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  1. Saw that as well, also saw a few stating it was live today. 🤷‍♂️ Food for thought : 1 - Said Fence was going back up - just posted a couple days ago on this. 2 - Statement about PA looking again at Election again - never posted, but yesterday (I believe) there was a story about PA audit going forward. Reason I came back late tonight (this is from yesterday) : This is supposed to activate tonight/tomorrow (been decoding since posted weeks ago). I believe this could be "The Flood" (Q). This could be some ugly stuff. So ugly (for them), they may take the Internet down (Power possible, but hope not) - see 66% chance above. Not going too be instantaneous. 31 TB is an unbelievable amount of data, even if it's video (should be a lot).
  2. The ~300k numbers from last week were just from Canvassing. These will be the count numbers. 😁 FWIW - Election (elsewhere) and other info.
  3. Bit of a down note, but needed.
  4. "The Wheels on the Bus goes 'round and 'round, 'round and 'round . . . " Didn't take much time for them to toss him under the Bus. 👀 That, is interesting . . . I had forgotten about that.
  5. Nice to see something positive for a change - still a long way off though. Australia.
  6. Kinda strange (renewal) . . . https://www.thedailybeast.com/john-durham-requests-former-cia-director-john-brennans-emails-in-dojs-trump-russia-probe-report-says?source=twitter&via=mobile
  7. Yes, 1986 liability was done away with, and number of vaccines starting climbing. Swine Flu vaccine was pulled after ~25 total deaths. Current crop of vaxxx's are clipping along at ~70 deaths per day, and still ticking. So why haven't they pulled it, and why are they pushing so hard for everyone (except Gov, FDA, CDC, and Big Pharma employees = all exempt) ?
  8. JAFBF


    Perfectly normal for one sides numbers too drop 350k in a matter of seconds - SSDD. Here's the live clip.
  9. https://radiopatriot.net/2021/09/14/cdc-removes-claim-vaccines-do-not-cause-autism-from-its-website/ Bit by bit, the truth comes out. No liability for the C-19 vaxxx either.
  10. https://insiderpaper.com/photos-us-coast-guard-spotted-chinese-warships-off-alaska/ Funny stuff.
  11. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/once-situation-gets-out-control-chinese-state-media-vows-its-military-will-show-us As I've been saying, it's going to be bad. September is going to be bad, October worse. No idea how far down the hole this is going to go.