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  1. Sorry I couldn't get a season preview done in time this year for you guys. But I do have you all finishing 2nd in the division in front of the Steelers.
  2. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-nfl-gameplan-week-1-preview-browns-at-eagles/ Good afternoon Browns fans! Good luck this week! Em
  3. Never a dull moment my friend
  4. FBGP's 2016 NFL Mock Draft - Small College Good morning Browns fans! Here's my latest mock draft for March spotlighting some of the top Small College prospects in this draft class. Enjoy! Em
  5. EmDiggy

    Camp Goff

    We'll see as they'll have to play it out on the field
  6. EmDiggy

    Camp Cardale

    Lol all of the #code "Strong Arm" "Cant read defenses" "Jamarcus" "He wasn't the reason why they won" "physical traits but no smarts"
  7. EmDiggy

    Camp Goff

    www.footballgameplan.com/FBGPScouting Keep checking that link b/c it'll constantly be getting updated. Rankings 16-32 will be out today and rolled into 1 video
  8. EmDiggy

    Camp Cardale

    Actually he was benched b/c he's not the runner that Barrett is... Plus, Jones loses his OC (who catered the offense around his skills and they had success) to Houston and his top WRs..no surprise his 'numbers' 'dipped' but still never lost a game
  9. EmDiggy

    Camp Cook

  10. EmDiggy

    Camp Cardale

  11. EmDiggy

    Camp Goff

  12. EmDiggy

    Camp Lynch

  13. That's a good question... I'm guessing 7 but not sure. I know the Hurricanes had a year where like 3-4 went I think