-house/2600164002/ https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/forsyth-county-man-charged-with-plot-to-attack-white-house-fbi-says/905525963 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/white-house-terror-plot-suspect-arrested-trump-anti-tank-rocket-georgia-atlanta-a8732151.html Yep, not your typical Gun Store purchase.
  12. I have no where else to put this right now . . . I'm just laughing at the stupidity of it all right now . . .