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  1. Pretty effective huh ? They never denied they didn't know for sure how effective these were going to be, now we know. Looking like boosters every 6 months = $$$ Really, I'm pretty tired of posting CV / Mask stuff, but you never know when things will "click" and be a start to tying things together. I'm referring more to News items than awareness / assessments by people. I've seen some concerning things the last few days on this, but I'm hoping there's a significant disinfo portion too it, so I'm going to sit on it until I get a better picture.
  2. It's not over. I've been posting why for some time. The MSM will never tell you what is really going on, as they are part of it.
  3. More and more Players, starting to sound like a Free for All. Defcon warning, whether it comes or not : If it's synthetic, there may well be Blackouts as well (pieces to explain in previous posts), to simulate EMP (China Grid control minor). If it's the real deal, nothing anything can really do about it anyway, no one in targeted areas would be able to vacate in time. "WarGames". We basically had this scenario a few years back (minus Blackouts) in Hawaii. Those that Poo Poo that event also dismiss the logistics of multiple Buttons being pushed from various locations. It boils down too, what is it going to take to get the attention of the majority of people ? An Alien Invasion ? There's a High Tech plan for even that, look at some of the Hologram Tech I've posted about in other threads. Mad World. There are fewer and fewer Movies that don't have truth in them that people just don't realize. I've lost track.
  4. Never said Education meant you were smarter than anyone. There are probably more "Un-Educated / non Degreed" people Wiser than anyone on this Board. Degrees are nice (in the hardier fields - STEM), but most are worthless. Q, hasn't posted anything for a long long time - way back last year as best I recall without going into dig mode. In fact, the implications of the very last Q post = "We're not gonna take it". Decode that as you will, but seems pretty straight forward too me. Q, Q, Q, . . . most interesting that you brought that up. Some amazing multiyear deltas coming too fruition these days . . . "Future proves Past" . . . "News unlocks the Map" . . . Project Looking Glass. Philadelphia Experiment (also a Movie). Might want too research these items, and "ignore" the fantastical aspects of them . . . just look at the meat of them . . . Misinformation ? Do you deny that the CV Vaccine is a 1a (or at best a 2) level Pharmaceutical Drug, and is currently only authorized under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) guidelines ? Sorry, my wife (Nurse) has done Pharma Drug study work (level 4), and even at that level there are "issues". Level 2 / 1a is insane on general Pop, do you see the number of Deaths / Miscarriages resultant from these concoctions - I've posted about them ? Younger Generations ? You are truly deluded as too what is going on in the current Education of the "Younger Generations" Most, are no longer taught Cursive, so they have no idea what the Constitution says other than what someone tells them. How many other "Ancient" writings does that apply too ? Huge question for you, how can a relatively simple Mathematical problem have more than one solution ? I'm not talking about Quadratic or higher level Equations here, just simple Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide. This, is our current reality. As the Mathematical Genius you purport yourself too be, I suggest you take a very hard look at what the future Generations are being taught. I'm assuming this has slipped your attention, if not . . . Not a direction I planned for this Evening, but yet so it is.
  5. Polite ? Maybe Hopeful would be a better classification. I know we all get PO'd at what the Left is doing to this Nation, I do too. Problem is, a lot of them really don't know what they are doing or what is really going on. No, I'm not claiming to have the inside track of everything's that's going on, but I'm at least in the Ballpark. Everything going on now is intentionally confused. We all wish we knew exactly (or at least a good ideal as to) what was going on, but in the really Big Picture, we're not going too until things are over, if even then. i can make some pretty fair guesses, an as time passes, they seem to be more and more accurate, but there's no guarantee that will continue. As much as it sucks, the confusion as to what is going on right now, the better. End game is we win, when that is or how ugly it will be getting there is another story.
  6. If you have the Vax (experimental as it is), and it "works", then why do I need to be Vaccinated as well ? Are you really that concerned for my Well-Being, or are you just repeated the Mockingbird Media rout (propaganda) ? Really, the same thing goes for all those porous Masks everyone lives by these days. If yours works (it doesn't - as a smart Egg you should know that), why do I need one ? No, haven't worn one yet, don't plan too, and definitely will not be taking their poison. For those that have taken this Chemical Cocktail, based on current Medical standards, it seems that your best hope is that you got the Placebo, since this is still an Experimental test. If you've been paying attention, then you'll note that I've often posed the question - "Is there more Money in Cures or Drugs ?". What have I said over the past few years on this subject ? I've shown Patents to the cure for AIDS, but it's been ignored (HCQ may even have a huge impact on that, as well as Cancer and other Ailmenta). Years of Drugs and Therapies versus a few months of a long (decades) proved Drug to treat vs cure . . . where is the $ ? You know how much it sucks having to look at things like this (Life/Pain/Death) that way ? That's where we're at right now, neither of us can change that at this point. Woody, I respect your tenacity as my adversary supreme on this thread. I'm not being flippant in saying that. I'm throwing mininum 75% accuracy (way more, but for arguments sake), but none the less you still stand by your beliefs (right or wrong). I truly respect that. I imagine this back and forth will go on for some time, and though you may Academically hold the higher ground, the truth of what has/is going on will be in my favor. No, the Academics of your time I am not denigrating (I think), the more recent has been designed for our downfall. Your (more in a transitional Education Environment), versus my more "Old School" exposure will continue to conflict for some time. Not saying one is totally better than the other, but there is more likely a midpoint somewhere between the two. Guess we'll see in the not too distant (I hope) future.
