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  1. Wow, CNN actually reported a factual piece on the situation we're going through.
  2. Ah, sadly I understand. Noted. You're not going to like the next few months. Good luck.
  3. Yep, first step as I said a few days ago. They're throwing out the Election results due to rampant off the charts fraud, and the State legislators (R's) will get a shot at appointing the Electors. Not looking so good for ByeDem is it ? EDIT : Should have posted this first, lost track of it.
  4. Here's a link to the PDF's filed by Sydney Powell 11/25 which covers the above and more. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/18693929/king-v-whitmer/ This is just for Michigan, there is another for Georgia which I haven't dug up yet (same day filed). There is more than even this though, some is still Classified (National Security), so we'll likely have to wait for other pieces. Oh yea, before I forget : https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ex-trump-campaign-lawyer-sidney-powell-files-lawsuits-in-michigan-georgia/ar-BB1bo4UV?ocid=st "Misspellings matter" - indeed they do : These "Voting" machines have been used Worldwide . . .
  5. (Article-ized) https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1332169019143704579.html A few highlights and will link Michigan filing (believe it's 104 pages). Huh, nearly 782% more votes than voters, nothing odd there eh ? Reminder, 70% participation is extremely unusual. Wow, fractional voting . . . whatever could that be used for ? Now why would they want to interfere in our Elections ? Now why would you do that ? Way more, but I'll post the file link next post.
  6. https://www.propublica.org/article/trump-races-to-weaken-environmental-and-worker-protections-and-implement-other-last-minute-policies-before-jan-20 Now why would someone leaving Office even care about such a thing ?
  7. 6S - Congratulations. If you go back and look, I was addressing the curriculum that would have Statistics as a part of the core. Times change as do requirements, from your statement I took that it was not part of your core curriculum. Also never said I was 6S certified, or that College was my only exposure/experience, I was referencing Engineer program(s) and their core subjects (as highlighted). And back to what was in the article, it's showing that there is more the adequate support for it to be legally admissible. Is this a definitive, Case closed piece ? Hardly. It is relevant though (which is why I posted it), and there are other pieces on it, but frankly, this isn't even an appetizer for what's out there and is coming. I'll have more on that later. The fact that you are actually considering what is coming out versus outright denial is encouraging. Hardly, see above. Same data set, just addressing different problems.
  8. Upon reflection, my mistake. It wasn't a core subject, I took it to fill some elective requirements. It's been ~40 years, and whether it was core or elective wasn't really the focus. Keep in mind, back then Home Computers was a rarity/hobby (kits), and there was no Internet. However, in today's world it may well be part of the core curriculum depending on which type of Engineering you're going into. Would apply more to the Computer Engineering, Systems Analyst or similar. Definitely gets more use in Data Analysis, Capacity Analysis, and Forecasting these days, as well as the Business/Finance side of things. But, back the the article, this is the main point : This isn't the entire Case of the fraud that occurred, it's just one piece, and a strong indicator to look deeper into what happened. Things don't always have to be complicated to work.
  9. JAFBF

    General Flynn

    Truth - Biden is comped on so many levels it's a miracle he's not buried under some obscure Prison.
  10. Crooked Governors. Dominion, Smartmatic, GEMS, and others - same base software (care of C_I_A). It's looking like the "Election" is heading towards being thrown out (fraud off the charts). Next step is the States choose the Electors (majority of States are R controlled). If that fails (they only get one shot), then we go to the Election rules of 1825 - https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R40504.pdf Basically, this is one vote per State (happened once before 1825/1826). Technically, the "unopposed" option is not off the Table as well. Yea, Biden ran and got votes, but should he be deemed ineligible (good chance / corrupt as hell), that would all get wiped out and Trump would win by default (i.e. - unopposed). Quite a few paths to victory, and based on Vegas (no payouts & odds) and Wall Street (DOW 30k), they think Trump is going to win. Stressful Times and hardships for many ? Do you think the first Revolution was casualty free and without hard times ? We're there, this is Revolution 2.0. Out of this, we should get Election reform, so our votes actually count - they haven't in any of our Lifetimes. There was fraud back in Lincoln's day (and before), which I believe got us into the Election rules of 1825. Historic Times - don't doubt it. The past four years have been something so far out of the norm it is ridiculous (the past year has been insane). If anyone had told you that what you have been through the last couple years was going to happen . . .
  11. JAFBF

    General Flynn

    Surprise move to me, but the Dems Thanksgiving just got ruined.
  12. No need to wait, it's done. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/pennsylvania-judge-halts-election-certification May as well add the GA stuff. And Nevada. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/huge-court-win-lets-trump-present-ballot-evidence-could-overturn-nevada-result CA stuff is on around the bottom of the previous page. Tia, I never understood how someone could root for the demise of their Nation, but here we are.