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    Link for the game?

    Anyone have a link for the game? I can't bring myself to watch this shit show in public!

    ***Official Browns @ Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Anyone have a link for the game. I can't bring myself to watch this one in public,.
  3. That glimmer is gonna be unfounded. Very little talent plus horrible horton scheme = one of the worst defenses in the nfl.
  4. Ray hortons zone blitz scheme is garbage. There is a siv down the middle of the field. I was mad when he was hired watching these preseason games i am pissed.

    Carl Nassib

    Also, did you not read the presser? jackson said they drafted him to play defensive end.

    Carl Nassib


    Carl Nassib

    Dont even have the time to go into my football knowledge here with u. But im down for that bet. 6 months whomeever is right gets to pick the others avatar. Deal?

    Carl Nassib

    Also i dont see him playing in our 4 man front nickel packages that will be an olb on each side and most likely two defensive tackles in the middle. Maybe in a few yrs hed play in those fronts in the middle but doubtful. Hes a defensive end for our 3-4 base packages.

    Carl Nassib

    Hes 6 ft 7 and not playing olb. They will surely have him put on weight at his position. Im not sure what you were watching but this guys game is not finesse or speed its shear relentless power. Which it will continue to be as he gets bigger and stronger. The frame is there to build on.
  10. ITHIKA

    Carl Nassib

    Bryant is 6 foot 6 310 pnds. I can guarantee you he wasnt 310 coming out of harvard. Nassib is 6 foot 7 280 pnds. So hes almost there. Im sure by the start of the season he will be close to 300 pnds for his playing weight. This guys game isnt his speed or finesse its his power and motor so more weight and strength wont halter that. Perfect fit for hortons 3-4 DE position.
  11. ITHIKA

    Carl Nassib

    Hue has said Nassib is slated to play defensive end In hortons 3-4. He reminds me of Desmond bryant body wise.
  12. ITHIKA

    Emmanuel Ogbah

    Hue jackson has said in his presser after drafting nassib that he will play defensive end ur guy is wrong about him.
  13. ITHIKA

    Browns Hire Horton For D C

    I dont recal us ever running a 4-3 our base package was 3-4 under him and i do remember us running the 5-2 as well with a sibgle high safety. Good to stop the run but you get torched on screens and play action. The closest thing he ran to a 4-3 was a nickel defense with a 4 man front ran by pretty much every nfl team
  14. ITHIKA

    Browns Hire Horton For D C

    Lovies defenses have always been solid. Id take the tampa 2 over that crud horton runs any day. You dont get beat deep like we did under horton or oneil and as it does have its disadvantages you dont need a hall of fame mlb for it to be successful.
  15. ITHIKA

    Browns Hire Horton For D C

    Guess we'll see but im super bummed about this hire. Would of rather landed lovie smith or leslie frazier. Weve seen hortons defenses get lit up. When he coached us and when we had the biggest come from behind road victory in the nfl with hoyer at the helm vs his putrid scheme.