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  1. Sound like someone that's going to look the other way ?
  2. New Q's today (and the last few days). Tweet : Oh, just as a follow up on the Rally last night it case it slipped by : Done deal, enjoy the Show ! So much more going on than folk realize, more and more info coming out - big stuff.
  3. https://www.christianpost.com/news/moloch-statue-child-sacrifice-colosseum-holy-site-christian-martyrs.html https://truepundit.com/clinton-whistleblower-feds-probe-adam-schiff-dressed-like-egyptian-at-bizarre-sacrafice-parties-at-ed-bucks-meth-mansion/ Real deal - and current. Evil MoFo's.
  4. Ran out of time for the pre-alert on this yesterday : Anyone ever recall a POTUS releasing records like this before ? O stuck them in a TS file.
  5. Actually if I was the Left, and based on past history of POTUS flipping things back on them, I'd be worried that he's maneuvering them into a third Term. In case you missed this from last time, watch from ~7:45 to 8:30 to see how this works. Yea, the way things are moving this is looking really good . . .
  6. Rally delayed an hour with Barr. Rumor is there's a message tonight, probably concealed/coded . . .
  7. From above notes. https://dailycaller.com/2019/11/13/mcconnell-trump-impeachment-articles-trial/ Things could get very interesting . . .
  8. https://bnonews.com/index.php/2019/11/grand-jury-charges-michael-avenatti-with-extortion-and-wire-fraud/
  9. I'm not a big Posobiec fan, but he is a Reporter. FWIW : Okay, I have some more stuff that popped up today from the non-Twitter-verse, so these are going to be some notes as there are no direct links. * More talk that Comey really did flip (posted video several days back) and is trying to make a deal, word is he's SOL and likely looking at 10yrs min. * Valerie Jarrett is under investigation (no surprise), but the big news is that people that worked for/with her have been subpoenaed for Grand Jury testimony. * DOJ and other alphabet Agency personnel have also been subpoenaed, and have been testifying to Grand Juries. * 40+ more FBI Agents (not sure what had been) have been assigned to John Durham to help clear investigations. * The Bhagdadi Op netted a ton of intel, lot's too still go through, but what has been found so far in the "Cables" is HUGE. * "Cables" link O & H to funneling $ to ISIS. * The Air Drop to resupply our Forces that "accidentally" went to the wrong Co-ords was not a mistake - Bhagdadi had the Co-ords in his stuff. * O & H on Benghazi, is looking like it came from the Top. * POTUS wants to speak in the Senate (so he wants too be Impeached by House ?), word is he wants to drop a Nuke in this Address speech. * Impending DeClass is changing timelines - I'm thinking they may be shortened as some of the above was two-three month outline (impression I got). * Barr has all this and more. Now this : Lot of stuff flying around right now - entertain the above as you will.
  10. Just ran across this. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/13/politics/trump-impeachment-democrats-thinking/index.html And let's not forget this from the "Library" :
  11. Fraud Can you say inflated Subscriber/Advertising/SEC numbers ? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-enforcement/facebook-removes-3-2-billion-fake-accounts-millions-of-child-abuse-posts-idUSKBN1XN2B2
  12. New Q's today. Site still having issues so I have to use an alternate (too dark). Here is the linked Tweet : Embedded Q's There are some more today, but I'll wait until my preferred Site gets updated.
  13. Expect a thread on this soon : This is Brian Cates new moniker - good Reporter.