  7. DH, I still owe you that Reptilian post . . . gonna wig some folk out when I do it 😁 Have one or two others that fall in that category as well . . . This could be right up your Alley, she's in the Cleveland downtown (?) area : For sure the date is off (applies to different story anyway), but claims to have had this at one time (damn, she's sharp). Just for grins : Silver Certificates, haven't seen one of those in a long time . . . . . . and those Keystone RAM chips . . . 😄 Used to work for J.O.B. on some really dirty $hit (hint, just drop the O and think very high up). Tippy Top. Turned Whistleblower, or just expired NDA ? I'd say the later, there are quite a few things she will not talk about, at least at this time. No, not related to your Reptilian question, but it could be Biblical : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20838461/ Hmmm, now that I think about it, it may actually touch upon both. Too dang busy lately, falling further and further behind .
  8. https://washingtonnewspost.com/news/dmx-received-covid-vaccine-days-before-heart-attack-family-says-no-drugs-exclusive/ https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/04/02/number-of-women-to-lose-their-unborn-child-after-having-pfizer-covid-vaccine-increases-by-700-in-just-eight-weeks/ Have you figured it out yet ?
  9. All in good fun, but that's pretty much why we're going through this and what's coming . . .
  10. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/troubling-discrepancy-in-montana-county-mail-in-ballot-review-gets-state-level-attention There's one of the New England States (MA?) getting ready to do an audit as well (posted the "errors" a few weeks ago). AZ Election Board is throwing a hissy fit over the full audit / recount the State Senate voted on. Still things going on in the other States as well, two of the above weren't even thought about as having issues. It systematic of Dominion voting machines. This reminds me of something. Back in the 2016 Election, how many folks remember the reporting where the DHS (O Administration) was tagged for attempting to access several States voting systems ? Got spun into the Mueller BS probe, but the States ID'd that it was the DHS, there are probably articles still out there on it. Just something odd came up about it, in as to how the DHS was accessing them . . . seeing as it's illegal for voting machines to be hooked to the Internet. You know, the same thing that just happened again in the 2020 Election. Parts and pieces, old habits and all.
  11. Well, a lot of it is/was. Been a while since I posted this, fresh perspective now ? They didn't need the Vaccine for Covid (Coronavirus - where's that "d" ?), they needed Covid for the Vaccine. Yea, more insanity. https://www.globalresearch.ca/6000-increase-reported-vaccine-deaths-1st-quarter-2021-compared-1st-quarter-2020/5741588
  12. Insane Person for an Insane World ? Are you paying attention too the madness going on, you think anything about this is "normal" ? Do you even care ? Wish I could say it's about wrapped up, but there's even more coming. You like those Gun EO's today ? How about the Border ? You know they're letting these people through with Covid and who knows what other diseases. They're coming from all over the World, so whatever is there is now going to be here as well. They've added nearly $5T of debt in the last couple months, most of which is going to other Countries. Ink may be worth more than the Bills they're printing endlessly soon, if they can keep that and Paper in stock. Just the bigger ones, there are others I've highlighted recently. Don't forget, Bidan gave China access too our Power Grid - pretty brilliant stuff huh ? I'm just wondering which is first - Financial Crash/Collapse or the Defcon warning. It's all madness. Who's been running the World for thousands of years, the people or the "Elite" ? So who do you think has been in charge of how History has been reported / taught over all that time ? Yep, fun times . . .
  13. Ah, and this Clown (the one on the right), was just making a speech a couple weeks ago . . . Anyone want to claim this is the same person ? Seriously ? Ohh, here's a goody. Or, The Teeth in the second are spot on, the only deviant I can see (from better picture) is the Ear - outside of that, slam dunk. Always said "she" has the neck of a Football Player - oddly not as notable in these pictures . . . Like the one on the left here - neck's bigger than mine Yea, just another "anomaly".
  14. Tucker, what ya doin' with an AK 47 ? So is it true that Journalist are all IC Operatives (aka Project Mockingbird), and just feeding the Public propaganda narratives ?